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SIGN THE PETITION: Budget Petition MOVEStratford Press Release MOVEStratford Launches Petition Drive Demanding FY2015 Budget Reform Group wants Stratford citizens to tell their Council Representatives to oppose Mayor Harkins’ tax increases and non-union employees raises Stratford, CT May 4th –MOVEStratford announced the next step in the “Budget Reform NOW” initiative with a petition that asks […]

Six months after Harkins election we finally have his plan for the Town. After reading through the proposed Town and BOE budgets the only conclusion to be reached is that non-union employees are underpaid and that taxpayers can afford to pay much more for the privilege of living here. Obviously, the mayor thinks that all […]

We simply could not let this one go. Recently, Mr. Reilly of the Stratford Star took to writing this piece: Imagine: $1 billion in growth, lower taxes. By Greg Reilly on April 3, 2014 We weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry after reading it. For decades now every candidate for anything in Stratford […]