Oink, oink, where could that pork fat be?


Pork fat image

So, not much more time before our new Town Council votes on the 2016-17 budget, which includes an unprecedented, never seen before, almost $8 million increase to the Board of Education Budget.  If they don’t get what they want, Superintendent Janet Robinson and COO, Clarence Zachery, have stated that it will be painful.  What they mean is that rather than cut from the top (you know, from 1000 East Broadway), and forego non-union raises (something that doesn’t seem to have ever happened over the last 10 years), they will cut teachers which in turn will increase class sizes, and hurt our children’s education.  So, they again will target the children and make the parents squeal.

We think, as taxpayers, we have the power to do something.  Whether or not we have children, we all could squeal loud enough to the Board Members of the Board of Education and make sure they start cutting the pork fat.  We have heard lots of ideas and “water cooler” talk about where to start on 1000 East Broadway.  So, let’s hear it.  Where would you cut the fat?  We’ve reviewed the BOE budget over and over and honestly, things don’t seem “kosher.”  Odd how Jim and Johnny could just bounce it right to the Town Council.

A few things to remember.  Whatever the Town Council does approve for the BOE, they have absolutely no say in how the money gets spent.  The BOE Board needs to force 1000 East Broadway to “tighten the purse strings.”  Next year, it won’t be $107 million they are asking for, it WILL be more, it’s always more.  Where does the overspending stop?  Yes, our children need the money, but there is never a guarantee that it will go to our children.

We are tired of all that extra pork fat in both the Town and BOE budgets, aren’t you?  Let’s start giving the Town Council and BOE Board ideas.  It’s our Town too.

3 Responses to “Oink, oink, where could that pork fat be?”

  1. 1 Rockannand

    Submitted on behalf of Stephanie Philips and the Executive Committee od the SDTC:

    Democrats offer plan to cap tax increases

    Stratford is a beautiful community but financial times are still tough and the town is still recovering. The grand list as a measure of economic development grew less than 1% last year. Mayor Harkins proposed 5% tax increase of $307 for an average homeowner can be daunting for many of our residents. In each of the seven budgets that he has presented, Mayor Harkins has increased the property taxes paid by Stratford’s residents and businesses considerably.

    An overwhelming majority of Stratford Democratic Town Committee members last week approved a responsible approach to protect taxpayers and we hope you will agree with our plan. We believe in the opportunity and future of Stratford which means working together across the aisle for the betterment of the entire community. Of course transparency and public debate is key.

    Our members, many of them your neighbors and friends, believe that the WPCA sewer fee should be reduced by $50 to $400/year and the town’s taxes should be capped to a maximum 2.0% increase which is consistent with most “cost of living” measures, and more importantly will allow Stratford to maintain all public services now provided; protect services to those most vulnerable; and give the BoE the economic resources it needs to improve the quality of our student’s educations.

    Our leadership has compiled a list of responsible reductions to the Mayor’s proposed budget. Our own analysis of town expenditures for last few years have found many savings by rolling back over funded line items, eliminating new and unfilled positions, reducing salary increases, and trimming a top heavy administration.

    On the education side, all of us are sensitive to the need for improving our schools with smart investment. However the current problems cannot be fixed in one year alone. While the mayor has proposed to fund the Board of Education’s request for a $8 million increase, we recommend spreading the increase over 2 years i.e. $4.5 million or 4% in 2017 and the balance in 2018 to insure accountability and ease the burden of a tax increase that could drive people out of town.

    Stephanie Philips, Chairperson
    Stratford DTC Exec Board

  2. 2 1cyclops

    Stephanie, Where can the public see your proposals?

  3. 3 Rockannand

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/WPCAStratfordGetAnswers/ See thread with the PDF. You can download and read. I love some of the proposed cuts in Town Hall staff

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