“Crush the Crazies”! Really Lou?



A Special Election for the 5th Zoning District seat will take place on May 24. The 5th Zoning District covers Council Districts 9 and 10. Before relinquishing their seats, the former GOP-controlled Town Council chose 10th District council-seat loser Mike Henrick to fill the vacant seat, but that appointment was contested and Mark Juliano, is the chosen Democratic candidate looking boot “Hot Head” Henrick right back where he belongs – out of Stratford politics! Let’s hope he takes “Lacertilian” Lou right out with him. I’m sure there are good people in the GOP and if they were smart, they would kick these boys and a few others to the curb. They are really ruining any good left in the GOP reputation.

So, if the disgusting mailer the GOP sent out before the November election (you know, the one where good people were nastily portrayed) wasn’t enough, the name of the “Committee” for Mike Henrick’s zoning seat campaign just shows that not much changes in the GOP. They will continue to be who they are until the GOOD people of Stratford run them out of Stratford Politics and out of Town! It continues to be a disgusting portrayal of who they are and how they view everyone else but those in their circle.  This picture has been circulating around on FB thanks to Councilman Mark Dumas.

So, we pledge our support to Mark Juliano and hope the good voters of the 9th and 10th Districts will do the same. Mark worked tirelessly for the people of Stratford in order to help get the right information out about the WPCA sale. He was a newcomer, just looking to get involved for a good cause, and he is worthy of your vote. If there are any “crazies” to be “crushed” it’s those boys in the GOP!



2 Responses to ““Crush the Crazies”! Really Lou?”

  1. 1 Rockannand

    Nothing like seeing who the real Mike Henrick andLou DeCilio are. Mike is a political hack and bully who was involved in that flyer last fall. They are both basically telling the 7600 people who signed the petition and voted no to sell the WPCA plant that they are “the crazies”. Lou is an embarrassment to Stratford as the GOP registrar who draws a salary and has a pension from the town. What an example. I hope Mark Juliano kicks their ass.

  2. 2 jezebel0691

    I honestly thought the sane members of the RTC would oust these boys. That didn’t happen though. Begs the question of why? I agree Rock, these two are the crazies without a doubt.

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