Don’t Jump! Just Step Down…………………PLEASE!


Step Down


Sorry for the lapse in postings good people, but so many other things took priority.

Thank goodness for social media (Facebook and Twitter), since there has been some great coverage of things happening in Stratford.

We couldn’t let this one get away though a little more than six months in and in this week’s Stratford Star we get two letters, one from the Council Chair, Beth Osborne Daponte, touting the accomplishments she orchestrated ( and the other from the DTC Chair, Stephanie Philips, requesting that the Council Chair, Beth Osborne Daponte, step down as Chair of the Town Council ( Only in Stratford my good people, only in Stratford.

Nowhere in Ms. Daponte’s letter did she mention how she managed to offend so many in not only her District, but those of Councilmen Wali Kadeem and Dave Harden (Districts 3 and 4).  You know, the “incident” during a recess at a recent Council meeting where she made the comment “F$%* the South End” because Councilman Kadeem wanted to work for things in District 3, a district that has long been neglected by prior Town Councils. Councilman Harden was there for the discussion and not only did HE hear that comment, but so did is young daughter.  Not very nice.  Her apology on July 11, bogus.  Not a true apology at all.

And then, to add gas to the fire, she called Councilman Kadeem’s requests “pork”! However, in reviewing the 2016 LoCIP Guidelines there is an item that allows for use of LoCIP funds for public park improvement (it’s Item H – Public Park Improvement in the statute).  Improvements to the long-neglected Juliet Lowe Park is one of the things Councilman Kadeem was requesting.  But, in her half-baked “apology” she referred to Councilman Kadeem’s requests as “pork”!  Ms. Daponte, it’s not “pork” when there is money for these types of improvements that can be obtained from the State, and money has been put every where else but in the South End!  According to the 2016 Certified Municipal Entitlements for 2016, Stratford’s balance as of March 1, 2016 was $656,200.33.  I’m sure there’s a little there for the long-neglected South End area of Stratford (unless, of course, Council Chair Daponte has it all spent already).  Over the last 10 years, Stratford has received just under $400,000 each year for LoCIP.  That’s almost $4 million in 10 years, there was a balance of $656,200.33 as of March 1, 2016.

Another reason for utilization of LoCIP funds is Item U – land acquisition, including for open space, and costs involved in making land available for public uses.  Would Council Chair be “poo-poo’ing” on Councilman Kadeem’s requests in order to purchase the controversial piece of land on James Farm Road?  Inquiring minds would really like to know the answer to that.  Keep your eyes on the prize good people of Stratford.  You can follow LoCIP spending on the posted monthly “Project Authorization List” on Connecticut’s Office of Policy and Management website (  Know where money is going!  It’s your tax dollars that come back for spending!

The bottom line is that this Jezebel agrees without hesitation with DTC Chair, Stephanie Philips, request that the Council Chair step down. She is unfit for that position and will without a doubt do more harm than good during her term.


10 Responses to “Don’t Jump! Just Step Down…………………PLEASE!”

  1. ::sigh::
    I don’t live in these districts but these citizens are still my neighbours. These citizens live OUR town. Their quality of life should be important to all of us. We are all stakeholders here.
    You know, as crass as she (purportedly) was, I actually prefer when political leaders vocalize their elitism. Daponte clearly does not share my values. I will quote Eleanor Roosevelt again in this context: “We all do better when we all do better”. This is our town! Let’s make sure we do right by all of our citizens.

  2. 2 jezebel0691

    jenbee, are you saying you “agree” with the Council Chair’s comments? I’m not sure why vocalizing “elitism” would be viewed as a good thing. There was no “purportedly” about it, she said it. She admitted saying it so it’s beyond the allegation stage.

  3. 3 1cyclops

    Councilman Kadeem loves his work on behalf of his district. For the council chair and fellow political colleague to have spoken to him in the manner alleged was unprofessional and heartless. I do not support the recall movement against her based simply because of her vote. I do however support the message that she must “clean-up” her conduct, or she should give up the chair. There is no place in politics for language such as she espoused against a fellow council person and the fact that she is the leader of the council makes it all the more egregious. I expect much more from such leadership. I am so disappointed Beth, and I know you are much better than that.

  4. I’m confused. Are we recalling Beth, keeping Center School open or locating a parking garage? Are we just going to let this bloated budget slide and hope for the best next year? Are we going to accomplish anything or just whine about everything?

    There is no Stratford “center” by the way. There never has been. Paradise Green is a viable small retail center and we have at least four shopping centers for big box lovers. Those values will go up with the addition of Exit 33 north and south bound.

    What we don’t have is control of our taxes.

  5. 5 Amphitrite

    Well, according to the town attorney last night, if the residents call for a recall it is “his right” to refuse to assist them with charter legalities and he has “higher priorities” than the residents’ signed petitions. Talk about “without representation”.

  6. Amp,

    Well, the Town Attorney would be effectively representing his client, the mayor.

    The awful way our charter is written says the Town Attorney is appointed by the mayor and serves at the mayor’s pleasure. The mayor approves all Town Attorney invoices for billable hours and the mayor approves the pursuit of any legal action.

    Who did you think the Town Attorney represented? The citizens?

  7. 7 Amphitrite

    Oh. :I I see. sigh.

  8. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that a private citizen like Henry Bruce, who only tried to do the right things for the people of Stratford gets his named smeared all over the local paper and all sorts of Facebook pages for an out of state offense. While on the other hand we have an ex Chief Administrative Officer whom Harkins put in charge of all Town Operations settling a civil case of over $300,000 in (at best) a misguided appropriation of someone else’s money. In addition to that, we have an elected Councilman and chairman of the Public Safety Committee ( Let’s repeat that: Public Safety Committee) arrested and charged with assault in the 3rd degree, disorderly conduct and unlawful restraint. Seriously? You are going to beat your wife and then go sit on the Town Council and Public Safety Committee and vote on the PD budget? Are you kidding? Where are the calls for his resignation? Where are the calls for a forensic audit of the Town budget after news of this $300,000+ “settlement”?

  9. 9 stfdprofessor1

    “Are you kidding? Where are the calls for his resignation? Where are the calls for a forensic audit of the Town budget after news of this $300,000+ “settlement”?”

    That’s because NOBODY GIVES A CRAP anymore, they’ve quit and are acting like the beaten dogs they are. The chief executive gets to literally SCREW one on his employees then give her a big fat raise and nothing is done AND NOBODY GAVE CRAP. Today they had the Shakesbeer festival and it only ran from 12 to 6PM…there was quite a bit of talk there that his royal highness King “John” only approved a six hour window because his buddies at the x-roads brewery didnt want the competition…but you know what??? NOBODY GIVES A CRAP!!!!! The big joke of it is King “John” knows it and that is EXACTLY WHY IT WILL KEEP HAPPENING!

  10. You are probably right. There was not even an eyebrow raised when the largest BOE increase in 375 years was passed right through without discussion. What’s another $7 or $8 million anyway?

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