Syriasly? You Asked Who?

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No Votes Here

If we had to pick the last place on Earth to have a real discussion that would end in reasonable results it would be the Congress of the United States. These people cannot even agree to providing Food Stamps to the working poor of this country. Yet we have been witness to a full week of inane statements and totally irrelevant posturing. It is mind boggling when Republican Representatives from Texas or Florida state that the action contemplated would be a wrongful violation of a sovereign country equal to an act of aggression. Really? And that matters now to you?

While we are not taking a position here on the correctness or justice of U.S. intervention, we hope that whatever happens is based upon something more than the discussions taking place in public in the Capital Building.

4 Responses to “Syriasly? You Asked Who?”

  1. 1 appalledandamused

    Ah, but he’s damned if he doesn’t bring in the inept Republican-controlled Congress, isn’t he? As sad as it is to see that we are again facing a political circus side show of obstruction and another opportunity for an anti-Obama orgy from the rightwing, who can blame this President for seeking shared ownership of the results? When you have IMPEACH!! lynch mobs at the ready from even the highest echelons of ‘statesmenship’ in the GOP, who can blame the prez for trapping the warmongers at their own game. Suddenly, these rightwing hawkish appeasers of the industrial military complex bottomline are peaceniks! Who knew!! And isn’t it a wonder that the same stooges that pushed for war in Iraq and still play apologist for the lies at the cost of thousands of innocent lives are now OVERWHELMED with the concern-troll moral imperatives of potential lost lives in a narrow strike on Assad’s assets in Damascus?

    To do nothing at all in this mess would be criminal since the conflicts in Syria can be directly and indirectly linked back to our actions in Iraq via George W. Bush. We are involved, whether we want to admit it or not. This isn’t a case of saying it’s not our fight, because it many ways it is.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    It is extremely disheartening to realize that the Congress of the United States has become the place were ideas and actions go to die. What’s worse is that these Senators and Representatives are eager to prove on television that they can kill any idea with the most idiotic and hypocritical statements they can find on Twitter and Facebook.

    What to do about this particular atrocity is almost a whole ‘nother issue. We all know what should happen. At the same time we know that it won’t. The Syrian president should be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity. We both know that will not happen.

    I have not heard an effective plan or solution yet. I am not at all convinced at this point that a few drones and missiles would accomplish anything that would result in a positive outcome. On it’s face it doesn’t seem reasonable. One thing is sure. We will not find reason and thinking in Congress.

    Only the kingdom of heaven runs on righteousness. The kingdoms of Earth run on oil.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Hmmm….with the entire Republican Party criticizing and disrespecting Obama every time a TV camera was pointed at them is it possible that there is a positive outcome? An outcome that involves no U.S. military, no U.S. lives or billions in defense money?

    Pretty kewl!

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “A United Nations official said Sunday that chemical weapons inspectors have begun destroying Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile and machinery.”

    We can almost guarantee that Tea Party disciples will call Obama “weak” for not sending in massive air power and U.S. troops. If he did, they would criticize him for that too.

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