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Decision Time


We are back for a special guest appearance. Thank you, Madame, for the space. The time has come for our elected representatives to set our tax rates again. As we have said so many times in the past, nothing effects your life and property as much as local taxes do. The Council will be literally […]

Translation: The BOE: Where does all the money go? How do you say.  La saga continue? Mais oui! Like the game Three-Card monte, your tax money seems to disappear without a trace in the BOE. Millions and millions without any explanation other than “Its for the children”, so STFU. The very dedicated citizen group MOVEStratford, […]

Hello Madame? Did you fall asleep at your knitting table or something? How did you miss this gem in last week’s Stratford Star? Jeeeesssssuuuuusss. This post cannot wait any longer so RockAnnand to the rescue! We have known for sometime there is something seriously wrong with Town Hall. There is no indication yet of what […]

I’ve been watching the BOE budget process from my perch while knitting away. Facebook is all a twitter with posts of all shapes and sizes, loaded with interesting facts and figures extracted from Monsieur Zachary painfully. Beaucoup emails cryptique plus many privy messages and meetings. Videos of BOE and Finance Committee meetings. Ah mon dieu, […]

Ah yes, the proposed BOE 2017-18 budget. Time to invoke that familiar refrain from our BOE elected officials, “It’s all about the children.” Last year it was a $7 million increase, now they want $5.2 million more for a grand total of $111, 981,480 or a $4.86% increase in your property taxes. How do you […]

Hard to believe it’s been only 15 months since the WPCA referendum and 2015 election. In a total smack down of the aristocracy (Harkins and friends) the people said “NO” to his honor and to the candidates who put their interest ahead of the people’s. Unfortunately, the “old guard” aristocratic powers predictably have reared their […]

My name is Madame Defarge. Perhaps you have read about me? If anyone has a right to be upset about the abuses that the aristocracy heaps upon the commoners, it is I. After all, my sister was raped by the Marquis St. Evrémonde. My father died of grief. My brother was killed trying to avenge […]

  We are making a rare guest appearance here in our old hang out. We felt it necessary to make a few points after November 8th. We cannot imagine a circumstance at which any point in the next four years will be “normal”. Currently nothing commentators, pundits, experts or even supporters say can make this […]

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, it’s been awhile for this Jezebel.  The busy-ness of work, family and life just takes precedence over Peyton Place’s — oops, Stratford’s — drama! With that said, we have a Special Election coming up on Thursday, October 13.  This is for Districts 2 and 5 only, to fill the seats of […]

Next, on Another World:  Stratford Style! Tonight, for your entertainment pleasure, the “Battle of the Budgets.” The first Town Council meeting since the overinflated budget was approved AND the BOE Meeting where their budget to spend that outrageous $6.8 million given to them is approved.  Tonight’s episode will contain answers to the following questions: Will […]