The Miron Legacy

If only...

If only…

Judge rejects Miron plea
Daniel Tepfer
Updated 10:40 pm, Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BRIDGEPORT — A judge Wednesday refused to cut the probation time for former Stratford political leader Richard Miron, convicted in 2010 of stealing thousands of dollars from elderly widows and dozens of other people who had paid him for headstones for loved ones.
“The sentence was the result of a hard-fought plea bargain and I am denying the motion at this time,” state Superior Court Judge Robert Devlin said in his ruling. Devlin said Miron could ask for a sentence reduction later, though.
“So many families went through so much heartbreak because of this man, and that never heals,” said Verna Kearney, who lost more than $3,500 to Miron for her late husband’s headstone. “I want him to serve every day of his sentence.”
Miron, the former owner of Lake-view Monument Co., is a former Stratford Democratic registrar of voters and the father of former Stratford Mayor James Miron. In 2010, he pleaded guilty to stealing $78,098.28 from 72 people who had contracted with him to purchase headstones, and was sentenced to a suspended 10-year term, followed by five years probation.


5 Responses to “The Miron Legacy”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Our favorite part of this is Miron’s own words:

    “I have made full restitution to all victims … I am currently 77 years old, in ill health and will not offend in the future,” the letter states.

    We suppose he means that if you are elderly, in ill health and die it is OK to steal from your remaining bereaved family.

  2. 2 appalledandamused

    Bah… Enough. Let the old man face his maker for his crimes when the time comes, but for now let him live out his days at home.

  3. 3 jezebel282


    “let him live out his days at home.”

    Which is what he was doing. In fact, aside from a couple of trips to a courthouse in Bridgeport, not a single day of incarceration of any kind was required of this criminal. Let’s also remember that is was not one crime. It was seventy two (72!) crimes. The nature of the crimes amounted to inflicting losses on families who had just experienced a devastating loss.

    To go back to the court and request a reduced sentence after only 3 years of a 10 year sentence served entirely at home shows a singular brand of egotism. To claim it is because of advanced age and ill health even though his victims were almost all of advanced age and their deceased relatives the very definition of “ill health” must be exceptionally galling to the 72 victims.

    Judge Devlin was absolutely correct in his denial of Miron’s request. Let him serve out his term in the infamy he so truly earned.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “Daponte and Paul in mayoral primary
    By Greg Reilly on August 15, 2013

    Registrar Marcone on Aug. 6, and Marcone’s analysis found that 797 were valid. Paul needed 516 to qualify for the primary.
    Marcone also serves as Daponte’s campaign manager.

    …Daponte said, “I applaud Rick Marcone, the Democratic registrar of voters, for once again demonstrating his integrity — he put politics aside to diligently and honestly verify the signatures presented to him.”

    Are you kidding? Honestly counting signatures deserves applause for a Mironista? Let us remember that Mr. Marcone (as well as Mr. DeCilio) are paid by the taxpayer as politically appointed “Registrars”. Isn’t “counting” included in the job description?

    Maybe Daponte has a point…honestly doing anything political in this Town probably does deserve applause.

  5. 5 stfdprofessor1

    …more like a STANDING OVATION!

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