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We have heard nothing new from Harkins or any of the people he’s pressured into supporting the sale of the WPCA. The horrible deal he’s made with the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority remains what it was from the beginning; An awful deal for Stratford residents and businesses.

Harkins has put forth no new information and has aggressively withheld key financial data. We are, therefore, forced to conclude that if he releases the financial data (rate determination, fees and costs) the “deal” will look even worse than it already does.

In reality, we have two issues to decide on Election Day. The first one is easy, or at least it should have been. Vote NO for selling our WPCA.

The second issue has almost as much significance. This mayor and his eight weak and stupid Councilmen have dug us into a deep financial hole. How deep depends upon who you believe. We do not think it is all that deep and can be resolved with a bit of fiscal restraint, leadership and the end of some rather unethical practices. Which is why who you will vote for Town Council, the Board of Education, Zoning and Planning are more crucial than ever.

Here’s a good way to tell if you are making the right choice: Was your candidate one of the weak and stupid councilmen that dug us into this hole and tried to keep you from voting? Or is he endorsed by the Mayor/RTC Chairman?

See how easy that is?


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  1. Unfortunately, many people believe that just voting, “No” is enough. I don’t know how to help them to understand.

  2. I tell people that back in the Spring the Mayor threatened to raise sewer fees if a referendum held up the sale. Because he had a complicit Town Council, he was able to deliver on his vindictive promise. Now he promises to raise taxes if the sale is rejected. That is why voters need to understand where their council candidates stand, do those support a petty and resentful Mayor or do they support or do they support a desire to improve the way things get done in Stratford.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    I think LeftRight pretty much made your case.

    The only thing we would add is why would you vote for someone who led you down a rabbit hole and then threatened to take you further down the same hole?

    This is the “accountability” part of holding office. For example, “Councilman Hoydick, you will be held accountable and lose to Tina Marie Manus!”

    How hard is that?

  4. 4 stfdprofessor1

    IF there is not another huge move like the WPCA petition drive, to revert the town charter back to a council-manager form of government, this will be a never ending battle. The mayoral system breeds cronyism and corruption. Election day will be just one more battle…CHANGE THE CHARTER-WIN THE WAR!!!!!

  5. 5 jezebel282


    We will have to satisfy ourselves with an independent minded Council. We’ll have our best shot at that in 3 weeks.

  6. 6 stfdprofessor1

    Perhaps for now…

  7. 7 jezebel282

    Update:STRATFORD — Town officials will host a pair of public information forums on the proposed sale of the Stratford Water Pollution Control Authority’s waste treatment plant at the foot of Birdseye Street.

    Maybe you are thinking that it’s about time (after 2 years of secret negotiations) that the mayor and his supporters are going to openly discuss their position.

    You would be wrong.

    The WPCA Get Answers organization ( tried to get the mayor to participate in a common forum with an independent moderator to actually discuss the positive and negative aspects of this awful deal. Not surprisingly, Harkins’ office declined.

    Instead, Harkins office is going the Andy Hardy route of “Let’s put on a show”! We can hardly wait to see what they put up there. We are certain it will be pretty slick. Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority can afford to spend a few bucks on a theft like this.

    Rest assured there will be dire and dreadful warnings of catastrophic budget consequences including children being thrown out of schools and homes burning down. Gasp! Or we can do what Harkins tells us is good for us (and his chances at a lobbying job with The Koch Brothers ALEC organization) and vote yes. The puppies and lollipops will fall from the skies.

    What you won’t hear is the actual cost to a Stratford resident as a result of selling the WPCA. Remember that the Town’s bond rating is not the amount you write on a check. The $37 million (or so) “debt burden” isn’t really a number you’ll care about since you’ll be paying that whether the WPCA is sold or not. You won’t hear about any future liabilities with the poorly run GNHWPCA either. What you will hear is how your sewer fees will go down although there is no guarantee of that whatsoever and how the Town’s bond rating will improve although there is no guarantee that will effect the mill rate in any way.

    In any event, the mayor should put on quite a show. Does anyone know if there will be dinner and drinks included? We like dinner and drinks before we are….never mind. We are sure the mayor will respect us in the morning.

  8. 8 missgreeneyes118

    Why not disconnect from the town sewer and just use an outhouse?
    It has worked for hundreds of years.
    For free!
    And neighborhood outhouses would be a good place to catch up on local news.
    Regional outhouses would be even better for getting information about the county.
    And no clogged sewer lines… natural composting

  9. 9 Rockannand

    Jez, only about 15-20 real citizens not beholding to the Mayor and the GNHWPCA showed. I arrived just as it ended and missed having the Mayor call me out and quote me from a private meeting I had with him back in May along with Mitzi Antezzo. He missed quoted me so I am sorry i was not there to correct him. I thought Lou DeCilio’s rant to John Burgeson in Tuesday’s CTPost was a sign that the inevitability of the fate of the WPCA sewer plant is setting in for the Mayor and his inner circle. What I find most interesting is the number of Republicans i know and talk to each day who feel Lou and company have this coming to them. I saw Ron Moreau over at Matt Catalano’s painting party on Saturday. Ron is one of those long time RTC members who don’t see eye-to-eye with Lou and Fredette-About-It. Apparently Ron took on of the YES signs, painted a circle over the front of the sign with a line drawn through it and put it on his lawn. Needless to say, that is one sign that Lou and Fredette’s-in-debt would like to steal.

  10. 10 Rockannand

    Also, the great sign stealing controversy is quite the non-issue that the Star has deemed to be NEWS. Go figure. Well when the prospects for a Popeye’s Chicken is front page news, i guess anything can make it into the Star.
    Anyways, seems that Lou has assembled his “Stazi” crew within the police department to start harassing those on the Vote NO side. Yesterday, they went over one of the more visible Vote NO peeps who lives in the 10th district – also a Republican. They think he had something to do with the missing YES and Fredette-About-It signs out front of the Vitamin Shop on south end of Main St. We will see where this goes today, but seems they are worried not only about losing the referendum vote, but also losing the RTC majority on the Council and want to harass peeps in the 10th so they can attack Tina Manus. After Gavin, i really cannot think of more despicable person who has been a public official then Mike Henrick. He has been widely quoted the past month saying that all of the WPCA plant workers are overpaid bums who just sit around drinking coffee and that are DPW workers are worthless and we should replace them with privatized workers too. This is the same Mike Henrick who basically told Walter Rimkunas at the his last Town Council Public Forum as chairman of the TC to go to hell.
    And people are really thinking of voting him back into a Council seat? Where do these political hacks come from?

  11. 11 jezebel282


    Candidates like Mike Henrick, Rich Fredette or Chris Barnaby really have no business running for any office that represents Stratford’s residents since that is the furthest thing from their minds.

    These “candidates” are strictly Lou’s “Boys” and would vote however Harkins/Decilio tells them to vote.

    As we have said before, the sale of the WPCA will die a merciful death on Nov 3. But more importantly, we have a chance to change the direction of this Town with our votes for Council, BOE and Planning & Zoning.

    Just as we threw out Miron and his cronies it has sadly become time to throw out Harkins and his.

    “Lou has assembled his “Stazi” crew within the police department to start harassing those on the Vote NO side.”

    This may be a tad paranoid. We can’t imagine anyone in the PD, not even a non-union supervisor, who has enough time to care about $10 worth of ugly disposable lawn signs. What could the penalty possible be anyway?

    Police Officer: “We have enough evidence to prove you stole those Fredette signs and told your gang to vote for Farrington-Posner. Book ‘im, Danno!”
    Thief: “You’ll never take me alive before I vote, copper!”

  12. I feel horrible for the person whose home was searched by the Stratford Police Department. It was an incredible injustice! Very “gestapo” if you ask me.

    They didn’t have a care in the world when Vote No and Scott Farrington-Posner signs were disappearing left and right, but as soon as its “one of their own” (Lou’s boys), they jump into action.

    Everything – if there is a referendum, sewer rates will increase (they did), now pulling at the heartstrings of families with children in the education system and seniors who look for help from the tax relief program.

    I think there is much to be said in starting a referendum petition to go back to the Town Manager/Council form of government. I never thought I would say it, but there is way too much that has gotten screwed up in the years since the change.

  13. 13 stfdprofessor1

    What’s next waterboarding???

  14. 14 1cyclops

    Patricia Clark Sperling,
    I applaud you. It takes a very special human being to admit an error. And, yes, it is time to go back to the professional Town Manager/Council form of government. It is the single and only step that will bring back the town we all remember and love.

  15. A “massacree” is “an event so wildly and improbably and baroquely messed up that the results are almost impossible to believe.” I first heard the word used in Alice’s Restaurant, describing an incident that occurred in Arlo Guthrie’s life in 1965, when he was cited for littering by Officer Obie in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Following that, the Army refused to draft him because he was convicted for littering.

    Fast forward to 2015, 50 years later, to the Town of Stratford. We don’t have Officer Obie, we have Sgt. Gugliotti (an officer that I, personally, don’t think should carry a badge – especially after an incident in March which involved my husband). We don’t have littering, we have accusations of political sign theft. Two Stratford citizens have been questioned – one a female, one a male. One’s family harassed. Signs were stolen and reports filed before the September 16 primaries; however, the police department did absolutely nothing. A letter was written by one of the primary candidates stating that the signs were probably removed by the people themselves (laughable). Our esteemed police department did absolutely nothing, until those signs were those of Rich Fredette, Chris Barnaby and the “Vote Yes, Pay Less” group. The police department then JUMPS into action and starts on a tirade of harassing everyday citizens. How screwed up is that.

    It’s the 2015 Stratford Political Sign Theft Massacree people! Bodies are falling everywhere – citizens harrassed! You just can’t make this stuff up! And that’s what we are paying our police department for, when we have pedophiles, drug dealers and so many other more important things that could be investigated. Yeah, some of them aren’t worth of the badge and gun they carry! No wonder people are getting disgusted with police departments across the USA! Put a badge and gun in some hands and they thing they are GODS. They aren’t. They work for us, not the Mayor, not the Mayor’s thugs (Fredette, Barnaby) – US, the taxpayers of Stratford. But, they seem to forget that – they need some reminding.

  16. 16 stfdprofessor1

    “Sgt. Gugliotti (an officer that I, personally, don’t think should carry a badge”
    Funny how the same names pop up again and again, like the Miron years take 2 (but worse).

    As far as returning to a town manager, charter revision won’t work because it would be corrupted by politically appointed hacks from both parties…AGAIN!


    BTW, has anybody looked lately at who these chamber bozo’s are:

    HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm funny how the same names pop up again and again.

  17. Yes, Professor, isn’t it! You have no idea – it’s upsetting for me to think that how he treated a family member of mine in March is actually happening to other citizens! I’m so disgusted! Like I said – it’s a massacree!

  18. 18 Rockannand

    “HMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm funny how the same names pop up again and again.” Professor they all belong in our bi-weekly blue recycling bins.

    Further, I love how Harkins when asked about his crack Economic Development team of Karen Kaiser buns and Amy Snore and Amy’s letter writing in support of the sale on town time, says “they don’t work for me.” As if he has no control over what they do. Last i checked they report to the CAO and the CAO reports to guess who??? Johnny!!! Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain. As MIssGreenEyes just said on the YES/NO Thread, the Emperor has no clothes.

  19. 19 missgreeneyes118

    If the mayor and PD want to get some hot leads on the stolen signs – a cash reward would loosen some tongues.
    Just charge it off as an expense for the sewage plant.
    Something small, like $5,000. or so.
    Or some coupons for free sewer use.
    Then the information would be flowing in the pipeline like….. well you know

  20. 20 jezebel282


    Apparently, the rumors of the involvement of the Stratford PD in nasty little political vendettas are true.

    Stratford cops: Thief stealing political campaign signs
    By Jim Shay Updated 4:01 pm, Saturday, October 24, 2015

    If your neighbor happens to be a member of the Democratic Town Committee (or maybe just a Democrat) or an Independent you can submit his name for harassment to:

    “…Detective Michael Panton at (203) 385-4143, the Stratford Police Anonymous Tips line (203) 375-8477(TIPS) or the Stratford Police Anonymous Tips IWatch app (”

    We won’t go into how sad it is that the PD are meekly submitting to the slightest political pressure. What’s next? Will the FD start compiling names and addresses of Vote No people and drive slow to those houses?

    But if any of this bothers you, there is definitely one way you can fix it.

    On November 3rd you can vote NO and, depending on your district, vote for

    District 1 BETH DAPONTE
    District 3 WALI KADEEM
    District 4 DAVID L HARDEN
    District 5 JOE GRESKO
    District 6 PHIL YOUNG
    District 8 TOM HAGGERTY
    District 9 MARK JULIANO
    District 10 TINA MANUS

    Board of Education

    Zoning District I SCOTT FARRINGTON-POSNER (we wish he had a shorter name)
    Zoning District II STEPHANIE PHILIPS

    Planning District I JIM VIGLIOTTI
    Planning District II PAT PATUSKY


    Stratford needs a much cleaner Town Council. This year it means sweeping out the mold of the Republican Town Committee.

  21. 21 stfdprofessor1

    Stratfors Star 1651- “Goodwife Bassett was sentenced to hang. Outside the Stratford village palisade, through the northwest gate they took her to Gallows Brook. Then, fitting a noose around her neck, they asked her once again to recant, and to name her accomplices, for the benefit of her soul.

    Where she was buried is unknown.

    Today all vestige of this tragedy is gone. The brook and Gallows Bridge across it disappeared in 1848, when the railroad was graded through the town. Witch’s Rock was buried underneath the turnpike in 1958.

    Today all evidence of the Stratford witchcraft trial has disappeared.”

    UNTIL NOW…it appears a second round of the Stratford witch hunts (or something just as ludicrous) are set to begin.

    “Police are asking for the public’s help in CAPTURING THE PERSON OR PERSONS responsible for these (lawn sign) thefts. ANYONE WITH INFORMATION can call Detective Michael Panton at (203) 385-4143, the Stratford Police Anonymous Tips line (203) 375-8477(TIPS)”

    Seems things have changed little in the past 364 years. Stratford, have ye no shame?

  22. 22 jezebel282

    Wait. Was Goody Bassett a Democrat?

    On Sunday, October 25, 2015, Stratford Politics wrote:


  23. 23 stfdprofessor1

    Most likely a “Whig”…the Democrats already have a witch, that’s why I’m pulling for Sanders.

  24. 24 Rockannand

    “Stratford needs a much cleaner Town Council. This year it means sweeping out the mold of the Republican Town Committee.”

    A clean sweep would be nice, Too bad that can’t include the REP Registrar and chairman of the RTC. Oh well, if a clean sweep happens you can be sure that certain unnamed members of the RTC will have their knives out for the chairman in January and for the registrar when he is up for reelection next fall.

  25. 25 1cyclops

    To: Fellow Stratford Citizens
    Subject: WPCA Sale

    I have waited until now to weigh in on my thoughts behind this proposal because I wanted to gather as much information as available and to be as informed as I could before I make a recommendation. After weeks of exhaustive research, here are my thoughts for those of you who want to know them.
    (1) Where is the Business Plan? If there is one, please direct me to it.

    (2) A Business Plan should display a 5-year analysis as to personnel, operational costs, infrastructure upgrades etc. This is a very basic forecast as to how much it will cost to manage the plant at the Town level compared to how much the regional entity estimates the cost will be over the same 5 years. This regional entity, who is looking to acquire the WPC Plant should know how much their costs over a 5 year period will be as well as how much investment is required to maintain/upgrade its infrastructure. Why has this data not been released? Can they operate a a lower cost? If so, by how much?…..again,where is the analysis? I could not find it. What do they forecast staffing to look like? How many personnel do we need to operate the plant? more/less than what we have? What do they project the sewer rate to be over the next 5 years? These basic facts are known to the town and the Region, it is the basis for the sale price. But no one wants to share it with the public.

    (3) All I hear from the town is fear mongering (cutting BOE funding, cutting services, massive employee layoffs, etc but no mention of a business plan.

    (4) It is my understanding that the State of CT subsidizes all infrastructure upgrades. Therefore, there would be no savings, as the regional unit would get the same funding amount. Can they do it for a lower amount? They would be required to follow the same bidding requirements, unless of course, there is “hanky-panky” going on at the Mayor’s level in the bidding process.

    (4) It is my understanding from the mayor that we are selling this Plant to purge ourselves from debt, although I am still confused as to how much and to what savings was already built into the budget. It leads me to think whatever happened to professional fiscal management? No one would build in a multi-million dollar shortfall into the budget when adopted? Haven’t we not learned from our neighbors??? But, its politics, so I guess not!

    (5) It appears we are giving away local control for 2 seats on a board for someone who lives in Hartford, Simsbury, Danbury, West Haven, to tell us how much we must set our rates and at what level needs to be invested in OUR sewer treatment facility. What is to say that it will now be 5 million, 10 million or 20 million for each of the next 5 years? Decisions of this magnitude are best made at the local level, by US!

    (6) So lets assume this is all for an election, short term savings…so we are once again selling our future for some small time political gain, which we will never ever get back.

    (7) Finally, what is the pressing need to to this? Is our system failing? How many violations have occurred? A business plan, please and NOW!

    (8) If a Business Plan is not publicized vote NO SALE on November 3rd and remove the representatives who support this unprofessional management of our Town.

  26. Jez ~ you got your list almost right – I wouldn’t use those players in the BOE slot!

  27. 27 jezebel282


    We were going to use your name but it’s not on the ballot for some silly reason.

  28. Thanks Jez ~ a couple more years! If I can stand to be in Stratford for that long. I put family first and until my husband retires and Sage is at least in high school, I’ll stay right the way I am.

    I am seriously upset about the money being wasted to “guard” The Vitamin Shop on Main Street and South Avenue, in Stratford’s First District. It’s comical.

    Before the primary on September 16, Scott Farrington-Posner had signs planted, with permission, on properties of various homeowners and businesses. He and his sons drove around and noticed those signs – it was a game for them. Then, signs started disappearing and his young sons questioned why? Where did the signs go. Scott reported it to the Police Department – I think he said he has a report from Officer Joy. It wasn’t taken seriously at all. As a matter of fact, his opponent wrote a letter to the Connecticut Post and claimed that he was not a viable candidate because he had zoning violations, etc., and people and businesses probably removed the signs themselves because they realized what a bad candidate he was. Fortunately, signs don’t win elections – people’s actions do. Scott proved honest, hardworking and not a repeat political seat-hopper like most of what we have in Stratford politics. Same names, same games.

    We now have two candidates: Richard Fredette, the candidate opposing Scott Farrington-Posner; and Christian Barnaby, the candidate opposing Beth Daponte. Politics in Stratford is a very, very dirty game. Signs planted for both candidates, in addition to “Vote Yes, Pay Less” signs. Again, signs have been stolen all over Stratford FOR MONTHS and the cops did nothing, took nothing seriously. Now, signs stolen from The Vitamin Shop (a former neighbor of Chris Barnaby). A video, police reports filed and all of the sudden the Detective Bureau is involved. Our tax dollars being spent on this! Now, we have an officer, nightly, sitting at Main Street and South Avenue GUARDING the signs at The Vitamin Shop. News 12 was there on Monday, October 26, 2015. The Mayor even stopped by for a chat with The Vitamin Shop owner. Really? Is this “Grand Theft Political Signs.” If I may repeat the words of Joyce Pastor – maybe they were removed by the owner who realized what kind of candidates these really are! Or the words of Carol Lockshier – signs don’t win elections..

    Well, what is it? I think we should show both Chris Barnaby AND Rich Fredette how much we appreciate their actions. And, how can we do that: VOTE FOR SCOTT FARRINGTON-POSNER and BETH DAPONTE on November 3! A vote for each of those two candidates in the First District will give the message loud and clear that what they have done over the last few weeks – wasting our tax dollars for such a frivolous reason – is unacceptable. If this is how they intend to spend our money (especially in Chris Barnaby’s bid for Town Council) then we don’t want them!

    I’m certainly not going to entertain them by voting for them! I’ll entertain them by voting against them! Again – Scott Farrington-Posner for Zoning and Beth Daponte for Town Council in District 1.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    Between Gottfried and the FD and the PD administration that orders p.o.’s to guard $3 signs, it is obvious what these two departments do for the $28 million we paid them this year…anything Harkins wants.

  30. 30 stfdprofessor1

    We need a return to a town manager, resident state trooper with part time constables and volunteer fire dept. That should keep John Gottfried’s taxes down. Add Gottfried’s septic tank and new fire hydrant and he shouldnt have anything to whine about to his neighbors except the interest payment on the new car he’ll have to buy.

    On another note, have the keystone cops done anything about the prostitution ring and drug sales at the two area hotels yet???

  31. 31 stfdprofessor1

    Jez the therapy you suggested must be working, I did a post mentioning prostitution without mentioning mayor “John”.

  32. 32 jezebel282


    “prostitution without mentioning mayor “John”

    And you were so close too…..

  33. 33 mikereynolds

    ” resident state trooper with part time constables and volunteer fire dept.”

    Couldn’t be more clueless.

  34. 34 jezebel282


    We think items are being conflated here. We are down to the short days before election day. We have no doubt that the awful deal to sell the sewer plant will be rejected. The real question is how big the rejection will be. 2-1, 3-1 or even more?

    And then we have the usual slimy Stratford politics where no underhanded tactic is ignored. This is not the first time this has happened nor will it be the last.

    We understand how tempting it is for a six figured administrator with little else to do to look for ways to suck up to the boss. Like John Gottfried, the Deputy Fire Chief and whoever it was at the PD that ordered a $12 theft to be fully investigated and a group of $3 signs guarded.

    If my sewer line ever caught fire, I would certainly want to hear from John Gottfried in his official capacity as Deputy Fire Chief of the Stratford Fire Department. But when it comes to selling off assets or economic development using his position to give Harkins’ awful deal credibility is just unethical and a cheap sale of reputation.

    Just as the investigation by our PD of the “theft” of $12 worth of ugly little signs is unethical. We would actually feel better if Harkins had painted “Vote Yes Pay Less” on a bicycle and the PD were investigating that theft. At least the item would have some value after Nov 3.

    None of this, however, changes that facts. The sale of the WPCA is a horrible deal for already overburdened Stratford residents. And voting out the weak and stupid council that allowed the budget to deteriorate to this extent remain the pressing priorities.

  35. 35 mikereynolds


    Show me where I said the sale is a good idea. I’ve got a No sign on my lawn. I’ve talked to my neighbors and family and have them voting No.

    I was addressing the ridiculous comment by an out of touch senior citizen advocating for a resident Trooper and a volunteer fire department.

  36. 36 jezebel282


    Yes. We know. Although Shelton certainly benefits by having a volunteer fire department trained, manned and equipped by Stratford.

    We are making an attempt to get this discussion back on the rails. And, by the way, thank you for your opposition to the sale. It’s the right thing to do.

  37. 37 missgreeneyes118

    Stratford was once a nice shoreline town known for the Shakespeare Theatre.

    Now because of the sewage plant fiasco, the Police and Fire Departments along with the other regime lackeys have made us the running joke for local and national news.

    When will they just stop clowning around and send out the $500. “mini tax” bills to balance the budget?

    Will anyone be surprised if that is the parting shot from this lame duck council?

    To teach the taxpayers a good lesson about who is in charge?

    You can’t fight city hall..because they have an endless supply of money… Yours.

    Who was the Council Man at Large for the last mini tax?

    Was that his political downfall?

    Does the Town now pay his legal firm millions of dollars?

    Guess it all worked out for him.

  38. ” resident state trooper with part time constables and volunteer fire dept.”

    I rather think the Professor was speaking figuratively but I’m sure he/she will speak for themself. In the meantime, I’m happy to hear Mike Reynolds has a NO sign on his lawn. I hope this town can come together after next Tuesday because “Mr. Civility” has done everything in his power to tear it apart.

  39. 39 stfdprofessor1

    “I rather think the Professor was speaking figuratively”

    Missgreeneyes you are correct, and even though I’m an “out of touch senior citizen” I’m not so senile that I can’t see what’s going on in this town is criminal (figuratively…well probably in reality too, but Jez was right to bring this subject back on track and I don’t want to derail it again). I too am happy Mike has a vote no sign on his lawn, he can’t be wrong all of the time.

    I maybe a cranky old codger, but maybe that’s because I saw this town go from a small New England village with only a Finest and an A&P grocery store to the unkempt overtaxed urban cesspool it is becoming at the hands of a handful of corrupt incompetent fools that dwell in both political parties. That downward spiral has only intensified geometrically with the inclusion of a MAYOR. Frankly I HAVE HAD IT!!! So if that makes me an out of touch senior citizen so be it.

    I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, so if you feel that way too lets take the first step next Tuesday and vote these bums out of office. Let’s elect all fresh faces, turn our backs on their “party faithful”, Let’s vote to KEEP OUR WATER TREATMENT FACILITY and TELL THESE BASTARDS WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! WE ARE TAKING OUR TOWN BACK and they can all be damned!!!

  40. 40 1cyclops

    Here, here, stfdprofessor1!!!!!!

  41. 41 jezebel282

    And just in case anyone thinks that Stratford is so special and has insurmountable problems, there is this:

    “Milford scores high with ratings agencies
    By John Burgeson Updated 4:24 pm, Wednesday, October 28, 2015

    MILFORD — When it comes to bond ratings, the city of Milford is sitting at the head of the class

    Milford has received “extremely positive feedback” on its financial management and an “affirmation of high rankings from the three premier rating agencies,” Mayor Benjamin Blake announced this week.
    High bond ratings make it possible for municipalities to borrow money at more favorable rates.
    Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Investors Service, and Standard & Poor’s Rating Services described Milford’s finances as stable, prudent, and healthy, the mayor said. He received reports this week “which continue to confirm the excellent ratings” of recent years.
    “We will continue to make conservative, prudent, common sense fiscal management our number one priority. But we will not rest – the city will look to continually improve every day,” Blake said.
    Fitch rated Milford’s general obligation bonds AA+, noting that “… management’s conservative budget practices, moderate property tax increases, and prudent debt policies have contributed to the maintenance of solid reserve levels and financial stability.”
    Fitch also commended the city for its careful management of other post-employment benefit liabilities.
    Similarly, Moody’s affirmed the City’s Aa1 rating, noting that it “reflects the city’s stable financial position with adequate reserves, and manageable debt profile.”
    Further, the agency expects Milford’s financial position to remain stable given the history of balanced operations and maintenance of adequate reserve levels.
    In addition, Standard & Poor’s assigned its AA+ long-term rating to Milford’s general obligation bonds with a “stable outlook.” The ratings agency confirmed many reasons for the strong rating including: “strong budgetary performance, very strong liquidity, adequate management with standard financial policies and practices, and a strong debt and contingent liabilities position.” “

    But wait, you say. We have that sewer plant that Harkins says is ruining us!

    “Milford’s Wastewater Division consists of two treatment plants the Housatonic Treatment Plant and the Beaverbrook Treatment Plant, 39 pump stations and 260 miles of sewer lines, all maintained and operated by 30 employees.

    That’s right, Milford has two! They don’t seem to be interested in “regionalizing”. Oh…and Milford’s sewer fees are just under $300/year.

  42. 42 mikereynolds

    Maybe we need to re-evaluate who oversees Stratford’s WPCA. Who oversees Milford’s? Perhaps our 10 council members, past, present, and future, are not qualified to run our WPCA. Which may play into the Mayor’s plan.

  43. 43 jezebel282


    They seem to have a Commission with 5 members that are appointed by the mayor and approved by their council. Not sure how the other two members get there.

    It is obvious that you don’t need 10 members. But, we are not going down the hole of blaming the management of our WPCA. Our WPCA does just fine and generates a profit every year. The only problem causing our fees to soar is the looting of our fees by Harkins.

  44. 44 stfdprofessor1

    We need to re-evaluate who oversees Stratford.

  45. 45 mikereynolds

    I’m not questioning the day to day running of the WPCA. Obviously the day to day operations run very well. But, correct me if I’m wrong, they don’t get a lot of say in the strategic planning which falls to our 10 council members.

  46. 46 jezebel282


    It is not really complex. Payroll ( only 16 employees), benefits, materials, utilities etc. are fairly easy to calculate. Even maintenance, expansion and enhancements are calculable. Where the WPCA becomes inexplicable is in the budget processes of Harkins and Sue Collier.

    For example, it is extremely rare, if not impossible, that a pension contribution is larger than the entire payroll.

  47. 47 missgreeneyes118

    Harkins says “if someone can do it better then we should let them “.
    Does that apply to the mayor’s job?

    Why not regionalize with Milford and get the rate down to $300 instead of the $425 New Haven is promising?

    Harkins is right… success is all around Stratford.

    Milford’s bond rating is up and their two sewage treatment plants are running well, sound fiscal policies.

    Shelton’s taxes are low, economic development is booming, and their sewage treatment plant is running fine.

    Trumbull taxes are low.

    Yes… success is all around Stratford, just not in Stratford… unless you are a hand picked registrar.

  48. 48 stfdprofessor1

    “Yes… success is all around Stratford, just not in Stratford… unless you are a hand picked registrar.”
    or a hand ******ed ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR…right “John” (wink, wink).

  49. 49 Rockannand

    Here are the names of the people and businesses who funded that mailer and shamed our town, their families and their friends and fellow citizens:

    Tom Molloy
    John Dobos
    John Frey
    Brian Albenze
    Robert McGrath
    Ronald Ing
    Christopher Pia
    John Harkins
    Michael Mauzerall
    Tim Bishop
    Randy Vidal
    Thomas D’Aulizio
    David Fuller
    Lou DeCilio
    Patricia Gallagher
    Joseph McNeil
    Laurence Condon
    Brian Oliver
    Edmund Oliver
    Thomas Cotter
    William Harrigan
    Michael Ryan
    Patrick Gribbon
    Laura & Paul Hoydick
    John Florek
    Frederick Hyatt
    David Dunn
    Paul Antinozzi
    Patrick Rodenhour
    Andrew Testo
    Mike Henrick
    Thomas Brattaglia
    Rosati & Rosati
    Winthrop Woods Developers
    Burns Construction
    Good Erath Tree Core Inc
    N&S Electric
    The Carlsen Company
    Aircraft Facilities Group LLC
    Mt Showerdoor Inc
    Vimini Valmation Services
    Bridgeport Fittings Inc
    Main St Mortgage
    Mitchell & Sheahan
    Barnum Wine & Spirits
    Day Smith Steele LLC
    Karen Kaiser

  50. 50 stfdprofessor1

    It looks like an awful lot of high ranking people who are employed by Stratford BUT ARE NOT STRATFORD RESIDENTS. SO WHY IN THE HELL ARE THEY STICKING THEIR NOSES IN THE SALE OF OUR PROPERTY??? Very reminescient of the Miron “pay to play” campaign donor list. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    I urge all taxpayers to call of these bozo’s tomorrow and DEMAND an explaination.

    Dirty Stratford politics as usual!!!!!

  51. 51 Rockannand

    I disagee Professor. Miron (Dick or Jim) would never have gotten PERSONAL. This is not politics as usual for this or any other town. This needs to be called for what it is. Slanderous intimidation of private citizens who are exercising their rights.

  52. 52 jezebel282


    Miron had no qualms at all about getting personal. There is no rehabilitating Miron. Once a sociopath……

  53. 53 stfdprofessor1

    I also respectfully disagree Rock, Jim Miron had all of the top employees and town attorneys funneling him cash while gorging themselves at the public trough.

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