This activity has become redundant and it is time for it to come to an end. Hopefully citizens will find another way to express their opinions more effectively.


14 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. You will be missed and thank you for providing your civic-minded concern for our town over these years.

  2. 2 ronmoreau

    It’s been fun. Good luck in your new endeavors. Call me Jez.

  3. First time poster, long time follower. Thanks for the wisdom and the laughs.

  4. 4 stfdprofessor1

    That crook John Harkins and all the other crooker co-conspirators will be having a party tonight for sure…park the car but keep the keys handy!!!!!

  5. 5 stfdprofessor1

    I meant CROOKED co-conspirators…dagnab it!!!

  6. 6 rex525

    You will be missed dear lady, thanks for everything, especially your wonderful insight.

  7. 7 missgreeneyes118

    It is unfortunate that it takes public exposure and scrutiny to try and shame elected officials/town employees into doing the right thing.
    What ever happened to their oath of office and promises to do what is best for the town?
    Usually they have no shame and they eventually wear most decent people down.
    Then they are free to move on to their next victims, scams, misdeeds and crimes of moral turpitude. – usually at the taxpayers expense.

    The majority of the topics discussed on WordPress were of real valid concern to the taxpayers of Stratford – at least they should have been.
    But I understand the toxic state of affairs in Stratford Political arena.
    It has been a nasty place for many years – and in the last election the tactics were at their worst – especially with personal attacks on newcomers to the arena.
    That is why most people don’t wan’t to put themselves out there and run for office.
    It is a thankless job.

    But there are other perks and benefits for some who persevere and learn to work the system.
    Some folks do get involved – and are rewarded handsomely.
    Just look at the two gents in the Registrar’s office as an example of what party loyalty can do for you.

    Going forward – I hope Mr. Dumas is able to continue the work started here.

    We still need good people to expose those who put their own agenda and interests first, while claiming to be a public servant.

    The same old adage still applies: “Follow the Money “, it will lead you to the dirty truth.


  8. Been lurking here for years, will miss the inside scoop that couldn’t be learned elsewhere.

  9. 9 stfdprofessor1

    I havent been able to sleep cause of this!

  10. 10 stfdprofessor1

    I searched and searched the web until found an answer.

  11. 12 shanliss

    I too will miss this accurate, astringent commentary, and that’s just the ‘As’ for you. On the other hand, the real work of turning this ship around, scraping off the barnacles of apathy if you will, is now being done by real citizen sailors (sorry!) who need our help. Stratford has a couple of them from each party on Council now, independent, even insurgent, and they’re not backing down (which makes for lengthy meetings).

    While it would be great to see a few resignations at Town Hall before next year’s elections, that gravy train is just too satisfying, so we’ll have to roll up our sleeves and strive to keep them honest ourselves. We won’t have this blog to help connect the dots (and blow off steam!), but really, those dots live on in the stratfordcharter archive, and anywhere else from which the ghost of past injustice arises to remind us that we have work to do. To which I can only add these words from the Bard: “Well grubbed, old mole.”

  12. 13 1cyclops

    God Speed Jezebel – Be safe!

  13. 14 stratfordvillageidiot

    Thanks for hosting this forum for as long as you did.

    All good things must come to an end.

    Perhaps all bad things such as Harkins mayoral reign will end as well.

    Happy Trails!

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