No, This Is Not Normal




We are making a rare guest appearance here in our old hang out. We felt it necessary to make a few points after November 8th. We cannot imagine a circumstance at which any point in the next four years will be “normal”. Currently nothing commentators, pundits, experts or even supporters say can make this situation normal. For the first time in living memory nothing a candidate said disqualified him from holding office. Literally nothing. In fact, this candidate stated he could walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and he would still get elected. He’s probably correct. Nothing he says or does makes a difference to the Trumptards who voted for him. Not his previous statements, not his glaring conflicts of interest, not his poor management skills (Who loses $1 billion on a casino?), not his misogyny, racism, bigotry, narcissism, bullying nor anger. It just doesn’t matter. He can tell three lies per sentence and no one cares. Certainly not his Trumptards.

There are many voices that are saying to give him a chance. Why? Did he earn it? This is the same person who claimed for eight years that Barack Obama was an illegitimate president because Obama was born in Kenya and was probably a Muslim.  And, as a reminder, Barack Obama won both the popular vote and the Electoral College…twice. Some people hold out hope that he will nominate someone stable to a cabinet position or White House staff who will provide “balance”. That is only wishful thinking. Nothing in the past indicates that there is any sort of balance within this person. We’ll only get more old white male bigots. Did that sound bigoted? Apparently this guy can say it and no one thinks it’s bigoted. Which brings us back to our point:

This will not be a normal four years. Everything this country of immigrants has fought for will be challenged. Rights will be taken away from groups that have fought and died for them. Voting rights have been under quiet threat for years. Now, it won’t be so quiet. Education will become more expensive and rarefied. If it is not denigrated. There will be massive efforts to dumb everything down.  Up will be called down, failure will be called success and rich will be called poor. It’s not reality TV anymore. It’s reality. It  just looks like a bad TV show.

Maybe in four years the Trumptards will be angry that they’ve been lied to. But they are willing believers right now. It is up to the rest of us to keep what we believe intact and fight against those who will take it away.

Here are some good places to start:


Note: We are not signalling our return. We now return you to your previous blog editor.


9 Responses to “No, This Is Not Normal”

  1. 1 Rockannand

    And to make matters worse, the #Trumptards (love that hashtag handle) will embolden our version of white male bigots in town to say and do even more hateful things. I heard that two weeks ago at a staff meeting that his (dis)honor referred to all of his critics as “lunatics”. When you treat your constituents with disrespect and blame them for your own shortcomings and dumb mistakes, you forfeit the right to be treated with any kind of respect in return simply because you are an elected official.

  2. Rock,

    Harkins has shown us (at our expense) what happens when there are no checks or balances for a chief executive.

  3. 3 ronmoreau

    WOW. This site just went down the crapper.

  4. 4 Rockannand

    Says you Ron? I think this is one of his best posts in quite some time.

  5. 5 ronmoreau

    And what does this topic have to do with Stratford Politics?

  6. Ron,

    Really? Just Trump’s windfall tax plan for the wealthy would suffice. But appointing a climate change denier and former Exxon employee as EPA chief should send shivers down Stratford residents spine. We live in the Raybestos waste capitol of the world. We are also totally dependent upon the federal government to remediate the SAEP property.

    We could talk about the increase in mortgage interest rates under Trump and the ability to sell a home in Stratford.

  7. 7 ronmoreau

    And what has Washington done for Stratford the last 8 yrs under Obama? The Federally owned SAEP has gone nowhere. The EPA wants to shuffle pollutants from one end of town to another. I have an angry councilman labeling all Trump supporters, misogynists, racists, homophobes, bigots, uneducated etc. Trump is not even President yet. It appears to me that those on the ‘left’ are the ones that are the intolerant bigots and bullies

  8. Ron,

    Eight years? How about twenty plus years? Not everything is Obama’s fault.

    ” all Trump supporters, misogynists, racists, homophobes, bigots, uneducated etc”. They’re not? Have you heard Trump or Pence speak?

    Of course, we can argue all day about what Trump might or might not do. Once he decides what it is he is going to do, that is. Or at least until he changes his mind. Apparently, responding to what he says or does is unfair and makes you “left”.

  9. 9 Rockannand

    “I have an angry councilman labeling all Trump supporters, misogynists, racists, homophobes, bigots, uneducated etc. Trump is not even President yet. It appears to me that those on the ‘left’ are the ones that are the intolerant bigots and bullies.”

    Ron, we have had over 1 year of Trump headlines from his campaign to be able to properly label him with these and more.

    Regarding the SAEP and Raymark waste, getting the federal govt to take action with reasonable proposals is a function of just how hard our local politicians work to make this a priority with the EPA. I would say that they have fallen short in working on our behalf with those topic waste problems.

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