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Stratford Residents Deserve Much Better It is time for every single Stratford resident to become aware of the situation concerning the sale of the Stratford sewer treatment plant.  Once residents become engaged they will inevitably come to the sad conclusion that their elected officials have not represented their best interests. Again the WPCA aka Town […]

Step 1: Find a journalist that will print anything you say without question. Step 2: Say that the world will come to an end unless you raise taxes and fees. Step 3: Deny any responsibility by blaming someone else Step 4: Blame “they” or “them” for layoffs, service cuts, higher taxes and anything else you […]

The citizens of Stratford won a victory yesterday with Judge Bellis’ decision to order the Town Clerk to accept the voter’s petition. While it is indeed a victory reaffirming that the right to vote exists even in Stratford, it is a sad victory. Our mayor, Town attorney and seven members of the Town Council believed […]