More Puppies & Rainbows

RTC Plan?

RTC Plan?

Mayor Harkins Touts Bringing Civility Back to Stratford
Posted by Jason Bagley (Editor) , August 27, 2013 at 12:53 PM

“The fact that we’re not in the papers anymore for negative things – people are a lot more optimistic, they’re bullish on Stratford,” he said.

Seriously? That is the RTC platform? Four more years of puppies and rainbows? We’re not in the papers anymore. Even if it were true (which it is not) does that count as an accomplishment? Isn’t that what is supposed to happen? As for the abundance of optimism found among the people of Stratford it must be occurring in the months they don’t pay their sewer use “fees” or property taxes. Unless of course Harkins is referring to only members of the Republican Town Committee. They are downright gleeful. The Democratic Town Committee seems intent on driving their bus straight over the cliff.


8 Responses to “More Puppies & Rainbows”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    Change is not going to come from any office in Town Hall or the Board of Education. Change will only come when when we vote for change.

  2. 2 jezebel282

    I thought this deserved special mention. It was posted by Kimberly Meuse, ex-councilperson, on a different website.

    It is, in my opinion, brilliant and deserves consideration.

    “the candidates are people in the community who want to serve, and they sign up on their own accord. They canvass, raise their own funds, create their own mailers and seek volunteer help from those who support them. They are beholden to neither an RTC or DTC.”

    This may actually solve our problem of, well, actually, all of them.

  3. 3 ronmoreau

    “The candidates are people in the community who want to serve, and …..They are beholding to neither an RTC or DTC.”

    I’m confused. Stratford residents are not allowed to do that?

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “I’m confused.”

    Not surprising. I think what Ms. Meuse meant was that there were no RTC nor DTC in many towns. For some reason, voters here believe that the RTC & DTC actually have something to do with Republicans or Democrats. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially given the well worn path that many politicos take between Committees.

    An endorsement by either committee has extremely little to do with anything that is really Republican or Democratic.

    But every Committee member knows that most residents prefer to circle the selection with an “R” or “D” after their name. And because of that…well here we are aren’t we?

  5. 5 ronmoreau


    Many of the people on the RTC and DTC are “The candidates (are people) in the community who want to serve” It’s the republicrats that are made up of members of both committees that has this “To the winner goes the spoils” attitude with taxpayer money. They divvy up the money no matter which side wins. Lets face it, some people won’t do a thing unless they’re getting paid. The more honest people involved with these to committees. The more honest our government will be. They are all elected to these 2 committees. The elections are this coming January. Maybe if we say it enough times more than .01% of the Stratford Republicans and Democrats will show up for this important election.

  6. 6 ronmoreau

    And get themselves elected.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    With the exception of you, there are no DTC or RTC members that actively recruit anyone to join. In fact, only the RTC has a page for potential new members on their website.

    Nonetheless, both committees have failed the voters miserably. Taxes and “fees” have gone up in seven of the last eight years. Sometimes breathtakingly. Town Hall has become even less effective than during the Town Manager era. The prevailing opinion among Town employees is to stay as far away from HR or the BOE as possible. Residents have come to the conclusion that their most effective action would be to vote through their real estate agent.

    $4,000/year in Town taxes and fees for every man, woman and child in Stratford is far too high of a price. And yet rather than develop solutions these committees act as if they are in some sort of sport where winning is all that matters. You see this every time a committee members pens (Or should I say “keys”?) a letter to the Star, Post or Patch. Yes, Virginia, all those letters are written by members of the RTC or DTC.

    We have serious structural problems in Stratford that cost us hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of wasted tax dollars. The Town Attorney springs to mind. $110,000 minimum salaries for assistant principals and principals is yet another. Are any candidates talking about this? Their silence is deafening.

    Instead they talking about civility (as if that were something extraordinary) or making Stratford a “fun” place to live.

  8. 8 jezebel282


    “We have retained services and we have made the budget process more transparent by posting the budget on the town’s website.”
    Sigh…the budget has been available online for years and years. The “process” is the least discussed topic in Town. Let’s see, how many council votes will Harkins next budget get no matter what? That would be 9 out of 10.

    “saved the town “$8 million over the next five years” by “properly funding” the pension fund”
    By taking out a loan?

    “the recent sale of the huge, shuttered Army Engine Plant on Main Street.”
    The Town had absolutely nothing to do with that. In fact, the Town was booted out of the process.

    “movement on in the next four years include improving Metro-North station parking”

    “development of existing Brownfields, or former industrial sites.”
    Oh yeah? By whom?

    You would think that after the election it would stop raining puppies and rainbows.

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