Next Steps

Sometimes Voting Isn't Enough

Sometimes Voting Isn’t Enough

Rather than accept the near total rejection of the Republican Town Committee by the voters of Stratford, Harkins/Decilio intend to proceed with the balance of their agenda while they still can.

At the last regular Council meeting the Republican Town Committee and their last majority on the Council for a long two years or more will attempt to conclude some of their favorite sweetheart deals (it rhymes with “Hotel”) and stuff as many commissions and unelected positions with RTC favorites like Rich Fredette and Mike Hendrick as they can.

Thank goodness for citizens and voters that no ordinance can go into effect for thirty days (We learned that from the referendum, didn’t we?) and the new Council can override or kill any ordinance passed tonight. Why? Because except for one lone councilman-elect none of the new council members are afraid of Harkins/Decilio.


6 Responses to “Next Steps”

  1. 1 shanliss

    Jez! These people may have the ethics of the Corleones, but surely they can count? As in, thirty days before an ordinance takes effect. Are there not going to be Ordinance Committee meetings suddenly appearing on the Council Calendar? There must be more to this than a fit of pique, and we need to be ready for it.

  2. 2 jezebel282

    You mean like ignoring 7,000 signatures on the referendum petition? How many voted against the sale? Wait for it….7,400.

    But you are correct. We believe there is no limit to the depth they will sink.

  3. 3 stfdprofessor1

    I know nobody wants to hear it again…BUT…the only way to pound that stake is to revert the town charter.

  4. 4 Rockannand

    Lets se if the new group of Councilman can come together and develop a real agenda and coordinate/collaborate in order to counter the Harkins and DeCilio tricks that will continue.

    Unfortunately the next council meeting is not until 12/14 which is more than 30 days from last night. The current council can still conduct business on the 14th before they pass the baton. I did not see what ordinances they passed last night. They did not act on the Shakespeare contract … yet. They have one more shot at that.

  5. I believe Harkins/Decilio are waiting for Rockannand to schedule a fundraiser
    to pay off legal debts so they can schedule a special meeting on the Shakespeare contract for the same night.

  6. 6 shanliss

    Here’s a good date for a legal debts fundraiser, then: December 15th!

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