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It’s been just about five months since Election Day 2015 and Stratford’s voters spoke loud and clear when they voted that November day.  They voted for change.  Well, we did get change, but not the change the voters expected.  The new Town Council, as a whole, not individually, seems to have already forgotten how to […]

 Who is holding Stratford together these days? We have a brand-spanking new Town Council (okay, not quite so new any more) and any hope for their ability to work in a bi-partisan manner for the betterment of the Stratford people vaporized about the time they were sworn in.  I won’t say all, but, it appears […] Stratford still hasn’t bounced back with any sort of significance since the 2008 economic downturn.  Property values for much of Stratford have not bounced back much at all.  The Harkins’ administration does not really appear to have vision for Stratford’s future other than a bunch of condos, apartment buildings with probably a few self-storage facilities […]

Since the original Jezebel hung up her hat, Stratford has been running rampant with fodder for this blog and that is why this Jezebel is impassioned to continue her legacy.  Here are just some of the political antics that have occurred of late: February 19th – DTC Chairman Len Petruccelli steps down and endorses Dick […]

 Wishing the original Jezebel all the best, however we just can’t let this blog go.  Stratford still has way too much happening especially after last night’s council theatrics.  There’s a new Jezebel in town so stay tuned!