Le Conseil de l’éducation: D’où vient tout cet argent?


Translation: The BOE: Where does all the money go? How do you say.  La saga continue? Mais oui! Like the game Three-Card monte, your tax money seems to disappear without a trace in the BOE. Millions and millions without any explanation other than “Its for the children”, so STFU. The very dedicated citizen group MOVEStratford, with an energetic and diligent group of volunteers, have uncovered an amazing number of irregularities and reporting errors in the BOE posted budget reports that total in the millions. Oui des MILLIONS. Sacre bleu!!

An untold number of questions posed by this group have gone unanswered as it seems the BOE lead by Chairman Feehan, clueless Vice Chair Petruccelli, the good Doctor Robinson and Monsieur COO Clarence have decided to respond with alternate facts and slamming the volunteers. They have decided if it works for the Trumpster then it should work for them. What will the citizens of Stratford think? Just listen to this video of the good Doctor and the fast talking Clarence, produced with taxpayer money and distributed using more taxpayer money – many thousands of dollars spent with a quick rearrangement of the cards. Oui, easy money from you  to them. How they did this without laughing is beyond the Madame. Ces conneries!! (translation: Such bullshit)

So at this point, the good volunteers of MOVEStratford have conducted two public forums to present their findings. Unfortunately, not one member of the BOE attended to address the public’s questions. Quels lâches, And why should they? No one ever questioned them before. Its their money to use however they wish. It would appear these findings had the elected officials prendre les culottes baissées. (translation: caught with their knickers down). They approved this pig of a budget without knowing about all the errors and questionable spending. Peut-être they were too embarrassed to face the musique after 7 budget workshops. Did they not actually read the budget before they voted? The folks of MOVEStratford did and quelle surprise!!

In any case, it is now in the hands of the Town Council to decide whether to approve the requested budget with all these irregularities. There will be an audit of how the good Docteur and Monsieur COO Clarence made the money disappear without a trace the past 3-4 years. However, we won’t know the truth for months. It goes without saying that this vote in a few weeks will be interesting given all of the public scrutiny. Make sure to watch those cards carefully before money disappears.


4 Responses to “Le Conseil de l’éducation: D’où vient tout cet argent?”

  1. I attended the MOVEStratford/StratfordGetAnswers (C’mon guys, you can’t get a better name?) Board of Education Budget forum. In so many ways and on so many levels it was a thoroughly unique experience. If they hold one again, you should definitely consider going. The first unique thing is that this effort is entirely conducted by taxpayers who took it upon themselves to question the justification for yet another multimillion dollar increase for the BOE with very little, if any, facts. Anyone with any experience living in Stratford knows that the Board of Education and school system is a separate kingdom within Stratford answering only to itself. The single exception is a proforma vote by the Town Council approving the BOE annual budget. This year, it turns out, a couple or three taxpayers actually read the BOE budget. To their astonishment and now to almost everyone else’s astonishment the BOE budget makes no sense at all.
    Page after page of the BOE budget is rife with errors. We are not talking about “You should have spent the money on this or that”. No. We are talking about a budget where the math simply doesn’t work. Columns do not add correctly (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars off), numbers appear out of nowhere, not a single spent dollar is listed, whole categories are lumped with other categories so you can’t tell what or how much is allocated to each, money is transferred out of accounts apparently at random. It is astounding that a budget of this size (currently at a requested $110 million) can pass with such little scrutiny. What do Jim Feehan, Len Petrucelli and the other BOE members do at these meetings anyway? They certainly don’t question the budget.
    Henry Bruce, Greg Cann, Tammy Langston, et. al. deserve our thanks and praise for this yeoman’s work on our behalf. It certainly hasn’t been easy given the resistance from the BOE and Superintendent. The meeting was also attended by a few candidates and elected officials. Perhaps I am incorrect, but I did not notice a single elected Republican candidate or official there. Maybe they just don’t care about the BOE? Candidate Joe Paul was there. As usual he came out both for and against the same issue. And then there was Council Chairwoman Beth DaPonte…
    Of all the speakers last night we must congratulate Ms. Daponte on making the least amount of sense possible. It is apparently her position that there may be one or two Town’s left in Connecticut that spend more per student than Stratford does. Therefore we should approve more money for the BOE in case we haven’t improved education enough by throwing money at it. That always works, doesn’t it? No seriously, that was her position. That was probably why she approved last year’s BOE increase without question. By the way, last year’s BOE increase was the largest increase in the BOE budget both in actual dollars and percentage in 350 years. And this year they want more more more. But then again, Beth DaPonte is willing to spend another $95,000 of our money on a decrepit theater that has been closed longer than it’s been open. It seems Ms. DaPonte’s mission is spend as much of our money as possible before she is voted out of office. On the other hand it could just be old time politics for her. After all, the only one to endorse BOE Vice Chairman Len Petrucelli in his bid to be mayor is, wait for it, Beth DaPonte.

  2. According to Beth Daponte, “The 2.75% [increase] allows for the changes put in last year to settle in, allow the BOE to sustain the improvements made and build on the processes put in place, and allows for the town to offer its young English language learners the support that they need,” Daponte wrote. “I request that you join me in supporting this figure for the BOE budget allocation.”

    Let’s see if we have this straight. Not a single member of the BOE or school administration can tell us how they spent the $7 million increase we gave them last year. Therefore, we should give them another $3 million to allow the changes to settle in?

    Who is crazy here? Is it Beth Daponte or us?

  3. Ah Monsieur Kild, how do we measure insanity? Some would say, its doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In the case of the good Dr. Daponte. Or is Dr. Daponte-Smtih or Smith-Daponte? I never know qui porte la culotte dans la famille. Jamais l’esprit. She is clearly playing to whatever crowd will bow before the great Doctor. Or at least pretend they are. It was quite cute this week at the public budget hearings to see all those teachers and students waving those green 2.75 signs. Une question: were those printed on school paper and copiers? Or did Dr/ Daponte pull a DeCilio and do it down at Town Hall?

  4. Oh no Monsieur Kild. You don’t understand her logic. Her goal is to ensure that everyone remembers her. Only her campaign approach ends up that everyone she touches hates her with passion. But then again, she is Monsieur Petruccelli’s campaigns manager, so she will be able to watch the agony of defeat once again.

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