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We have heard much (actually, way too much) about the “situation” and “morale” at Stratford EMS. There is no doubt that the people who work across the street from EMS headquarters bungled the entire management process and cost the taxpayers ten of thousands (probably more) of wasted tax dollars. The good news for us is […]

Mayor Harkins has released his election year budget. Proposed Budget. As in the past, with an 8 to 2 majority on the Town Council, it is very unlikely there will be any significant changes to the proposed budget. Oh, there will be budget “workshops” and maybe a public forum or two, but rest assured this […]

It has been one full year since Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Murray retired. After being the most highly decorated firefighter in Stratford and giving the residents and businesses of Stratford twenty five years of loyal and dedicated service, the Town of Stratford continues to withhold every penny of Chief Murray’s well-earned pension. By way of […]