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“STRATFORD — Many longstanding issues are finally being resolved and the town’s grand list is growing, Mayor John Harkins told local officials and business owners…In the last year, the town’s grand list grew by $29 million and is poised to grow even further with new projects coming up.” $29 million? Out of $4.5 BILLION […]

Harkins looks at 5.7% tax increase John Burgeson Published 10:00 pm, Wednesday, March 12, 2014 “STRATFORD — Mayor John Harkins said Wednesday that his proposed $204 million operating budget for 2014-15 would raise property taxes by 5.7 percent over what they are now and would increase spending by 6 percent. The tax increase, significantly […]

On the Town Council Agenda tonight: 8.7 – COMPENSATION FOR OFFICE OF REGISTRAR OF VOTERS Sponsored by: Honorable. James Connor, Eighth District Council Member BE IT Hereby Resolved That commencing with the fiscal year 2014 – 2015 and continuing until modified by the Council, the compensation for the Office of Registrar of Voters shall be […]