Relief (eventually)!


A little help here, please?

Fire union contract ratified
Written by Joseph Cole
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 13:11

Stratford is out of the pension business. That was the message from Mayor John A. Harkins following the Town Council’s vote Monday to ratify three union contracts, including the Stratford Fire Department.
Moving forward, all municipal hires will operate under defined contribution plans.
“With this agreement, the Town of Stratford is now out of the pension business for all newly-hired municipal employees. This is a win for the Stratford taxpayers. I’d like to thank the fire union for continuing to work with my administration in these tough economic times,” Mayor John A. Harkins said.

In a mere 60 years or so the Town of Stratford will no longer have to pay out pension benefits nor fund pension accounts. This will be a huge tax saving for our grandchildren. Ok, perhaps great grandchildren. Nonetheless, it is an accomplishment and with so few of those for a Stratford taxpayer it should be celebrated. It was clear to any taxpayer (yes, you especially George) that pension amounts were clearly unsustainable by the Stratford taxpayer given the current economy and poor management of Town finances. Both the mayor and local 998 president deserve thanks for recognizing the obvious situation.

“While the contract was ratified on most parts, there remains one point still not agreed upon. Neither the mayor’s office nor Hansen could comment on matters still in arbitration.”

Uh oh…don’t order the confetti and ticker tape just yet. Arbitration can be very expensive.


16 Responses to “Relief (eventually)!”

  1. 2 1george1

    FIRE CONTRACT RATIFIED directly relates to 1996
    DEFINED BENEFIT PENSION which did not exist prior
    to that 1996 year.

    Ambient situations in 1996 may or may not have
    contributed to that CONTRACT – subject of the string.

    There are supposed to be oversight.
    Possible sabotage of oversight for quid pro quo &
    political relations were noted in my post.

    By moving the entire content of a post, except the
    1st Amendment disclaimer I believe this to be true,
    is NOT appropriate,

  2. 3 jezebel282


    “By moving the entire content of a post, ”
    The whole thing could have been deleted, you know. There was only one sentence that was even remotely relevant.

    Although this change in retirement benefits is a baby step forward, it was a necessary one.

  3. 4 1george1

    It was all on schedule.

    Look who was on the 1996 Town Council which created the
    Defined Benefit Program, where a certain relative was already
    on the FIRE DEPT.

    There are advantages in not being the highest pensioner &
    not the last high pensioner, when certain family & friends
    are meant to be recipients of very high benefits.

    I believe some of the people JEZE holds in HIGH ESTEEM
    are LIARS & THIEVES.

    The LACK of POSTERS, who were on this website from PAST
    YEARS were beaten back from their bovine scatology. They
    caused the HIGH TAXES.

    Each was “wetting their beak” & individually they didn’t think
    they were doing that much wrong … collectively they saw the
    cummulative results have devastated peoples’ lives.

    They LACK the COURAGE to step up & are entwined in the
    scam. Slowly it dawned on many they have been or will be
    double crossed.

    Even if they aren’t double crossed they have to live with them
    selves and while many are devoid of conscience, there are
    many who KNOW SHAME. They are NECK DEEP.

    It’s interesting who can look me in the EYE & who can’t.

  4. 5 1george1

    EVERYONE in STRATFORD gripes about TAXES.

    NONE of JEZE’S bloggers are stepping up to GRIPE.
    I wonder why?

  5. 6 1george1

    534,345 hits

    How many hits in each of the last 12 months?

    How many posts in each of the last 12 months?

    Are the VIEWERS the TAX PAYERS or the PARASITES?

    Republicans-In-Name Only
    Democrats-In-Name Only
    Jews-In-Name Only
    Catholics-In-Name Only
    Protestants-In-Name Only
    Masons-In-Name Only
    Shriners-In-Name Only
    Americans-In-Name Only

    Ever notice STRATFORD DOESN’T have a JULY 4th PARADE?

    Ever Notice the TOWN COUNCIL starts with the PLEDGE of
    ALLIGIANCE which ends with “for LIBERTY & JUSTICE for ALL.”

    Then they cast votes for their fellow vampires, ghouls, & dregs,
    instead of for equal opportunities….
    > Where have I read to NOT STEAL?

    Ever Notice the TOWN COUNCIL starts with an invocation to
    GOD to do x, y, & z. Then they do the opposite?
    > Where have I read to NOT take G-D’s name in VAIN?

    If our children are our future, what kind of examples are set,
    when everything decent they are taught is subverted by the
    parents & those the support to perpetuate their hypocrisy?

    I respect PCS for calling out some of the mischief makers in
    the real press as well as here!

    There are good people in the system, including many police.
    But the blue wall, peer pressure, & leverage …

    Of MICE & MEN?


  6. 7 1george1

    Jeze – it’s taking me forever to get to my blog string.
    Since no one else is posting, at least this will give
    you a diversion … 😉

  7. 8 jezebel282


    “it’s taking me forever to get to my blog string.”
    You should get your money back. If you’d like I can delete a couple of hundred of your posts. It’ll load a lot quicker.

    “Since no one else is posting,”
    It’s August, George. Lot’s of people are away or simply taking a break.

    Although there is this from the CT Post:

    “Historically, the term “compensation” in the contract has excluded heart and hypertension awards, Town Attorney Tim Bishop said. But Murray is arguing that heart and hypertension awards are included in the term, Bishop said.”

    I always love it when the Post presents one side and one side only in a dispute. No mention at all that heart & hypertension is settled case law in CT. Even more, it was settled law by a Stratford case and a Stratford Town Attorney. But what the hell, those are only relevant facts.

  8. 9 1george1

    So if it’s Miron’s people = bad!
    If it’s Voccola people = good?

    I do agree this is another law firm Kaaaaching!

    Where was the Mayoral managment & oversight?
    It only makes Mr. Murray’s case stronger!

    11/1995 Harkins elected to Town Council
    Town Council ratified Defined Benefit Plan, negotiated by their
    appointees, affecting their chosen employees
    11/1996 Harkins elected to Hartford

    Harkins wouldn’t be sworn into Hartford until at least early Dec
    so it’s highly likely he voted on the same Defined Benefit Plan
    that closed for NEW POLICE last year & NEW FIRE this year,
    but until this year 1996 Town Councilor TONY ROSS’S son was
    qualified to retire at $ 105,985.80 on January 31, 2011.

    So if it’s Miron’s people = bad!
    If it’s Voccola people = good?

    I believe Harkins was replaced by Joe Kubic.

    1996 – Defined Benefit Plan created
    1996 – APPRAISER Harkins elected to Hartford
    1996 – Burturla – BERCHEM start 16 year 6 figure run from Stratford
    Town / BoE
    1996 – AVCO SAEP closed

    BERCHEM website lists 20 % of CT Municipalities.

    BISHOP website lists disproportionate number of attorneys who
    ENVIRONMENTAL, & similar ….
    They also specialize in predeath (estate planning & elder care)
    as well as post death probate. Or is it probait?

    I’ve heard of vulture capitalism, but not vulture law practice.
    But then I suppose that’s redundant?

  9. 10 1george1

    “it’s taking me forever to get to my blog string.”
    You should get your money back.

    Is Jason Bagley related to Darlene Bagley, defined benefit
    pensioner from BoE, retired in 2007?

    If you’d like I can delete a couple of hundred of your posts.
    It’ll load a lot quicker.

    Without my posts, none of the nimwit posters would have
    anything to post about.
    Then there are perhaps 20 people in the history of this blog
    who post intelligently to highly intelligently & interestingly.

    JEZE – when you are focused, you can present cogent and
    pursuasive arguments to be one of the best posters!
    Other times, as a (former?) Town Attorney stated during a
    charter revision meeting, that JEZEBEL has real psychological
    However I have to give you props on the graphics, not unlike
    the JOKER asking about BATMAN, where does he get those
    amazing toys?
    There are many times that like BATMAN, JEZE sense of outrage
    and fair play make for admirable qualities. Yet the dark knight
    cartoon character & creators appears to have real psychological

    “Since no one else is posting,”
    It’s August, George. Lot’s of people are away or simply taking a break.



    EVEN Cyclops & Mike appear to have abandoned your blog?
    I find Mike posting on the PATCH (controlled by politicos?)


  10. 11 jezebel282


    Maybe they read your posts and decide the thread is hopelessly lost.

  11. 12 1george1

    From Dante’s inferno,
    to Jezebel’s cockrow?

    Worried about a thread?
    No fan of the Grateful Dead!

    Connecting non sequiturs
    dithered bloggers, a twitter?

  12. 13 jezebel282


  13. 14 jezebel282


    Councilwoman questions contracts

    Written by Joseph Cole
    Thursday, 11 October 2012 09:32

    Council member Stephanie Philips has a set of questions for Mayor John Harkins that she wants answered regarding contracts with top town officials. Harkins staff say the questions have been answered.

    “She met with members of the staff for five hours over two meetings,” said Harkins’ chief of staff, Marc Dillon. He said every attempt was made to answer her questions.

    Philips seems less satisfied that her questions were answered. She said she appreciated staff meeting with her but there were still things that needed to be addressed. During Tuesday’s Council meeting, she told the mayor she would be following up further with his staff.

    Philips’ questions were read into the record by Democratic Town Committee Chairman and former Town Attorney Richard Buturla. The questions were originally sent directly to Harkins. Dillon questioned the motivation for the DTC chair reading them into the public record during the council’s public comment session, especially after the mayor’s staff had already met with Philips to discuss them.

    Philips demanded at the September Town Council meeting to get answers to her questions in writing. Harkins repeatedly told her he would be happy to schedule a meeting and she could take whatever notes she wanted.

    “There wasn’t a hesitation to give written answers, it was just often with contracts, and these sorts of situations’ answers just lead to more questions,” said Dillon. From his perspective, the mayor’s office was attempting to open a dialogue and discuss the issue…”

    “answers just lead to more questions,”
    Really? He said that? Seriously?

    Neither the RTC nor DTC have clean hands when it comes to labor practices. The DTC happens to have a bigger pattern recognition problem. They are still tainted by Miron and Miron’s enablers are still running the DTC.

    Here is Ms. Philips’ problem: there are eight RTC members on the Council and one other DTC member besides Ms. Philips. Attorney Buturla did her no favor by turning the whole matter into an RTC v. DTC battle. With an 8-2 RTC majority this Council will do…..nothing.

  14. 15 rex525

    It should now be readily apparent to everyone that “transparency” and “restored the pride” were just hollow campaign slogans. As long as the current corrupt forces are running our town we Stratfordites will be sheeps lead to financial slaughter. What does surprise me though is the apparent lack of outrage on this blog about it. Especially about the shenanigans of Harkins and his upper administration; not to mention the antics of his keystone cops.

  15. 16 jezebel282

    What I find is no lack of outrage. What is lacking is the courage and interest to speak up.

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