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Although we tend to shy away from national politics and attempt to focus upon local issues, eventually some national issues trickle down and we are forced to decide. Luckily for us, we only have to decide these things in Novembers. Given the constant barrage of national news coverage, we assume that we can expect very […]

Ella Se Va!


After a decade of tumultuous and contentious rule, Irene Cornish has decided that there will truly be an end to her tenure. That day will be January 1 2013. She notes that she will be retiring to a villa in Mexico. Dr. Cornish is well aware that the single biggest driver of property taxes is […]

Stratford Hero


As meager as it is, we would like to express our condolences to the family of Lt. Thomas McCabe and to the entire FD in which he served. Lt. McCabe served the citizens and business of Stratford for 25 years. He dedicated his spare time to the Firefighter’s Burn Foundation and Benevolent Association. He was […]

So many times we hear about “giving back” to the community on blogs, in letters to the editor and, of course, from politicians. There is no way more valuable to give back to the community on so many levels than becoming an EMT. Every citizen of Stratford needs the services of volunteer EMT’s. Even if […]

Council Agendas


With most taxpayers reaching deep into their pockets to come up with the second half of their personal property taxes and sewer use “fees” this month, the new Council is preparing to meet this challenge head on by voting to allow golf carts on Town roads and prohibiting the wanton feeding of wild animals. And […]