Mayor Responds To Voters

Transparent Message

Transparent Message

In a stunning denial of any belief in democracy, Mayor John Harkins rejected out of hand the voters right to petition the government. We have been commenting upon Town politics for nearly ten years. That is a lot of slime and muck to wade through. But we have never witnessed such a blatant disregard for the will of the voter, taxpayers and businesses in Stratford. Never.

To review, Harkins had conducted a secret negotiation with Greater New Haven WPCA to sell our WPCA to them for $11 million. Oh, you will hear lots of different numbers coming out of Town Hall. $16 million, $37 million, pick a number. It doesn’t matter. The deal is $11 million for a $100 million asset plus $10 million per year to Greater New Haven WPCA in revenue. That’s the deal.

Unfortunately for Harkins, he couldn’t just sell it with his signature alone. He needed some weak and stupid councilmen to go along with his plan and sell out Stratford residents. Turns out they were pretty easy to find. Gavin Forrester (R), Joseph Kubic (R), Peter Massey, (R), Brian Dempsey, (R), Ken Poisson (R), James J. Connor, Jr. (R) and Jason W. Santi (D). A little arm twisting from Lou Decilio and Harkins had seven easy votes. But it was a public vote. On the record. That’s when voters became irate. Quite a few in fact.

Nearly 7,000 registered voters (more actually than ever voted for Harkins) signed the petition to stop the sale of our WPCA and let the voters decide on election day whether or not it should be sold.

Let’s make no mistake here. What Harkins did yesterday is send a clear message to every resident of Stratford that they do not have the right to vote on Town issues and that furthermore our right to petition the government as specified in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is null and void within the Stratford Town limits.

This, my neighbors, is outrageous!


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  1. 1 Rockannand

    Well yesterday was the BIG FU to the public by Harkins and Lou Deceitful. Further they blasted the Post last week over Burgeson’s article on the union action on 4/25 and again on 4/30 so the editors changed the headline saying AGAIN we are misleading the public. AYFKM??

    Now Harkins and crew are saying this is a $60mm deal? They change their “selling” points every week as we pound away at their numbers.
    They are stealing the cash reserve to payoff the $5.4mm budget gap for this year. That is illegal. That money belongs to every ratepayer and should be returned as a rebate of at least $250 per household. We will fight that action if they try to do it.

    Bishop’s “opinion” was written by the New Haven lawyers – Robinson Cole. He is clueless about municipal law when it comes to referendum matters. They threatened all employees that they would be punished if they signed the petition. They threatened to fire Susan Pawluk if she accepted the petition. I only hope that for those they threatened who are protected by a union, that they file a grievance against they low life.

    They don’t listen, they don’t care, they ignore you. And they think they will get away with it. 7,000 people signed on to this cause in less than 3 weeks. What do you think those people are going to say if they get away with this worst deal of the 375 year history of the town? Its an election year and there are just so many people you can payoff. We plan to take dead aim at Gavin, Santi and Massey for sure. They are VERY vulnerable and have been made promises to play Lou Deceitful ball.

    So as they say in the big leagues, GAME ON!!

  2. So, is there no legal recourse?

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Lee Anne,

    This is America (well, outside of Stratford’s boundaries that is) and there is always legal recourse.

    The Town Attorney, Tim Bishop, is not the Supreme Court even though the mayor and council treat him as if he were. He cannot render a decision. He can only render an opinion. And given his court record, his opinions do not stand up with real judges.

    It is quite telling that Harkins ordered Ms. Pawluk not to accept the petition upon pain of termination and placed Mr. Bishop in front of the voters as if Bishop was the weight of law.

  4. 4 Rockannand

    INP. Stay tuned.

  5. I hope we can file a complaint before the sale is pushed through as I worry even if the courts were to find in our favor that once the sale is complete it would be no more than a slap on the wrist with no teeth. Fingers crossed that we are allowed our right to vote on matters that concern our town.

  6. 6 1cyclops

    Immediately petition the superior court to get an expedited hearing before a Judge. This is simply unbelievable. Our most precious, protected and guarded right under the constitution is the right to vote. No one can deny it, absolutely no one!

  7. he is a joke and waste of taxpayers money, he does nothing for this town except screw it…………he will NEVER get my vote .48yrs here and its sickening what having a MAYOR in STRATFORD has done……….wake up people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he is giving us a slap in the face

  8. 8 stfdprofessor1

    high in his ivory tower is he, with his harlot, his attorney an King Louie three…but wait…I hear the angry peasants coming

  9. 9 stfdprofessor1

    BTW- after seeing the photo on the Stratford Star website I was struck by the thought that this would have been the perfect time for Timmy Bishop to wear his “Riddler” costume he wore at Town Hall on St. Patricks Day.

  10. 10 stfdprofessor1

    …just add a bowtie and a tophat and we could also have Gavin Forrester as “the Penguin”.

  11. And he even put out a table of Girl Scout Cookies and coffee – how generous of Tim Bishop. Over and out…..

  12. Yes, at probably at the cost of the us the taxpayers!

  13. 13 jezebel282


    A few cookies should make up for losing the right to vote, don’tcha think?

  14. 14 Rockannand

    Not to worry Lee Anne, we will have that done by Friday.

    And Frances, i sure hope that those that feel the way you do will SHOW UP in November and vote. The problem in the town is NO ONE VOTES so we end up with these dopes. Most of the current crew do it for personal financial gain. They say they do it for the love of Stratford, but when you do business the way they have the past 4-5 years you clearly have turned a deaf ear to us. Their rule of thumb is ME 1st, my friends 2nd and screw my enemies 3rd. There is nothing for us.

    Lou deceitful has gone after everyone who has defied him. His tactics are so pitiful and chicken-$#it tactics. He is a shameless individual who will stop at nothing to get his way. But his problem is that he has forgotten the old adage that says people in glass houses should not throw stones. He has skeletons too as do some of his henchmen. It would be a pity if someone decided to use them against him and his cronies.

  15. 15 stfdprofessor1

    “It would be a pity if someone decided to use them against him and his cronies.”

    It would be a pity if they didn’t!

  16. 16 Rockannand

    The gift that keeps on giving. Lou Deceitful’s Op-Ed piece in today’s Star. Priceless. It will take some time to respond.
    There is no way the 7 Councilmen would take 2 minutes to respond to anyone (accept Gavin).

    We will respond in the morning Lou.

  17. 17 jezebel282


    If our readers will permit, let’s respond to the Council’s letter.

    “Choosing to lessen the impact of sewer rate increases and the debt of our children’s future, we made a well-informed, bipartisan decision to regionalize our Water Pollution Control Authority with the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority.”

    Whew! Quite a statement, huh? So what’s the matter with it? Can you guess?

    These 7 councilmen have absolutely no way of knowing what the sewer rates will be 5 minutes after it’s sold.

    Bipartisan? Didn’t the DTC want to kick out Councilman Santi for never voting with a Democrat?

    Well informed? We have heard not a single consistent statement from anyone regarding this deal.

    “Regionalize”? Not a single drop of waste water will make its way to Stratford from GNHWPCA. Only our cash goes across the river.

    “In doing so, the town’s sewer management stands to benefit from greater efficiencies”

    What “efficiencies”? Is the Stratford WPCA board (the Town Council) operating it inefficiently now?

    “and taxpayers will receive a benefit to the tune of $53 million,”

    Unless they are connected to a sewer. Then they are screwed.

    “in addition to lower rates than under the status quo of the past and a stabilization of rates going forward.”

    Yet again, they have no way of knowing this.

    “Working with the Harkins administration, who this Council asked to find a way to lessen the impact of future rate increases,”

    When was this? Anybody remember a resolution about this?

    “Furthermore, during the process, we maintained an open dialogue with our constituents.”

    Open? Are you serious? How many emails did any of you seven respond to?

    “including a hearing to inform and update members of the public.”


    “As elected representatives,”

    Well, most of you. Right, Gavin?

    “our job is to ensure that the residents of Stratford receive an opportunity to address each of us with their concerns, as well as to ensure an open and fair democratic process under the spirit of our laws.”

    Then perhaps you should put your smartphones down when voters are talking to you. Maybe even schedule a referendum on your own if you think voters voices count?

    “State law expressly states that a referendum is not legal when considering WPCA regionalization proposals.”

    It also forbids co-mingling WPCA funds with Town funds like you’ve been doing for over 5 years now. Are some laws real and some not?

    “Our council has complied with all regulations, offered open and transparent information, and allowed the necessary time for residents to become informed about the WPCA decision.”

    You voted 3 DAYS after the presentation by GNHWPCA! 3 DAYS!

    “there remains a small and politically charged faction whose members are in favor of higher sewer rates and taxes.”

    Small? Politically charged? Faction? Over 6,000 registered voters signed the petition. In less than three weeks. That’s more registered voters than voted for ANY of you! We don’t think 20% of all registered voters is a small faction. Given a couple of more weeks, it could very well be a majority of registered voters.

    ” It seems evident that these folks are acting as a dishonest and politically motivated group.”

    Perhaps it does to a paranoid group like you. But it is pretty much residents that don’t want to sell an extremely valuable asset for peanuts and have boatloads of our money ending up in New Haven.

    “It is important to note that affected employees will not be negatively impacted: they will be offered employment with GNWPCA”

    Is that why the IFPTE union (representing WPCA employees) is filing a complaint and lawsuit against the Town? Oh, and they will not be “offered” employment. They will be allowed to reapply for jobs they already have. How do you think their chances are?

    “Under this regionalization proposal, Stratford residents will benefit the most, especially with regard to rate stabilization and debt reduction.”

    Yet again, you have no way of knowing this and less ability to guarantee it. And the debt will not go away. Not one penny. Stratford residents will still pay for the debt. Just by putting a different name on the check. And, oh, by the way, once a member of GNHWPCA we will be liable for all of their debt, fines and penalties as well.

    This letter from these seven council people is enough to to prove to any voter that these people have no business representing any resident of Stratford. There is no other proof necessary.

  18. 18 stfdprofessor1

    “There is no way the 7 Councilmen would take 2 minutes to respond to anyone (accept Gavin).”

    The next Emporer……Errrrrrr…..Mayor of Stratford

    Mark my words, the FIX is in on this one folks. I predict Gavin will put on quite the SHOW at the next clowncil meeting about switching his position.

    This SHOW will be fully sanctioned by King Louie and the RTC because Gavin’s vote wasn’t necessary anyways. Stratford theatrics at it’s finest, it will clear the way for Gavin to be the “good guy” from the RTC replacing the “bad guy” as Mayor in the near future. Gavin will play a true champion of the people…after this spectacle they could reopen Shakespeare for town clowncil meetings and charge admission. “John” and his little strumpet can due a little tap dance as the warm up act.

    The only transparency offered by these clowns is the way you can see right through their shenanigans.

  19. 19 matpcat

    This was just a trampling of the first amendment. These guys pushed this through because they couldn’t steal the 5 million in the reserve account to cover the budget hole. Period. And I really wish they would stop calling this regionalization, because it’s not. This is an outright sale of an asset to cover debt. Regionalization would be if we created an authority with our neighbors in the region where we would remain the majority stock holder in the authority as the owner of the state of the art facility. For Tim Bishop to block the Town Clerk from doing her job is just ridiculous. It was her job to accept the petition and verify the signatures and then submit those results to the council. Then it would be the councils decision on what to do with it. And of course the “7” would not want to have to vote in public to dismiss the petition. This needs to be challenged, will be challenged and the people in my opinion will be vindicated. And just in case anyone thinks I’m in here posting anonymously ….. I am Matt Catalano, Stratford’s 2nd district councilman.

  20. 20 jezebel282


    To the best of our ability, we have been unable to determine any rational motivation for this sale. It makes no sense financially or politically. The $5.2 million represents less than 2.5% of the budget. Selling a $100 million asset for $11 million plus $10 million in yearly revenue would land anyone in a psychiatric facility for 72 hours of observation. We say that because these 7 councilmen and mayor are committing political suicide. And with their last letter, they already had the noose tied properly and then climbed up on the chair. Monday night ( the next council meeting) they will probably kick the chair away.

  21. 21 stfdprofessor1

    “we have been unable to determine any rational motivation for this sale”

    FOLLOW THE MONEY, Mayor “John” spent money like a drunken sailor and puts us OVER 5 million dollars in the hole with extravagent raises for his worthless “administrators”, zillion dollar boats, robocop police cars, new fire trucks and public works equipment. Seems this was done in part to force the WPCA sale to cover the debt he incurred. It also put serious pressure on the IDIOTS on the clowncil who rubber stamped his budget.

    Why would “John” do this? Obviously there is some “finders fee”, “consultant fee” or “quid pro quo” for someone who’s politically connected to the RTC. That probably won’t become apparent until after the deal is done. Perhaps it has something to do with persistant rumors of “John” resigning at the end of the year? (yes Gavin, we know- YOU want the job).

    Like Paul Hoydick who broke ranks FOR THE FIRST TIME…obviously to save tarnishing his wife’s political career (Paulie must have gotten permission from King Louie for that one ).

    Geeze guys, are you that “transparent” OR is there a serious “leak” in your little coven?

  22. 22 stfdprofessor1

    Mr. Catalano thank you for being out front and on the right side of this. Ms. Phillips, thank you as well.

  23. 23 Rockannand

    Oh my Jez, you forgot one important part of that 1st statement you directed. BI-PARTISAN DECISION. Jason Santi has voted with the GOP majority on everything. There’s a reason he was kicked out of the DTC, but Lou Deceitful does not want him to switch parties, because then every ridiculous vote like this one would not have that SINGLE (so-called) DEM voting for it.

    And Professor, Gavin won’t even have to do this Monday night, because the majority are blocking Stephanie and Matt’s attempt to get the topic on the agenda. Let’s face it, the “Irresponsible 7” have blood on their hands with this letter obviously written by Lou.

    Further watch Council Chairman Kubic say he is only give speakers 1 or 2 minutes because there will be so many speakers. God forbid these tone deaf and in the bubble Councilmen should have to stay in later than they have to. Kubic despises Public Forum and acts annoyed and dismissive of every speaker. I have not been to one of these since November. That was an embarrassment as Kubic cutoff Rich Diedrichsen and Steely Gerarden in mid sentence on the theatre because it was more important to him to go home on time then listen to two of the most respected people in town. Cubic is an embarrassment to that great hall and deserves no respect from anyone for how he treats citizens.

  24. If the WPCA sale ever goes through, I wonder if the mayor is prepared to take a salary cut commensurate with his reduction in responsibilities. That might be the only benefit the “ratepayers” realize from this deal.

  25. 25 jezebel282


    The council is holding their meeting tonight. Ostensibly, to discuss the 2015-2016 budget. That alone should be interesting. Last year the council decide to count unsold properties as actual revenue. To the tune of $5 million. How Blum & Shapiro or another accounting firm certified this as GAAP is beyond us. That’s how we got to this meeting tonight. We are sure most of the speakers tonight would rather have tar & feather ready rather than a prepared text.

    We anticipate a few items. Kubic will have his hook at the ready to cut off any voter who goes beyond the 30 or 40 seconds Kubic will allow.

    The vote on any budget will be 7-3. Hoydick has already voted against Harkins. And we’ll bet that felt good. He might even get re-elected.

    The council will approve the BOE budget. No matter that none of it is readable or that the numbers are imaginary. What matters is that BOE administrators will get their raises.

    By a vote of 7-3 the Economic Development Director will get another raise making her salary $108,000. (Remember the unsold properties that created a $5 million hole?).

    By a vote of 7-3 Stratford Fire Department will get approval for another $2 or $3 million in new toys and overtime.

    Oh, and by a vote of 7-3, property taxes will go up.

  26. 26 stfdprofessor1

    “the Economic Development Director will get another raise making her salary $108,000. (Remember the unsold properties that created a $5 million hole?).”

    So now i’m confused…there will be a $5 million hole AND a $108,000 hole?

  27. 27 jezebel282


    There must be some task worth $108,000…

  28. 28 Rockannand

    Well tonight at Public Forum, 100 people were united in their distain for Joe Kubic. It was a collective bitch slap against his arrogance and dismissive behavior as Council Chair. It was a symphony aimed at him.

  29. 29 Rockannand

    Oh my, Public Forum was can’t miss TV last night. You could of skipped Netflix and brought popcorn and marshmallows down to Town Hall last night and been throughly entertained by our Town Clowncil reps. Fortunately he whole thing was taped. Here was one of the many highlights when Orna Rawls asked Peter Massey if Stratford is still a democracy. Wait to the very end to hear the totally clueless Massey answer the question.

  30. 30 Rockannand

    Another classic moment from last night by Steve Raguskus

  31. Mr. Massey may have topped his “democracy where?” response during the Council response to the public forum session. He tried to diminish the work of the petition group by saying while they got 7,000 signatures, the Council has to look out for the interests of 52,000 residents. When those sitting in the chambers shouted out that those 52,000 are not all voters, Mr. Massey responded by reminding the audience that while they are not all voters, all 52,000 are taxpayers. Really???

  32. 32 jezebel282


    We are sure that a good time was had by all at the public forum last night. However, after the party was over this Council passed a hefty tax increase…again.

    Stratford approves $207.5 million budget for 2015-16
    By Melvin Mason on May 11, 2015

    The BOE administrators get their raises as does the Economic Development Director.

    On the other hand, the voters owe a debt of gratitude to Marianne Antezzo, Matthew Catalano, Lisa Donnelly, Tina Marie Manus, Philip Young, Ben Proto and Henry Bruce for stepping up and…well…suing the bastards.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    52,000 taxpayers? C’mon, even Massey knows that there should be a kid’s menu because children have no income.

    Maybe he meant citizens? Nah, That gets too complicated with residents who hold visas and green cards.

    We know! Maybe he meant homeowners who actually pay the taxes? No. That can’t be. There aren’t 52,000 homes in Stratford.

    Actually, we don’t know what Massey meant. And probably neither does he. Maybe he should just stick to staring at his smartphone when VOTERS are talking.

  34. 34 stfdprofessor1

    They say real men dont have to pay for it…but in “John”s case perhaps $108,000 A YEAR isnt that unreasonable after all:

  35. 35 jezebel282


    Give us a break, willya? He just raised our taxes last night. He doesn’t need us to help him raise them more!

  36. 36 stfdprofessor1

    Hey wait a minute…he’s paying for it with OUR money.

  37. 37 stfdprofessor1

    Kudos to Henry Bruce, Matthew Catalano, Marianne Antezzo, Lisa Donnelly, Tina Marie Manus, Philip Young and Ben Proto.

  38. 38 jezebel282

    As of last night, our taxes are going up even with the sale of the WPCA counted as if it would happen.

    What happened to the lower taxes and lower sewer fees that Harkins, Decilio and the Seven Dwarfs promised as a result of the sale?

    Last we heard, they said we’d get $11 million. No wait. It was $16 million. No wait. It was $37 million. No wait. It was $53 million.

  39. I wonder if you could start referring to them as the Seven (mental) Dwarfs as you are tarnishing the reputation of Dopey, Grumpy, et al.

  40. 40 appalledandamused

    “There is no way the 7 Councilmen would take 2 minutes to respond to anyone (accept Gavin).”

    The next Emporer……Errrrrrr…..Mayor of Stratford

    Mark my words, the FIX is in on this one folks. I predict Gavin will put on quite the SHOW at the next clowncil meeting about switching his position.

    This SHOW will be fully sanctioned by King Louie and the RTC because Gavin’s vote wasn’t necessary anyways. Stratford theatrics at it’s finest, it will clear the way for Gavin to be the “good guy” from the RTC replacing the “bad guy” as Mayor in the near future. Gavin will play a true champion of the people…after this spectacle they could reopen Shakespeare for town clowncil meetings and charge admission. “John” and his little strumpet can due a little tap dance as the warm up act.”


    Why this re-tread party flip-flopper keeps getting elected to office is mystery. Watch out, because he’s got his eye on the Mayor’s seat.

  41. 41 jezebel282


    Well, Gavin Forrester wasn’t elected to anything.

    You see, when Lou Decilio gerrymandered the 7th District to weirdly reach out to only Gavin’s house….

  42. Mr. Massey certainly is not looking out for anyone’s interest but his own. I was appalled by his behavior last night during the public forum. I watched him laugh from time to time at speaker’s comments and then there were those smug looks… Perhaps Mr. Massey needs to be reminded of the fact that many of his constituents as well as the taxpayers and residents of Stratford patronize his family’s restaurant and that he should be careful how he treads as there are other waterfront restaurants who would more than welcome new patrons and their money. Jez and stfdprofssor1 thank you for the kudos, they are much appreciated as we have all worked extremely hard to get this far. While I did not grow up in Stratford, my family has deep roots in this town and my parents taught me to stand up and fight for what I believe in and that is exactly why I put my name forth to petition for a referendum. It is not only my voice that I want heard, it is the other 32,850 voices that also need to be heard. Game on boys!

  43. 43 Rockannand

    Always LR, i prefer the 7 mental midgets. Then we have GOPLOU and min-Lou (Fuller).

  44. 44 Rockannand

    “Mark my words, the FIX is in on this one folks. I predict Gavin will put on quite the SHOW at the next clowncil meeting about switching his position.”

    Appalled, he is already auditioning, by responding on the WPCA Stratford GA Facebook page and by residing to emails sent his way. Compared to Harkins and Lou he looks down right Presidential and sincere, but we know much better, don’t we Gavin.

    And I am sure he reads this and then goes home and screams and kicks the cat. He used to come on here when he was in the 3rd District before Matt and participate, but like all of them that do that, they try wax poetic with their BS and think that will cut it on a blog.

    Proto and team (there are more supporting him) have done an excellent job. They’ve done their homework and have a solid case. Not sure what Bishop, with the full support of the GNH legal team that came up with the opinion in the first place, intend to do now that it is out in the open and will be before a judge on 5/26. Maybe they can use that shita$$ powerpoint they tried to foist on us on 4/6.

    Jezebel is right this performance by Harkins and crew goes way beyond anything they have tried before. It is rumored that there was even in a quid pro quo from before the election involving Harkins $500 per plate fund-raiser at the Waterbury CC. This deal is payback to those from NH who supported his fund raiser. Hard to prove, but the forensics thus far point in that direction.

  45. 45 jezebel282


    Actually, I’d rather not be right.

    While it’s fun to bash Forrester, Massey, Santi, et. al. (and deservedly so), they all had the last laugh and raised our taxes again.

    Yet again, they simply accepted a nonsense budget from the BOE. Now the BOE will cut the lowest paid staff and give every administrator a raise. That’s the BOE version of “cutting back”. And that is with an increased budget and less students.

    And yes, the seven dwarfs counted the sale of the WPCA anyway in the budget and still raised our taxes.

    Oh. And did we mention that even though our homes lost value that we will being paying the Town more?

  46. 46 1cyclops

    So depressing……….

  47. 47 jezebel282


    Something is seriously amiss in this Town.

    “Mayor Harkins announced in a press release before the meeting that he and the Board of Ed had reached “a compromise” that gives the school district nearly $2 million more than the current spending plan. School officials had said the original Harkins allocation would cause the district to consider reductions in staff and sports.”

    And yet today the BOE laid off 10 secretaries. You know, the ones who do the actual work. Why would you do that if you just got $2 million more? Where’s the money going?

  48. 48 Rockannand

    I wish people here and else where would STOP being depressed and ACT. These guys can be brought down if only you get INVOLVED and VOTE and HELP get out the vote. More people signed the petition than voted for the mayor. If you looks at the numbers by district, we see that many of the current councilman would have lost to the signatures in their districts. Does not take much.

    Sorry for the caps, probably reminds you of George. :O

  49. 49 jezebel282


    That’s OK. We’ll give you a Mulligan on that one.

  50. 50 ronmoreau

    Rock, Party leaders don’t care. They’ll just new guys to run for office that had nothing to do with this debacle. You want to make a real change vote in new part leadership during town committee elections this coming January.

  51. 51 Rockannand

    plan is to do both. And those idiots (Dave Fuller) on Zoning screwed all those people who live off Homestead for that AAA project. That one is criminal. Could be another lawsuit there too.

  52. 52 shanliss

    Well, I can say this without fear of contradiction (or libel) — our Mayor has been served:

  53. In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme. Aristotle

  54. 54 Rockannand

    Here is what is in store if this deal goes forward. From a New Haven resident perspective after 10 years.

  55. 55 mikereynolds

    Curious to see the public’s reaction to the mayor and town council as they march in the parade next week.

  56. 56 jezebel282

    We wouldn’t be surprised if a great number of voters turned out just to boo.

  57. 57 stfdprofessor1

    I wouldnt be surprised if that coward skipped it. However if there is a run on rotten tomatoes at Stop & Shop I wound not be surprised either.

  58. 58 appalledandamused

    Turn your backs on them as they walk or ride by.

  59. 59 Rockannand

    The initial 5/26 hearing has been cancelled. The judge has both attorneys filing full briefs on5/28 and then on 6/2 at 2pm both sides will present their cases and she will deliver a judgement THAT afternoon. Should be an interesting afternoon – it is open to the public.This is all good that this will not be dragged out. Looks like we got a fair judge who understands what is at stake for both sides.

  60. 60 stfdprofessor1

    Today is the big day, lets hope at 2:01 judge bellis wipes that smug look off the faces of Mayor “John” and his seven mental dwarfs.

    Many thanks to Rockannand and the plaintiffs who have stepped forward, good luck to them today and to we citizens of Stratford.

  61. We won!!!

  62. 62 jezebel282

    Yes we did! All counts! More tomorrow, but finally the residents and taxpayers win one!

  63. The judge effectively conveyed the message in your graphic to our Mayor and seven Councilmen.

  64. 64 mikereynolds

    The Stratford Star quoted the mayor,

    “We respectfully disagree with the court’s decision.”

    “We expect to see the court’s full decision in the near term and will evaluate our options moving forward at that time.”

    “Our goal remains the same as it has through this process, to support proposals and initiatives that benefit all [town] residents.”

    Sometimes you have to know when to quit.

  65. 65 matpcat

    arrogance, John. The decision couldn’t be more clear. I look forward to reading the memorandum of decision too.

  66. 66 stfdprofessor1


  67. 67 Rockannand

    The mayor, Town Clowncil and Lou Deceitful STILL do not get it. The judge’s final memorandum will confirm whether she has put the Mayor between a rock and a hard spot. I hope she does so that more people in this Town can see up close and personal just how corrupt and despicable they all are. They do not deserve to serve anyone in this town. I hope that people wake up and act as we have the past 6 weeks. We set the stage and example for what needs to be done and HOW it needs to be done. The mayor and his camp called our bluff with the petition drive and then the law suit. We won and now they will have to explain why they tried to screw with the people of this town and expected to get away with it. The fight is not over until we throw them out of office and replace them with people that care about the town and its people.

    And to the clueless wonders in the DTC, you are on the outside looking in. Time to blow the carbon out of the engine and put some real leaders in place. Someone needs to tell Lenny, Beth and Neil they are NOT electable and have no credibility anywhere in this town where it counts. They are delusional if they thing they can run for anything and win. Step aside and let the people that can win and get things done take control.

    The leaders in this town will emerge once we sweep aside these petty and phantom leaders and build a coalition that is focus on solving the big problems that this town face.

    Time to take back the town and don’t settle for false leaders.

  68. I’m waiting for Gavin to declare that he agrees wholeheartedly with the ;judge’s decision.

  69. 69 stratfordvillageidiot

    Kudos to all the Councilmen who remembered that they were representing the people and not the special interests of this Mayor—and a tip of my dunce cap to Ben Proto, one of the best attorneys in the State.

  70. 70 1cyclops

    Our most precious, guarded and protected right was in good hands today. Congratulations to the people!

  71. 71 jezebel282


    “I’m waiting for Gavin to declare that he agrees wholeheartedly with the ;judge’s decision.”

    And we’ll bet he always did!

  72. 72 jezebel282


    Second sewer bills outrage residents
    By Melvin Mason on September 30, 2015

    “Hundreds of Stratford residents were surprised last week when they received additional bills for sewer services…
    …A town official says the bills were a mistake. Acting Chief Administrative Officer Larry Ciccarelli said in statement issued through Chief of Staff Marc Dillon that the bills were sent out “as part of a 10-month project” to update the database “and to accurately determine who may or may not be connected to the sewer system.”


    Let us get this straight, somebody named “Larry Ciccarelli”, who apparently can’t speak for himself, had Marc Dillon tell the Star that some unknown person in Town Hall took it upon themselves to mail out sewer bills that were double or more what residents currently paid because….wait for it….a database update?

    All of this without approval from the WPCA Board (AKA the Town Council) or the mayor’s office? And all of this 6 weeks before a referendum that will kill Harkins deal to sell off this asset?

    This wasn’t a scare tactic to demonstrate what Harkins can do to our sewer fees?

    Harold Watson ( had the best and most believable explanation:

    “What town officials aren’t saying is that town officials have been proceeding with getting everything ready for the sale (including paying for reviews of sewer billling services) – all with the intention of fulfilling the requirements of a contract agreement to optimizing potential billing for GNH as that will give Stratford town officials a bigger cash payment. This is after the judge told them to STOP all sale preparations until after the refererendum vote to sell or not to sell. More absolute disregard for the court ruling and the voters!”

    It is our belief that no bill would leave Town Hall without Harkins knowledge and approval. Especially something related to the WPCA.

    Just another example of Harkins message to voters: “F$$k you!”

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