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Not To Be


We are frankly stunned by the spate of poor decision making by the Harkins Administration and the Republican Council. From raising taxes (OK, fine. Sewer use fees.) to selling off Town assets to denying minority members of the Council participation in budget discussions to denying pension benefits to widows to reneging signed contracts to hiding […]

EMS Week


We’d like to acknowledge the dedication of Stratford’s volunteer EMS service. With all of the other politics that permeate this Town, these volunteers show up every single day and use their training, skills and talent to…well…save our lives. Those of us who have had to initiate a 911 call for ourselves or a relative or […]



Just when we think politicians can’t sink any lower, they have the ability to amaze us and do exactly that. This instance is particularly stunning. Rather than negotiate a contract dispute between parties, this administration has decided to take their position public by pursuing their case in the media. It is not by accident that […]

Upgrade Now!


After many requests, we have relented and given George Mulligan yet another page to post his…well…whatever it is that he posts. WARNING: The editor is in no way responsible for anything contained in this topic. It may or may not be true. It may or may not be factual. It may or may not make […]