Now I Know Why We Have It!



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  1. And it only cost Stratford taxpayers $1.1 million for the tower ladder! Thank goodness we didn’t have to use the other 100′ tower ladder hidden in Oronoque. People might start wondering why we have two.

    “The two children were about 25 feet off the ground, he said.”

    Wait! What? 25 feet off the ground? And, being Stratford, we had to call out a brand new $1.1 million 95′ tower ladder? How about a free ladder from someone’s garage?

    And we wonder why taxes are outrageous here.

  2. 2 mikereynolds

    You want to stand on top of a 25 foot ladder and try to safely get 2 kids down genius?

  3. Of course not. I wanna run out and buy a million dollar apparatus because everyone knows that a 95 ft tower ladder is the only thing you can use to get someone down from a height of over ten feet.


  4. 4 jezebel0691

    The point is that it cost taxpayers $1.1 million. Granted, it’s safety equipment, but where are the buildings in Stratford that would necessitate use of that type of equipment? It’s all so confusing. And who facilitated the purchase of that equipment (we have two, right)? I need to look back at the records, but wasn’t it Jim Feehan’s company? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Now, It’s been decades since I took trig, but I still remember the side of a triangle is longer than it’s height. Meaning you you don’t have to have a skyscraper to require a 95ft ladder. It might only be a 60ft tall building (not uncommon in Stratford), but because of access, terrain, obstacles, or safety issues, the truck can only get to within 50-60ft of where it’s needed. If my rusty math is correct, that common scenario right there requires at least an 80ft ladder. Plus we have plenty of even taller buildings in Stratford. The Stratford Hotel is about 75ft tall. That right there needs a 95ft long ladder to reach the top. With all the waste in town, the price of a firetruck we do obviously have need of should be the least of our worries.

  6. 6 jezebel0691

    Okay, you’ve offered a viable explanation. But we have two. What are the chances two are needed at the same time. I don’t know, just being devil’s advocate here. It’s a great deal of money, and in a Town with a “tax and spend” administration, couldn’t it have been more wisely spent?

  7. We do have two tower ladders. The other one is well hidden in Oronoque.

    But let’s see if we can use a the Pythagorean theorem ( plain old geometry) . You have a 95 ft tower ladder and you have to park it say half the distance of the ladder from the building. Let’s go with 45 feet. A squared plus B squared = C squared. That’s an 89 foot tall building. We don’t have one of those. Oh, the Stratford Hotel, you say? Does the hotel pay $1.1 million in property taxes? Has the hotel in its whole history ever paid $1 million in taxes?

    And doesn’t the new tower ladder need a pumper truck to go with it (say another half million)?

    No one is criticizing fire fighters here…ok, maybe the chief and his poodle deputy chief. But we just can’t afford every shiny new toy that they see in Firefighter Today.

    And if you have to justify $1.1 million truck because two kids got stuck 25 feet up….to prove that you finally got to use it that’s just insulting to every taxpayer.

  8. How old is the 2nd one?
    I’m a firm believer in the old adage “two is one and one is none” when it comes to anything critical, and life-saving equipment is as critical as it gets in my book. Poop happens. God forbid Murphy’s Law strikes and the day we really truly need it, it breaks down.
    Also, Where is the second one kept? Oronoque? It’s a 10-15 minute drive from Oronoque to Lordship on a good day. 20 minutes or more if there is traffic. And there is always traffic. When we really need it, we need it right now, not 20 minutes from now. Emergency services are one of the few things I actually expect to pay taxes for. I’m fine with a few bucks a year of the many thousands I pay in taxes going for a second ladder truck across town when we have tall buildings in both areas.

  9. 9 jezebel0691

    Chris, I’m all for having proper emergency equipment, but we also need to look at things in terms of necessity. We have not one, but two, 100 foot ladder trucks. When things happen, don’t other communities offer assistance (e.g., Bridgeport, which I believe has a Fire House on the other wide of East End Yacht Club are). I could be wrong.

    The past and present administrations of Stratford of far from efficient with anything. They piss away money because they can. No one is stopping them. The only ones getting rich here are them.

  10. I did not say that. I said it is hidden in Oronoque. It was supposed to be sold to defray the cost of the new tower ladder and the new pumper truck to follow. The “older” tower is actually taller and has a pump. It was never, ever meant to cover just the north side or south side. That’s just where it’s being hidden.

    But hey, why not buy one of those helicopters that can dump thousands of gallons of water. Just in case there a fire in Remington Forest. We can train our firefighters to drop in from the helicopters too!. Just in case, right? You don’t mind spending the money, do you? You’ll be “safer”. No wait. Let’s get two! “TWO is one and one is none.” We could have used the helicopter to lift the kids off of the Ferris wheel.

    If we don’t start making choices the choices will always be more costly and made by someone else.

  11. Now you’re getting silly. I’m done. The original post seemed to question why we need a 95ft ladder truck at all. I provided reasonable examples. Heck, the ferris wheel itself is 70ft tall. Had this happened Friday night instead of Wednesday, there most likely would have been people trapped 70ft up as well as 25. I’m sure if it was your kids trapped 70ft up, you wouldn’t be complaining about a million dollar fire truck.
    Is it a lot of money? Sure, but that’s what they cost. It’s not like they paid a mil for a $500,000 truck. In the overall scheme of things, it’s money well spent to protect our residents. And BTW, it was n’t that long ago when we had not one, but 2 firetrucks taken out of service when someone crashed into them while they were working a call. If I remember right, one was totaled, and we had to rely on neighboring towns for for protection for quite some time. So having a spare “hidden” somewhere might not be such a bad idea.

  12. Hey guys you’re right about the 2 laaders (tower) fire trucks. Don’t forget the 70 foot ladder truck on Huntington road. The Town got a deal on that for 700k. I don’t see why you guys have such a problem with buying our hometown heroes the stuff they need. To have a first class fire department it costs money. These guys deserve the best as the chief realizes and that is why he spares no expense when buying stuff. How can they be the best without having the best? It is nice to see a chief that demands the town buy what the guys need. The guys at the station say the chief has spent more in the last 5 years than the department did the 15 years before. Good for him.

  13. A 25 year guy said the reason the fire department has the ladder truck at the other station is because they were trying to sell it at one time but the guys were messing around with the truck and broke it. Town had to pay A LOT to fix it up again. The chief paid more to fix it then it was worth so he had to keep it. There is nothing wrong with having spare eqipment. They can use it when other trucks break down.

  14. We can play what if forever. What if it was crowded and 70′ up? Why not on fire too? How about if it was set by aliens? The truth is that Stratford has 3-4 structure fires per YEAR. None of them in a building that required a 100′ tower truck. And the likelihood of the only building catching fire that anyone can identify as perhaps needing a 95′ tower truck is minute. And the truth here is that two kids were 25′ up. They were certainly lucky they weren’t plucked off the Ferris wheel by osprey and dropped on an AC unit or the chief’s car. (Dropping kittens? Really?)

    It is the same mindset as paying six figures to an Economic Development Director just in case a company wants to move here. Or paying a quarter of a million per year to a superintendent in the hope that education here will get better.

    Nobody wants to make the hard choices that will keep families here and thriving. If you are serious about fire safety, expand the fire marshall’s office. Prevention is the best firefighting method of all. The best firefighter is a cool and dry firefighter.

    But we must start taking responsibility and begin asking the questions and making the hard choices.

  15. 15 missgreeneyes118

    The Town needs to limit the size of Ferris wheels in town until the Board of Education chairman Feehan can put together a deal for bigger truck.

  16. 16 Rockannand

    But since Henrick cannot seem to get elected anymore, there is no one to sneak a deal for a no-bid firetruck for Feehan. But then again Harkins has #recallbeth now to rubber stamp his budgets.

  17. 17 Rockannand

    Seems Mr Feehan has responded that his company has never sold any ladder trucks to the town and thus has never profited from those transactions. Guess we will have to take him on his word here unless someone knows something different.

  18. 18 missgreeneyes118

    We need a FWRC…Ferris Wheel Rescue Commission.
    They will determine the user rates to paid when these carnivals roll into town with these old Ferris wheels.
    The Town needs to set up a booth at the carnivals and change a ladder truck fee for all riders – in the event the wheel stops and they need to be rescued.
    The fee would also cover the Tilt-a-Whirl, rollercoaster, and any other rides that have riders more than 6 feet off the ground.
    The money raised will just about cover the fuel costs of rolling that huge truck out of the house.

  19. 19 jezebel0691

    Um, yeah, and all politicians (especially Stratford’s) are honest, right? Does Mr. Feehan’s response include “facilitation” of the purchase? We’ll dig back into the archives.

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