Broken, Broken, Broken!



We are living in a world where Donald Trump could actually become POTUS. If that doesn’t tell you something about how people are seriously disgusted with politicians from Washington, D.C. right down through Anytown, U.S.A.  Who are the people jumping fast onto the Trump bandwagon?  It’s the middle-class!  Everyday people who are absolutely disgusted with living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Everyday people watching their life savings depleted by the outrageous cost of living.  Everyday people doing everything they can to stick to a budget and cutting out necessities like medicines and food.  So many bypassing having families because they just aren’t affordable.  A search of and Zillow indicates almost 500 homes up for sale (including foreclosure sales) in Stratford and there are approximately 211 in pre-foreclosure. What do those numbers tell you?

We had an election in November. We got what we wanted – change.  Right from the start it didn’t appear that change was good.  Nastiness from the Council Chair right out of the gate.  Now, she went back on her pre-election word and really stuck it to the taxpayers of Stratford.  So, let’s give it a month and revisit this issue.  By then, how many homes will be willingly put up for sale (although not entirely willingly, but forced due to the budget vote)?  By then, how many more homes will be in pre-foreclosure?  Right now, it’s over 700 homes in total.  Our local government is severely fractured.

Yesterday, Joe Gresko resigned as Councilman of the 5th District.  Working two “positions” – that of councilman and State Representative, having won for an interim period Terry Backer’s seat following his death, he is going to pursue that seat for a full term in the November election.  In all honesty, I have nothing against Mr. Gresko, but his timing is questionable.  Immediately following the budget vote?  How much more planned could that have been?  We might have been represented better had he chosen to resign after winning as State Representative and allowing a special election to occur.  We might have had someone that wasn’t following the purse strings of the Chairwoman of the Town Council, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

We seem to be living in a world where it’s acceptable to be corrupt and lie to get places – much like cheating in school and on tests. Much like cheating to get into and through college.  It happens every day, but it’s not right.  The more we tolerate these activities, the more they will happen.  So, it’s time to rise up and eliminate the cheating, lying and corruption.

When will we get the kind of change needed to get Stratford, Connecticut and basically the United States back on track to something better? Lord knows the middle class deserves it.  So, this Jezebel fully supports a recall of Council Chairwoman Beth Daponte.  It appears she is “fractured” as well and besides not even knowing Robert’s Rules, she doesn’t seem to care.  Again, the first step on this venture of recall was sidestepped and the Town Clerk, again, chose to seek the advise of the Town Attorney.  Another “game play” by the power players of Stratford politics.  Of course, the Town Attorney will opine how they see fit to fulfill their dreams.  But, for some of this Town Council, it will be a one-and-done, if they don’t either resign or get recalled first.  It’s up to us to put the pressure on our Councilpersons make things right.  According to Robert’s Rules, it can be done.  There are provisions for reconsideration.  If Beth Daponte wants to stay true to her word that got her elected, she just might want to go back and do that or save us the trouble and resign.  Councilmen Young and Harden may just want to go through the budget and do what is right as well.  If not, and they don’t have the time to dedicate, resignations just might be in order.


7 Responses to “Broken, Broken, Broken!”

  1. Remember when Jesse Ventura got elected as Governor of Minnesota? Mr. Bee said to me: Wow, that is one pissed off state.

  2. 2 jezebel0691

    Jen, Jessie Ventura said in a recent article that “as a complete independent I despise the two parties, and I love the fact that they’re crumbling before our eyes with these two candidates.” That couldn’t be a truer statement. On a national and local level, a distrust of both democrats and republicans is growing fast. It couldn’t be more evident as we have right here in our used-to-be quaint hometown. I couldn’t help thinking that the more they squeeze us, the more will up and leave and before we know it, all of central Stratford will be TOD homes for transients. And with the old adage of “history repeating itself” transient housing will become low income housing and we will be “little Bridgeport.” I could be wrong, but that looks to be the direction John Harkins is taking Stratford.

    His attempt at TOD mixed use for Center School is almost laughable. Call the Railroad Manager and ask how many names are on the wait list. Now, what is the anticipated size of the parking garage? Originally it was 600-700, but that wouldn’t even knock off the wait list. So are we going to have more garages going up all over the place too?

  3. 3 1cyclops

    To recall an elected official because you don’t approve of the vote she took is a little much, just say’in. Every official will fear voting. You should take a second look at this action.

  4. 4 jezebel0691

    Cyclops, Stratford is a beast all of its own. I understand your point and normally recall would be used due to the elected official participating in something illegal. So much happens behind closed doors in Stratford that how do we know for sure there wasn’t a bit of “illegal” in there.

    Beth has run the Town Council since she was elected Town Chair (an appointment, we might add, that was done via another backroom with a little BOE chair appointments mixed in) more like a dictatorship (dare I say communistic). Stratford has lots of dirty hands. It might make an elected official thing twice before making deals with the devils of Stratford. Just sayin’.

    There’s a little too much crazy up there for the taxpayers and we are going to be so screwed over the next year and even far longer. There’s no going back if these things (the budget, the overinflated administration and BOE) aren’t fixed now.

    If you or I lied to a client like KK did to the taxpayers via the Stratford Star 6/2014 article, we’d lose our jobs. What will she get? A BIG FAT RAISE, while we have so many suffering.

  5. 5 stfdprofessor1

    “What will she get? A BIG FAT RAISE, while we have so many suffering.”

    That’s not the only BIG FAT thing she got it town hall…just sayin!!!

  6. 6 1cyclops

    I don’t believe you will ever be issued those Petitions to recall. The attorney and town clerk have apparently found a loophole.

  7. 7 jezebel0691

    Interesting. It would appear they have no regard for the people’s rights. Stratford taxpayers have been pretty loud about that lately and won twice already.

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