Ella Se Va!


Cornish Residence?

After a decade of tumultuous and contentious rule, Irene Cornish has decided that there will truly be an end to her tenure. That day will be January 1 2013. She notes that she will be retiring to a villa in Mexico. Dr. Cornish is well aware that the single biggest driver of property taxes is a municipality’s education budget. If there is no education budget (say, in a Mexican town) then property taxes are very, very, very low. Also the extradition laws are extremely tough.

The BOE must now (let’s hope that they have already started) find a Superintendent that will work effectively with the variety of factions that think they know what is best for students, their own wallets or their egos. Our expectations of our elected officials in Town Hall could not possibly be lower. It is now up to our elected members of the BOE to demonstrate some competence. We can only hope that whatever candidate makes it through the grinder that is Stratford politics, that residents end up with a superintendent that is an effective, persuasive leader who understands that most taxpayers want a high quality and affordable education for their children.


2 Responses to “Ella Se Va!”

  1. 1 1george1

    Peaceful and Healthy Passover

    Happy Easter

    Spring is the Resurrection of seasons

  2. 2 jezebel282

    So how did that one year search for a replacement go? Was it that difficult to find someone even worse?

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