Thanks for your service, but your services are no longer needed!



On Monday, May 9, our wonderful [cough, cough, choke] Town Council, headed by the amazing [cough,  choke, cough] Council Chair Beth Daponte approved the 2016-17 budget, with an historic amount of money given to the Board of Education.  While NOT what the Board had asked for, it was an never-seen-before amount which we can never go back from, by statute.  Rumor has it someone made a calculation error [deep sigh, would that be the COO?] and said that they didn’t need the entire $7.4 million, so I think they were approved for somewhere in the $6.5-$6.8 million range.

So, we ask, why were 21 CIAs laid off YESTERDAY? These are people who seem to be the lowest on the totem pole of East Broadway.  They are sometimes one-on-one with special needs children who need to have that care when in school.  If ANYONE sees anything in the minutes or hears anything that the IVORY TOWER will be getting raises, than this is just plain wrong.

Are you all as confused as I am by this occurrence at the BOE?


2 Responses to “Thanks for your service, but your services are no longer needed!”

  1. Confused? Not me! The only ones who said the extra 7 or 8 million dollars was for educating children were John Harkins and Jim Feehan. We already know that those two just don’t know how to tell the truth.

    And then there’s Beth Daponte who knows there’s no BOE budget that makes any sense. She sure pushed it through.

    But it’s all about the kids, isn’t it? HAHAHAHA!

  2. This helps to explain why Stephanie Philips two year phase-in for the was so ingenious. The BOE would have known now what their increase would be a year from now so they could plan accordingly. But now we have moved the baseline to a $106.7 BOE budget which a year from now will need to be funded along with the usual cost of living, contractual, and fixed expense increases.

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