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Campaign Sign

As lawn signs begin to proliferate throughout Stratford we are beginning to wonder who this Forsale person is that seems to be running for something. Right now there are more lawn signs for Forsale than for either Harkins or Paul. Is Forsale an Independent candidate?

Wait. What? It’s not “Forsale”? Oh. It’s what? For Sale? Well that is not good at all, is it?

To find a solution to this, we took a look at the candidates websites to see what they have to say about this. Surely anyone running for mayor has taken the time to develop a plan to deal with the heavy tax burden and decreasing services in Stratford.

And what did we find you ask? The same thing you will find. Nothing.


18 Responses to “More Signs”

  1. 1 stfdprofessor1

    Jez obviously you didn’t look hard enough-

    Harkins site: “Since becoming Mayor in 2009, Mayor Harkins has led Stratford with a steady hand. By focusing on economic development, the town has grown significantly.”

    REALLY??? The only thing that has grown is the blight problem: boarded up buildings across town like the restaurant on Barnum Ave next to Carvel, the gas stations on Hard’s Corner and in the middle of Paradise Green and the burned out house next to the old Post Office to name just a few. The steady hand must have been when be was passing taxpayer dollars across the hall to the town attorney.

    Harkins site: “After decades of inaction, positive progress has been made on Sikorsky airport and Main Street flooding”

    REALLY??? By giving away Stratford land for airport expansion to an airport that pays no taxes? Anyone drive down that way in a while??? The only thing that has happened is an illegal driveway.

    Harkins site: “the sale and redevelopment of the Army Engine Plant”

    REALLY??? I hope nobody is holding their breath for that one!

    Harkins site: “redevelopment of the Stratford Avenue corridor”

    REALLY??? ONE brewery is now redevelopement of an entire corridor??? Holy moley I thought Jimmy Miron told some whoppers but this borders on pathological! I did notice no talk of “transparency” this time around or Shakespeare. I guess when you don’t have a good record to run on the only option is to invent one. This is more like running a campaign using improv comedy.

    The For Sale signs that litter this town tell the REAL story, if Harkins is doing such a great job why does everyone want to move out of this town??? Hey all you folks that want to “get outta town”- please vote before you leave- for ANYONE BUT HARKINS! Some of us are stuck here and we’d appreciate the help.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “Jez obviously you didn’t look hard enough”

    I looked plenty hard. I couldn’t find anything resembling any kind of plan to lower the tax burden on homeowners in Stratford.

    $4,000/year for every man, woman and child in Stratford is simply too high. The typical homeowner is taxed at a staggering $6,500/year (Median house. No cars. No Sewer. Middle of Town) to $8,500/year or more (Median house. Nice neighborhood. Couple of cars. Sewer hook up.)

    And let’s be honest here. For the overwhelming majority of Stratford residents what they get is their garbage picked up once a week, their kids probably walk to school and their streets are plowed occasionally. That’s pretty much all they ever get from Stratford municipal government. They’ve never been to Town Hall, they have no idea where all four fire stations are, have never been in the Town’s only police station and have not a clue who their Councilman is. But every single year they get a letter from their mortgage company telling them that their escrow account needs to be “adjusted”. And for those who still don’t realize why, it is because the only reason your 30 year fixed rate mortgage can go up is because your property taxes went up.

    And yet not a single candidate, particularly John Harkins, has said that their most important goal is to reduce this burden on Stratford families. Joe Paul has at least made passing reference to it.

    I don’t want a “steady hand” on the lever that pushes taxes up. I want to hear how important it is to reject the political favors (tax dollars) that accomplish nothing for residents. But what I really want is to hear is someone with a plan. Without a plan, it looks like Mr. Forsale will win in a landslide.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    And then there is this unfortunate posting from IAFF Local 998 (The union that represents Stratford Firefighters):

    “According to the Town of Stratford 2013 Approved Operating Budget (8th page of the document), on the Town of Stratford website, the Fire Department Operating Budget makes up roughly 6.1% of the total budget. On page 30 you can find the employee benefits (for all Town employees combined) which amount to approximately 3% of the budget for the Fire Department Employees.
    The median property tax, according to in Stratford is $5323 per year.
    9.1% of $5323 is $484.39 meaning that it costs the average household, not individual taxpayer, $484.39 per year to have 22 firefighters, 4 Fire Engines, 1 Tactical Rescue Truck, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Brush Truck, and 2 Fire Rescue Boats at their disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week for an emergency that may arise.
    Thats $1.33 per day per household.
    Next time a politician or anyone else tries to tell you that the Fire Department and its employees are the reason your taxes are so high or need to be increased remember these numbers.”

    So let’s start off with the claim that $5,323 is the median property tax. This may be true if you live in Shelton, but it is certainly not true in Stratford. As we have seen from the above post, that is more than 20% off. And that number does not include personal property tax (your cars) or sewer use “fees”.

    I particularly like the use of “22 firefighters”. It is 100. And, of course, somehow capital equipment costs got left out. This year alone we will have bought two new fire trucks for nearly $1 million.

    Let’s take that $1.33/day and quietly forget about it. It’s actually kind of insulting. That simple fact is that Stratford FD will cost the taxpayers $12 million this year not including capital equipment. Does anyone care to calculate what the cost per fire is? I think this year is is working out to $3 million per fire.

    Now before the entire FD jumps on me, I am not suggesting that Stratford Firefighters are anything less than brave & dedicated. But, please, don’t insult the residents and businesses with silly numbers like this. We have politicians for that.

  4. 4 mikereynolds

    4 of the 13 houses on my block are for sale right now.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming it’s not because of you.

    The problem homeowners face is that no one currently in Town Hall or those who want to be, say anything about lowering taxes or how to do it.

    We also have Town employees as demonstrated in the post above who don’t think we pay enough and in fact should pay much much more.

  6. 6 mikereynolds

    Thank you, I don’t believe its me.

  7. 7 stfdprofessor1

    And speaking of signs, it appears there has been a rash of Joe Paul sign thefts in the past week or two. Is this a “sign” that the Harkins camp switched their buzzword from “transparency” to a more appropriate “larceny” for this election cycle?

  8. 8 mikereynolds

    Or maybe some disgruntled Daponte supporters are to blame?

  9. 9 jezebel282

    As if lawn signs equal a plan. If I recall, Miron had hundreds and hundreds of them. They didn’t seem to do him much good.

    Now bumper stickers, especially ones that say “Anyone but Miron!”, that will do it!

    At this stage, voting for Harkins is like saying, “Please, sir, more taxes. And may we have more fees too, please?”

  10. 10 stfdprofessor1

    Mike Renolds: “Or maybe some disgruntled Daponte supporters are to blame?”

    I believe Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother summed that argument up the best when she said “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

  11. 11 stfdprofessor1

    BTW if you didn’t notice the Daponte supporters couldn’t seem to get out of their own way when it mattered, you think now that it doesn’t they suddenly became motivated to …….. HAAAAAHAAAHAAAAhaaahaaaaaaaaa!

    That’s funnier than Harkins “TRANSPARENCY” platform. Wait, I’ve got it- the “Joe Paul for Mayor” signs are all still there, the Harkins gang just made them transparent ……HAAAAAAAHAAAAHaaaaaahaaaha!

  12. 12 sudds

    At least us folks in the 3rd… err, I mean… 2nd District can be proud that our Councilman served us well by making every effort (and tax dollar) possible to keep Shakespeare “alive” in Stratford!!!

    In a totally unrelated story (LOL!) anyone notice who played Egeus in this summer’s production???

    No nepotism there, huh????

  13. 13 jezebel282


    “No nepotism there, huh????”

    Thank goodness he didn’t get paid! That would be a Stagehand Union violation, wouldn’t it?

  14. 14 sudds

    You’re looking at it from the wrong side Jezzy-baby!

    CLEARLY Councilman Catalano should now recuse himself (or be forced to recuse himself) from any/all future Town matters pertaining to the Theater, Festival Stratford, arts commission , etc, no???

  15. 15 jezebel282


    “Councilman Catalano should now recuse himself”

    Not necessarily. He could resign from the Stagehand Union right now. Then there would be absolutely no conflict during his third term. I mean just because a bunch of people would love to spend our tax dollars on this theater and Councilman Catalano would be employed as a stagehand in any Union production…..Oh, I see what you mean.

  16. 16 ronmoreau

    “CLEARLY Councilman Catalano should now recuse himself …”

    Because he might work as a stage hand? How about every Councilman who has a wife that’s a teacher in the Stratford school system recusing themselves when voting on the school budget? There has been many of them. I don’t ever remember any of them recusing them selves. PLEASE.

  17. 17 ronmoreau

    Sudds, Not to mention Stratford teachers who are councilman.

  18. 18 appalledandamused

    Too bad For Sale doesn’t have a sign on the RTC headquarters on Main Street. Isn’t there a law against eye sores?

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