She's Baaaack!

Although we tend to shy away from national politics and attempt to focus upon local issues, eventually some national issues trickle down and we are forced to decide. Luckily for us, we only have to decide these things in Novembers.

Given the constant barrage of national news coverage, we assume that we can expect very little in the way of actual plans from any candidate of either party. In order to create some perception of providing an actual choice, potential candidates spend their time pandering to the extreme positions of their base. Except, of course, for Democrats who have no plan. The DNC has yet to come up with a plan that they weren’t willing to sacrifice to any hint of GOP acceptance. Many voters will vote for a Democratic candidate because the GOP candidate is just too extreme, has zero credibility or is plain old looney. (Really? Newt Gingrich isn’t looney?)

In Connecticut we will have fun watching the primary campaign between Linda McMahon and Christopher Shays for the U.S. Senate. There is no doubt that Ms. McMahon will pull out that huge checkbook again and probably attack Shays mercilessly for being too moderate. Apparently it is a sin in the GOP to practice moderation. Once Mr. Shays defeats McMahon he might actually have a meaningful debate with the Democratic candidate. As of today, the Democratic contenders are Susan Biszviw Bycsziw Bysiewicz and Rep Chris Murphy. The only good news is that Joe Lieberman won’t be the senator from Connecticut after the election.

Between actual events, we also look forward to Portia proclaiming that any action by any government is evil and George Mulligan referring to his conspiracy time table to prove he was right all along. Sadly, there will be no Council or mayoral position on this November’s ballot. We’ll just have to make do with what we have….which is not much.


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Exxon Profits Beat Street, As $100 Oil Cures Many Ills
    1/31/2012 @ 9:56AM

    Exxon reported profits that were up 2% from a year earlier, to $9.4 billion. For the full year 2011 earnings were up 35% to $41.1 billion, “reflecting higher crude oil and natural gas realizations,” the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Rex Tillerson said.

    $9.4 BILLION in profits in just the fourth quarter. And the reason for these higher profits? The “free” market? Supply & demand? Or perhaps a commodity exchange that permits the purchase of oil futures without having to ever touch a single drop of oil. What is wrong with this picture?

  2. 2 sudds

    Why does EVERY Democrat complain when oil companies make money… but not a single one has ever uttered a single peep about something like this…


    I’m not glorifying $9.4B from selling oil… but why don’t D’s take the streets to protest $13.1B from exploiting poor workers in China??? (perhaps if the unions were able to skim off the top of employee’s wages like they do here in the U.S. we might)


    I’ve never heard of “Occupy the Apple Store”… have you???

  3. 3 jezebel282


    You need to read more Democratic publications (like the NY TImes). I have often heard it called …ahem… a “liberal rag”.

    The reason I posted the story about Exxon was to point out that despite generating $9.4 BILLION in a quarterly profit, they also receive a vast amount of government subsidies and tax credits to incent them to..err…ahhh….uhh.. make $9.5 BILLION? Also, this “free” market company benefits enormously by the manipulation of commodity prices by no one who is ever interested in owning or using any amount of oil.

    When Portia (I just feel it coming at any moment) or you rail about the “free” market system and how it will be our salvation, I do like to point out successful examples of how the free market isn’t so free.

  4. 4 1george1

    Welcome to my soOILS system rant, knocking Rockefeller – Bush
    – Cheney – Standard Oil Trust take over of U S Politics, using the
    Mid-east & O.P.E.C. as justification.

    Where is the OIL/Natural GAS from IRAQ?
    What part did they play liberating IRAQ.

    Where is the OIL/Natural GAS from LIBYA?
    Did their prices drop?

    Where is the OIL/Natural GAS from RUSSIA expanded capacity?

    Where is the OIL/Natural GAS from deep water drilling?

    Where is the OIL/Natural GAS from BRAZIL expanded capacity?

    IRAN – IRAQ are top 5 OIL & GAS reserves in the World.
    Dulles brothers over threw legitimately elected post WW II
    IRAN Government, in 1950s.

    OPEC created 9 / 11 / 1960 in Baghdad, IRAQ

    for $ 100 Barrel OIL.

    2/23 or 3/22 may see Air Craft Carrier attack on IRAN, as cause for
    $ 168 Barrel OIL or $ 4.00 GALLON
    42 GALLONS in 1 BARREL.

    Did they INVENT the IRAN NUCLEAR potential proliferation?

    Pakistan & India have NUKES. Both went to War with each other.

    ELITES, where the U. S. Constitution allows for more criminals to
    head government than the MAGNA CARTA allowed for Colonial

    Oh – Price of HEATING OIL was 50 – 62 CENTS a GALLON Winter
    of 1998.

    It then started going up.


    DeCilio involved in politics about time of 9/11.
    What is DeCilio spelled backwards?

    Saw Robert Blake’s resume.
    He told me and I was able to confirm, he worked for David
    Rockefeller, personally.

    I was poisoned 12/4/2010 & 9/12/2011.
    Another coincidence they picked “ken” “poisson”


    Burturla is amagram of U R BRUTAL

    IMBRO + G + LIO (oil backwards) = IMBROGLIO

    KNAPP Stratford Police – google KNAPP COMMISSION

    VEDOCK Stratford Police – google VIDOQ (homonym) SOCIETY


    m IRON
    m ALLOY

  5. 5 jezebel282

    According to my time table, I knew George would post the above.

  6. 6 1george1

    So you agree there are time tables! 😉

  7. 7 1george1

    we tend to shy away from national politics

    What percent of PORTIA’S POST are LOCAL,
    except to bash MIRON & KELLY?
    – Does PORTIA ever take on BoE specifics or the what I believe
    are mal-representations of the Malloy < Henrick < Feehan <
    Crudo / Norm < Calzone figurehead < Cabral/Kopperwhats OBAMA & fiends …..

    AIR CRAFT CARRIER attack IRAN on/by 2/23 or 3/22.
    I do NOT mind being wrong, as I can not predict the future
    and other peoples timetables …. yet …

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “What percent of PORTIA’S POST are LOCAL,
    except to bash MIRON & KELLY?”

    Are you competing with Portia on the relevancy test? (Neither one of you score particularly well).

  9. 9 jezebel282

    Controversial Komen Policy Official Resigns

    by Scott Hensley
    A high-ranking official at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation has resigned amid fallout from the charity’s move, since reversed, to halt funding for breast cancer screening by Planned Parenthood.

    Karen Handel, a former Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, resigned her job, effective immediately, as senior vice president for public policy. The Associated Press first reported the move. The Komen foundation confirmed the report in an email to Shots.

    Romney urges supporters to protest birth control rule
    Posted by
    CNN’s Kevin Liptak

    (CNN) – Mitt Romney on Monday became the latest GOP presidential candidate to blast the Obama administration for new rules that would force all hospitals –including those run by the Catholic church– to provide workers health insurance that covers contraception, including sterilization.

    Why is it that Republicans think they can decide whether or not a woman has a right to contraception or abortion?

  10. Why is it that Republicans think they can decide whether or not a woman has a right to contraception or abortion?

    Why is it you feel the government has the right to tell the Catholic church, who’s employees know full well upon being hired and receiving a paycheck the philosophy of the church, what they have to pay for?

    Why is it that under this policy that those that choose not to use the contraception coverage then get to choose the abortion coverage? A woman’s right to choose apparently absolves her of bad judgement. I use judgement as opposed to morality since morality is the gray line that straddles over the separation of church and state and this policy chooses to ignore that.

    Please don’t start with cases of rape, I more than get that. And as a Catholic I have a conflict with that stance. It’s the one of many where the church has to grow up and realize abortions are not performed in back alleys and a woman has the same right to live her life the way she intended to the best of her ability as a non victim would.

    It’s an attempt to silence a voice, not because it is wrong but because it doesn’t fit an agenda deemed more important to a select few. And in the end all will pay for it. It will be in your next tax bill when you want an explanation of why the town’s health care budget just skyrocketed. 98% of abortions are elective:


    So is this really about Republicans?

  11. 11 jezebel282

    Mr. Durgy,

    “So is this really about Republicans?”


    In my opinion it is more about personal choice than dogma. No one is shoving birth control pills down anyone’s throat here nor is funding breast exams a sinful endeavor.

    “Why is it you feel the government has the right to tell the Catholic church,”
    That is not the point. The Church chooses to provide health services to the public by constructing and operating hospitals. They also choose to employ people of all faiths. They also choose to accept government funds.

    Susan G. Komen’s Fund’s goal is to prevent and perhaps eliminate breast cancer for all faiths.

    If Catholic (or any other faith) employees to do not wish to practice birth control or decide not to carry a fetus to full term, nothing (really, nothing) prevents them from not participating in any program. You do not see Long Island Jewish hospital prohibiting ham sandwiches in their cafeteria’s or requiring all male employees to be … well, they just don’t.

    Birth control is a personal issue and should not be based upon where you happen to work. As religious organizations provide services to people of all faiths so to should they provide employee benefits equally.

    The argument of whether or not it is sinful to practice birth control is a religious debate. Given that 98% of Catholic women practice birth control*, I would suggest that Catholic priests need to do a better job with their congregations. It is not through restrictive employment law or withholding charitable contributions that this fact will change.

    Similarly, this issue is being co-opted by the GOP in their effort to pander to the religious right. Personally, I feel a 15% tax rate on millions of dollars is much more repulsive.

    I am not going to convince you that birth control is a good thing and you will not convince me that it is a bad thing. But perhaps we can agree that it is not a political weapon for candidates to beat eech other with,


  12. 12 1george1

    “In my opinion it is more about personal choice than dogma.”

    Town believes:
    1 – There is no such thing as FREE WILL.

    I asked Attorney Bishop if he choose
    that position or if it was imposed?

    2 – Humanity is (People are) inherently EVIL.

    I suggested that might be true of his clients
    and profession?

    He might find more decency with in different networks / circles?

    This post relates to Jeze’s post to Mr. Durgy.

    It is also reflective of election mania and craziness of appointees
    and those who help get people elected, so they become appointed.

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “I asked Attorney Bishop if he choose that position or if it was imposed?”

    Really? If any reader wishes they can contact me immediately and impose a $150/hour job with unlimited hours on me.

  14. You do not see Long Island Jewish hospital prohibiting ham sandwiches in their cafeteria’s or requiring all male employees to be … well, they just don’t.

    Nor do I see the government telling them it has to be on the menu.

  15. 15 1george1

    Jeze, you are willing to take a pay cut to $ 150 an hour?

    Actually I forgot that since attorneys are accountable to
    no one, kinda like ranking police, that billing is not limited
    to 24 hours a day x 7 days or 168 hours?

    But then Kelly & Bishop use their kiddie corp of dunsel
    youngsters (who have yet to build their bilking suckers)
    to add to the billable hours …..

    Actually … the position I referred to, was relative to the post
    about Esquire Bishop’s philosophic position that people are
    inherently evil …. I was rhettorically asking if that position
    was imposed on him?

    Unspoken or unwritten, was if that position was chosen by his
    “free will?” (Of which he claims not to believe.)

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “Nor do I see the government telling them it has to be on the menu.”

    Actually, I do. The government insists that the food be prepared in clean conditions and meet federal guidelines for quality. The government also insists that LIJ complies with employment regulations and engages in fair labor practices. I believe this to be because Long Island Jewish Hospital is not a synagogue but, for all intents and purposes, a public health facility.

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “Jeze, you are willing to take a pay cut to $ 150 an hour?”

    Yes! Absolutely! I would definitely allow my pay to be cut to $150 an hour.

  18. 18 1george1

    After WW II the Marshall Plan was used to rebuild Western Europe,
    the Pacific Rim, and regenerate American economy which had a
    flood of Troops back home.

    It was the Brown Brothers of the Military (Brown vs Topeka KA)
    which started long overdue desegregation.

    Topeka = O.P.E.K (vs. O.P.E.C. or Mary Jo kO.P.E.C.hne)
    Russian coin = kOPECk

    Dwight Eisenhower was from KANSAS.

    The 1950 – 1970 US Command economy used Congressional
    FEEDER PLANTS like Sikorsky & Textron to keep local economies
    running smoothly.

    The FDA kept quality Food & Medicine available.


    Laisse Faire in the purest form is PIRACY or MAFIA or ROYAL ties.
    Even the Mafia, Pirates, and Royalty have RULES.
    None of them prospers from chaos, past a certain point.
    They lose their competative advantage.

    Basically – I agree with JEZE about the need for Regulation.

    Using the 3 bears and porridge … analogy
    – Not too HOT …. Not too COLD … We want it “just right.”

    JEZE considering all the PAID PERKS in TOWN ATTORNEY,
    would you consider $ 104,000 a year to be fair compensation?

    General Expenses
    Law offfices related expenses – Library / court costs
    Settlements – Protections from mal practice lawsuits
    Furnished office / equipment
    Vacation Days
    Sick Days
    Flexible Schedule
    Guarantee weekly pay – NO COLLECTIBLES
    Health Care
    Retirement = Defined Contribution or 401 (wink)

    Access to Federal / State / Local officials / departments
    Access to Judges / US Attorneys / State Prosecutors
    Access to developers, attorneys, & key finance people.

    Maybe Town Attorneys should pay the public for the

  19. 19 jezebel282


    I have no opinion about your first part.

    “would you consider $ 104,000 a year to be fair compensation?”

    Perhaps. However it is absolutely crazy to compensate any attorney the way this Town does. Currently we pay enormous sums for any case, any outcome and any amount of billable hours it takes. Absolutely crazy.

  20. 20 1george1

    “George, – I have no opinion about your first part.”

    To Jeze: “why not? those examples concurred with your post!”

    “would you consider $ 104,000 a year to be fair compensation?”

    PAID: $ 104,000
    Guarantee weekly pay – NO COLLECTIBLES

    Value about $ 8,000 + $ 104,000 = $ 112,000

    Health Care = Value $ 22,500 + $ 112,500 = $ 134,500

    Retirement = Defined Contribution or 401 (wink)
    Matching 8 % of $ 104 = $ 8,320 + $ 134,500 = $ 142,820

    No Mal Practice Insurance premium? $ 45,000 (guess)?
    $ 45,000? + $ 142,820 = $ 187,820

    Office @ $ 850 / MONTH x 12 MONTHS = $ 10,200 ANNUAL
    Electric @ $ 200 / MONTH x 12 MONTHS = $ 2,400 ANNUAL
    PHONE/INTERNET @ $ 450 MONTH x 12 MONTHS = $ 5,400 ANNUAL
    Oil/Gas heat = $ 1,500 ANNUAL
    Water = $ 600 ANNUAL
    COMPUTER = $ 3,000 – 1 time
    SOFTWARE = $ 2,000 ANNUAL
    IT SUPPORT = $ 2,400 ANNUAL
    Desks, Cabinets, Chairs, furniture = $ 2000 – 1 TIME cost

    13 Holidays + 10 Sick Days + 15 Vacation Days + 5 Personal
    43 Total days off from 263 annual week days = 220 workday
    > Value of not having 2 jobs & work 6 hour days = ??

    Legal Salaries & Fees appropriated $ 819,000 – just TA Budget
    Legal Salaries & Fees appropriated $ 2??,000 – HR Budget
    Liability appropriated $ 600,000
    Court cost appropriated $ 100,000
    Payroll regular appropriated $ 68,808 for loyal secretary
    Law Library appropriated $ 10,000
    Printing / Stationary appropriated $ 1,000

    General Expenses

    Access to Federal / State / Local officials / departments
    Access to Judges / US Attorneys / State Prosecutors
    Access to developers, attorneys, & key finance people.

  21. 21 jezebel282


    “PAID: $ 104,000”

    “Fair” is a relative term. But what is not fair is the way taxpayers simply pour millions of dollars into the Town Attorney’s budget. The position, according to the charter, serves at the pleasure of the mayor and contains no parameters whatsoever. In effect, the Town Attorney represents the mayor. There is nothing providing an incentive for the Town Attorney to prevail in any suit. In fact, the incentive is to bill more hours. Should the TA exceed his budget, there are always budget transfers from other departments to make good on the difference.

    One would think that with a highly paid mayor, Chief of Staff, Chief Administrative Officer, HR Director and Finance Director that there would be no need for such costly attorney expenses. BUT….this is Stratford and therefore not subject to reason and logic.

  22. 22 1george1

    Jeze – I have given you well deserved credit for pointing out
    that the HR department also pays town attorneys

    Do you know what was appropriated and what the spent has
    been so far?
    Where can it be found?

    Here are the tricky parts.

    There is also pay for Attorneys for Housing?
    Where found?
    How much OK?
    How much SPENT?

    Where else?

    Stephany told me settlements are in different parts of Budget.
    A Democrat candidate asked me where it could be found and
    how much … so I turned to Stephany ….

    Do you or any one else know where all those settlements are?

    Police & fire have a variety of different places for
    Straight time
    O T
    Other pay.
    No mention of consolidated money per dept.

    BoE & Town Budgets are not crystal clear on Health Care
    and other Benefits.
    By looking through the 2010 budget of over $ 185 million,
    the nearest Benefits number I could find was minimum
    $ 51.7 million.

    Jeze – What specific improvements would you suggest for
    increased Budget Transparency?

    Past town councilors, BoE, and others who “should know”
    tell me these budgets appear to be full of “slush funds.”

    Jeze – do you have answers for the above & would you post?

  23. 23 jezebel282


    I doubt very much if anyone in Town Hall knows these answers either. If you add the way the Budget has been “reorganized” by Finance Director Sue Collier, it is even muddier than it used to be. For example, in HR there appear to be three employees (Yes, 3.) who make $200,000/year. There is no way to tell who makes what. Just an HR Director, a “generalist” and a “generalist administrator”. I suppose all generalists need to have their own administrator. Then there are the attorneys; Labor lawyers, WC Lawyers, Settlement lawyers and legal fees. All of them are lumped into $300,000. Who are these lawyers? Beats me.

    As for the “monthly expenses”, the report is useless. What is missing is the “monthly” part. The only column that has any use is the YTD column. Even that does not describe much.

    As we have stated for years now, the only solution that will provide clarity and accountability to the taxpayers is a forensic audit of the budget (pick a year, any year). However, those that will be liable are elected and appointed positions. It is not likely they would vote for an audit of their own activities. It’s kind of like Daffy Duck being tricked into saying “Shoot me now! Shoot me now!”. It’s not going to happen because, evidence to the contrary, this is not a cartoon.

  24. 24 1george1

    “However, those that “will be liable” are elected and appointed positions.
    It is “not likely” they would “vote for an audit of their own” activities.”

    When you are focused – you can write brilliantly and identifying
    the existing problems.

    I sent a personal email about a serious – tragic matter

    Further there is looming potential problem. Date sensitive!

  25. 25 jezebel282


    “you can write brilliantly ”

    Nah. It only shows how stupid Town Hall thinks we are.

  26. 26 1george1

    Don’t you hate being out smarted by idiots?

  27. 27 jezebel282


    “Don’t you hate being out smarted by idiots?”

    When someone breaks into my house and steal my money and valuables I have not been outsmarted. I’ve been robbed.

  28. 28 ronmoreau

    If you don’t pay attention…

    …you get what you get.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “If you don’t pay attention…

    …you get what you get.”

    Well then, drag everyone you know over to a computer and show them this site.

  30. 30 jezebel282


    Some things just take your breath away…

    Santorum: Obama wants to ‘indoctrinate’ students by boosting college enrollment
    Rebecca Kaplan, Matthew Shelley

    On the president’s efforts to boost college attendance, Santorum said, “I understand why Barack Obama wants to send every kid to college, because of their indoctrination mills, absolutely … The indoctrination that is going on at the university level is a harm to our country.”

    He claimed that “62 percent of kids who go into college with a faith commitment leave without it,” but declined to cite a source for the figure. And he floated the idea of requiring universities that receive public funds have “intellectual diversity” on campus.

    I suppose we should go back to the good old days. You know, kings, serfs, knights and good old non-thinking.

  31. 31 portia1776


    “I suppose we should go back to the good old days. You know, kings, serfs, knights and good old non-thinking.” — Whether Bush or Obama or Romney or Santorum, we’re moving apace on the road to serfdom. Our unalienable individual civil and economic liberties are barely speed bumps for the Obama administration, and none of the GOP’s “contenders” would be much different. Perhaps the speed would be slower, but the destination unchanged. The question now is who will wield the coercive power of the national government to impose their anti-Constitutional “values” on the rest of us. When you look at the candidates from this angle, there are more similarities than differences.


    Let’s take the first clause of the Constitution’s First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Seems clear enough. But if you have any doubts, Jefferson has bequeathed to us a helpful image, a “wall of separation.”

    Maintaining this wall is vital to the preservation of our liberties. There can be no compromise for “when it comes to the separation of church and state, we need absolutes. The state needs to be free from the church, and the church from the state (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/guest-voices/post/why-we-are-all-catholics-now/2012/02/19/gIQAZFYVOR_blog.html).”

    Bush, Obama, Romney, and Santorum all disagree. What, you didn’t know that Obama and Santorum are so alike? Come now, where have you been?

    Obama “has kept Bush’s office of faith-based initiatives. In fact, “Obama’s faith-based office has given religious figures a bigger role in influencing White House decisions,” reported USNews in 2009….
    woe betide any believers whose values stray from the leftist catechism. Who says so? The Obama administration, for starters. It has decreed that Catholic institutions such as hospitals and universities must provide birth control through their employee health plans, even though Catholic doctrine considers birth control a violation of the faith. The administration claimed to provide a conscience exception by allowing a narrow exception for churches. This is like ordering Jewish schools to buy pork for their cafeterias and then claiming to respect Judaism because synagogues are exempt (http://reason.com/archives/2012/02/07/the-gospel-according-to-obama).”

    Santorum and Obama are not only united in supporting government intervention in religious affairs, violating the individual rights to conscience and property as well as undermining the secular character of our civil society. They are also vehemently opposed to individualism, whether expressed in civil, political, or economic affairs.

    Here is Obama in his Osawatomie speech channeling the warmongering and greedy “Progressive” Teddy Roosevelt:

    “If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes – especially for the wealthy – our economy will grow stronger. Sure, they say, there will be winners and losers. But if the winners do really well, then jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everybody else. And, they argue, even if prosperity doesn’t trickle down, well, that’s the price of liberty. Now, it’s a simple theory…. It doesn’t work. It has never worked…. We simply cannot return to this brand of “you’re on your own” economics if we’re serious about rebuilding the middle class in this country.”

    Now here is Santorum:

    “[Libertarians] have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do. Government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulation low and that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues, you know, people should do whatever they want. Well, that is not how traditional conservatives view the world, and I think most conservatives understand that individuals can’t go it alone, that there is no such society that I’m aware of where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.”

    These ideological twins are supposed to constitute a choice?! Of these two examples of evil, the lesser, though still evil (don’t get so excited Jez), is Obama’s speech. At least in it Obama admits that his administrations polices are fighting against “America’s DNA” of “rugged individualism” and “healthy skepticism of too much government.” Santorum fails to see how the big government conservatism he propounds is irremediably “Progressive” and thus anti-Constitutional.

    Bolshevik or Menshvik, is everyone in the Party now?

  32. 32 1george1

    Jeze – Is this the same Portia?
    Can you confirm the IP?

    I saw a shadow of this over the last couple years.
    Yet, Portia reads like he / she had gotten into the
    sunshine in certain cases.

    In certain other cases we always kinda agreed with
    many Milton Friedman positions, but far from all.

    In certain other areas I found myself near or to the
    LEFT of YOU and CHRIS …

    I LOVE Portia’s line:
    Bolshevik or Menshvik, is everyone in the Party now?

    Another party POO POO er?

  33. 33 jezebel282


    “Jeze – Is this the same Portia?
    Can you confirm the IP?”

    It is indeed. I too was amazed that Portia came ever so close to saying something positive about Obama. I guess “as bad as the rest of them” is as close as she’ll get.

    Although I take a more cynical view of these politicians. Pandering to the religious right seems to be the only way a Republican can succeed. The Bushes did it and once elected promptly dumped them and ran back to their corporate buddies. Anyone remember “Kenny Boy”, the CEO of Enron?

    The latest long fly ball into deep right field for an out by Santorum is just another swing at any other candidate that might hit one to Center or Left field. (Hey! That wasn’t a bad metaphor, was it?).

    “I found myself near or to the
    LEFT of YOU”

    To be honest, I’ve grown weary of “left” and “right”. Absolutist doctrine is generally more harmful than helpful. Portia would like every thought and action aligned with her strict constructionist view of a Constitution that by some accident was not chiseled in stone and handed down from Sinai. (Surely it must have been the fault of a Progressive).

    After so many years of dysfunctional government and crony corporate politics, I am currently more interested in what works than whether or not I feel good about it. This explains my criticisms of Harkins. While everyone who supports him, and some who don’t, will tell you he is a “nice guy”, that is simply not what works. Effective management, leadership, fiscal honesty and the ability to accept consequences are what works. Business as usual is an unacceptable plan.

  34. 34 1george1

    Jeze, Portia, Chris, et al.

    I suggest you google “Ralph Nader.”

  35. 35 jezebel282


    “I suggest you google “Ralph Nader.””

    For more fun, I suggest you Google “Santorum”.

  36. 36 1george1

    Before there were Al Gore’s core issues…..Nader was there for decades

    Before Michael Moore knock GM…..Nader was there for decades

    Before OWS decried Corporate Greed…..Nader was there for decades

    Before Buffet clarioned Tax fairness…..Nader was there for decades

    Before Green became in…..Nader was there for decades

    Before BIG OIL became a target…..Nader was there for decades

    In the Wikipedia website about Nader & Raiders, there are lists of
    Legislative achievements for consumers and average people that
    no one can match.

    Do I agree with many of Nader’s semi-socialist financial positions? NO.

    However, the Republican Agenda has been wildly suggestful at breaking
    the government, stealing everything they can, and making the rule of
    Law, the Constitution, and Values to be fronts for putrid legitimacy …

    At the National, State, and Local levels there are NO or Very Few real
    Democrats or Republicans.
    Money controls the top of the pyramid … many go along to get theirs.

    Funny thing.

    Those willing to sell themselves to the highest BIDDER are little more
    than SLAVES, depending on the WHIM of their Masters.

    Once they are no longer useful, even as useful idiots …….

    The Police who made hay during the DRUG YEARS may have their
    However, their PATRONS have DIED OFF, RETIRED, and are losing
    NARCO DICTATORS, who profit from WAR & DRUGS.

    ROBOCOP – DRONES – BIG BROTHER = Less Police & more politics

    JOY STICK RESCUE TOOLS = Less need for on scene Firemen

    Tutorial audio – videos, Interactive computers, Interactive voice
    controlled writing = Less need for Teachers.

    1968-1969 ST Thomas school 8th grade, nuns tried using TV to
    Teach Spanish in Fairfield. It wasn’t that good … Yet

  37. 37 cstratct

    I had to drop by and post this link. I’m sure Portia will ride to the defense of Capitalism and Goldman Sachs with a long-winded rebuttal and blistering condemnation of me and the the op-ed, but why not have some fun on a Wednesday morning. Hello to all my CT friends by the way. Sudds, great picture of your child. I hope you’re having fun with your new addition!

    Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs


    In the author’s own words: “Without clients you will not make money. In fact, you will not exist. Weed out the morally bankrupt people, no matter how much money they make for the firm. And get the culture right again, so people want to work here for the right reasons. People who care only about making money will not sustain this firm — or the trust of its clients — for very much longer.”

  38. 38 jezebel282


    “Weed out the morally bankrupt people, no matter how much money they make for the firm.”

    I fear the simple truth is that we have lost our way. You see it every single day. You see it in the posts of cops who simply want to put in their time and retire, you see it in corporations laying off thousands while conserving all the cash they can rather than re-investing it, you see it in outsourcing of almost everything, you see it in politicians who will say or do anything, you see it in directors/department heads/supervisors who promote policies that please their bosses and hurt the organization, you see it in doctors who funnel as many patients as they can squeeze into 15 minute blocks, you see it in teachers who will only teach what will be on a standardized test, you see it in banks who refuse to lend capital and prefer to charge fees instead and call it “revenue”…we won’t even talk about lawyers.

    My biggest fear is that we can no longer find our way back. The recent poll showing that most voters in Mississippi and Alabama believe that Obama is a Muslim is an indication of, well, you know what it indicates. Even with the vast amount of factual information on the Internet, we tend to focus on what we already believe to be true instead of what might be actually true.

    Goldman Sachs is simply the same attitude on steroids.

  39. 39 portia1776


    Goldman (aka “Government”) Sachs is the embodiment of the kind of Crony Capitalism/Cooperate Socialism that you and dear leader Obama support. I have criticized them many times before and for real reasons. Unless your willing to call for an end to corporate welfare, spare us the phony outrage. Goldman execs in and out of the Bush/Obama administrations are a fixture of the ruling political class.

    Shocking to hear, but just because a person or business has capital does not a capitalist make. Do most businesses want a free market? No. A majority have no scruples about lobbying government to restrict trade to curtail foreign competition (outsourcing! xenophobia!), put onerous regulations on their opponents (safety! illegal immigrants!), and provide subsidies to themselves (stimuli! nationalism!). Are these things good for us? No. As consumers we are forced to pay higher prices than we would within a free market for everything from college education to sugar. We are punished again as taxpayers. Our tax dollars are used to line the pockets of political cronies like Obama bundler or Solyndra infamy, George Kaiser.

    Professor Boudreaux has it right “Barack Obama – champion of the downtrodden – cannot tolerate the downward pressure that imports from China put on the prices that poor Americans pay for retail goods.  Barack Obama – slayer of special interests – will force millions of American taxpayers to subsidize overseas sales by a handful of giant corporations.  Barack Obama – man of reason – reasons that if Beijing distorts China’s market with subsidies, Washington should equally distort America’s market with subsidies.

    No hopeful change here.  This policy is nothing more than standard interest-group politics – served up (as such predations always are) with large doses of rank economic nonsense – designed to pick the pockets of the many in order to line the pockets of the few. It’s disgusting (http://cafehayek.com/2012/02/obama-corporate-welfare-champion.html).”

    Jez, unlikely and as radical as it sounds, our only hope is to go back to basics: Constitutional (lawful) government and the free exercise of individual civil and economic liberties. Otherwise, the only change you can believe in is that things are going to get dramatically worse from here.

  40. 40 jezebel282


    “Constitutional (lawful) government and the free exercise of individual civil and economic liberties”

    That might make you feel better, but I doubt that would work for most of us. Most of us are not so rigid in our outlook and do not paint the world in black and white. What we need is a sea change in attitude. Not so much, “I’m in it for me” and a bit more of “How can I make things better?” Imagine if Goldman Sachs (or BOA, CitiGroup, JP Morgan Chase) had the attitude of lending capital for humanitarian yet profitable purposes at, say, a discounted rate? Or even lending capital at all? Or imagine if companies actually showed a bit of loyalty to their employees instead of shaving headcount to make the numbers for this quarter? It’s a start…..

  41. 41 1george1

    Welcomed back.
    I agree with the intent of your post.
    Yet, I wonder if the goldman sacks guy was on his way out
    and decided to window dress, for self serving / self benefit?

    Portia deserves support tat he has slapped Bush – Cheney
    and systemic abused by both sides / political parties.

    Portia has many logical and documented examples.
    Conversely, while the Obama / Democratic crew deserve much of
    the vilification Portia heaps on them, they are hardly alone and
    they are just part of the MILITARY – ROCKEFELLER Petro-Narco
    complex, about which Eisenhower warned …
    with a bit too much presidence …. as if everything is planned &
    timetabled like a LONG TERM MILITARY CAMPAIGN for WORLD

    All of you think I am crazy or wrong or both?
    Maybe I am?
    Even Paranoid people, have real enemies.

    Yet what if I am correct and everyone is responding to fiction
    and cover stories ……… now even claims about whitey bulger
    creating a biography ….

    It caught my attention that a ring was captured creating phony
    artifax in Israel.
    For years I wondered if a small part of the Iran / Iraq mess and the
    Egypt mess was to R E V I S E HISTORY related to BABYLONIAN

    The ROYALTY of EUROPE played all kinds of GAMES to create
    justification for the DIVINE RIGHTS of KINGS.

    The HITLER / NAZI – INDIANA JONES type stories play into the
    BELIEVE IN THE graven images OF bibles / torah / books

  42. 42 jezebel282


    5mg IM of haloperidol will solve the problem for you.

  43. 43 1george1

    DRUGS are always the answers for DO PE PUSHERS

    Not expected from Jeze.

  44. 44 jezebel282


    “Not expected from Jeze.”

    I wish I could say your recent posts were not expected from you. It would be a courtesy to readers to at least make a feeble attempt at coherency.

  45. 45 1george1

    FEE ble
    Always writing about money …

  46. 46 jezebel282


    “Always writing about money …”

    Sadly you are correct. In Stratford, hard earned dollars flowing into the black pit of Town Hall is topic #1. I have had a chance to briefly review Harkins proposed budget. I can discern no attempt at all to reduce the burden on citizens and businesses. Incompetence and waste continue to be handsomely rewarded. In this budget, funds are relabeled, repurposed or simply buried. With an 8-2 majority on the Council, we can expect this budget process to proceed very quietly to passage with yet another increase.

  47. 47 sudds

    “I can discern no attempt at all to reduce the burden on citizens and businesses”

    Ummm… Jezzy… did you forget that neither the Mayor nor the Council is up for election this year???

    Early Sudds prediction #1… the Denver Broncos (now that we have Peyton Manning) win the AFC West (if not the AFC… if not, dear I dream… the Super Bowl)

    Early Sudds prediction #2… next year’s budget will contain at least a 2% tax cut

  48. 48 jezebel282


    “the Denver Broncos (now that we have Peyton Manning) win the AFC West”
    Ummm, don’t you think His father will be pissed now? Didn’t Tebow have a “divine” talent? Does Manning have the same “in”?

  49. 49 1george1

    Sudds has Peyton Manning and likely Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday,
    and Joseph Addai, to help his timing and Denver “O” depth.

    Broncos OTs are well regarded, yet may need an OG?
    If Saturday is healthy and can fit for 2 years …

    They have excellent, but old CBs.
    Need DT.
    Dumerville & Miller very good pass rushers.

    If I were Denver, I would find a way to keep Tebow and use him
    as a change of pace running QB, with occassional pass.
    His size, speed, and running ability make for potential interesting RB,
    as a change of pace and depth.

    Let Tebow learn passing tree from the master.
    He won’t be out worked.
    I see it as a good fit, despite controversy potential.

  50. 50 1george1

    Harkins to speak at Oronque to Chamber of Commerce, noon lunch,
    Tuesday. Members $ 15. Non Members $ 25.

    If I were Mayor, the Budget would be on its’ way down by 40 %,
    phased in over a 5 year period.

    Harkins chief of staff has told departments to plan for 3 % cut, if I
    heard correctly. Several Councilors told me they want 5 % cut.

    Meanwhile $ 18.9 million Defined Benefit annually with $ 150,000 to
    $ 190,000 pension to a certain Fireman and a certain police officer
    starts his retirement in December, on his 25th anniversary.

    By January 2013, Defined Benefit Pensions will exceed $ 20,000,000.

    Fire dept open end Defined Benefit means as many as 200 more people
    could become DBP including existing Police, PW, and other Depts.

    $ 300,000,000 obligated so far
    $ 175,000,000 estimated paid by tax payers so far – BOND + SHORTFALL
    $ 225,000,000 estimated future obligations – Maybe $ 275 m?

    Sudds & Jeze – my view isn’t that good due to worpress emblem, and I can’t confirm numbers from finance …. mayor …. council ….

    Those above numbers don’t even include Health Care or Lawyers …
    As Charlie Brown’s Lucy might say … “good grief.”

  51. 51 jezebel282


    “with $ 150,000 to
    $ 190,000 pension to a certain Fireman”

    I have heard this rumor too. I’m waiting for anyone, anyone at all, to confirm these outrageous numbers.

  52. 52 sudds

    “with $150,000 to $190,000 pension to a certain Fireman”???

    “good grief” doesn’t even begin to cut it… how could this have been allowed to even be a possibility??? Someone had BETTER be fired over this!!!!

  53. 53 mikereynolds

    ” Someone had BETTER be fired over this!!!!”

    There are others who are better versed in the pension situation but this isn’t a recent development. These pensions were established years ago. The people who created the pension rules are the ones you have to take issue with.

    Can the Town even do anything to change the rules now? I doubt it.

  54. 54 1george1

    Mike –
    Contracts PROVEN created by FRAUD or CONSPIRACY are VOIDABLE.


    I am pointing out the FACT.

    Another FACT: Hartford passed LAW to vacate PENSIONS under
    certain criminal situations.
    It was passed while Harkins was in Hartford.

    I have the latest PENSION LIST, from Finance.
    I also was sent the latest lawyers fees for the last 5 years, just after
    a certain person became head of the DTC.
    > These were requested before Christmas ….

    I inquired back to finance why one PENSION started in December
    and a PENSION PASSED at the last PENSION BOARD meeting
    (according to sources not present)
    was missing from the Pension list I was sent?

    Finance explaned it
    1) December Pension of a policeman starts on 25th Anniversary
    of his hire date.
    2) Highest Pension has yet to be implemented. (timing of getting
    these 2 requests ?? )

    People get vacation and other pay … it will out …

    There are also possibilities of Worker’s Comp adding over $ 25,000 +
    to the Pension (Tax Free), which may not happen, due to the
    choice of the Pensioner, for strategic reasons.
    Except for the TOP ISSUE – the PENSION will PERFECTLY CONFORM
    CONTRACTUALLY, in my opinion … CONTRACTS can be customized.

    NOT my JOB.

    Another source outside of government explained certain familial
    connections to past Stratford Police by a family member.

    I now understand much of what was unfathomable.

    It is the “I GOT MINE COMPLEX.”

    Plato’s Republic ring of Gyges …
    The big fish will strike when ready …

  55. 55 sudds

    “Can the Town even do anything to change the rules now? I doubt it.”

    They can’t change the rules, but they can ensure that employees are not allowed to EXPLOIT THE RULES by racking up large sums on O/T during the final period of their employment!

  56. 56 1george1

    They can’t change the rules, but they can ensure that
    employees are not allowed to EXPLOIT THE RULES by
    racking up large sums on O/T during the final period of
    their employment!

    Has anyone asked this issue to
    Harkins, Miron, Branyan, Feeney, Barnhart
    Burturlas, Kelly/Bishop, Florek, Imbro,
    Ridenhour, and police chiefs?

    I forgot … I raise these issues in the Stratford Star,
    Public Forum, this blog, and when I ran for office.

    Sudds has written he voted for me … for mayor

  57. 57 1george1

    One political faction complains about the other
    or multiple political factions.

    Yet their own people do exactly the same things.

  58. 58 jezebel282


    “they can ensure that employees are not allowed to EXPLOIT THE RULES by racking up large sums on O/T during the final period of their employment!”

    It is very easy to blame employees for racking up OT, but the guilt belongs squarely on the shoulders of the administration by allowing (and enabling) staffing shortages and their ongoing adversarial relationship with almost all employees.

    Once again, the responsibility rests with the “strong” mayor that was supposed to take responsibility and be held accountable.

  59. 59 1george1


    Do you honestly believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary,
    that the political parties / elected officials / rank personnel do not
    work hand in glove?

    2007 – 2011
    Berchem Moses $ 2,691,753
    Bishop Kelly $ 1,642,389
    Florke $$ 163,775
    Kent Miller $ 123,698
    Wilson Elser $ 83,542
    Cotter $ 71,946
    James Miron $

  60. 60 1george1

    Robinson & Cole $ 178,961
    Chas Kurmay $ 77,843

    Who knows what the real numbers are?
    But this is from last week’s email
    just after a certain person elected DTC Chair

    I got the newest pension list, before the newest
    highest pension is added, and the retirement of
    a police officer delayed until 25 year anniversary
    date, could have moved pensions to $ 19.2 million, annually
    to under 610 people.
    The older people keep dying off.
    They had lower pensions including some widow/widowers who
    were at 1/2 pension.

    I would like to see top pensions to be realistic and raise the lowest

    That’s what real UNION people do and favor – NARROW PAY / PENSIONS
    so people can’t be PIT against each other.

    It’s coming.

    who are out right thieves & getting 4 to 6 times more than newbees?

    I don’t care … It’s coming ..
    Maybe not in my lifetime.

    But Voccola’s dead.
    Mirons / Burturlas aren’t far behind.
    RTC have 25 year paper trail

    Democrat in white house and governor mansion and controlling
    federal & state legislatures for next 13 years of more ….

    While Cuommo, Christy, and Malloy are posturing, the reality
    will pound those who are continuing to steal.

  61. 61 paradisegreen

    Am I the only one that just cannot get through George’s posts? I so appreciate your dedication to the town George, but your post are so long! I would love to hear what you have to say, but I just cant weed through these posts! Sorry. 😦

  62. 62 jezebel282


    “Am I the only one that just cannot get through George’s posts? ”

    I may have heard that once or twice (or a million times) before.

  63. 63 1george1

    Paradise – Why not ask a specific question?
    I can answer specifically.

    I have done so with private emails to Jeze.

    – One of my problems is that decisions are not made in a vacuum.
    – Preceeding Town Councils and Lawyers, will do things for the


    HENRICK TC CHAIR pays FEEHAN Legal Bills – (Miron)
    MALLOY TC CHAIR – FIRE TRUCK – Emergency Declaration (Harkins)
    Paid about twice what I believe they could have sold for.
    FEEHAN’S company is the CT Distributor for SMEAL OEM

    # 3 HANNEY absurd contract – Burturla negoriated-Miron ran against <
    # 2 KKP negotiated 2 years with Burturla for 90 day window to raise MILLION $ – did it in 180 days – Feehan Council killed pretextually Team Stratfords # 1, #2 # 3
    # 1 Aaron Hochman
    # 2 Montiposilico
    # 3 A – Natera + Dogstar
    # 3 B – Natera
    # 4 –

  64. 64 1george1

    Paradise Green – Thank you for the compliment and constructive
    criticism. (I also know relationships at local levels, state, & fed,
    which many people believe or claim to be adversarial but …..)

    The last section in the above post referred to AVCO & Team Stfd.

    The W and LOG OUT information cuts off my screen – blocking
    me from seeing what I type & I have to struggle to find it and
    correct spelling or list.

  65. 65 jezebel282


    “The W and LOG OUT information cuts off my screen”

    Right click, display properties, adjust.

  66. 66 1george1

    I right clicked.
    Properties was on the bottom.
    There was no “display properties”
    There was no “adjust.”

  67. 67 jezebel282


    You heard it here first!

    Obama wins CT Democratic Presidential Primary.
    Romney wins CT Republican Presidential Primary.

    The primary in CT where you have an actual choice will be held on Tuesday 14 August 2012.
    The GOP has the most interesting race which is between Christopher Shays and Linda McMahon.

  68. 68 1george1

    The GOP has the most interesting race which is between
    Christopher Shays and Linda McMahon.
    > Is it a STEAL CAGE Match?

    WWE deceased Star Eddie Guerro’s motto epitomized politics:
    He died young.

    Senate has Roger Clements in front of them about STEROIDS
    and PERJURY. Ironies?
    1) WWE is not investigated for STEROIDS.
    2) SENATE & CONGRESS questioning anyone on PERJURY is also
    an OXYMORON.

  69. 69 jezebel282


    And how did the Stratford RTC delegation vote in the State “convention”?
    The winner is….wait for it….Linda McMahon. 13-1.

    Once again, moderation has no place in the Republican party. Not even in Stratford. You gotta wonder if their plan is to hold Wrestlemania events at the Shakespeare Theater.

  70. 70 mikereynolds

    Actually, that would sell the theater out. Have you ever seen the attendance numbers at Webster Bank Arena when WWE is there? Nothing outdraws wrestling. Its ridiculous.

  71. 71 ronmoreau

    The RTC membership directed the delegates vote to be 50/50.

  72. 72 jezebel282


    And then what happened?

  73. 73 ronmoreau

    At the April RTC meeting a rollcall straw pole,of those members present, was taken. The vote was exactly 50/50. The chairman accepted the results. The delegation was suppost to vote 50/50 at the convention.
    It appears to me that the direction was given to vote for McMahon. The vote,as it was given, was without membership approval.

  74. 74 ronmoreau

    As you were. It was the March meeting where the straw pole was taken. There was a lengthy discussion at the March meeting concerning this vote. The Chairman said the delegates should be able to vote the way they wish. He also said that the super delegates already committed Stratfords RTC support for guess who?

  75. 75 ronmoreau

    Sorry it was at the April meeting where the lengthy discussion took place,

  76. 76 jezebel282

    And then what? Did they catch the vote hijacker?

  77. 77 ronmoreau


  78. 78 ronmoreau

    April was the last time the RTC

  79. 79 ronmoreau

    The next RTC meeting is this Thursday, 730pm at Millriver country club all registered Stratford Republicans are allowed to attend.

  80. 80 jezebel282

    You said the vote was 50/50 before the convention but it was 13-1 during. What happened? Was the thief caught?

    “The next RTC meeting is this Thursday, 730pm at Millriver country club”
    So are you going right from the Shakespeare rally to the RTC meeting?

    “Save the Theatre & The White House” Rally … Thursday 5/24 4:30 PM
    Recent actions by the Mayor and certain Town Council members make it clear that they have declared war on the theatre, the White House, Councilman Matt Catalano and all Shakespeare Theatre and Performing Arts Center supporters and volunteers.

  81. 81 ronmoreau

    I will attend both.

  82. 82 jezebel282

    Answer the question, my friend. Who got punished for diverting votes?

  83. 83 ronmoreau

    There will be no punishment. Certain RTC leaders obviously do what THEY want regardless of the wishes of the rank and file. Will anyone challenge their decision at the meeting this Thursday? We shall see. I applaud the lone decenter.

  84. 84 ronmoreau

    Perhaps every RTC member should join the rally and not attend the RTC meeting. Which would provide no quorum to conduct THEIR business.

  85. 85 jezebel282

    Nice. I’ll bet that goes a long way to help increase membership.

    “Here is the way you are going to vote. Whether you do or not. So there.”

  86. 86 jezebel282

    “Perhaps every RTC member should join the rally and not attend the RTC meeting.”

    The two events seem intertwined, don’t they?

  87. 87 ronmoreau

    Perhaps every RTC member should join the rally and not attend the RTC meeting. Which would provide no quorum to conduct THEIR business. But I doubt it.

  88. 88 1george1

    I think having WWE @ SHAKE SPEARE Theater is a G R E A T IDEA?

    Why not have WWE wrestle members of the RTC & DTC?

    After all the MEETINGS, ELECTIONS, & MATCHS are RIGGED, right?

    Former WWE ring announcer about 2001 was …..
    Kevin Kelly …
    Nah … Just a name sake.

    However, Weicker is / was on WWE Board of Directors.
    WWE is in Stamford, where LIEberman & Malloy were from.
    Senators LIEberman & PALpatine (star wars)
    Congressman Paul Ryan & WWE Wade Barrett

    Weicker & GHW Bush attended same ANGLICAN GreenWITCH Church
    BLUEmen-thal is from greenWITCH

    Oh, am I mixing RTC and DEMs?
    Based on PAY, I’d a thunk Dick Burturla was head RTC Lawyer.

    No one questions that THURS 5:00 pm in a RAINY week isn’t the best
    TIME or DAY to hold a RALLY on the same night as the RTC MEETING?

    The same night of the RTC monthly meeting was the night of the PC
    USERS CLUB, where I found there was ZERO coincidence.

    I wonder who they are gonna vote to murder this time?
    I were a TARGET …..

  89. 89 jezebel282


    “Perhaps every RTC member ”

    I don’t know about you, but I find this episode kinda disturbing. Actually, very disturbing. What is the purpose of a democracy if votes count for nothing? It makes the whole process of position, debate and resolution irrelevant. I find it more incredible that the leadership simply shrugs and moves along as if this is the way it is supposed to happen.

    I suppose it’s not surprising….

  90. 90 jezebel282


    As many Stratford parents and students know, student loan rates will double this Saturday. Double. It is not enough college students cannot find a job, now their monthly payments will go up. The Stratford and Bunnell recent high school graduates will now face 6.8% interest loans. Of course banks can still borrow at 0.0% and mortgages are now at 3.66%. Obviously, unemployed students can pay more than a bank.

    Now, we can waste our time talking about the overall economy. Yes, of course, 2% unemployment would be very nice. How to get there is a whole ‘nother thing. But this particular problem merely requires a 15 minute vote by Congress.

    Amazingly, the GOP solution was not to extend the 3.4% interest rate like the way they propose extending the Bush tax cuts. It was to extend it by cutting preventative health care benefits. Really? That’s the solution? What is wrong with these people?

  91. 91 1george1

    Some people believe unemployment & recession is good for:
    * keeping wages low
    * being able to steal depressed stocks, housing, businesses
    * increasing military recruitment
    * borrowing low and lending high
    * increasing dependency
    * decreasing independence

    The only reason for the BUSH TAX cuts, was so low, fixed, & middle
    income could pay the BUSH-CHENEY-ROCKEFELLER OIL / GAS prices
    to run their cars and heat their homes.

    The HIGHER their COMPANIES PROFITS the more dividends to
    themselves, foundations, subsidiaries, and fronts to build CASH
    to buy control of other companies and markets which they
    depressed. They only need just over 50 % of voting stock.

    If they also control some of the floating stock, they can also drop
    or raise stock prices as seen in the movie Trading Places or Wall

    I suggest reading the book, “The Rockefeller Syndrome.”

    A corporate raider loved an under valued stock. Something like
    what Bunker Hunt & some Arabs tried to do with the Silver Market,
    the Raider put together a syndicate to buy up the depressed price
    stock and then break it up for the under valued pieces.

    He estimated he and friends could control 30 % to 40 % and made their
    move believing there were enough publicly held shares to get 51%.

    As the proxy votes came in there were huge numbers of foundations
    and different companies who OWNED under 5 % and ofter under 1 %
    that were coming in against his power play.
    companies that were all connected to the Rockefeller and allies.

    The RAIDER lost TENS of MILLIONS, as did his allies.
    They could have wiped him out.
    They choose not to wipe him out.
    Same way they let BUNKER HUNT & allies lose BILLIONS, but still
    kept BILLIONS.

    They were taught an expensive lesson.

    A number of years ago, a certain Stratford politician knew all
    about another Stratford political power, who stuck at the former.

    The attack failed.
    There was a counter attack.
    The usurper coud have lost everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING.

    There were reasons for not wiping out the usurper … at that time

    Whe you take away everything.
    Your opponent has nothing to lose.

    Nationwide, there is an intentional movement at the highest
    levels which appear calculated for a “TRADING PLACES.”

    Or to swipe from the Oliphant character in the movie DIE HARD
    if there are concentrations of wealth, it’s easier to steal.

    Lastly, MACHIAVELLI pointed out the PRINCE can appeal to the
    MASSES and bypass all of the underlings. The King / Queen /
    President can do the same thing to the INFERIOR LEVELS.

    When the time is right …..

  92. 92 1george1

    With people who are rich enough & smart enough to control
    super computers & a wide variety of entensive resources,
    it can be realitively simple to wreck more havoc than done by
    the dogs of war.

    However, Gods, Kings, Politicians, and Actors need audience for
    them to be relatively superior over. Yet so many are cavemen that
    they lack perspective fitting a true meglomaniac … like me, in my

  93. 93 jezebel282


    Having fun?

    (Did you happen to notice that your post had nothing at all to do with interest rates on student loans?)

  94. 94 1george1

    Oooops. I was doing pretty good for awhile.
    I got distracted & though I was on 3.0…

  95. 95 jezebel282

    “Oooops. I was doing pretty good for awhile.”

    That would be your opinion George. Others may differ.

  96. 96 ronmoreau

    “The Stratford and Bunnell recent high school graduates will now face 6.8% interest loans. Of course banks can still borrow at 0.0% and mortgages are now at 3.66%. Obviously, unemployed students can pay more than a bank.”

    How about the Stratford homeowner who is unemployed and is delinquent on their property taxes? The town charges him 18% intrest plus fees on that delinquent tax payment. Talk about kicking a man while he is down.

  97. 97 1george1

    The Mayor still gets paid $ 90,000 + $ 21,000 cashout benefits.
    The Attorneys still get paid & never account …
    The Management still line their OT & Benefits, including PENSIONS
    over base. Do they & their children graduating from college and
    and assorted relief …..

    And they can buy your house for $ 1 when they foreclose.

  98. 98 jezebel282


    Not that I disagree with anything you wrote, but the interest on student loans can be resolved in two 15 minute votes.

    As for not working with good citizens who, through no fault of their own, lost their source of income to work out payment plans is just well, stupid. You can’t get blood from a stone and by the time the citizen’s house is foreclosed it will have lost 50% of it’s value and probably be off the tax rolls for a very long time.

  99. 99 jezebel282


    Instead of voting to keep student loan rates from doubling in less than 48 hours, Congress is debating whether or not to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress because he pissed off a committee chairman.

    Can somebody call them and tell them that we already hold Congress in contempt and to get to work?

  100. 100 1george1

    I agree with both of JEZE posts.

  101. 101 jezebel282

    From Portia:

    “Jez a Romney supporter? I knew there was some reason I didn’t like you.”

    Well, here’s the thing about Romney; No matter what your position is, you always know that Romney supported it.

  102. 102 1george1

    Who does Portia & Jeze support for elected office?

    I support Nader – Ventura President / VP ticket, only because the
    way they identify the parties.
    Ron Paul is interesting.
    I liked Sam Nunn on defense.
    Hoops Star Bill Bradley was interesting, but tied in.
    George Shultz is brilliantly boring.
    My favorite for President would have been JACK KEMP.
    I’m intrigued by much of (not all) Milton Friedman & Art Laffer,
    where economics is a moving target or dialectics as described
    by Marx, from Hegel.

    For each political level & not necessarily an existing candidate,
    but must be a living people and elidgible:

    President and V. P.
    CT. Senators
    CT. Congress
    CT. Governor
    Stratford State Senator
    Stratford CT House Reps
    Town Clerk
    School Superintendent
    School COO
    Town Attorney
    Assist Town Attorney # 1
    Assist Town Attorney # 2
    Of Council
    Attorney’s Secreatary
    Finance Director
    Police Chief
    Fire Chief
    Town Hall
    Health & Safety

    District by District:
    Town Council (each party)
    Council Clerk
    Board of Ed

    I don’t think anyone could come up with ANY ORIGINAL NAMES
    locally. This is the CORE of ELECTION MANIA, electing the people
    who appoint the support staff!

    There are a few who blog who could ask these questions.
    Many who simply read or do post are viscious or myopic, and
    then there are the silent fans of good government.

  103. 103 jezebel282

    This one got me thinking:

    “I’m still waiting to hear what Romney would do if elected” – blodgettave

    Up to now, Romney is the perfect candidate. No matter what your position or outlook, Romney has supported it or will support it soon. “Whatever! I just wanna be President!” Makes a great bumper sticker.

    We are not going to get much substance to debate in the next few months. The GOP just wants to go back to 2000-2008 and the Democrats are too wimpy to say what it is they want. As Romney practices the politics of “What can I say today that would convince you?” Obama practices the politics of big concessions for small gains.

    Hardly the stuff that gets you excited. Of course the GOP has the scary Tea Party nuts that they have to please. Kinda reminds me of Jerry Falwell. We’ve been there before haven’t we? If Romney somehow gets elected, we can hope that he’ll pull the Bush family trick and just ignore them after election day.

    Either way, it would be nice if one of them would articulate a plan.

  104. 104 1george1

    This one got me thinking:

    “I’m still waiting to hear what Romney would do if elected” – blodgettave

    Up to now, Romney is the perfect candidate. No matter what your position or outlook, Romney has supported it or will support it soon. “Whatever! I just wanna be President!” Makes a great bumper sticker.

    We are not going to get much substance to debate in the next few months. The GOP just wants to go back to 2000-2008 and the Democrats are too wimpy to say what it is they want. As Romney practices the politics of “What can I say today that would convince you?”
    Obama practices the politics of big concessions for small gains.
    Is there a likely effect on the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION related
    to the JULY 20, 2012 BATMAN MOVIE?
    It has been in production for two years, or prior to all of the
    BAD ACTING in REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES, which gave us the rich
    REPUBLICAN MITT ROMNEY who made his money from

    B A I N Capital

    New BATMAN villian is a homonym of B A I N, called B A N E !!

    Internet: What is the origin of the phrase “bain of my existence”?

    Does this provide a fully satisfactory answer?

    To say that something or someone is “the bane of my existence” means
    that the person or thing is a constant irritant or source of misery.
    As a cliché, “bane of my existence” has lost its edge to a large
    degree over the years, and today is most often applied to something
    that may profoundly annoy us but is certainly bearable… “Bane of my
    existence” is now almost always used in a semi-jocular, “what are you
    gonna do?” sense.

    But “bane” was once a very serious word. The Old English “bana” meant
    literally “slayer” in the sense we now use “killer” or “murderer.”
    Early on, the English “bane” was also used in the more general sense
    of “cause of death,” and by the 14th century “bane” was used in the
    specialized sense of “poison,” a sense which lives on in the names of
    various poisonous plants such as “henbane” and “wolfbane.”

    From this very literal “something that kills you” usage, “bane” by the
    16th century had broadened into its modern meaning of “something that
    makes life unpleasant, a curse.”


  105. 105 1george1

    To some, I might be consider a (minor) BANE of this INTERNET blog,
    while many people (over 50) have approached me in person through
    the years, and not simply compliment the good fight, but give me a
    series of knowledge nuggets ….
    There have be obvious planting of information and I’ve been fooled
    or diverted on more than one occastion.

    However election craziness or mania has a nature and logic to it,
    which is not dissimilar to those of conmen and conwomen.

    Are people who look to use or abuse you going to tell you the truth?

    What does it profit JEZE or MYSELF to butt heads or butt butts, with
    each other or with political buttheads?

    Later I will post about the Michael Keaton Batman with BAT SIGNAL
    which fits the U S Airforce STEALTH BOMBER (ABT = anagram BAT)
    > The BOMBER made it’s official appearance just after the first
    of Keaton’s 2 Batman movies, but the SKY PROFILE of the STEALTH
    was released just before the MOVIE, and CLOSELY MIRRORS the BAT
    SIGNAL …..

    POINT? If you are dissatisfied with American politics, culture, media
    economics, society, etc … the DOD runs COUNTER INTELLIGENCE,
    INTELLIGENCE, and has access to the entire VERTICAL ORGANIZATION.

    The Russians & Americans used DICTATORS per foreign policy,
    and accepted situations because they were OUR S.O.B.s.

    have more income with the other countries MURDERERS who run

    CHINA > HUGE CAPITAL EXCESS allows overpaying for OIL / GAS, &
    COAL, whereas ELECTRIC CAR TECHNOLOGY was proven in 19996 &


    Beware of my TRAP where I dare anyone to contradict me!

  106. 106 1george1

    No takers after 12 hours?
    It was a hot humid day.

    Are there any MATH Majors out there?
    Anyone who also has MACRO ECONOMIC & HISTORIC – POLI -SCI

  107. 107 jezebel282


    “JEZE or MYSELF to butt heads or butt butts”
    OK, now there’s an image I didn’t need.

  108. 108 1george1

    “JEZE or MYSELF to butt heads or butt butts”
    OK, now there’s an image I didn’t need.


    And there are many GOOD people among them, for whom
    the adjectives don’t apply …..

  109. 109 1george1

    Miron Blog

    In less than four years, Mayor Jim Miron has

    “#Stabilized and lowered taxes during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression
    “# Increased economic development
    “# Improved and expanded Town services
    “# Properly funded education system
    “# Implemented numerous environmental initiatives
    “# Improved Town buildings, roads, parks, beaches & forest
    “# Created veteran tax relief program
    “# Expanded senior tax relief program

    !”Increased the size of Stratford’s police force to its highest levels in 33 years
    !”Added more school resource officers
    !”Assembled a Police Traffic Unit to focus on speeding, DUI, vehicular noise and other traffic concerns
    !”Reinstated the Community Resource!Officer program
    !”Purchased much needed police vehicles
    !”Ensured funding for necessary training and equipment
    !”Secured funding for a new fire truck and is working to purchase another much needed apparatus
    !”Ensured funding for necessary training and equipment
    !”Worked to make sure our EMS volunteers have a home of their own and recently broke ground
    on a new EMS facility that will not cost taxpayers a penny
    !”Purchased new ambulances and hybrid paramedic vehicles
    !”Encouraged a safer community by writing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) ordinance –
    requiring an AED to be in every municipal building, school and in certain businesses

    $”Championed the sale of Long Beach West to US Fish & Wildlife to ensure:
    Property will be cleaned up at no cost to the Town
    Public access enhancements will be built
    Land will be preserved forever for all to enjoy
    $”Working with local community groups, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro,
    the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Environmental
    Protection for proper remediation of Raymark properties
    $” Adopted cost effective municipal fleet leasing program that allows for the
    acquisition of alternative fuel, hybrid and ultra low emission vehicles
    $” Implemented “Smart Power” green energy campaign
    $” Adopted use of “green” cleaning products in all Town buildings
    $”Championed Pirhala Fields community garden with State Rep.
    Terry Backer to preserve open space and to provide biodiversity
    and sustainability education

    Connecticut town receives support to build racial equity
    Stratford hopes to improve race relations
    by Rchard Weizel

    January 16, 2008 | Connecticut Post | Stratford, Connecticut

    Mayor James R. Miron and a group of community leaders on Tuesday unveiled new plans — and a $10,000 grant — they believe will promote improved race relations in a town marred by racial tensions in recent years.

    The town was selected as one of eight communities nationwide to take part in a program run by The Study Circles Resource Center, a national group with offices in Pomfret. The initiative is aimed at helping communities create and sustain public engagement and community change on issues around racial equality



    Ensure responsible, fiscally conservative budgets continue to be adopted
    Continue to safeguard Rainy Day Fund from Town Council irresponsible spending
    Continue to work to lower taxes – like we did this year
    Use knowledge, experience and progress of past four years of labor relations to ensure tax- payer fair provisions in labor contracts
    Establish Economic Development Corporation to re-develop Brownfield properties
    Continue to grow Grand List
    Continue to work with Hollywood East to facilitate re-development of old Stratford Army Engine Plant
    Continue to ensure the Shakespeare Theatre is redeveloped properly
    Ensure progress achieved under my Administration continues on:
    New Animal Control Facility
    New EMS Facility
    New Honeyspot School
    Barnum Avenue Streetscape
    Keep Stratford Beautiful Campaign
    Long Beach West
    Pirhala Field Community Garden
    Bulk Item Collection by Appointment
    Purchase new fire truck and other necessary life saving equipment for our firefighters
    Adopt “green” building code
    Establish transit-oriented development and Smart Growth task force
    Continue to ensure Senior and Veteran Tax Relief available
    Continue to fight Hartford for our fair share of education funding for our schools

    Has any blog reader ever gotten a lower Tax Bill….
    unless you are on the RTC or DTC?

    !” Town receives NO revenue from this 40-year “deal”
    !” $3.1 million loan to the out-of-state developer will not be repaid for 40 years
    !” No enforceable or meaningful educational or Shakespeare component
    !” Restricted public access to the property
    !” Restaurant, bar or housing development may be added to the Shakespeare property
    !” No requirement to “professionally” renovate the Theatre
    !” No performance bond or guarantees by the out-of-state developer

  110. 110 1george1


    Government overpaid $14 billion in unemployment benefits
    By Annalyn Censky | CNNMoney.com – 6 hours ago

    Don’t spend that unemployment check too fast. The government might ask you to pay it back.

    Overpayments are a rampant problem in the unemployment insurance system. The federal government and states overpaid an estimated $14 billion in benefits in fiscal 2011, or roughly 11% of all the jobless benefits paid out, according to reports from the U.S. Labor Department.

    Of the states, Indiana was the worst offender, making more improper payments than it did correct ones.

    Now, the U.S. Department of Labor and the states are in the midst of a massive effort to try to recoup some of their lost funds and avoid future overpayments.

    Where does the money go?

    The vast majority of unemployment benefits do go to people in need. In 2010 alone they helped keep 3.2 million Americans out of poverty, according to the Census Bureau.

    But of the overpaid funds, most end up in the hands of three types of people: Those who aren’t actively searching for a job, those who were fired or quit voluntarily, and those who continue to file claims even though they’ve returned to work. Any of those circumstances would make a person ineligible for benefits.


    Does GOLDMAN SACHS qualify as a welfare cheat?

    Is money put into the hands of consumers god for them and
    the economy since 70 % of the GDP/GNP is consumer spending?

  111. 111 jezebel282


    Tuesday Aug 14th is the Republican primary between Linda McMahon and Christopher Shays. We see the clear choice as being Christopher Shays.

    While lacking the millions to inundate the airwaves with ads, Mr. Shays represents, well, what an elected representative should do. He has simply proven that the reason the legislative branch exists is to legislate and not to simply make political point after political point with no actual result at all.

    McMahon on other other hand has not.

  112. I agree. McMahon already changed her mind from her 2010 campaign to the current campaign in not accepting private donations. So far she has already collected over 1.3 million dollars.
    I fail to understand why anyone would put $50 Million of “their own” money into a job that pays $175K. And she claimed an income of around $25 Million last year.

    I do not trust her.

  113. 113 jezebel282


    “I fail to understand why anyone would put $50 Million of “their own” money into a job that pays $175K.”

    The chance to rewrite the tax code for herself and her friends?

  114. 114 mikereynolds

    “The chance to rewrite the tax code for herself and her friends?”

    Yeah, a freshman Senator is going to get the tax code rewritten.

    Also, you sound like George now.

  115. 115 jezebel282


    “Yeah, a freshman Senator is going to get the tax code rewritten.”
    So what then? The free parking space at National Airport? Free postage? Or just the chance to represent fellow multi-millionaires?

    “Also, you sound like George now.”
    Moi? Did I say McMahon was part of a CIA plot?

  116. 116 mikereynolds

    Come on now you’re just being silly.

    What freshman Senator is going to have any affect on the tax code?

    Please. She will have no power. She’ll serve on the committees that the Republican leadership wants her on and that will be that. It takes years for a Senator, especially a female Senator, to wield any power.

    And yes, she’ll get the perks that all the other Senators get. Big deal. Its been going on forever and no one seems to be screaming for it to be changed. If you want a free parking space at Reagan National run for Congress. I’m surprised that you would even bother putting in such a throw away line.

  117. 117 jezebel282

    “I’m surprised that you would even bother putting in such a throw away line.”

    OK, OK…no humor for you. Sheesh.

    So you tell me what it is she wants a seat in the Senate for.

  118. 118 mikereynolds

    Ego and the chance at having some power. They aren’t doing it for the free postage.

  119. 119 1george1

    A Freshman Senator is one of only 100 votes.

    Senate & Congress control all Legislation & Contracts.

    I wonder if Lowell Weicker is still on the WWE Board of Directors?
    Weicker – GHW Bush same Greenwich Epicopalean Church.

    Blumenthal from Greenwich.
    Shays from Greenwich-Stamford.
    Lieberman-Malloy from Stamford.

    Greenwich & Stamford?
    Stratford, Bridgeport, Milford, & Fairfield-Westport?

    Berchem website?
    Where are clients?
    * Municipalities
    * Board of Ed.
    * Housing
    * Parking
    * Insurance
    * Real Estate
    * Business
    * Finance

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see where various Law Firms
    outsource and insource revenue?

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to find who appointeed Judges,
    RANK: US Attorneys, Prosecutors, Police/State Police/FBI
    & Military.

    Hypothetically if both political parties were controlled …
    If 3 branches of government elected & appointed were ….
    If 3 levels of gvernment elected & appointed were …

    Would they be awarding contracts & making appointments
    to people like me or their allies?

  120. 120 1george1

    Here’s why RINO & DINO need to be replaced!
    (Republicans In Name Only) (Democrats In Name Only)

    Would Senate & Congress support or oppose the monied interests
    involved per documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

    1996 2 door city car coup with 100 mile range. Top speed 100 mph.
    2000 2 door city car coup with 200 mile range. Top speed 100 mph.
    Battery Technology bought & taken off the Market.
    Nothing prevents using multiple batteries.



    Who Killed the Electric Car? is a 2006 documentary film that explores the creation, limited commercialization, and subsequent destruction of the battery electric vehicle in the United States, specifically the General Motors EV1 of the mid 1990s. The film explores the roles of automobile manufacturers, the oil industry, the US government, the Californian government, batteries, hydrogen vehicles, and consumers in limiting the development and adoption of this technology.

    Nearly 5000 electric cars were designed and manufactured by GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and Chrysler; and then later destroyed or donated to museums and educational institutions. Also discussed are the implications of the events depicted for air pollution, oil dependency, Middle East politics, and global warming.

    Who drove the electric car, such as Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Alexandra Paul, Peter Horton, Ed Begley, Jr., a selection of prominent US political figures including Ralph Nader, Frank Gaffney, Alan Lloyd, Jim Boyd, Alan Lowenthal, S. David Freeman, and “ex-CIA head James Woolsey,” as well as news footage from the development, launch and marketing of EVs.


    Would Senate & Congress support or oppose the monied interests
    involved per new construction technology?

    FYI – USC PROFESSOR > LINK Cad-Cam can build 2500′ home in 20 hours
    Contour custom crafting – Energy Efficient – Strong – Quickly built – Cost Effective


    In the video, the professor demonstrates how the machine lays down a
    concrete foundation, puts up walls, even inserts wiring and plumbing, and
    eventually constructs an entire building, which Professor Khoshnevis says
    can be completed in less than a day.
    (All that’s left to add are doors and windows. )
    Robotics could even be used to add details like tiles, says the professor.
    Khoshnevis doesn’t have just efficiency in mind—he wants to end the scourge
    of slums in the developing world.
    The system would be right for emergency, low-income, and commercial
    housing, notes the Contour Crafting website, such as in areas devastated
    by a natural disaster.
    Mechanizing home building would be cheaper and more efficient, Khoshnevis

  121. 121 jezebel282


    With the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan, we are really looking forward (maybe backward?) to the debate that will ensue between Chris and Portia.

    And then there is the rest of us who will hear nothing at all about any specific plan to get 14 million Americans back to work.

    Note: Saying “job creator” is not a plan.

  122. 122 sudds

    “Tuesday Aug 14th is the Republican primary between Linda McMahon and Christopher Shays. We see the clear choice as being Christopher Shays.”

    CLEARLY Jezebel282 does NOT represent the voice of the people!!!

  123. 123 jezebel282

    “CLEARLY Jezebel282 does NOT represent the voice of the people!!!”


    Jezebel also does not watch WWE wrestling.
    Just sayin’….

  124. 124 1george1

    Jezebel also does not watch WWE wrestling.
    Just sayin’….

    Jeze, Jeze, Jeze …. Who do you think scripts the Stratford
    politics? Has to be WWE!

    Yo Jeze in 2000, when Kevin Kelly was first Town Attorney
    the WWE or WWF had an announcer with the name ….
    Kevin Kelly

    Jeze ya gotta check out the 1988 John carpenter movie
    “They live” It stars WWE super star Roody Piper (Scot Rite)

    Except for the ALIEN part, the movie “They Live” perfectly
    captured the types of people ruining & running the world.

    My favorite cult movie is still John Astin: “Evil Roy Slade”

    Do you mean that you don’t watch movies with WWE super
    stars like THE ROCK or JOHN CENA?

    Ever notice how much Senators Palpatine & Lieberman
    look alike?
    Ever notice how much Congressman Paul Ryan & WWE
    NEXUS STAR Wade Barrett look alike?

    My favorite cult movie is still John Astin: “Evil Roy Slade”

  125. 125 jezebel282


    Webster Bank demands McMahon retract claims
    Brian Lockhart
    Updated 12:19 a.m., Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    Fed up over being dragged into the U.S. Senate race by Republican Linda McMahon, Webster Bank officials are demanding her campaign retract allegations the institution is involved in a sweetheart mortgage deal with her opponent, Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy.

    “We’re concerned about our reputation and will take whatever steps we need to protect our reputation,” Robert Guenther, Webster’s vice president of public affairs, said in an interview Tuesday.

    Guenther said the McMahon campaign should admit it was wrong and retract the accusations leveled in the media over the past two weeks.
    …Murphy does not appear to have received any special treatment. They argued Murphy’s credit would have been improved by the fact he paid his mortgage debt, married and greatly increased his household income.

    Also, Murphy was among 72 House Democrats and 91 House Republicans — including GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan — who voted for the bailout, which was proposed by then-President George W. Bush and implemented by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Murphy, though a member of the financial services committee, had no role in determining the details of the bailout measure because it was sent straight to the full Congress for action.

    I suppose this is proof that there are still politicians that will pretty much say anything to get elected. We can only hope that this leads to McMahon’s second defeat.

  126. 126 1george1

    and greatly increased his household income.


    greatly increased his income.


    Congressman’s salary
    – minus campaign spending

    greatly increased his income.



    I woulda been really interested in Linda McMahon
    grilling Roger Clemens about steroids?

    Or discussing Eddie Guerrero

    I woulda been really interested in Linda McMahon
    response to Eddie Guerrero Video & theme?

    Eddie Guerrero “I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal” theme

  127. 127 jezebel282

    Incredibly, after viewing some last minute ads, McMahon is now supporting Obama for president.

    We can only conclude that she is very much like Romney. She will say literally anything to get elected.

  128. 128 stfdprofessor1

    J- “We can only conclude that she is very much like Romney. She will say literally anything to get elected.”

    …or Harkins for that matter…anyone remember transparency or restore the pride?

  129. 129 jezebel282

    “or Harkins for that matter”

    To be honest, if you recall, Harkins most outstanding quality was that he was not Miron. I still believe that the RTC could have run a cardboard cut out and still won walking away.

    Which seems to also work as a reason for Romney’s supporters.

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