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Smear Campaign


Stratford mayor: critics waging ‘smear campaign’ John Burgeson Updated 11:13 pm, Wednesday, April 29, 2015 “The group seeking to scuttle the sale of the waste treatment plant on Birdseye Street is dealing in half-truths and staging a “smear campaign,” according to Mayor John Harkins.” We are amazed at our great good fortune. We have been treated […]

Calling All Volunteers!! VOLUNTEER RALLY WHEN: Wednesday April 22nd, 7:30-9:00pm WHERE: Baldwin Center WHO FOR: For all fully engaged and all who want to be part of the action WHAT WILL I GET: Volunteer training, information sharing and networking WHY SHOULD I COME: So many of you have been so successful in just 4 days. […]

In one of the worst financial deals imaginable, the Mayor and Council have sold out each and every Stratford resident and business. During one of the most important votes in the 375 year history of Stratford, some Councilmen could barely be heard mumbling “aye” to sell the WPCA/Sewer plant for peanuts. Thankfully, these votes are […]

“To regionalize is by far the best benefit for the taxpayers,” Harkins said. We have to admit that it doesn’t sound like “abracadabra” or “voila!”, but it means the same thing. Nothing, and we do mean nothing, Harkins has said or written contains the slightest hint of benefit for Stratford taxpayers and residents. In […]