The Signs Are Everywhere

New Sign Proposed by Mayor

New Sign Proposed by Mayor

It sure has been a confusing summer. The citizens are just waiting for the next “thing” to happen. And a lot of us are wondering why we’re being subjected to these ridiculous maneuvers. It seems incredible that these things continue to happen.

For example, why does someone tear down a fairly new school to create a parking lot?

Why is it a surprise that barrels of cyanide are found at a brownfield site that the EPA has known about for nearly a decade?

Even after 6,000+ voters (Not just residents, but registered voters of both parties.) in a mere three weeks sign a petition, why does this mayor persist in claiming doing this horrible deal with Greater New Haven Water Pollution Authority is a good thing?

Why does our Economic Development Director think that bringing in hundreds of tow trucks day after day is a great asset for Stratford?

Why can’t Matt Catalano fill out the forms correctly just to leave us with a candidate who’s history of arrests, bankruptcies and business dealings would only qualify him to be on an episode of “Cops”.

Should we be in contact with Aquarion? It must be in the water.


26 Responses to “The Signs Are Everywhere”

  1. How about that comment that was removed by Melvin Mason! OMG, I was floored, but so happy that the truth is finally starting to come out!

    My take on council candidates:

    1st District – Beth DaPonte all the way! Chris had his chance with 2 terms and wasn’t very effective. He wasn’t responsive, complained about how his phone rang all the time, admitted to telling “half-truths” but doesn’t consider that lying and admitted to staying “on the fence” about some of the serious issues in Stratford – because, most of them are in his district. He hasn’t been effective on the BOE either – missing many of the meetings and was most likely one of the four board members present at the “secret meeting” accepting a “compromise” for the BOE budget? And, as Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee for the BOE, hardly a meeting, and wouldn’t this be the sub-committee that would be discussing the Center School / BOE issues – IF THE TOWN HAD MADE ANYONE AWARE OF THEM? Considering his backhandedness, I bet he was fully aware and just chose to brush it under the carpet and let the rug get pulled out from under everyone else. He’s a bully!

    2nd District – I’ve got to go with Mark Dumas. I like Neil Sherman, but Mark Dumas has proven he’s a fighter and has no problem standing up against the games of the current administration.

    3rd District – ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT HESITATION, Wali Kadeem. Wali has community written all over him! He’s as honest as the day is long and instills in his children the same strong foundation. He will be an asset to District 3! I’m behind Wali 100%.

    4th District – I’ll admit, I know neither of the candidates in the 4th. Anyone care to weigh-in?

    5th District – Oh, please, John Dempsey and his family need out of politics. Retire them already! Like a bad penny you just can’t get rid of. 100% SUPPORT FOR JOE GRESKO!

    6th District – Really, Ken Poisson? Again? I think not! Poisson has been instrumental in poisoning the political well, right along with the others! Not good at all! Remember that snowstorm and the meeting he refused to cancel – I think it had to do with Eminent Domain? He had lots of people ticked off at that one! So, 100% SUPPORT FOR PHIL YOUNG!

    7TH District – Sean Haubert – another guy not afraid to get his hands dirty or afraid to stand up against the machine. 100% SUPPORT FOR SEAN HAUBERT!

    8th District – Vincent Chase, really? Isn’t he the guy who is so upset that the GOP (Harkins, et al) want his property in Stratford Center? Something smells – why ever would they agree to nominate him? Favor for a favor? There’s a shell game being played on that one! TOM HAGGERTY ALL THE WAY!

    9th District – I’ve seen this name, but know very little about him. Alan Llewelyn? Who is he? What’s his involvement with the puppetmaster, Lou Decilio? I’ve chatted with Mark Juliano. He’s hungry for Stratford to get back on track – so, MARK JULIANO all the way!

    10th District – Mike Henrick (He’s baaack!), oh, please – say it isn’t so! Can’t deal with him again – so, TINA MARIE MANUS – who we know fights for the people of Stratford, tells it like it is and doesn’t back down! GO TINA! 100%
    And that’s just for Town Council! I’ll digest and come back with the rest….

  2. 2 jezebel282

    Editor’s Note:

    There is one thing that there is no confusion about.

    George Mulligan is running for a Council seat. Again.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    Before we forget, this one continues to bother us.

    School board chairwoman questions council on Center School
    By Melvin Mason on August 13, 2015

    The first question that comes to mind is why she would be wasting her time with the 8 weak and stupid Councilman that will do anything Harkins wants?

    The second question that comes to mind is why didn’t our $250,000/year plus all kinds of benefits Superintendent know about this and why in the world send Board Chairwoman Andrea Veilleux in front of this Council to look like an idiot. (Oh wait. Maybe it’s because the BOE hasn’t produced a real budget in two years? Nah!)

    Superintendent Robinson should have walked the 1 1/2 block to Town Hall and simply said “WTF do you mean you’re going to take away a whole school?” She could have gone further and said “Listen, I make TWICE as much as you do and you’ll do what I tell you.” After all, Republican and Tea Party members like Harkins only respect you if you make a lot of money.

    But the reality is Harkins and his Economic Development Director just did to the BOE what they do to each other.

    Now, where are we going to put those evicted kids anyway?

  4. There are a few BOE Board members who step over the Chairwoman and act as if she isn’t even there. One has even made mention to the effect that he’s “out to get her” or something to that effect – quite bullying. I believe Andrea went into this with the best of intentions, but with bullies like Gavin Forrester and Chris Barnaby during her term, honesty and integrity loses.

  5. 5 jezebel282


    I did hear a rumor a while ago that Barnaby went to a BOE meeting. Are you saying that he went more than once?

    We find it sad that the BOE lets the Superintendent withhold data that the taxpayers (not to mention parents) are entitled to and lets her hand picked administrators do whatever they want with zero accountability.

    Doubt that? Quick! Without Googling it, what is the name of the Superintendent and COO?

  6. According to my research, there were a few. But I find it very odd that as Chair of the subcommittee that would deal with long range planning/use of buildings, etc. not one mention of the Center School issue. If Harkins, et al say the BOE was aware – maybe he mentioned it to Chris over drinks somewhere?

    Just like I supported Harkins for his first term, I supported Chris as well. Heck, I walked him around to my neighbors! But, the realization set in fairly quickly when I asked him about his standing on some important issues and was met with a response that he was staying on the fence because his district had the more serious issues (e.g., the theatre, the airport, Long Beach, SAEP). But, if you can’t stand the heat, maybe you shouldn’t be playing in the fire. What would be different this time around? Oh, a few of the issues have gone away or partly gone. I think his time would be better spent at home….. And, I have my reasons for that comment based on having a daughter the same age as his (and in the same school)!

  7. 7 jezebel282


    We understand. Nonetheless, we have a $250,000/ year Superintendent and a COO ( You have to FOI his salary since it’s not in the budget.) One must ask, where were they in all this?

    Since they both have yet to produce a budget that makes sense to anyone what is it that they do for the money we pay them? It IS our money after all. Are we not entitled to know what happens to it?

    Hey Mr. Barnaby! Care to explain?

  8. I’m not defending either (didn’t CZ’s salary start at $160K almost 2 years ago?), but the Board needs to take some blame for not pushing the issue of a horribly prepared budget. It’s incomprehensible and has been since CZ started preparing them.

    The problem this year was also the SECRET MEETING. In reviewing minutes/attendance, Chris Barnaby was absent quite often, but he sure did make time to accept that budget, didn’t he? I just started going through the minutes from his time on Town Council. Just think we deserve better all around. Unfortunately, there are a handful of parents who think CZ walks on water and really think the money is going to go to their kids public education.

    Oh, and he has been heard to say “I don’t lie, I just tell half-truths.” LOL, yeah, okay….. That’s a bureaucratic statement if I’ve ever heard one!

  9. 9 hornrims

    It’s Bizarro World…..or the World According to Gopers

  10. Yes, hornrims, I tend to agree. Frankly, I think it’s quite appropriate to have that bench with an alien sitting outside Town Hall. There’s no clarity about what is happening there! I wanted to take a picture of it and post as “Harkin’s Coffee Break.”

  11. 11 helisforhel

    Oh Matt. Sigh. You’re one of the few who care. Of course, they would have overlooked his paperwork snafu if he wasn’t on the outs with the Repubs, because he actually tries to do the right thing for his constituents and doesn’t just party-line everything.

  12. 12 jezebel282

    Gopers? Gopers?

    Oh wait! GOPers?

  13. 13 jezebel282

    Reprinted here without anyone’s permission:

    Philips: Here we go again

    Once again the town fails to communicate and makes a costly decision. It is wonderful that Gov. Malloy awarded Stratford $1.2 million to remediate the new Center School. However, no one outside the Mayor’s office knew that the Sept 2014 testing had identified PCB and other toxins in the building, or even that a grant application was submitted. Regardless, the Mayor gave our BOE Superintendent five weeks’ notice to close Center School and relocate the students by September 3rd to prepare for further testing and demolition.

    This sudden request means the BOE (which is out of space) will need to lease 7 portable classrooms at $144,000 each. Therefore a $1.2 million grant could cost us over $1 million just to relocate the students. Of course it is foolish to turn away grant money from the State, especially if Stratford wants to get more grants. However, the Town could ask the State for a 1-year extension to complete the grant, giving the BOE time to develop a sensible plan to relocate the programs, communicate with residents, parents, and work with the town council to budget the funding.

    As always there is more to the story. Mayor Harkins claims everyone knows about the Transit Oriented Development efforts. Perhaps his closest councilmen knew the specifics about Center School, but the rest of us did not. The Greater Bridgeport Regional Council has done their best to provide general concepts and opportunities. But colored areas on a map that qualify for TOD zoning shown in a few public hearings do not substitute for the direct communication from the Mayor of his intentions to demolish a school and remediate the BOE building for a parking garage, housing, or whatever.

    Finally, the Mayor claims the TOD areas are underutilized, especially the Center School building. That is not accurate, as the building currently houses four separate programs serving 150 students:

    – IPPI, a program serving 80 K-12 students with a variety of disabilities including autism, emotional disturbance, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities.

    – AIP, which serves 6 students who cannot be in a regular school building but are required by law to be educated.

    – STRIVE, which teaches 19 disabled students ages 18-21 life skills and must be close to the train station as part of their program.

    – ALPHA, the alternative High School serving 45 students who have special academic and social needs. The program was moved to Center School this year specifically to reduce transportation costs as students could walk to Stratford HS for some classes. Moving these students back to Birdseye means the BOE will again have to pay the town $100,000 for classroom space, plus hire another teacher at $60,000/year or pay a similar amount per year to transport students to area high schools.

    I’m in favor of development and revitalization. Let’s get the grant extension and create a plan that uses the money effectively but minimizes disruption to our students, reduces costs to the BOE, and takes into account the needs of area residents.

    Stephanie Philips

    3rd District Councilmember

  14. 14 jezebel282

    Here’s one sign that points straight to failure: the sale of the WPCA.

    “The mayor, in a moment of frustration, took the opportunity to criticize his detractors who have stalled some of his initiatives, particularly his plan to link up the waste treatment plant with the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority, a move that will now face a referendum vote Nov. 3.
    “It’s said that everyone wants progress but no one wants change — but you know what? You have to change with the times,” Harkins said.”

    Change is not a bad thing. In fact we support the construction of a complete Exit 33 which should have been done when the tolls came down.

    But selling the WPCA is not “change”. Nothing changes with Harkins plan to sell the WPCA except the money that we lose. You can’t sell a $100 million asset for $11 million and talk people into thinking that it is a good thing.

    This is why we cannot tolerate weak and stupid Councilmen. It is very important that candidates who want to represent voters in Stratford come out and strongly state their positions. Statements like ” I will abide by the voters’ decision to sell our sewer plant or not.” by candidates are weak and silly. Whoever gets elected to the Council must abide by the results of the referendum. That is the law. It is not a position.

  15. 15 jezebel282

    Honestly, this is the kind of stuff that makes residents crazy:

    “In the letter posted to the Stratford Schools website, Robinson said, “Each elementary school will be paired with another and the grade levels will meet together for the same purpose. This collaboration will lead to greater consistency in instruction throughout the district. We have some highly talented teachers who will now have the opportunity to share strategies.”

    What?! AYFKM?

    Let’s see if we have this correctly. The Superintendent is changing the start/dismissal times of two schools disrupting the schedules of literally hundreds of parents and probably grandparents, uncles aunts, etc with two weeks to go so that…wait a minute….teachers can have “the opportunity to share strategies”?


    (Here’s a thought: if two teachers want to “share strategies” how about they text each other or maybe meet at the Windmill?)

  16. 16 jezebel282

    And then there is this:


    CONTACT: Mark Dumas, 203-275-9090,

    Looks like there are more problems at the troubled Contract Plating property in Stratford.

    Mark Dumas, a candidate for Stratford Town Council, has called for the immediate termination of a sweetheart deal between the Town Hall and a landscaping company that has been using heavy construction equipment on what was formerly part of the Raymark Superfund Site. This is the same property where barrels of cyanide were discovered in May.

    A Connecticut Department of Health study issued in 2006 found that soil on the property contained a variety of metals, as well as PCBs, at levels above Connecticut’s cleanup standards. Chromium, cadmium, nickel, and cyanide were detected at the highest concentrations. That study recommended that the Town prohibit commercial operations on the property until it is cleaned up. Remediation efforts began in February of this year, but were stalled when contractors found the barrels of cyanide.

    “It is shocking that the Town would even allow anyone on this property outside of the cleanup effort,” said Dumas. “State and federal agencies have declared this property a ‘public health hazard’ and recommended that the Town prohibit commercial use until it is cleaned up. Instead of listening to that common sense advice, the Town goes and leases the land to a company that is stirring up the soil with heavy construction equipment near some of the most polluted parts of the property.”

    Dumas is also troubled by the details of the deal that brought the Good Earth Tree Care, Inc. to the heavily polluted site on Longbrook Avenue.

    After speaking with neighbors about complaints of noise and odor problems from the landscaping company’s mulching operations, Dumas did some digging and learned that the Town Council approved the lease in an illegal, closed door “executive session” in February 2014. But that wasn’t what Dumas found most disturbing about the deal. What Dumas also learned was that the attorney hired by the Town to negotiate the lease also represents the landscaping company.

    According to meeting minutes on the Town website, the agreement was for a ten year lease with rent of only $2,500.00 per year and was negotiated for the Town by Attorney Bruce Jackson, whose law firm also represents Good Earth Tree Care, Inc. in several cases in state court. Town Attorney Timothy Bishop and Jackson are former law partners and both were among the biggest contributors to Mayor John Harkins’ reelection campaign. Town Attorney Bishop was hired by Good Earth Tree Care, Inc. for other cases shortly after the deal was struck.

    “I knew that our Town’s Legal Department had problems, but you don’t need to be a lawyer to know that the Town shouldn’t be hiring an attorney to represent the Town in a negotiation when that attorney also represents the other side,” said Dumas, who is an attorney himself

    Dumas said that he is reaching out to state and federal agencies for help in stopping the landscaping operations on the site and that addressing this and other environmental issues will be one of his priorities if he is elected to the Town Council. While Dumas believes he can serve an important role on the Council as an independent watchdog, he also plans to push for positive change including finishing the cleanup of the remaining Raymark waste in town.

    The Contract Plating property abuts the former Raybestos ballfield and is near the “capped” property that is now home to Walmart, Home Depot, and Shoprite. The 2006 federally funded study of the site estimated that 1,300 children under the age of six lived within one mile of the property.

  17. 17 mikereynolds

    I hate this town.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    And let’s not forget the raise the superintendent just got for the great job she’s done raising our taxes while achieving no improvement in students academic performance.

  19. I could never understand why the Republican owner of Contract Plating who still lives in town was never called on to pay for cleaning up his mess. This is political hijinks at a high level.

  20. 20 jezebel282

    An interesting point that Mr. Dumas brings up:

    “the Town shouldn’t be hiring an attorney to represent the Town in a negotiation when that attorney also represents the other side,” said Dumas”

    That is exactly the way Harkins has done business in this Town. Aided, of course, by the weak and stupid RTC members on the Town Council (Can you believe that some of them actually think you will vote for them?).

    The entire WPCA “deal” was set up so that the 10 members of the WPCA board would vote for the sale of the WPCA with the final approval coming from the Town Council who comprise all of the members of the WPCA board.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  21. 21 Rockannand

    Oh my. I guess i have been asleep at the wheel. When ar your sheep going to wake up and start screaming for the heads of these dopes? Gavin MIUST be defeated in September. Mitzi needs your help. May have to break out the nuclear option on Gavin. Stay tuned/

  22. 22 shanliss

    Speaking of signs, there was this trenchant commentary on signs and sign stealing (what, are we in baseballand?), on fb (Stratford CT – Election 2015) from someone named Agador Spartucus:

    Dear everyone in this group. Lawn signs don’t win elections. Im an experienced political professional despite the name and picture.
    Stop worrying about lawn signs. It’s petty and stupid. Go knock on every door in your neighborhood. People will remember your face and passion for an issue the over a poorly designed sign with “NO” “YES” or a name on it.
    Who the hell cares about who stole a law sign. It’s going to happen. Send a direct mail piece instead of wasting money on a lawn sign, pay someone to do a lit drop, run a Facebook ad, buy an ad in the paper, be creative with how you spend it.
    Thank you.

    Very well put, Spartucus. One can only hope Stratford voters are summoning the courage of the historical Roman-era Spartacus to overthrow their virtual enslavement by the Mayor’s cabal and his centurion councils and commissions. Of course this writer implicitly identifies why the Republicans rule in Stratford. While the RTC conducts its dirty tricks in a country club (attempting to ace out 2nd District primary candidate Mark Dumas with a vote in the back room of a back room), the DTC does its dirty work in the dead of night, for its rag-doll endorsed candidate in Zoning 1, a benchwarmer for the incumbent. It’s telling that nobody in the DTC leadership has come forward to denounce whomever is removing primary challenger Scot Farrington-Posner’s signs, whether the culprit is a member or not. As noted above, signs don’t do it alone, but they certainly help.

    And of course, while the many signs around town urging a vote NO on the WPCA sale are surely a good indicator at the moment, it’ll be telling to see where the YES signs appear, and if the same sign skullduggery ensues. Right now, the Mayor is relying upon deception and lies, but it’s likely to get uglier before long. More signs may get “waved off” but it’s the walks–the walking around neighborhoods by real candidates–that can lead to surprise wins by underdogs. Let’s hope to see them in our neighborhoods, and soon. Even primary challenger Mitzi Antezzo should be able to “walk off” with a primary win in council District 7 against her trash-talking but thin-skinned, muscle-bound opponent. Stranger things have happened, with insurmountable leads evaporating by season’s end.

  23. The sign situation is disturbing – while signs don’t win elections, it could stimulate neighborhood conversation about who one is lending support to and why. It’s interesting – I drove by Blue Sky Diner – there were four signs – two for Joyce Pastor and two for Scott Farrington-Posner. Scott’s are gone, Joyce’s remain.

    Joyce was also witnessed ripping down a opposition flyer for the AAA on Ferry Boulevard and replacing it with her own support flyer! SHE DID IT! Not someone else. So, what does that tell you about the signs?

    I’ve already posted a very long post on the Stratford Election 2015 Facebook Page about what my family encountered in 2012 at the hands of Linda Manos, Joyce’s partner. I wanted to run against Linda, especially after what she did or attempted to do to my family!

    We are fully aware that Joyce would be just a placeholder for a re-run by Linda. And, if Fredette wins – it’s no different than having the same old, same old.

  24. 24 jezebel282

    We simply can’t stand it anymore. It is time to call the kettle black and a liar a liar. Some things just can’t be allowed to go unanswered.

    So let’s do this:

    Harkins: WPCA sale best option for Stratford
    By Stratford Star on October 1, 2015
    “I have read the opinion pages of The Star over the last several weeks, and it is unfortunate that a small group of people has taken to name calling and insults to try and make the case for their opposition to regionalizing our sewer operations.

    I always encourage public discourse and am respectful of everyone’s opinions. We should all agree that we can disagree without being disagreeable. Some have chosen to play politics with the proposed regionalization of our sewer plant. Those opposed to regionalizing have a right to their opinion and a right to vote in the referendum on Nov. 3.

    What I say to those opposed to this proposal is, what is your plan? If you think it is a bad idea to seek revenues to fund services, programs and schools via my proposal, then tell us what your plan for Stratford’s budget would be. The simple fact is, if you oppose the regionalization proposal, you support cutting municipal services or the Board of Education budget, for example. Or, you support raising taxes by millions of dollars.

    I do not support any of those options. Our residents pay a lot in taxes and deserve the services along with the improved condition of our parks and beaches. Our children deserve a quality education system.

    As Mayor, it is my job to find ways to deliver better services to our residents at the lowest possible cost. It is a fact that sharing resources regionally will save Stratford residents millions of dollars in fees over the next five years. As a professional, quasi-public, non-profit organization, the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority can utilize economies of scale to provide sewer services to Stratford residents and businesses at a lower cost than can the Town of Stratford.

    I look forward to continuing the debate over the next several weeks as to what kind of place we want Stratford to be for people who want to work, live and raise a family. Visit for facts about the proposed sharing of resources with the Greater New Haven region.”

    “it is unfortunate that a small group of people has taken to name calling and insults to try and make the case for their opposition”
    At first we thought Harkins was talking about Lou Decilio, Jason Santi or Mike Henrick. Those, along with a few other Harkins appointees, are the only ones who resort to that. And oh by the way, how big does a group have to be before Harkins stops calling it a “small” group? 7,200 registered voters? Is that still a “small” group? We think that is more than voted for Harkins…for any office.

    “regionalizing our sewer operations.”
    Can we stop saying this? Harkins is not “regionalizing” anything. He is selling a valuable asset to someone else. Period. The only thing that gets “regionalized” are our checks.

    “I always encourage public discourse and am respectful of everyone’s opinions.”
    You spent our money on Pullman & Comley to prevent voters from expressing their opinion at the poll! Four times! You are NOT respectful of anyone else’s opinion.

    “We should all agree that we can disagree without being disagreeable.”
    Have you met Lou Decilio?

    “Some have chosen to play politics with the proposed regionalization of our sewer plant.”
    That would be you, Mayor Harkins. The opposition to your deal is a combined effort of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Voting (a political process) is the only way to prevent you from further damaging Stratford.

    “Those opposed to regionalizing have a right to their opinion and a right to vote in the referendum on Nov. 3.”
    Once again, something you opposed vehemently. If we recall, you threatened to fire the Town Clerk on the spot if she accepted the petitions for referendum. We have the right to vote in the referendum on Nov. 3 because we fought you for that right and won. Would you care to disclose how many of our tax dollars you spent on attorneys fighting our right to vote?

    “what is your plan…tell us what your plan for Stratford’s budget would be.”

    We do not receive $110,000/year plus benefits to be the chief executive of the Town. That would be your job, Mr. Harkins. You have had six years experience developing Town budgets and apparently you have failed horribly. Perhaps if you had some sort of opposition instead of eight weak and stupid Councilmen you would have been forced to develop a reasonable budget instead of just having them rubber-stamp whatever you wanted.

    “…if you oppose the regionalization proposal, you support cutting municipal services or the Board of Education budget, for example. Or, you support raising taxes by millions of dollars.”

    That is just bullying and scare tactics. Seriously, do you really think the world will come to an end if every single crazy idea you have doesn’t come true? Or is the challenge to us to find somebody who can run this Town intelligently and effectively because, as you have just said, you have no idea what to do if we don’t sell the sewer plant?

    “Our residents pay a lot in taxes and deserve the services along with the improved condition of our parks and beaches. Our children deserve a quality education system.”
    Again, that seems to be your job. Perhaps you really should resign and let somebody who wants to achieve these things take control?

    “As Mayor, it is my job to find ways to deliver better services to our residents at the lowest possible cost.”
    Didn’t you just say that without selling the sewer plant that you don’t know how to do that?

    “It is a fact that sharing resources regionally will save Stratford residents millions of dollars in fees over the next five years.”
    Absolutely not. Just saying it does not make it a fact. This is the biggest lie of all. John Harkins, nor anyone else, can say this truthfully. It is not even a probability. In fact, we would have less control over fees than we have ever had. And, in fact, once this horrible deal is done we would have no control in the future. At least with ownership of our own WPCA we can throw out the weak and stupid council that has raised our fees unjustly for the past five years and vote in responsible councilmen. At least our future without the sale holds that promise for us.

    “I look forward to continuing the debate”
    No you don’t. Otherwise you would release all the data on the sale. Like the schedule of fees, for example. You would rather just have Fredette plant his signs, sneak flyers into residents mailboxes and get your shills to write letters to the newspapers as if they were ordinary residents.

    OK. We feel better now!

  25. 25 stfdprofessor1

    How about the live letter from Mike Hendrick calling to “stop the bullying”…FROM MIKE HENDRICK THE BIGGEST G.D. BULLY WHO EVER SERVED ON THE TOWN COUNCIL!!!!!


    Election day is coming, we need to send all of these bums packing and take back our town people.

  26. 26 jezebel282


    “Harkins announced Tuesday that he will conduct an open office “after hours” session from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Oct. 7 at his office. Residents are encouraged to stop by and discuss any municipal issue or issues they would like.”

    We would like to know what time Harkins gets in every day to make 4:30PM “after hours”.

    So after nearly six years in office residents will have one whole hour to ask Harkins any question they want? Such a deal!

    Send George Mulligan!

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