Magical Solutions



“To regionalize is by far the best benefit for the taxpayers,” Harkins said.

We have to admit that it doesn’t sound like “abracadabra” or “voila!”, but it means the same thing.

Nothing, and we do mean nothing, Harkins has said or written contains the slightest hint of benefit for Stratford taxpayers and residents. In fact, his own numbers suggest an extremely negative impact of the future of Stratford.

But let’s review this just one more time. We will type this real slow so that even Council members can follow this.

We (you & me) own a sewer plant that is worth at least $61 million. We use this number because that was the actual cost of the upgrade of the plant. The plant, of course, is currently worth much more than that. Some suggest upwards of $100 million if it were to be built new. Possibly more.

So far, sewer users have paid off $24 million of the bond debt (plus interest). Stratford taxpayers have paid zero.

The sewer plant receives approximately $10 million per year in revenue. Actually a bit more than that.

The mayor and council siphon $2.5 million of that to pay Town-wide expenses like pensions or just deposit it in the General Fund to be used for “whatever”.

So, how much does the sewer plant cost the Stratford taxpayers? The answer is literally “nothing”. Stratford taxpayers actually benefit thanks to their neighbors who pay fees to use the sewer.

Which brings us to Harkins’ plan. He would like to sell the sewer plant for $11 million in cash as well as payments in lieu of taxes of between $200,000 and $420,000. That is more than a 100% differential. That means Harkins doesn’t know what the payments would be. And then there is the assumption of $37 million in existing debt (We’ll come back to this later).

On it’s face, this deal is crazy. We are going to sell something we’ve already paid $24 million for a measly $11 million? And instead of $2.5 million/year we’ll get some unknown amount between $200,000 and $420,000? In addition to this “deal” we lose control of whatever happens to the sewer plant as well as its necessary infrastructure. We’ll get 2 votes out of 13. Or is it 2 votes of of 11 on some board? Why does that sound better than 10 out of 10?

But wait! There’s more! If we act right now the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority will assume the remaining $37 million bond debt! Does anyone actually think they will write a check to the bond holder? Silly taxpayer. No, they will use our sewer fees to pay off the remaining balance. Just like we would have done. Plus they will need to make a profit for their members. This is done by raising our fees. Wait, you say? We have “influence on the Board”! The fees in Stratford will go up by a vote of 11 to 2.

Why, you might ask, would anyone question Harkins on any of this? To Harkins the answer is obvious: “…the people protesting the deal were part of “an organized moment” in the Democratic Party to make the proposal into an election issue.”

Wait! There are organized Democrats in Stratford? Where? You’re kidding, right?

And speaking of an election issue…what issue? Harkins is mayor for another 2.5 years. Or is he?

When we are talking about the sale of $100+ million in Taxpayer assets the only reasonable option is a Town-wide referendum to let the owners (us) decide.


48 Responses to “Magical Solutions”

  1. 1 1cyclops

    OMG – Stratford, people, please, get the referendum petitions and do it now!

  2. 2 jezebel282


    One more detail. There is $5.2 million in the WPCA/Sewer Plant cash reserve. All of that comes from the higher fees Harkins has been charging sewer users for the past 5 years.

    What happens to that?

  3. 3 Rockannand

    Well when you put it this way Jez, I can only say AYFKM? If this so called “deal” does not galvanize the opposition to this Mayor and this Town Council and their collective wholesale sellout to special interests, such as lawyers, developers and other pilot fish feeding at the trough that is the Stratford annual budget, then NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING will. If there is not a referendum and an organizing of the disparate, bickering factions not linked to Harkins and King Louie, then this pithy cry to “Remember in November” will be lost in a sea of disgust over the April budgetary grab bag.

    Let’s “remember” what happened last April:
    > 25-100% raises for all non-union employees loyal to Harkins, including King Louie and Kaiser Buns.
    > $2.5mm of General Operating expenses TAKEN from the WPCA for renting town property and pensions.
    > $1mm for a Hess fire truck for the fire chief. AYFKM?
    > New $400,000 boat FD bought to replace the $300,000 boat they donated to Shelton.
    > Minimal economic development while more businesses close – theatre, Staples, most of Main St/Town Center establishments.
    > Tee up sale of WPCA so they can “take” the $5.2,, of cash reserves to plug budget gaps.
    > Overall 3+% tax and sewer fund increase.

    I have not looked closely at this year’s budget proposal, but early returns say it is nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on theTitanic. If you add up the “questionable” expenses and raises in the current fiscal year, you easily could have covered the shortfall and maybe not raised taxes at all. If we can find these gems without much effort, what else was hidden in the current budget that could have been eliminated? Probably LOTS and LOTS.

    This WPCA deal is an obvious and total sellout to rob Peter to pay Paul or more correctly to rob you and me to pay Harkins, King Louie and friends. Referendum is only option now.

  4. 4 jezebel282


    In fairness we should present both sides of this argument. What is presented below is RTC Chairman Lou Decilio’s position on the sale of the WPCA/Sewer Plant. Thank goodness his full-time job as Republican Registrar of Voters allows him enough time to become involved in anything that goes on in Stratford. Note the time and date on the email.

    From: Louis DeCilio
    Date: April 7, 2015 at 8:41:06 AM EDT
    Subject: Regionalizing WPCA is a Win for Stratford

    At last evenings WPCA hearing the professionals presented the benefits of regionalization, they answered any and all questions and addressed the concerns. But as expected, the people who are against this are the same individuals who are against anything positive for the town.

    The DTC, and a fringe group of the DTC, continue to promote their propaganda by trying to scare people into believing regionalizing is a bad thing. These IL-informed individuals continue to reach for reasons to be against regionalizing for political purposes. Any open minded, educated individual can see right through their scheme and understand this is a good thing for the town and for the future liabilities attached to our WPCA facility.

    I have attached the power point presentation that settles the case for regionalizing. After your review, you’ll see all the major benefits to Stratford and the main point, the rate payers will be paying less when we regionalize than if we retain the status quo of the facility.

    Please take an opportunity to review the presentation and pass it along to any family and friends. Thank you again for your continued support in moving our town in a positive direction.

    Lou DeCilio
    Stratford Republicans

    OK…maybe it’s not that fair to quote Mr. Decilio. But he’s the best they’ve got.

    Let’s start at the beginning:

    “At last evenings WPCA hearing the professionals presented…”

    You mean the “professionals” from The Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority? If we had to pick an unbiased professional, we don’t think we’d be dialing up GNHWPCA first.

    “they answered any and all questions and addressed the concerns.”

    Except the ones raised here, the Stratford Star, and almost everyone who knows what the WPCA is.

    “…the people who are against this are the same individuals who are against anything positive for the town…”

    Let us know as soon as you propose something positive, Lou, and we will support it. Are you still mad about your amphitheater and Eminent Domain ideas?

    “The DTC, and a fringe group of the DTC,”

    Well, which is it? The DTC or a fringe group? We are not a member of the DTC by the way. We don’t even know how to sign up. It’s not like the DTC are organized or anything, you know.

    “their propaganda by trying to scare people into believing regionalizing is a bad thing.”

    Propaganda? We used your numbers, Lou. We didn’t make them up. Did you?
    “Regionalizing” is a bad thing if you look at your own numbers.

    “These IL-informed individuals..”

    Honestly, Lou. Take a minute and proof read.

    “…continue to reach for reasons to be against regionalizing for political purposes.”

    What political purpose would that be, Lou? The mayoral race is 2 and a half years away. It would be a mayoral race, not a presidential race. Or maybe the deals just sucks?

    “Any open minded, educated individual can see right through their scheme..”

    Unless you have a calculator or can subtract $11 million from $24 million in your head. And are we back to “scheme” again? Why are your schemes called “proposals” and anything else is called a “scheme”?

    “I have attached the power point presentation that settles the case for regionalizing.”

    “Settles”? If by “settling” you mean “astoundingly vague” you are right.

    “the main point, the rate payers will be paying less when we regionalize than if we retain the status quo of the facility.”

    Nowhere does it say that. Nowhere. In fact, the mayor’s numbers prove quite the opposite.

    To be honest, we were a bit surprised at the level of paranoia contained in Mr. DeCilio’s communication. We were also a tad shocked that the whole thing has been settled once and for all in Lou’s mind.

    What we need is a referendum.

  5. 5 Rockannand

    you’ve taken point-counterpoint dialogue to a whole new level. We’re not worthy. I bow to your brilliance once again.

  6. 6 jezebel282

    Aww shucks. Imagine what I could do if he used facts.

  7. 7 jezebel282

    We know Harkins is afraid of a referendum because he is scheduling a lightening vote on the whole deal tomorrow night. He’s certainly taking no chances with his 9-1 majority of jellyfish.

  8. It is very disheartening when one realizes that the people they elected to stand up for them choose to ignore their voices and pleas. This is especially true with the Stratford Mayor and Town Council’s efforts to sell of the Stratford WPCA, a piece of property and plant which is worth probably ten times the sale price of $11 million! The citizens in Stratford need to have their voices heard and if the administration and Town Council refuses, I hope the Federal Government, Attorney General and any other agency which oversees corruption starts stepping up and taking notice. Stratford has serious problems! The people need help in cleaning house! The only way now for this to happen is for the aid of the Connecticut Corruption Task Force. The longer this is allowed to continue, the more brazen the administration becomes and the worse it will be for the people of Stratford in the long run. Everything that is happening is permanent. When it is realized that it was a huge mistake, it will be too late.

    Yesterday, Lou DeCilio’s brother posted on FB in attempts to defend his brother who he said is not on social media, does not read any of the postings, blogs, etc. I find that very hard to believe. As I told Lou’s brother – if it were my brother being a party to the havoc that is being wreaked upon the taxpayers of Stratford, if it were my brother at the helm of changes that were blatantly corrupt, I would make sure he knew how I felt about his dishonesty, how wrong his actions were. I would not stand up next to him and defend him!

    Stratford is in serious trouble – the Town Council wrote in almost $6 million to last year’s budget that it did not have. The Mayor and Town Council were banking on the sale of the WPCA land and regionalization. So, Tuesday, at Flood, when 200+ people showed up and voiced opposition, the Council Chair, Joe Kubic, along with the RTC Chair, Lou DeCilio, obviously got very nervous and moved the vote up to today – when it was scheduled for April 20 and April 27. Why the hurry? If this is such a great deal for Stratford, why the rush, why the fire sale? Why? Because the numbers don’t add up. Because it’s not a good deal for Stratford! So, crowd Town Hall tonight! Even though there isn’t a public form, make your voices heard even with your silence – just by being there!

  9. 9 jezebel282


    The deal is way worse than that. Aside from selling something for $11 million that we have already paid $24 million for and giving away piles of cash, we are not even getting the biggest benefit Harkins claims.

    The $37 million in outstanding debt is not going to go away. WE still have to pay that. It will simply be included in our new and larger bill from GNHWPCA.

    No taxpayer benefits from this. The shock here is why any Council Person would do this. It will make each and every one of them unelectable.

  10. 10 stratfordvillageidiot

    In retrospect Miron’s stint as Mayor is looking pretty good right now.

  11. Of course, I emailed my Councilman, Peter Massey and got …. NADA, NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. So, enjoy the kool-aid Councilman Massey! I’m certain this will get back to you! Just another RTC puppet put in place to do what you are told!

    Enjoy your one and only term – after this – you’ll realize you are one and done!

  12. 12 mikereynolds

    “I hope the Federal Government, Attorney General and any other agency which oversees corruption starts stepping up and taking notice.”


    You can reach the Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force by phone at 1-800-CallFBI or online at

    Your welcome.

  13. Mike ~ I called them already – they referred me to the Attorney GEneral’s office. I think they’ve received a ton of calls about Stratford – she sounded exhausted.

  14. 14 stratfordvillageidiot

    I see that there is a provision in the town charter to remove elected members of the town council but I may have missed the section on whether the mayor may be removed. There is no mention of the Mayor in the recall provision which I read. The charter does state though that if a provision wasn’t specifically revised in the new charter then any prior provision would continue as before— meaning the mayor could be recalled.

    Ironically, Stratford is one of five Connecticut towns which had a prior provision for recall of it’s elected head honcho.

    Maybe someone with a legal brain should have a read. Could make for some interesting legal posturing and squirming.

  15. 15 Rockannand

    Yo Village Idiot, don’t you know that the Town Charter is just a set of suggestions to follow that this administration ignores all the time. Further, Lou , (er sorry) I mean the Mayor, put his “go-to” guy Rich Fredette on the Charter Revision Committee. Maybe Rich missed that provision because he is so busy these days with the 7 other Commissions/Committees/Town Boards he has been appointed to. He must be some sort of mensa to get so many appointments, maybe because he can juggle 10 things with only one arm and one foot? Not sure what qualifications you need to be trusted with all that responsibility.

  16. 16 Rockannand

    And further, did you all see the Mayor’s Letter to the Editor yesterday?

    Sure sounds a lot like Lou’s email above. Guess we are all just a “surrey with the ‘fringe’ group” on top carrying out petty politics while the professionals and higher minded folks in Town Hall and on the Town Council work tirelessly on our behalf to lower our taxes and make Stratford a desirable to live and work. How ungrateful we all are. Shame on all of you here, on Facebook and who attend public forum and public hearings. We’re just wasting their time, time that could be put to working even more tirelessly lowering taxes and fighting for truth, justice and the American way!!

    Come on get a life and stop whining because if you’re not careful they will start taxing that too along with everything else in your lives.

  17. 17 jezebel282

    Let’s be clear here. The sale of the WPCA/Sewer Plant couldn’t possibly be worse for residents and businesses in Stratford. It is so bad that we cannot think of any reason anyone, even a Councilman, would vote in favor of it.

    But to review:

    We have already invested $24 million in the repayment of a $61 million bond. In common terms, we call that “equity”. So what do we get for that? An $11 million cash payment. Anyone that doesn’t live in Stratford would call that a “$13 million loss”.

    We are getting (maybe) $200,000 – $400,000 in annual payments in lieu of taxes. We already get $600,000 in “rent” payments from our WPCA. We won’t even mention the $300,000/year that is just transferred to the General Fund, the $600,000/year subsidy to Public Works or the $1,000,000/year subsidy to the Pension Fund. That is an additional loss of (at a minimum) of $200,000 per year going forward. At worst it is a $2,500,000 loss per year. That’s a lot of our money.

    We are “relieved” of $37 million in ongoing bond payments. That is true if you believe that “we” are the WPCA budget. “We” are not the budget. “We” are residents, businesses and taxpayers. “We” are not relieved of this debt. It is merely transferred to the new owners who will continuing billing us for it. There is zero relief for us.

    We are promised that somehow we will save money in the long run. How long is this run? And how does a former owner make promises for a new owner? At the most optimistic level, this is magical thinking.

    So who made the lousy deal for us?

    John Harkins (R)
    Gavin Forrester (R)
    Joseph Kubic (R)
    Peter Massey, (R)
    Brian Dempsey, (R)
    Ken Poisson (R)
    James J. Connor, Jr. (R)
    Jason W. Santi (D)

    Names to remember.

    (Sure are a lot of “R’s” aren’t there?)

  18. 18 stratfordvillageidiot

    If it ends up being a bad deal it will get blamed on the Democrat.

  19. 19 jezebel282

    What Democrat?

  20. 20 stfdprofessor1

    Anyone given thought at how much the Town Attorney will net out of this sale for all of the legal mumbo jumbo?

    WOW…perhaps they will spring for fireworks at the Mayor’s blues festival this year on top of 4th of July.

  21. 21 jezebel282

    Doubtful. There’s line item in the budget for fireworks. I guess the Town Attorney doesn’t feel the taxpayers deserve anything.

  22. 22 Rockannand

    Here’s New Haven’s coverage of the deal.

    Note that, “Stratford neighbors would have a separate rate based on its towns costs, determined annually by an independent study and approved by the board.”

  23. 23 jezebel282

    It simply confirms what we’ve said. There will be no new waste flowing into our sewer plant. Just our cash flowing out.

    And we’re still responsible for the $37 million in debt.

    No news there.

  24. 24 Rockannand

    And what about the $5.4mm cash reserve? I am sure they are keeping that quiet because they need it to close the budget gap for this fiscal year. So they are stealing rate payer money to fund the general operating budget. Another no-no. That money should be refunded as a rebate to the rate payers whose fees cerated it in the 1st place.

  25. 25 jezebel282

    You mean the $5+million that never ever appeared in the WPCA budget? (It was hidden in the capital budget).

    Ya know, with this bad deal, maybe Harkins is throwing the $5+million over to New Haven. That way we’ll only lose $18 million when the contract is signed and millions more year after year once our cash starts flowing to New Haven.

    Nah. He’ll steal it before then.

  26. 26 stfdprofessor1

    “Nah. He’ll steal it before then.”

    …and jazz up his own office with a new couch- no doubt…or is that jizz? 🙂

  27. 27 stfdprofessor1

    On a serious note, the writing is on the wall and the only way this is going to be prevented is with a referendum vote. Unless someone gets out there with the petitions we taxpayers are at the peril of these thieves and this deal will go through (and before it’s even suggested, I’m turning 74 years old in June, so it won’t be me sitting at the Dock shopping center collecting signatures).

  28. 29 jezebel282

    If only everyone had Facebook…..

  29. 30 Rockannand

    Ok you win. Here is the latest post from the Facebook page.

    Calling All Volunteers!! VOLUNTEER RALLY
    WHEN: Wednesday April 22nd, 7:30-9:00pm
    WHERE: Baldwin Center
    WHO FOR: For all fully engaged and all who want to be part of the action
    WHAT WILL I GET: Volunteer training, information sharing and networking
    WHY SHOULD I COME: So many of you have been so successful in just 4 days. Learn all the best practices, tips and techniques for maximizing your time in getting friends, neighbors and fellow citizen to sign the referendum petition.
    This is a can’t miss event for all working to make this referendum petition drive a success. We had a huge weekend and expect the next two weeks to put us over the top and reach our goals.
    As always, let us know how we can support you and your teams.
    Let’s make it happen!!
    Your fearless leaders. grin emoticon

  30. 31 Rockannand

    In case you don’t get on Facebook much:
    Just sharing a comment from April 17th that was posted in response to last week’s article in the New Independent online in case not everyone has seen it. Regards, Lisa Donnelly

    “Merging with Stratford will commit New Haven to dealing with Stratford’s sludge as part of our responsibility (currently Hamden, Woodbridge, East Haven and New Haven). It will expand the size of the authority. The current outside sludge contracts are “optional” (6500+ tons) – we don’t have to incinerate it here but GNHWPCA chooses to do so despite public opposition. As more beneficial uses of sludge are created such as Bridgeport’s anaerobic digestor that creates methane gas from sewage we get less and less money for incinerating other city’s sludge while still getting all the pollution. We used to get 2 million per year for outside sludge contracts but now only get 1 million. In context, GNHWPCA made about $75 million last year. How much does Synagro, the hauler, get? We have no idea; it’s private knowledge. GNHWPCA’s incinerator is literally in the back yards of residents in the East Shore. Particulate matter causes premature death from illness and disease – no amount is safe according to the EPA, hydrochloric acid causes chemically induced asthma. Many other pollutants cause harm as well. Despite MULTIPLE petitions from New Haven residents to this authority to stop incineration in our neighborhood they ignore us. They produced a flawed biosolid study in 2007 so skewed that it was not reliable according to the Yale Environmental Protection Clinic. They refused to fix the flaws after saying that they would. My heart goes out to the people that live here in the East Shore section of New Haven; I urge the people in Stratford to BE VERY CAREFUL. If you believe in the right of the public to have a say in matters that affect your public health or any other matter then this merger is probably not your best bet.”

  31. 32 Rockannand

    Oh and one more thing. The Executive Director of the Greater New Haven WPCA is Sidney Holbrook,. yes THAT Sidney Holbrook, the disgraced former chief of staff to convicted former Governor John Rowland. Now isn’t that special. Seems appropriate that he is in charge of sewers and sludge now.

  32. 33 stfdprofessor1

    “The Executive Director of the Greater New Haven WPCA is…Sidney Holbrook, the disgraced former chief of staff to convicted former Governor John Rowland”

    What could John Rowland, Joe Ganim and “John” Harkins all have in common some day?

  33. 34 stfdprofessor1

    Hey Rock, with all of these people mobilizing, any thought to a SECOND petition as well to revert the Town Charter to its former incarnation of a town manager with no mayor?

    Same effort, but besides stopping the sewage treatment plant sale we could also “right the ship” so to speak.

  34. 35 jezebel282


    Baby steps. This “deal” is so egregious that we may see a unanimous vote by the electorate if enough signatures are obtained.

    In that case, it should be fairly evident that having a mayor in Stratford is probably a bad idea too.

  35. 36 Rockannand

    Agreed Jez. Baby steps. Let’s make the referendum petition happen and people will see that Town Hall is another House of Cards. We even have our very own divorce and affair, but we don;t have a female member of the press to be involved in the story. John Burgeson and Melvin Mason are not sexy enough.

  36. 37 stfdprofessor1

    “John Burgeson and Melvin Mason are not sexy enough”

    Oh, like Richard Weizel was in our last drama: 😉

    Sad part is this den of theives makes the Miron days look like the good old days. Mayor “John”s signs should have said “Destroy the Pride”

  37. 38 jezebel282

    Sigh…poor Rich.

  38. 39 stfdprofessor1

    He usually got this town right though

  39. I just can’t even comment any more! I really will need anger management classes! I just want to walk away from Stratford and not look back! I have a family to deal with, aging parents to deal with, and so many other responsibilities. It’s just so darn frustrating that in addition to all that, we all need to start babysitting the people we elect to do the right thing by us! So many that I have talked to over the last few days expressed their frustration too! They are just fed up! I just keep hoping that the Feds will finally come in and clean house!

  40. 41 Rockannand

    Oh come on PCS. Channel that anger into getting a few hundred signatures this week. Remember the Anger Management movie when Jack tells John Tarturro to come down and he starts chanting, “Goooossssfabbba., Gooooosssssfabbba.” It will help, that and a shot of Jameson with a pint of 2Roads.

  41. 42 jezebel282


    It will be this way until people like you run for Council…or Mayor.

  42. 43 Rockannand

    Guess Tim Bishop was just trying to scare us off from launching this petition drive. Mark Dumas would appear to be rendering more than an opinion with this fact-based response to Mr. Bishop’s attempt to obfuscate the referendum discussions on the proposed WPCA sale. I do love to watch dueling lawyers in action.

  43. 44 stfdprofessor1

    Someone smarter than me always said he is the Mayor’s attorney not the Town attorney, guess they are right. I say throw all these corrupt bums out.

    I still find it hard to believe that this Mayor of ours is so ballsy as to have a trist with an underling then so blatantly finance it with our tax dollars. Hey Timmy, do you have an opinion on that? I do- CORRUPTION

  44. 45 jezebel282


    In recent articles, Harkins is touting the same crazy numbers that he thinks we’ll believe. Of course, they change from time to time, but whatever.

    Here’s one we want to get straight: Harkins repeatedly states that Stratford will be relieved of $37 million in debt. Like Bill Clinton, Harkins means that it depends on what your definition of “debt” is.

    Let’s be clear. No Stratford citizen will be relieved of any debt. Unless there is a giant grant that we don’t know about (and we don’t), we will still be paying off the $37 million in the remaining bond payments. No one else is going to pay a penny of that. Certainly not GNHWPCA. In fact, when we get outvoted 9-2 we may be paying off many millions more than that in GNHWPCA debt.

    So let’s remember that when Harkins says we’ll get $37 million in debt relief he’s doing to us what Bill Clinton did to Lewinsky.

  45. 46 stfdprofessor1

    I always thought Lewinsky did it to Clinton…like Kaiser did it to…ahhh nevermind.

    I do know what “John” is trying to do to ALL OF US…that’s why if I drop something now I kick it all the way to Milford before I bend over to pick it up.

  46. Unfortunately, some people just aren’t getting the fact that that bond debt remains WITH THE TAXPAYERS even though it doesn’t appear on Stratford’s books. And, of course, Harkins, et al will never put the whole thing out there.

  47. 48 stfdprofessor1

    Let’s make it simple…instead of paying the bond debt through Stratford Town Hall when we pay our sewer fee, the bond will be paid through GNHWPCA when we pay our sewer fee.

    Either way we get screwed because the sewer fee is not deductable on federal income tax…BUT going with the GNHWPCA we also sell a 100,000,000.00 town asset for 11,000,000.00 LOOSING EIGHTY NINE MILLION DOLLARS so Harkins, his girlfriend and all his cronies get undeserved GIGANTIC payraises. Does that about cover it PC?

    What’s next, selling Roosevelt Forest to a connected developer for $100,000.00 to save on grass cutting fees?

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