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More Signs


As lawn signs begin to proliferate throughout Stratford we are beginning to wonder who this Forsale person is that seems to be running for something. Right now there are more lawn signs for Forsale than for either Harkins or Paul. Is Forsale an Independent candidate? Wait. What? It’s not “Forsale”? Oh. It’s what? For Sale? […]

Signs of Life


With the rejection of the DTC selected candidate for mayor by the voters it is possible that there may be a pulse left in Stratford politics. The DTC has been on life support for years since acquiring Mironitis. To be sure, the prognosis is still questionable but repeated doses of reality might have a positive […]

If we had to pick the last place on Earth to have a real discussion that would end in reasonable results it would be the Congress of the United States. These people cannot even agree to providing Food Stamps to the working poor of this country. Yet we have been witness to a full week […]