In the Connecticut Post article today, Council Chair, Beth Daponte, stated: “I realize that a lot of people are unhappy about a tax increase, but their anger is quite misplaced,” … “The mill rate for the 2015-16 fiscal year was set based on income from the sewer system sale that never materialized.”  Ms. Daponte, OF COURSE, the mill rate was based on income put in the budget THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!  We were under the impression, in that budget season, that what was added (you know, that $4.5 million that didn’t exist) was going to be realized by the sale of ‘Town-owned” properties.  That is what “KK” (you know, Karen Kaiser) said in a June 14, 2014 article in the Stratford Star (

Since being elected as District 1 Councilwoman, and since becoming Chair (which, we might add, happened through more backroom dealings), she has done nothing for her District 1 constituents and nothing whatsoever for Stratford, in its entirety. Mark Dumas AND Stephanie Philips both put out ideas to the Council, Ms. Dapote completely disregarded them.  As a matter of fact, she fights Mark Dumas on pretty much EVERYTHING he says or puts forth.  Has there been anything in the last 6 months she’s agreed on with him?  Many have tried to give her a chance, but honestly, she is a train wreck on the Town Council!

Let us not forget the October 9, 2015 Stratford Start letter where Ms. Daponte stated:  “I outlined the top five town issues that District 1 residents have identified of concern — 1) high property taxes, 2) WPCA, 3) Mismanagement and corruption; 4) Lack of leisure activities;  and 5) Environment.  This week, I  provide the approach I would take to address the first issue.”  Her idea was a “results-based budget approach.”  Well, the results-based budget approach she has taken just might get her recalled (yes, it could happen).  She participated in inflating Stratford’s government even further AND taking part in continued corruption with that over-inflation!

Not EVERYTHING in their proposals had to happen, that’s what negotiation is all about.  John Harkins, didn’t like some of the cuts, but only mentioned the ones that probably wouldn’t have been approved ($53,000 cut to the VNA or Sterling House Food Bank).  But what the Mayor really hated was the thought of cutting his “fat staff,” you know people like the CAO, positions in Economic Development and Human Resources, and others.  What about a roll-back on raises?

Stratford Town Hall is beyond top-heavy. The Mayor has an entourage and his entourage has an entourage.  Where does it end?  Cuts should have and could have been made to his top heavy administration, some serious shredding needs to be done to the amount Stratford spends on lawyers, etc.  What else did we pay for?  Of course we paid for the Mayor defending his sale of the WPCA in court, we paid

We thank Mitzi Antezzo for her honest statement in the Connecticut Post article where she said the budget workshops had little value added to the budget process and quoting from that article: “All we did was to meet with department heads,” she said. “Are they going to tell you where to make cuts to their departments?”


  1. We should give Ms. Daponte credit for being able to identify high property taxes as a number one concern.

  2. 2 missgreeneyes118

    DaPonte is no different than the rest of the politicians who have been playing fast and loose with tax dollars for many years.
    A new face with the same old greed, power grabs and political patronage.
    On paper she claimed to have the credentials to move Stratford forward to fiscal responsibility and tax stability.
    But watching her run meetings reminds me of 3 stooges reruns.
    Only it is not funny when it is destroying our town.
    I wish Mr. Dumas was the chairman.
    His actions have shown he is a man of his word – interested in what is best for the Town, not his political party.

  3. 3 jezebel0691

    MissGreen, I wholeheatedly agree on wishing Mark Dumas was council chair. Things may be running a lot different. He is a man of integrity and does have the people’s and our children’s best interests in mind when he is voting.

  4. 4 Rockannand

    What Beth does not accept is that there is no majority on the Council. That was something that needed to be constructed and developed over the past 6 months. But from the beginning she tried to put “rules’ in place to establish her majority of 4 (Young, Harden, Gresko and her) and stop progressives and “people’s candidates” like Manus, Dumas and Mitzi from having a voice and a true seat at the table. She was never part of the Vote No movement which became clear as soon as she was elected. It was a means to an end and an agenda that is becoming quite transparent. She is a pawn of the establishment – Buturla and the Miron and Ganim Democrats.

    Her other BIG failing has been to totally obstruct anything that Stephanie has put forward. Beth thinks that has Council chair, she is more powerful and influential then Stephanie as DTC chair. Beth does not realize how much more popular and influential Stephanie is all over town and now working with Stephanie will be her ultimate undoing.

    How can someone so smart be so dumb?

  5. 5 mikereynolds

    Smart in school, dumb on the bus.

  6. Ms. Daponte is flat-out tone deaf and she must have no understanding of how unfavorably she is perceived throughout town. The complete opposite of Ms. Philips.

  7. 7 jezebel0691

    Alwaysleft, I don’t think she cares to be honest. She couldn’t fit in Stephanie’s shoes, that’s for sure. Stephanie is a ray of sunshine in Stratford without even comparing her to anyone else.

  8. 8 missgreeneyes118

    Rock makes it good point.
    Having the opportunity to attend higher education does not equate to the ability to read people or influence situations.
    Your actions speak louder than your words when trying to lead…. or inspire…. or manipulate those around you.
    And common sense is not something you can get by reading a book.

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