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The Town Attorney (from the firm of Berchem Moses & Devlin) has decided they want a “declaratory judgment” concerning the ability of the citizens to circulate in District 1 a Recall Petition. This is the second time an attorney has tried to stifle the rights of Stratford citizens. A “declaratory judgment” is when a party […]

Last night, Councilwoman Mitzi Antezzo, Chair of the WPCA Commission, stood up to the beast.  Much disrespect was tossed Mitzi’s way, but she stood her ground and well, chalk one up or the taxpayers!  Our sewer use fees will be decreasing to $396, from $450!  Kudos and thank you for serving the taxpayers and residents […]

So, another rumor floating around is that there is an Osprey Nest behind the Fire Station on Main Street. The Fire Chief parks his Town-provided vehicle directly under the utility pole where the Osprey are nesting.  Interesting fact is that the Osprey pairs have returned to this same site year after year adding to their […]

On Monday, May 9, our wonderful [cough, cough, choke] Town Council, headed by the amazing [cough,  choke, cough] Council Chair Beth Daponte approved the 2016-17 budget, with an historic amount of money given to the Board of Education.  While NOT what the Board had asked for, it was an never-seen-before amount which we can never […]

We are living in a world where Donald Trump could actually become POTUS. If that doesn’t tell you something about how people are seriously disgusted with politicians from Washington, D.C. right down through Anytown, U.S.A.  Who are the people jumping fast onto the Trump bandwagon?  It’s the middle-class!  Everyday people who are absolutely disgusted with […]

In the Connecticut Post article today, Council Chair, Beth Daponte, stated: “I realize that a lot of people are unhappy about a tax increase, but their anger is quite misplaced,” … “The mill rate for the 2015-16 fiscal year was set based on income from the sewer system sale that never materialized.”  Ms. Daponte, OF […]

“Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem”! Translated, “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.” A quote from Thomas Jefferson, to James Madison, in 1787. Also in that quote, Thomas Jefferson said that “societies exist under three forms sufficiently distinguishable.”  Of the three, the one seems most fair and just is a […]

November, just six months ago.  How fast some new members of the Town Council forgot their promises and really gave the taxpayers a screwing, and again, no KY! Last year, we had a backroom deal made by four Republican members of the BOE Board.  They made a deal with the Mayor to compromise on the […]