Election Day Choice

Selection Method

Selection Method

We have nothing. The candidates have given us nothing to decide. We can’t even go with the usual Democrat or Republican method since neither candidate does anything that resembles Democratic or Republican philosophies. Whether one has a “D” or “R” after their name is irrelevant.
Oh, I suppose we can look at Harkins performance. I am sure his supporters would rather we didn’t. There really isn’t much to look at except for higher taxes and fees for four consecutive years. And those totally unnecessary lawsuits that will cost us a huge amount of tax money. But a plan for the next four years? Nothing there.
An even bigger disappointment is the Democratic candidate, Joe Paul. Challengers never have a record to run on (or away from). They have to rely on their vision and plan for the future. Except for finding “efficiencies” we have nothing from Mr. Paul either.

Perhaps the latest campaign strategy is to commit to nothing for fear of losing votes. The trouble with that is that committing to nothing doesn’t gain you many votes either.

Therefore our recommendation is that if you have a quarter left after paying your taxes, flip it just before you go into the voting booth.

17 Responses to “Election Day Choice”

  1. 1 jezebel282

    On the other hand, the Town Council has one singular power left; budget approval. For the past four years the Republican Town Committee members have rubber stamped anything that came their way from Harkins’ office. They have done this without so much as a “Hey! Wait a minute….”

    We are at least entitled to a discussion of how our money is spent. A nine to one RTC majority is just asking for trouble.* It is for that reason we endorse any Council candidate who is not a member of the Republican Town Committee. And not to worry, except for budget approval, the Council has been made impotent in every other way by the Charter.

    So remember, be careful not to make any stray marks on your ballot near the “R” row. Who knows? We might actually get to hear why our taxes are going up.

    *The Fourth District Council candidate (Santi) will undoubtedly switch parties.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    Sale agreement reached on Army Engine Plant; document signing expected as early as today
    Deal between U.S. Army and developer Point Stratford Renewal
    By Greg Reilly on October 30, 2013

    With less than a week to go before Election Day, we seriously question the timing of this announcement of this yet-to-be-signed deal. In any event, despite published difficulties Point Stratford Renewal had in even scheduling a meeting with Harkins, this sale is between the U.S. Government (GSA) and Point Stratford Renewal. The Town of Stratford will not receive a dime of revenue from this sale. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen how this property will be treated once it is returned to Stratford tax rolls by the federal government.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Well, it’s really late in the game but at least it’s something:


    Based upon this, we are endorsing Joe Paul for mayor.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    Connecticut Magazine Flunks Stratford
    Popular annual Rating the Towns compilation ranks town last in its home sales bracket

    How much worse than “last” can we do?

    After eight long years of a “strong” mayor and four years of a Republican Town Committee Council and mayor the answer is that we couldn’t have done worse. It is absolutely clear that we simply can’t afford to turn complete control of our Town over to one political committee.

    This is what happens when there is no plan and no debate. For those of you who still prefer to check boxes with “D’s” or “R’s” your results are in: Last. We grant that four years ago, anyone was better than Miron. In fact we had bumper stickers that said exactly that. We ignored the fact that Harkins had no real plan or vision. He wasn’t Miron. That was good enough. But we went further and elected an 8-2 RTC majority on the Council as well.

    This time we have a choice. We have taken the right first step and rejected the Buturla/DTC selection. That, believe it or not, was a serious if not fatal blow to the last remaining Mironistas.

    Our choice therefore continues to be Joe Paul for mayor. Although we have no way of looking into a certain future, we know what our present is: Dead Last.

  5. 5 appalledandamused

    Well, I was going to speak out on Paul’s behalf, but I see you’ve come around in your comments section.
    The fact that roughly a third of the eligible voters in town bother to show at the polls on Election Day allows the majority to disregard residents views and sentiments throughout the rest of their terms. A large and vocal public outcry arose over the RTC redistricting, with only Decilio speaking at a public forum In favor of the plan, and still the Republicans on the Council voted for the plan. That’s your lack of performing a very basic, simple civic duty gets you, Stratford: elected officials who disregard the sentiments public at large.

    And yes, Santi will be welcomed back to the RTC very soon.

  6. 6 jezebel282


    “disregard residents views and sentiments throughout the rest of their terms.”

    With a 9-1 majority on the Council, why would any Councilperson bother to listen to any resident?

    “but I see you’ve come around in your comments section.”
    I must ask, what was there to support? Mr. Paul waited until the 11th hour to actually take positions. To be sure, the positions he finally took were the correct ones in our opinion. It is just bewildering that he took so long to state them.

  7. 7 mikereynolds

    Joe Paul likes to point to his years of experience working for Bank of America. The same institution he sued when they found his talents as an executive lacking. Let us keep in mind that it was banks like Bank of America in cooperation with Wall Street that nearly led to the collapse of our economy. The marketing of mortgage backed securities as an investment instrument combined with the dishonest practice of lenders covering the losses they knew they would incur nearly destroyed this country. This was all based on greed and we still haven’t recovered from it. This greed caused lenders to issue loans to people they knew couldn’t afford to pay for them in the long run. In addition it led to predatory lending practices, especially to minorities. Joe Paul can tell everyone how much experience he has while he worked for Bank of America. Joe Paul can tell everyone how he was wronged by Bank of America. But don’t forget that Joe Paul and his fellow executives weren’t complaining about collecting their bonuses either.

  8. 8 jezebel282

    So, do you think Joe Paul was in charge of the crappy mortgage division?

  9. 9 appalledandamused

    I won’t argue you on the point that Paul was late to state his positions in stone, albeit he fleshed out his sentiments which ran in total opposition to Harkins’ in the debates. Chalk it up to inexperience or poor political planning , but as we see with The Decilio flying monkey squad led this weekend by Mike Reynolds, the Rs are running a bit scared in the final hours. Their numbers guys must be showing a democratic rout.

  10. 10 appalledandamused

    “Rout”? Sigh….auto correct….Well, you know what I mean.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    “But don’t forget that Joe Paul and his fellow executives weren’t complaining”

    I’m sorry but this whole BOA thing is kind of silly. BOA is the third largest non-oil company in the world with approximately 285,000 employees on any given day. If Joe Paul was really that important a figure at BOA do you really think he would be living here in Stratford running for mayor? My guess is that if he were that influential at BOA he would be relaxing at his villa in the Caymans or his chalet in Lichtenstein. He would also be a Republican.

    So, please, can we stop with this silly line of accusation? Honestly, if Stratford residents and businesses are that mad at BOA they should be pulling their checking, savings, mortgages, IRA’s, 401K’s, Keough’s and credit cards out of BOA and placing them with a local community bank.

    I’d much rather talk about the ludicrous claims Harkins has been making lately. You know, like he has authority over the Interstate Highway System or the U.S. Army?

  12. 12 appalledandamused

    “My guess is that if he were that influential at BOA he would be relaxing at his villa in the Caymans or his chalet in Lichtenstein. He would also be a Republican.”

    Excellent point.

  13. 13 phineast

    i will be praying for Stratford tomorrow. if the same nut jobs come out that elected moron into office as first mayor the town is doomed. what exactly is joe paul promising and how is he going to accomplish it? he has no clue-or should i sayhe has inexperience and poor management skills as stated above. Yeah- we had that with moron. why the heck would anyone want to take a giant leap backwards??? same people are still running the dems and there is no escaping that when you run on the dem ticket. no escaping it at all. yup, i will be praying for Stratford tomorrow.

  14. 14 jezebel282


    “if the same nut jobs come out that elected moron into office ”

    Your position is understandable if it weren’t for, you know, facts. Joe Paul has zero support from the Mironistas in the DTC. Their candidate was Beth Daponte. Voters were the ones who rejected that choice in the primary. That was a huge slap in the face to Buturla’s “leadership” of the DTC.

    As for the “management experience” thing, Harkins had even less. If you recall, Harkins main argument four years ago was that he wasn’t Miron. He really didn’t have any plan then either other than he wasn’t likely to run up and down Town Hall ranting and raving or showing his gun to anyone who wanted to see it.

    But here’s the thing, Stratford has moved backwards. Our property values have fallen and our taxes have risen. Oh a few companies have moved in (Can we get over Two Roads Brewery?) but more have moved out. There is no discussion whatsoever of why $192 Million (it’ll be more next year) is required to run a suburban Town of only 50,000. It is unlikely with a Republican Town Committee that has a 9-1 majority on the Council and a Republican Town Committee mayor that there will be a serious discussion for another four years.

    At the very least, Joe Paul has stated the obvious for us. Our taxes are out of proportion, our services are too expensive, our resources are underutilized and our leadership too remote. Harkins plan for the next four years is…Gee, I don’t know. Do you know?

  15. 15 jezebel282

    Oh….and then there was Harkins extremely poor decision making concerning Stratford EMS and especially his treatment of Assistant Fire Chief Tom Murray. The latter being both dishonest and heartless. As a reminder, Chief Murray retired 17 months ago after 25 years of dedicated service to us and to date has not received a penny of his well earned pension.

    Despite RTC claims, it hasn’t been all puppies and rainbows at Town Hall for the last four years.

  16. 16 jezebel282

    Elections have consequences:

    “Joseph A. Kubic, 9th District councilman, was elected chairman of the newly sworn-in Stratford Town Council Monday night during the council’s first meeting of the 2014-16 term, a position he held the last two years.
    The new Town Council also acted on Monday by reappointing Timothy A. Bishop as town attorney, electing 10th District Councilman Paul Hoydick as chairman pro tem, a position that chairs council meetings in the absence of the chairman, and reappointing Carol Cabral as Town Council clerk.”

    In other words, just keep raising taxes and fees. It’s ok with us. We like higher taxes. We love higher fees too!

    “Town Attorney Bishop was asked after his reappointment about any plans he may have for changing the way he manages the legal department”

    “Legal department”? What legal department? Is there someone else besides Bishop in the “Legal Department”?

    “One of the best things about working for this administration is that we’re not measuring what we did”

    Who cares how much money is spent or on what anyway? Why bother measuring?

    “We’re looking at tomorrow and trying to figure out how to make things even better.”

    Uh oh….$1.8 Million wasn’t enough?

  17. 17 jezebel282

    “Lou DeCilio, chairman of the Stratford Republican Town Committee, manager of the Harkins for Mayor campaign, and elected town registrar, said, “Instilling a ‘team’ concept has made our organization effective and efficient.” He referred to a record of putting the town before party politics.”

    The Town before party politics? Umm, say Lou, did you notice your 9-1 majority on the Council and the 4 consecutive tax and fee hikes? Perhaps you can explain how that becomes “putting the Town” first? Perhaps you meant putting the Town Attorney first?

    “To oust an incumbent, you need to demonstrate why a change is necessary and present yourself as a superior alternative. Democrats were not able to make this case to the voters.”

    And there it is. “Pick us not them” is not a superior alternative. Especially when “us” nearly drove the Town into the ground and made Stratford municipal government a joke in the State. Never mind that the RTC has no plan of its own. The DTC had nothing indicating any alternative.

    The message could not be clearer to the Democratic Town Committee. Whether or not it is Paul or Petrucelli or someone else, if you want to take over a nearly $200 million organization you had better have a plan that is clear and makes sense.

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