It's Today!

It’s Today!

Why are you here? Nothing has changed. You know what you should do. Go out and vote!


63 Responses to “Vote!”

  1. 1 stfdprofessor1

    Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers 🙂

  2. 2 jezebel282

    That’s what today is about. It’s time to send the message.

  3. Let’s paint Stratford BLUE, with maybe a couple dots of RED (Dumas / Antezzo)!

  4. 4 stfdprofessor1

    I’m with you PCS, I only wish YOU were on the ballot this year somewhere too!!!

  5. Professor ~ you wouldn’t have wanted to see my mug on that mailer! LOL Give me a few years – when I know my closet is clean (or at least the skeletons aren’t still talking) and daughter can take care of herself!

  6. 6 stfdprofessor1

    you’ve got a deal 😉

  7. 7 stfdprofessor1

    I went to the baldwin center this morning half expecting “John” to have his strumpet doing topless cartwheels in the parking lot trying to entice us old geezers to vote yes. Don’t laugh, they’ve tried everything else in the book to pull their swindle.

  8. How’s turnout? Any word / thoughts?

  9. 9 stfdprofessor1

    FOUR TO ONE AGAINST the sewage treatment sale!!!! YAAAAAaaaaaaaaay


  10. 10 stfdprofessor1

    Hey “John” since it’s now apparent the public knows you dont know what the hell you are doing (nobody budgets on a “maybe” sale), why don’t you just do us all a favor and resign now!!!

    You probably dont have the dignity for that so here’s some more help for your tanked budget. Start with laying off the idiot employees who are on this list:

    John Dobos $100
    John Frey $100
    Brian Albenze $500
    Jonathan Gottfried $50
    Heidi Vezzano $200
    Robert Connolly $150
    Sean Mitchell $50
    Robert McGrath $150
    Ronald Ing $50
    Christopher Pia $500
    John Harkins $100
    Michael Mauzerall $800
    Tim Bishop $1,000
    Randy Vidal $700
    Thomas D’Aulizio $100
    David Fuller $250
    Lou DeCilio $450
    Patricia Gallagher $100
    Joseph McNeil $100
    Laurence Condon $100
    Brian Oliver $100
    Edmund Oliver $100
    Thomas Cotter $200
    William Harrigan $500
    Michael Ryan $100
    Patrick Gribbon $100
    Laura & Paul Hoydick $150
    John Florek $225
    Tom O’Connor $25
    John Hughes $50
    Janine Hodgson $100
    Amy Knorr $50
    Ed Scinto $50
    Randi England $250
    Theresa Sheehy $250
    Jay Sheehy $250
    William O’Brien $25
    Brad Hittle $250
    Albert Schlager $25
    Dana Huff $100
    Robert Connolly $250
    James Stupak $75
    Raymond Martin $150
    Jim Connor $75
    Casmir Mizera $75
    Christopher Silhaney $75
    Bruce Jackson $75
    Robert Shriglio $250
    Robert Rosati $75
    Margo Paquette $75
    Peter Caroll $100
    Bill Neubauer $75
    Katrina Henrick $75
    John Miranda $75
    Norm Aldrich $100
    Frederick Hyatt $100
    David Dunn $150
    Paul Antinozzi $100
    Patrick Rodenhour $100
    Andrew Testo $425
    Mike Henrick $100
    Karen Kaiser $150

    With judgement like theirs we taxpayers would be MUCH better off with out them in our employ!!!

  11. 11 jezebel282

    No 7,823, yes 2,473

    Actually kinda surprised that there weren’t less on the for sale side.

  12. 12 Rockannand

    Tonight’s result was a total repudiation of the Harkins administration and total vindication for the people of Stratford. Our group got total confirmation of what we have believed for well over year, that when the people have the facts on what’s been going on down at Town Hall, they will do the right thing. I could not be more proud of what all the leaders and volunteers did to make the petition and referendum such a huge success and a victory for the people. The best is yet to come.

  13. 13 stfdprofessor1

    I saw the final election results and it was a landslide for common sense in Stratford…Lou Deceitful and the rest of the cronies…YOUR FIRED!!!


    Nice job on the disgusting flyer Tom Malloy, it helped out tremendously. Tina Manus keep your head high, these turds arent fit vacuum your carpets!!!

  14. 14 stfdprofessor1

    “I could not be more proud of what all the leaders and volunteers did to make the petition and referendum such a huge success and a victory for the people. The best is yet to come.”

    I agree 100% Henry, hats off tou you as well!!!

  15. So if the Yes PAC raised $30,000 and got 2,473 votes, that means they spent about $12 for every vote. Small wonder the Town is having financial difficulty. If the No PAC got 8,673 votes without any budget, they deserve to be put in charge.

  16. 16 stratfordvillageidiot

    Congratulations to the citizens of Stratford who voted to take their town back from Harkins and his cronies.

  17. 17 stfdprofessor1

    Let’s hope one of the first things the new Town Council does is look into and fix the extravagant raises and benefits “John” and his cronies gave to his department heads and administrators. Those need to be reverted back to where they were, two or three years ago, then those effected should be afforded a FAIR cost of living adjustment for the time period involved. THIS SHOULD INCLUDE THE REGISTRARS OF VOTERS POSITIONS. This extravagance is part of the reason we are 5 MILLION DOLLARS in the hole. Doling out this maddness during an economic crisis where every taxpayer is struggling has been nothing short of CRIMINAL. One look at all of those department heads and administrators on the “vote yes” donor list should tell us that much…FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

    The next place to stop the bleeding is the reckless and unnecessary spending by the town attorney. There should be no reason our legal fees are any higher than Milford, Trumbull or Shelton. We need a full time “on staff” lawyer, not someone managing a “litigation factory”…enough is enough. One look at all of those attorneys on the “vote yes” donor list should tell us that much too…FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

    Any LAYOFFS due to this fiscal mismanagement should come from the BLOATED TOWN ADMINISTRATION who helped create this mess with their own incompetence…AND NOT FROM the poor worker bees that actually provide the services we taxpayers PAY FOR.

    I also hope this new council FINALLY launches an investigation to see whether the mayor has had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a sUbordinate employee. This needs to be done so we can all FINALLY get the “restoration of the pride” and the “transparency” we were promised six long years ago.

    God bless all of you that brought the WPCA issue to our attention, all of you that worked so hard to bring it to referendum and all of you who took the time to vote today. You have given our town a second “second chance” and we are forever in your debt.

    Let’s make sure we dont blow this one, there is seldom a third chance.

  18. 18 jezebel282

    There are congratulations to be given. The first round of congratulations goes to Stratford voters who got out and did what they have a right to do; vote!

    The second round goes to Henry Bruce and Harold Watson for their remarkable patience and persistence. It’s like herding cats.

    There is much to be done. But today we celebrate!

  19. 19 1cyclops

    And celebrate you all should. Have a really great week. Then, sit down and begin to restore our pride and bring back our wonderful town.

  20. 20 missgreeneyes118

    Why is Harkins tasking the new council with finding a solution to a budget shortfall he and his Republican party cronies created?
    Where is the leadership from the mayor’s office?
    He wants to know where to cut?
    How about starting with the two high dollar registrars?
    Maybe a clerk or two.
    Trim out all the political friends who have been hired in the last six years?

    Apparently his registrars did not serve him well even though they are paid well.

  21. 21 mikereynolds

    “Why is Harkins tasking the new council with finding a solution to a budget shortfall he and his Republican party cronies created?”

    The last thing we need right now is for these knuckleheads to fix a budget hole before they all leave.

    Nothing should be done about the budget deficit until the new council is seated.

    This town is far better off letting the people elected last night try to fix this than the rubberstampers who got us into this mess in the first place.

  22. 22 jezebel282

    Because the last thing Harkins will ever do is accept responsibility for his awful decisions. Not only was the idea of selling off the sewer plant for pennies on the dollar an awful idea, he destroyed his 9-1 majority on the council rather than give it up.

  23. Anyone know who our two “Commissioners” would have been on the 11 member GNHWPCA? They would have each received a salary of $6,000/yr to get rolled over. I assumed they would be the usual suspects. Fredette? Santi? Fuller?

  24. 24 jezebel282

    Only $6k? Is that all 30 pieces of silver are worth nowadays?

  25. 25 jezebel282

    We are a bit disappointed that 66% of registered voters believed that their best course of action was to sit on their butts and do nothing.

    But we hope that the newly elected slates will remember why they were elected and continue to communicate with their constituents.

    We certainly don’t want to exchange Harkins/Decilio for Someone/Buturla.

  26. 26 missgreeneyes118

    Harkins will have to update his resume. He will have to remove the sewage treatment plant regionalization.
    But he can add on that he knocked down the coal towers.
    And he knocked down the contract plating building.
    He seems to be pretty good at wrecking stuff.

  27. 27 Rockannand

    Thanks Jez

    “There are congratulations to be given. The first round of congratulations goes to Stratford voters who got out and did what they have a right to do; vote! The second round goes to Henry Bruce and Harold Watson for their remarkable patience and persistence.”

    When i discovered your blog in April 2012 when Harkins locked the doors on the Theatre, little did i know that a small band of passionate citizens could create the result we saw yesterday. Even as recent as this past April, i did not think what just happened was possible.

    When i first moved here in 2006 and started questioning the shenanigans in this town, i was always told, “That’s Stratford”. I never accepted that for an answer and still don’t. The solutions to our problems lie with the people, not the politicians. I hope the newly elected remember that. I am not sure those in the RTC and DTC leadership positions get that however as they are two sides of the same coin.

    I wil be watching how this new group responds to the call from the people for a more responsive and responsible Town Council. I really do not want to have to go through this again in another 2 years.

  28. 28 stfdprofessor1

    “he knocked down the coal towers.
    And he knocked down the contract plating building.
    He seems to be pretty good at wrecking stuff.”

    He certainly wrecked his 9 to 1 majority on the town council, as well as wrecking his reputation AND he definately wrecked his marriage!!!

  29. 29 stfdprofessor1

    “I hope the newly elected remember that. I am not sure those in the RTC and DTC leadership positions get that however as they are two sides of the same coin.”

    If we don’t revert the charter NOTHING will change in the long term…NOTHING.

    It was all puppies and rainbows when Miron was defeated and we now see how that one turned out. Power corrupts…absolute power corrupts absolutely!!! FOLLOW THE MONEY

  30. 30 jezebel282

    Post Mortem item:

    Stratford sewer plant sale never had a chance
    By John Burgeson Updated 4:01 pm, Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    “Looking at the last eight months with the clarity of 20-20 hindsight…”

    We find that Mr. Burgeson’s hindsight is not even close to 20/20. His vision of the past is as clouded as his vision of the present.

    “Tuesday’s vote in Stratford was the culmination of a series of miscalculations and just plain bad luck for Town Hall. ”

    “Bad luck”? Seriously? “Luck”? Are you kidding?

    Tuesday’s vote had nothing whatsoever to do with “luck”. Rather, it was the culmination of hundreds of hours of hard work, walking the districts to obtain signatures, thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees, dozens of hours of research, dissemination of information through a variety of media and hundreds of hours of discussion and organization. All of which done by ordinary Stratford voters with nothing to gain except keeping their Town intact.

    “Stephen J. Nocera was regarded as the brains behind the sewer plant sale and he was good at articulating the reasons for making the move.”

    Oh no you don’t! Nocera did what he was told to do. This fiasco is owned entirely by Harkins. It was his idea (ok, maybe it was given to him by his nut-job Tea Party friends at ALEC), his mission, his direction and his execution. Harkins is the one who did the arm twisting through Decilio, Harkins is the one that squeezed the money out of his administrators and supervisors. Harkins is the one who “convinced” businesses to fork over their checks. And, let’s not forget, Harkins is the one responsible for those disgusting fliers.

    In the end, what did this awful deal in was not luck or miscalculation. What did this awful deal in was that it was an awful deal. It would have been nearly impossible to come up with a worse financial deal for Stratford residents than this one.

    What is lucky is that Stratford had enough citizens that were willing to say “No”.

  31. 31 mikereynolds

    More preferential treatment by John Burgeson towards John Harkins.

  32. 32 jezebel282


    We can hardly wait to read how Melvin Mason excuses Harkins. Maybe he’ll come up with the theory that the bill at was reversed and 7,500 voters meant “yes” and only 2,400 meant “no”.

    It’s amazing what these guys will do to stay on the press release list.

  33. I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by John Burgeson’s article. How sophomoric, he fails to cover the issue throughout the campaign and then he writes this opinion piece that has no basis in fact. I would have felt better if he just came out and said he was for the sale. And the Bethel reference is just idiotic as if there’s any comparison. Everyone in Town knows that the WPCA sale never had a chance because it was just a bad deal.

  34. 34 missgreeneyes118

    The problem is that the mayor entrusted his staff to present the information about the sale to the taxpayers.
    Harkins knew it was the right thing for Stratford.
    But he should have been the point man from the beginning.
    If he had properly explained it himself to the taxpayers from the beginning, the results would have been different.
    After all – when he explained the merits of the sale to his town council, they overwhelmingly approved the deal.
    In two years when the people look back, they too will see that Harkins was ahead of his time.
    A man of vison.
    It was just a big misunderstanding.

    I guess it’ll be time to announce the sale of the Army Engine Plant again….. just before the next election in two years.
    Another Harkins “shovel-ready” project?
    Hopefully its not the same shovel used to dig this budget hole.

  35. 35 Rockannand

    Miss Green Eyes
    “In two years when the people look back, they too will see that Harkins was ahead of his time. A man of vision. It was just a big misunderstanding.

    Almost had me there. He has as much vision as you would have if you ventured into the sewers. Here is the story no one wants to write. Harkins was State Chair of ALEC from pretty much the entire time he was in Hartford as state rep. As a GOP guy in Hartford he had to do something to stand out, right?

    Then he recently became National Chair of ACCE, the municipal sister of ALEC. He planned this deal the moment he became Mayor. Its all about privatization and screw all of us. The Star and the Post have had no interest in the story. This is a NYTimes piece or nothing.

    The one thing in the Post article I do agree with is that he relied on Nocera to put lipstick on this pig of a deal and when he left he had no one to cheerlead beside DeCilio, and look where that got him.

    He actually could have had a chance had he not denied the potion forcing us to sue. Had he accepted it then no 6 weeks in the press on how he was denying the people our rights. Then the YES gins all over town and the mailer were the final nails in the coffin.

    I am just surprised at how tactically stupid they were.I knew with the petition response we were going to win back in May, but i would have never guessed we would win by over 3-1. I mean this victory for the people was way bigger than i envisioned. I did predict 6 seats for the DEMs back in August, but not because of the brilliance of Lenny. He has delusions of grandeur. The WPCA issue was the reason the DEMs won, that simple.

    But now he will think he was the mastermind in their victory, but this was not a party victory but a PEOPLE victory. I’m actually glad we have 4 Republicans on the council because at least 3 will side with the DEMs on most issues vs Harkins leaving Llewelyn to decide which way the wind is blowing.

    The questions is whether someone takes a run at Lenny for DTC chairmanship. What not dream. We won the referendum and the council majority against the Mayor, why not dream of a total overall of the DTC and get the MIron holdovers and Buturla and Lenny wannabes and get the people’s candidates and DTC members in place while everyone is energized. That would be my preference.

  36. 36 Rockannand

    “More preferential treatment by John Burgeson towards John Harkins”
    More like his editors change whatever they don’t like. They routinely change his Headlines and copy to suit their agenda. John is a good guy, with a-hole bosses.

  37. I couldn’t disagree more. John’s bosses might be a-holes but he is the perfect fit. I don’t imagine anyone re-wrote his story so he needs to stick with the “bad luck” theory of your PAC having to come up with 30K out of pocket. There is no way I give him a pass, he chose to sleepwalk through the election, I would like to think if there are still journalistic standards, he could walk away from that dead-end job.

  38. 38 missgreeneyes118

    The mayor needs to task the Town Attorneys with selling our half of the river to Milford.
    Common law has us owning half, and selling is a win-win.
    We get the money and they are stuck patrolling the whole river.
    Then we can sell them the police and fire boats for another cool million.

  39. 39 Rockannand

    I don’t know who you are Miss GreenEyes, but most of agree we LOVE you.

  40. 40 Rockannand

    I give him a pass. Its the CTPost, not Woodward and Bernstein

  41. 41 stfdprofessor1

    Why don’t we sell Milford the entire town, they’d certainly manage it better.

  42. 42 missgreeneyes118

    We could learn a lot from Milford just compare the 2 budgets

    Similar populations and their attorney budget and registrar budget are much
    less than Stratford

    Milford budget, Shelton budget, Trumbull budget, etc.
    It is not hard to find a place where the taxpayers are put ahead of political interests and taxes are lower.
    You just look outside Stratford.
    The reason Milford and Shelton have strong and growing tax bases is because the people who have money want to invest wisely.
    With all the infighting and petty political attacks, it is no wonder Stratford’s economic development is lagging behind the other towns and cities.
    Where is the leadership to unite our citizens and elected officials?
    Who wants to be the laughing stock of the state?
    And we dole out take home cars like candy, wasting even more money.
    Obviously this perk has not been successful in getting the best candidates.
    Seems like the only things I can count on is higher taxes and threatened loss of services.
    Is the mayor system a mistake?
    Or is the mistake the candidates?

  43. 43 mikereynolds

    “Is the mayor system a mistake?
    Or is the mistake the candidates?”

    Since the other towns you pointed out; Milford, Shelton, and Trumbull, all have mayors and seem to be better managed than Stratford I would have to say the mistake is the candidates.

  44. 44 rex525

    Stratford two thumbs way up, you did it again. I have been watching this drama unfold from the safety of Wallingford and couldn’t help chiming in.

    M.R.- “Since the other towns you pointed out; Milford, Shelton, and Trumbull, all have mayors and seem to be better managed than Stratford I would have to say the mistake is the candidates.”

    Mike, I would tend to agree, BUT the major problem with Stratford has always been BOTH political parties seem to attract the worst we have to offer, and those people usually worm their way to the top in short order.

    It’s no secret that Stratford has been a corrupt town for decades, and the corrupt entities in both parties turn a blind eye to each others shenanigans (like town attorney over litigation for just one glaring example).

    That is the reason (IMHO) Stratford is much better off with a Town Manager. By design there is less political power within that system for the fools, crooks and incompetents to abuse. Its like having a “governor” on the engine of political corruption. Unfortunately due to the long sad culture of Stratford politics you need that.

  45. 45 jezebel282

    Rumor update:

    At the next meeting of the old weak and stupid Council, the following items are on the agenda:

    1. Rushing a vote on the theatre contract to block any efforts to the new council to kabosh SSG;
    2. Appointing Henrick to take Llewelyn’s place on the Zoning Commission;
    3. Appointing Fredette to take Henrick’s place as an alternate on the Zoning Commission; and
    4. Possibly putting forth an ordinance to have all appointments to commissions/committees mayoral appointments only to block the new council from possibly removing and replacing people like Fredette, DeCilio, etc.

  46. Jez ~

    Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water. Thought Stratford’s blue skies were looking more beaitiful!

    Yes, that’s what I’ve been hearing all day. I think a good showing at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday is NECESSARY!

    It kind of sucks – I heard very nice and complimentary things about Alan Llewelyn from a family member. I certainly hope that he wasn’t coerced into submitting his resignation this week, immediately after the election, in order for this to happen.

    We don’t want/need Henrick or Fredette on Zoning! Nothing good will come of it. I hear the Town Clerk, Pawluk, has been inundated with calls with respect to the need for a special election. I know people don’t want to hear that, BUT it’s honestly a good/necessary thing. We’ve come this far, if we want to look forward to a great bi-partisan future for the Town of Stratford, there should be a special election and not appointments chosen by the Republicans who us in this mess!

  47. My doomsday scenario is Kubic resigns as chairman, Forrester replaces him, Harkins quits as Mayor, and Gavin is sworn in.

  48. 48 jezebel282

    That has been Gavin’s plan since he got himself appointed to the Council.

  49. And since Harkins has one foot out the door………………

  50. 50 jezebel282

    Although with an 8-2 minority (Thanks, John ole buddy) it may not be as much fun as he thought.

  51. It wouldn’t be as much fun but in two years GF could take credit for all the heavy lifting that the new Council did.

  52. 52 jezebel282

    If we’re lucky the new council gets sworn in before 1/2 of Harkins’ term is up.

  53. 53 stfdprofessor1

    If this comes to pass the only heavy lifting GF will be doing is getting out of the new throne he’ll have installed in the council chambers.

    Only the RTC would be stupid enough to pull the Llewelyn/Hendrick/Fredette move, that would sour even more residents and further alienate the RTC Intelligentsia…on second thought GREAT IDEA LOU, sounds like a good plan!!!

    If that incompetent adulterer “John” doesn’t resign I will be SHOCKED. Either way it will be quite a show when the new council takes control. I hope the first thing they do is take back those HUGE pay raises, return the registrars to part time with no benefits and trim some of the fat by laying off some non-essential administrators, assistants, aides, chiefs and deputies!!! If the town manager could do it all alone then the mayor needs to step up and earn his salary too!!!

  54. 54 jezebel282

    The new Council is supposed to be sworn in on the first Monday in December. That is before Harkins term is 1/2 over.

    According to our wonderful charter if more than 1/2 of a mayor’s term remains when he resigns there must be a special election for mayor. Everybody votes.

    If less than 1/2 the term is left the Council Chairman becomes “acting” mayor until the next regular election for mayor. Nobody votes.

    We know Republicans love it when nobody votes.

  55. 55 ronmoreau

    f all is lost by the Republican leadership, who’s to say the council can’t vote to join the NHWPCA again. The courts only said we had the right to vote on it, not join it.

  56. 56 ronmoreau

    After all they are all ‘lame ducks”. They could really stick it to us.

  57. 57 jezebel282


    “Shall Stratford become a member (constituent municipality) of the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority, thereby transferring management and operations of the Stratford Water Pollution Control Authority, through the sale of all sewer system facilities, real property, and assets to GNHWPCA?”

    It would be absolute lunacy for the Council to disregarded a 7800-2400 drubbing at the polls. It would be even greater lunacy if GNHWPCA gave Stratford $0.25 for any property in this Town.

  58. 58 ronmoreau

    The next Mayoral election is 2 years away. 2 years for history to go away. The electorate forgets.

  59. 59 ronmoreau

    By the way they seemed to disregard the 7000 petition signers and that wasn’t lunacy?

  60. 60 ronmoreau

    3 times.

  61. 61 Rockannand

    “After all they are all ‘lame ducks”. They could really stick it to us.”
    From what i have read today and tonight they fully plan to stick it to us and the incoming Council. They have this meeting and the final one on 12/15 when they pass the baton. But they can do things before they pass it. And all signals say they plan to try. It will be really piss people off, but do you think Lou and Harkins care?

  62. 62 ronmoreau

    Try? They’re just cleaning up some old business.

  63. 63 Rockannand

    Really Ron?
    “Try? They’re just cleaning up some old business.”
    Tomorrow night’s Council Meeting agenda

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