What’s Wrong With This Picture?


It’s amazing how you can get so much use out of the same list of names. If you look at http://www.stratfordfestivaltheater.org/952.html and http://www.festivalenterprises.com/support.html these people are sure busy founding things.

Now why Louie is claiming that he is developing SAEP/Point Stratford when, according to the GSA, Hollywood East/Area 51 has won the bidding is a complete mystery. Please post your suggested motives here.


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  1. 1 mikereynolds

    Is it me or does this guy come off looking like a scumbag?

  2. 2 jezebel282

    I don’t think it’s you, Mike. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few people in the construction trades that hold the same opinion.

  3. 3 jezebel282

    This could have been written yesterday. Unfortunately it was written 12 years ago:

    You read it in the New York Times:

    The New York Times
    In the Region/Connecticut;At Stratford, Yet Another Plan Takes the Stage
    Published: March 10, 1996

    WITH a history as tortured as Hamlet’s and as long as Henry IV, Parts I and II, the former Shakespeare Theater in Stratford is up for redevelopment again. It has functioned only sporadically since it closed in 1976.

    On his third try, Louis S. Burke, a theatrical producer from Johannesburg, was chosen last November as developer of the 14.5-acre site by the Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection, which oversees the property. The state bought it in foreclosure for $1.3 million in 1983.

    Mr. Burke has made a $1.5 million offer to buy the complex from the state, but “we asked not to pay anything for the first two years while rebuilding,” he said. While negotiations continue a license was issued last month permitting a tent theater to operate on the grounds for the next two summers.

    “Negotiations could take another three months,” said State Senator George L. Gunther, Republican of Stratford, who is a strong supporter of Mr. Burke.

    Elaborate development plans, estimated to cost $180 million over a four-year period, include renovation of the existing theater to seat 1,750 people; the addition of a 1,250-seat theater and a 350-seat experimental stage offering simultaneous productions year-round; an open-air summer theater and a children’s theater.

    A house on the grounds would be renovated as a graduate school of drama — a function that the original Shakespeare Theater initiated under the stewardship of John Houseman, the late actor-director-producer, and The Theater Guild of New York.

    A museum, seven restaurants, parking for more than 1,600 cars, jogging paths, tennis courts, fishing, an “Anne Hathaway’s Cottage,” and “Kate’s Cottage” (a Katharine Hepburn Museum) are also envisioned. Ms. Hepburn, Maurice Evans and Helen Hayes were among the stars who appeared at the nonprofit theater during its heyday from 1954 to the early 70’s.

    An additional 25 acres of the surrounding residential neighborhood would contain an inn and a hotel accommodating more than 500 guests. To realize this, Mr. Burke says that he has options to purchase 30 houses that would be converted into shops, art galleries, restaurants and bed-and-breakfast establishments.

    Mr. Burke said that Coopers & Lybrand estimates that $2 million in state income and unemployment taxes and $5 million in state sales taxes would be realized annually and that the complex would generate a $15 million annual payroll.

    LAST month the Stratford Zoning Commission amended its regulations to create an entertainment district with as yet undetermined boundaries around the theater property.

    “It allows uses that compliment the theater,” said Susan Youngquist, commission chairman. Underlying residential, commercial, and industrial zones remain, protecting properties from becoming nonconforming.

    Naming himself as president of the Stratford venture, Mr. Burke has identified John Barton, a founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and Michael Langham, former director of the Juilliard School’s Drama School, as artistic advisers, and Brakeley, John Price Jones of Stamford as fund-raising consultants.

    E & F Construction, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Morganti Group of Danbury, has provided preliminary construction figures. Joan Brickhill, Mr. Burke’s wife, is co-director with her husband of Brickhill-Burke Productions, a theatrical production company and the proposed developer of the Stratford Theater. She remains in South Africa pursuing her own acting career.

    As producer of lavish musical revivals in South Africa, Mr. Burke has accumulated an attache case full of testimonial letters and expressions of encouragement from numerous well-known theatrical personalities. His only American production, “Meet Me in St. Louis,” got unfavorable reviews and ran for seven months on Broadway in 1989-90.

    Senator Gunther said he made inquiries about Mr. Burke while on a legislative visit to South Africa.

    “He was legitimate, but they don’t pay big money down there,” he said. “His theater was torn down for redevelopment, that’s why he’s trying here. I don’t know who his people are since I’m not close to his operation, but I don’t think there’s any problem about the sale going through. He has sources for money — not for publication.”

    State Representative Vincent J. Chase, a Stratford Republican, is not so certain.

    “If Burke doesn’t have the funding I’m prepared to go to the attorney general and ask for an investigation,” he said. “Burke approached Gunther for a $15 million low interest loan for development, but I don’t think it will pass in these economic times.” The bill is currently before the Joint Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.

    In 1992, the proposal by Mr. Burke, in association with Robert M. DelBuono Jr., a Stratford developer, and Scott Wilson, a Boston architect, was rejected, as was a more modest proposal by David D. Reed of New Haven, a director of development at the Shakespeare Theater from 1968 to 1973.

    In 1993 Mr. DelBuono and Mr. Scott broke off their relationship with Mr. Burke because of “doubts about his financial acumen,” said Mr. DelBuono. He and Mr. Scott formed Stratford Upon the Housatonic (Suthi) with Steven A. Wolff, a Fairfield arts consultant, bid against Mr. Burke and Mr. Reed, and won.

    Their 10-year, $95 million plan proposed a $7.5 million grant and a lease from the state. It would have included two theaters, 300 hotel rooms and limited ancillary development. Financing was to be handled by the Tishman Corporation of Manhattan, currently involved in the refurbishing of 42d Street, and the artistic director was to have been Ron Daniels, associate director of the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Mass.

    Contending that the selection process was unfair and that Suthi had stolen his ideas, Mr. Burke filed a complaint with the state’s Department of Economic Development, which then controlled the site. A seven-month investigation by state auditors and the State Attorney General’s office resulted in an 80-page report in June 1994 that “was not conclusive,” said Robert Jaekle, the auditor who worked on it. “We did not find unfair or dishonest procedures.”

    When the state administration changed hands in 1995, the property was removed from the Department of Development to the Department of Environmental Protection and the General Assembly voted to sell off the Shakespeare property rather than lease it, generating a new round of bids.

    T HE same three bidders participated and Mr. Burke won when he agreed to buy the property, while Suthi stuck to its lease proposal.

    “Nonprofits cannot bear the burden of capital costs,” said Mr. DelBuono. “We do not think the project is viable without the state’s participation.”

    With his partnership intact, Mr. DelBuono is waiting to see if Mr. Burke can produce, he said.

    “It was clear in the Attorney General’s investigation that we were chosen on merit,” he said, “but we were not prepared for the political maneuvering that could derail it.”

    If Mr. Burke cannot raise the money, the property reverts to the Town of Stratford, to remain a park in perpetuity with or without a theater.

    Some residents, including James Connolly, a lawyer, think that the town should own the property. “Twenty years is no guarantee,” he said, referring to the period in which a private developer must operate a theater under the legislation.

    While competition is generally welcomed by Connecticut’s established theater companies, some are critical of elements in the Burke proposal. Embattled by widespread cutbacks in public funds for the arts, Edgar Rosenblum, director of the prestigious Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, said, “If Stratford gets a $15 million loan I will be on the Governor’s doorstep the next morning.”

    To quote Yogi: “It’s like deja vu all over again.”

  4. 4 1george1

    A friend took a job with the SFT. She was paid the first week, then stiffed
    for between $ 9,000 – $ 10,000.

    She worked with someone who claimed he somehow lost his home to Burke?
    No details.

    Everyone of the people she worked with, when / after she left were owed in
    excess of $ 40,000. Every one!

    Then there were people in the construction trades, who did work for SFT and
    still are owed money.

    FEEHAN blasted BURKE about 2 years ago.

    I guess this is one of the few times I agree with FEEHAN & Mike Reynolds.

  5. 5 pcsperling

    There’s got to be a common link connection between Hollywood East/Area 51, LLC and Festival Enterprises, LLC. Hollywood East/Area 51 appears to be a manager-managed entity, with the manager being Ed Natera. It’s also a fairly new entity, being formed in October 2007. A gentleman by the name of Allen Christopher was quoted in the articles when the auction for the SAEP property was over. He’s listed on the company’s website. Kevin Farrell, an attorney in Bridgeport, is listed as registered agent.

    Festival Enterprises was also recently formed – November 2007, and apepars also to be manager-managed. The named manager is none other than Stratford’s own Louis Burke. Lonnie Everett Chase is listed at the same address, as registered agent.

    Anyone see anything that could connect?

  6. 6 jezebel282


    So far, still a mystery. It looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck…..

    Maybe we need somebody really, really good at conspiracy theory?

    Oh, George…….

  7. 7 pcsperling

    If anyone can connect the dots, George can….

  8. 8 1george1

    I was told (unconfirmed) that there are people connected to Harborside
    connected to the AVCO Bid.

    There is also a mortgage company type financier, supposedly connected
    to the Studio 51, by the unnamed source, who is well known in town.

    Same source claimed a certain Federal Agency, well known to Bridgeport
    politics is watching the scenario closely.

    Perhaps, Cyclops or Kane will confirm or deny my dot connections?
    Perhaps, Officer Sean? Or was it Officer seen?

    I will stress that this is ALL UNCONFIRMED, single source information, and in
    NO WAY would I intentional cast aspersions respesnted as fact, when I try
    to make it clear I have some information that unconfirmed and single source,
    despite being what I consider credible.

    Jeze & PCS, does this qualify as connecting dots AND.OR pointing you in
    direction where there are people you can access, that YOU TRUST, who
    can connect the dots for you? 😉

  9. 9 jezebel282


    We are newbies compared to you. No connection between the esteemed Mr. Burke and Allen Christopher?

    We ASSUME someone in Stratford is dirty. It IS Stratford, you know.

  10. 10 freedomofspeach

    There does not seem to be a link between the winning bidder and Burkes Company. (Typing while doing CPR on Jez….stay away from the light!!) I don’t think that you could hide the ownership in the bidding process, and I am not sure that Burke could raise $1 million cash. What’s his motive? To make it seem like he’s involved and use that to get support on the theater deal? The town still lets him bid after all the problems he caused, including getting the town involved in litigation with vendors and the IRS to get clear title.


    Or is it to shake down investors, saying ‘wink wink” I have a deal with Hollywood East? I have no idea. Maybe he feels that Gunther may step up and have Hollywood East hire him as the artistic director. Who knows? He looks almost reptilian.

    From 1996
    “State Representative Vincent J. Chase, a Stratford Republican, is not so certain.
    “If Burke doesn’t have the funding I’m prepared to go to the attorney general and ask for an investigation,” he said. “Burke approached Gunther for a $15 million low interest loan for development”
    Why is it important? It is my opinion if you let this “carpetbagger”, a person who could not raise a bond or meet his commitments previously, caused the town to litigate before, during the 3 plus times he’s had his hand in the Shakespeare Theater, get involved, the only positive economic development engine of Stratford will go the way it went before with Team Stratford-nowhere.

    The TC must demand to know what’s going on with Burkes online pronouncements. Is he or is he not the developer of the Avco property? What’s his relationship to Hollywood East/Area 51? What relationship do they have to his theater plans? Or is he just out to bilk investors? If he has not disclosed an interest in the Avco property during his presentation on the RFP, then I feel that he has not been honest and forthcoming.

    I am sure Gavin will do the right thing.

  11. 11 jezebel282


    Thanks for the CPR….next time I’ll have my nitro pills handy before I click on any links.

    “then I feel that he has not been honest and forthcoming.”

    Louie Burke? Not honest and forthcoming? Pshaw!

    How he is even allowed in Town Hall is beyond me. Maybe he promised a meeting with Mel Gibson to one of the Councilman? (Don’t hold your breath, Amy).

    I will say once again to Mr. Forrester: Help us, Obie Wan Kanobe. You’re our only hope.

  12. 12 1george1

    Lou Burke is an Artistic Director and thus practiced in deception, upon which
    most ART and POLITICS is based. (Not unlike Magic or War)

    It is my understanding that Mr. Burke lives in the House in front of the Shakespeare
    Theatre as owner? I never confirmed this?

    Can someone connect that dot and IF, IF there is a relatinship to certain other pieces
    of property transferred ABOUT the same time, near by, for another DOT connection? Wink, Wink Obie? 😉

    He appears to be such a BAD PENNY that I have to wonder if he is Berchem’s lover
    or something of that nature? 8)

    Hey, didn’t SFT start up around the time of TEAM STRATFORD? 😦
    Any DOT connections between the TWO or even LOVERS among Town Committee
    members, which might conjure BIOGRAPHIC LEVERAGE for FINANCIAL Quid pro Quo?
    > I have ZERO of SUBSTANCE, none clear / plain / evident, except TIMING! 😉

  13. 13 jezebel282


    It may become clearer if HBH Marketing takes over public relations for Festival Enterprises. (Heather, get the cash up front).

  14. 14 allenchristopher

    Hello. My name is Allen Christopher. I am the President of Hollywood East/Area 51, the winning bidder for Point Stratford. I was contacted today by several Stratford residents including various town officials regarding the above mentioned site.

    First, I have seen the name Louis Burke referenced many times regarding the Shakespeare Theater. I have never met Mr. Burke, nor do I or any of my partners have any current or previous business relationships with him or any of the entities within his website.

    Second, it is my understanding that his website may have been a prototype of a concept he envisioned prior to the bidding process for Point Stratford. Whether he was one of the bidders for Point Stratford I do not know as the process is anonymous under Federal Law. Regardless, I did instruct my attorney to send a letter to Mr. Burke asking him to remove the site as to avoid any misunderstandings or misrepresentations.

    Third, I can report to you that we are excited about the prospects of adapting the Stratford Army Engine plant for digital media and motion pictures. We are working closely with the Department of Defense and the CT Department of Environmental Protection on our remediation plan and everything continues to move forward.

    Fourth, while I’m always one for a great conspiracy theory sometimes there is no conspiracy. This has been a project that has many moving parts, numerous partners, several large government agencies and a battery of attorneys and engineers. With a project this size there are always a lot of rumors and speculation. I’ve been interviewed several times recently and I’ve stated this next fact many times. Everyone that I’ve met with personally in Stratford has conducted themselves in a highly professional manner. Your public officials have done a good job or otherwise we wouldn’t have bid on the property.

    Fifth, I do enjoy reading the blogs. I’ve been reading them for some time prior to the bidding process to get a handle on what’s going on in Stratford and frankly, it’s a great town with a terrific future. People who post are people who like to get involved. That’s me. The only thing I ask is for you to judge us by our results.

    I’ll continue to read your comments and I’ll reply if its appropriate for me to do so within the constraints and confidentiality of our plans and our negotiations towards closing on Point Stratford.

    Now it’s time for me to get back to work.

    Thank you for your support of our efforts.

    Allen Christopher
    Hollywood East/Area 51

  15. 15 mikereynolds

    Well how about that sports fans?

    Mr. Christopher thanks for visiting our little blog here.

    My biggest concern for SAEP is the cleanup costs. I hope Hollywood East/Area 51 can swallow what will probably be an exorbitant sum.

  16. 16 1george1

    There seems to be some “connectile dysfuntions?” 😦
    I did not realize there would be “magic” related to certain posts.
    It does not reflect well for propriety nor integrity.
    Of course, honest mistakes happen.

    Further, there also appears to be more then flowers “planted?”
    If Mike Reyolds is an admirer of Allen Christopher, then … 😦

  17. 17 jezebel282

    Mr. Christopher,

    Thank you so much for reading this blog and responding almost immediately to our concerns.

    As you can tell, the citizens here have been led down quite a few roads that have ended nowhere. Mr. Burke has been a regular tour guide along these roads. We were very excited and pleased that you and your associates have won the bidding process.

    We believe you have acquired some of the most naturally beautiful property on the eastern seaboard. We look forward to your success in transforming this property into a working facility again.

    That said, Mr. Burke’s website caused a great deal of concern. (You wouldn’t be interested in a theater would you?) Writers on this blog are very concerned citizens and taxpayers who have expended a lot of energy and time in an attempt to improve our local government and environment. It is rare in any community that this level of concern is so high.

    This is the third iteration of this blog. But as you can see (10,000+ views in 2 weeks) that it is widely read.

    “The only thing I ask is for you to judge us by our results.”

    Our local politicians have taught us well in the last 28 months . We understand that it is not what you say, it is what you do. We are willing to participate in your efforts to succeed.

  18. 18 jezebel282


    Mr. Christopher, if you have a website and would like to provide a link for citizens, I would be happy to post it prominently here.

  19. 19 freedomofspeach



    The true winners of the bid came online to this blog and told us Burke has no relationship to them. Thats a great thing.

    Burke again is shown to be less than truthfull. A good thing for the TC to know.

    Someone should make sure they have a copy of all thoses web pages before he takes them offline and denys they were ever there. The TC might want to review them also.

    But again, what was your last post about 1george1?

  20. 20 jezebel282


    “Fourth, while I’m always one for a great conspiracy theory sometimes there is no conspiracy.”

    Try telling that to George…

  21. 21 sudds


    I take a few days off for vacation and I miss all of the fun!

    So, what’s he next hot item we can move to the front burner? :oD

  22. 22 jezebel282


    Next time make sure the hotel has WiFi.

    Not to worry, we still have Mayor Moron to kick around.

  23. 23 sudds

    Jez… wifey won’t let me take the computer on get-aways!

    PS… true… he’s bound to say something utterly stupid/wrong in the next 3 hours or so!

  24. 24 jezebel282


    Father’s day is coming http://www.apple.com/iphone/

  25. 25 1george1

    Freedom of Speech;
    This blog has a string called “connectile dysfunction.”
    It was posted 2 – 3 days prior to the C. R. C. Public Hearing.

    I was the only one to post anything on it.
    I was not able to prep handouts, prior to the Public Hearing, so I went
    into detail about C. R. C. short comings, including the fact that there
    was virtually NO TRANSPARENCY.
    On the Town Website, the minutes noted WHAT was HANDED OUT to the
    C. R. C. Members, like Town Attorney opinions, other Town Charters,
    Rewrites by Proto, Florek, August, Orlowe, Rodia, Fahan, etc.

    However there were NO DETAILS of the ACTUAL OPINIONS, etc.

    I learned that the NEXT MEETING, PROTO made a resolution, that was
    accepted UNANIMOUSLY, to put that information IN PDF, on the TOWN
    > I strongly suspect everone assumed it was there and no just the NOTE
    of DESCRIPTION of what the HANDOUTS were.
    > I gave MYSELF, PROTO, & the C. R. C. a pat on the BACK.
    >>> I raised ISSUES / CONCERNS. I posted the outlines in CONNECTILE
    >>> I believe Proto reads this blog & saw it, checked out the Town Web
    site and had the intelligence and integrity to want Transparency and
    bought it to the C. R. C. for this to be done.


    I had also learned that the TOWN CHARTER may have been turned into the
    STATE as a NEW CHARTER or that a STATE EMPLOYEE, may have entered it
    as a NEW CHARTER, instead of a REVISED CHARTER.

    I raised issues about that, also I believe on CONNECTILE DYSFUNCTION.



    There was a posting about Allen Christopher & AVCO.
    There were questions directed to me about AVCO & SHAKESPEARE.
    I posted as UNCONFIRMED > certain things about AVCO and DOTS that
    may be connected about SHAKESPEARE.

    I had more DOT that are both UNCONNECTABLE and might be…
    However, when I could not find CONNECTILE DYSFUNCTION and found
    that there appears to be intrinsic blog support for Allen Christopher….

    I don’t like Mike Reynolds.
    I believe him to be ignorant and ..
    He FAWNED over A. C.
    Jeze FAWNED over A. C.
    If it LOOKS like a RAT, RUNS like a RAT, SOUNDS like a RAT, and takes bait
    which RATS prefer….

    Freedom of Speach, did I answer your question.

    I know Jeze is highly partisan = OK
    I know Reynolds is ignorant = OK
    I have / had high regards for PCS / her integrity > Hope she is NOT part of
    an Allen Christopher (who may be pure as the Virgin Mary?) CABAL?

  26. 26 sudds

    George… “Now, CONNECTILE DYSFUNCTION is GONE!!!”… we can thank Pfizer for that one!!!

    Jez… the only “child” I “father” is Rocki… so are you saying that she should buy me one? And if so, does this mean that you’re now backing her campaign???

  27. 27 jezebel282


    I deeply apologize. “Connectile Dysfunction” was meant as a notice that the blog may be unedited for a while. Since the connectile issues have been resolved, I deleted it.

    Also if you recall my post to Mr. Christopher: “Our local politicians have taught us well in the last 28 months . We understand that it is not what you say, it is what you do.”

    Mr. Christopher has not been in Stratford long enough to have established a fan club.

    We shall hope for the best.


    “so are you saying that she should buy me one?”
    Moi? I have no idea. Have you been a good boy?

    “And if so, does this mean that you’re now backing her campaign???”
    Is your wife running for mayor TOO?

  28. 28 sudds

    nah… my wife’s already got her hands full babysitting me!!!

  29. 29 1george1

    Apology accepted.

    I also thought that since it was a notice of a near future event that was a
    “possible reason” as to why it was gone?

    I strongly suspect wordpress has a trash barrel for “accidental deletes.”
    If it does – your choice.
    I was the only posted on it.
    Not a matter of ego > There was very appropriate info about C. R. C.
    C. R. C. has May 22 Public Hearing & Draft due.
    I am hoping Draft will be available at least 5 days prior to the Town Council
    monthly meeting, so a sneak preview / feed back / vetting can be done by
    them and the Public, which DIRECTLY benefits the C. R. C. members from

    Jeze, I did not notice the detail of your Allen Chritopher post.
    Nor, since you wrote it, do I have the same insight as to your meaning.
    > example:
    I know what I mean when I blog.
    However I mentioned a prominent and well regarded person, who took my
    meaning to be the opposite of what I meant, as did others.
    So I had to reblog with CLARIFICATION.

    I do not like mike reynolds and believe him insensitive and ignorant.
    He appeared to support A. C.
    DOO DOOs of a FEATHER, tend to …

  30. 30 jezebel282


    WordPress is a free service. No “undeletes”. It is in bit heaven now.

    “I know what I mean when I blog.”

    Occasionally you are the only one.

    What I meant was that Mr. Christopher gets a free pass, encouragement and even participation until such time as it is no longer in the interest of Stratford Citizens.

  31. 31 pcsperling

    George ~

    I’m a little confused (but have been a little out of sorts) ~ can you ‘splain Lucy the comment

    “I have / had high regards for PCS / her integrity > Hope she is NOT part of an Allen Christopher (who may be pure as the Virgin Mary?) CABAL”

    My brain is a little foggy right now…… ;>D

  32. 32 1george1

    “I know what I mean when I blog.”

    Occasionally you are the only one.

    Jeze > the above was a LOB – I expected your response >
    Great minds think alike.


    “I have / had high regards for PCS / her integrity >
    Hope she is NOT part of an Allen Christopher
    (who may be pure as the Virgin Mary?) CABAL”

    I smelled RAT on the Allen Christopher thing when
    mike reynolds & jeze praised him?
    I am suspicious, generally.
    > First time I saw reynolds write anything semicomplimentary
    > Jeze is even more cynical than I am, from my perspective,
    although Jeze’s cynicism is more focused.

    I also smeller RAT with the disappearance of CONNECTILE

    > However, Jeze explained the later was deleted due to timeliness,
    since it heralded the April 24 C. R. C. Public Hearing, now passed.

    > However, Jeze just posted
    What I meant was that Mr. Christopher gets a free pass, encouragement and even participation until such time as it is no longer in the interest of Stratford Citizens.
    UNDERSTANDABLE or REASONABLE POSITION > Yet NOT seen much open minded ness
    on Jeze’s partisanship, in many cases = thus my suspiciousness was raised.

    PCS both you and JEZE wanted DOTS connected a couple days ago, relating to
    Someone (Jeze) raised Allen Christopher’s name.
    Next day he blogs?
    Only the paranoid survive – but they tick off people!

    Interesting how many offices / home are close to the Shakespeare Theater
    Lou Burke, in front
    Verona Drive – new development < I await dot connections?

    Jackson, Bishop, & Kelly in spittin distance of S T.
    The Goodrich / Birge family has VIRGIN land just beyond JBK.
    Mr. P’s up the street & Elite Towin, just a little ways past.

    Doc is 1 – 2 blocks away.
    Then Ron Massey / Paul Joy about equidistant, just beyond him,
    with Margo & Ed Goodrich a little beyond Paul,
    with me up the street from Ron.
    A little further up was Dick Miron w Ann / Chris near his ex-site & Gavin
    a little ways further and Sandra Zalek & Bill Rock just past Gavin

    Goin up Main Street, we pass Laura Hoydic’s brother’s Pub and HER
    trolley square rental site of NORM & JIMBO

    Small town of 14 sq miles.
    So many people related to each other or dated or went to school or baby
    sat or were neighbors.
    What was the motto of the movie “sneakers?”

  33. 33 jezebel282


    I can be opened minded from time to time. Actually, most of the time. Unless it comes to psychopathic egomaniacs, thieves, hustlers and liars.

    Mike Reynolds has been correct in his positions more often than not. He often doesn’t provide sufficient back up.

    It is unfortunate that the two of you have not…umm….gotten along?

  34. 34 freedomofspeach

    “We could tell you what it’s about. But then, of course, we’d have to kill you.”
    Tagline, Sneakers Movie


    “However, Jeze just posted
    What I meant was that Mr. Christopher gets a free pass, encouragement and even participation until such time as it is no longer in the interest of Stratford Citizens.
    UNDERSTANDABLE or REASONABLE POSITION > Yet NOT seen much open minded ness
    on Jeze’s partisanship, in many cases = thus my suspiciousness was raised.
    >PCS both you and JEZE wanted DOTS connected a couple days ago, relating to
    Someone (Jeze) raised Allen Christopher’s name.
    Next day he blogs?”

    Jez used the name Christopher before, and although I thought it was the wrong one. It was corrected to Allen Christopher where its was published in the news. No dots to connect that I can see.

    According to Mr. Christopher’s statement on this blog he received numerous calls relating to what Burke had on his web pages. He stated he blogged to set the record straight. Do I believe it? Somewhat, as this blog does get a lot of traffic and town hall as well as others apparently read it. This blog also was the only forum that brought it up and asked the hard questions.

    I can assure you, no one will get a free pass from me if this turns out to be a scam. I also think that Gavin, as he said he was committed to finding out what was going on with Burke, will get the answers and post them with the others that have been asked. Hopefully it will be posted soon.

  35. 35 jezebel282


    In addition to Mr. Christopher being contacted by Stratford residents, Congresswoman DeLauro was contacted as well. Had much more time lapsed, the entire Connecticut Congressional delegation would have been questioned. While Mr. Forrester can possibly do something about Mr. Burke’s endless involvement in attempting to steal this theater, SAEP is completely out of Stratford’s hands until title is turned over to Hollywood East/Area 51.

    Again, we hope that happens expeditiously and Mr. Christopher and his partners are wildly successful in their venture. (For now, George. For now.)

  36. 36 freedomofspeach

    “I can be opened minded from time to time. Actually, most of the time. Unless it comes to psychopathic egomaniacs, thieves, hustlers and liars.”

    Or reptilian looking svengali.
    Or a pretend Pirate.
    Or a sociopathic gun toting politician….
    Or a soon to be convicted thief, one who steals from the dead.

  37. 37 jezebel282


    OK, OK…those too!

  38. 38 mikereynolds

    I apologize that I don’t provide “sufficient backup” in my posts. I’m only offering opinions, observations, or questions. I’m not writing a Supreme Court brief like some of our other wordy bloggers.

    George, if you think I’m going to lose any sleep by you calling me ignorant think again my rotund friend.

    By the way, I understand Seatec Astronomy is hiring, you may want to check that out.

  39. 39 freedomofspeach

    I feel this is a place for opinions and some funny banter, no sense in making it a place to scream at each other. There are plenty of others out there to be disrespectful to. Lets not lose sight of what we are directing our blogs to

    I applied at Seatec once…….just once.

    I write a lot, so I must be one of ones writing a brief….yes I am wordy, but feel I have a lot of opinions to share.

    So let’s all hold hands and sing “Kumbia”

    Both of you to your room until you can play well together.

  40. 40 1george1

    Mike Reynolds,
    I had to go to google for Seatec, only to find it related to the movie “sneakers.”
    Clever insult. I like it.

    Please note below:

    Freedom, I have no problem with clever insults or even low level criticism.
    I did get irked by limited level insults which disregarded serious issues in a
    manner suggesting a closed mind, unwilling to learn, dismissive of harm to
    people, and childish.
    I challenged Mike. He stepped up, a bit.

    I don’t expect a Supreme Court opinion, yet, if there was 1 or more specific
    issues that Mike EVER specifically addressed, we could have a legit debate.
    > Notice, I placed no restrictions on specifics, which can include our local
    debacles, zeroes portraying themselves as heroes.

    Oh, Mike, notice that PCS, who I like, wondered about my post(s)?

    Oh, Mike, notice that I challenge our HOST, Jeze who is most responsive?

    Freedom, I enjoy good debate.
    My targets are BOTH, mostly the TARGETS of the Bloggers and
    the CREATURES who enable them.

    Suppose you got your wish and all of your known enemies:
    moved out of town;
    were jailed;

    NOW, WHAT IF I AM CORRECT, that there are OUTSIDE PEOPLE who raise
    the CAST from a wide group, like bringing in people WORSE than HADDAD,
    and you had an entirely NEW CAST, in POWER, worse than the mIRON

    Would you rather have the gang that couldn’t THINK & ACT STRAIGHT,
    a gang which is HIGHLY and MALICIOUSLY COMPENTENT?

    F. O. S. – Jeze
    Which do you prefer?

    And predicated on the verticle nature of Government, starting with the
    CONSTITUTION to FED LAW/Personnel, to STATE LAW/Personnel, to LOCAL LAW/Personnel – would ANY REASONABLE person deny that it is not just
    possible, but highly likely that there is an INTERACTIVE, MULTI GENERATIONAL,
    GROUP of PEOPLE with VESTED INTEREST who influence LOCAL personnel?

    For me, I prefer an alternative of GOO – GOOs!

  41. 41 jezebel282


    I’ll take door number three. A government run by a citizen who just can’t stand the greed, corruption, ignorance and lying anymore. Someone who serves the voters and taxpayers.

  42. 42 sudds

    “For me, I prefer an alternative of GOO – GOOs!”

    Rock on George… I like the Goo Goo Dolls too!!!

    Not as much as (or in the same way that) my wife likes their lead singer, but I do like them.

  43. 43 gforrester

    ” A government run by a citizen who just can’t stand the greed, corruption, ignorance and lying anymore. Someone who serves the voters and taxpayers.”

    Just as an FYI – I don’t know of anyone on the current or former Council that has made a penny off of the town because they were elected to the council. None of them, that I know of anyway, have had any friends and family members hired by the Town or are “corrupt” in the true sense of the word. All seem to try their best to do what they feel is in the best interests of the voters and taxpayers, but again, our powers are only legislative and not administrative.

    Heck I even fund my own campaigns to avoid any potential for anyone accusing me of “returning favors” to campaign contributors (but the Town Committee does pay for campaign signs i’ll admit that)

  44. 44 sudds

    Hopefully they will ‘BioBlitz” the Shakespeare theatre and actually do something with it!!!

    Yes Jez… I STILL think my idea of handing Yale the keys to our theatre is a good one…


    Yale ‘BioBlitz’ to center on Stfd.
    Article Last Updated: 05/14/2008 06:53:57 AM EDT

    There are a lot of living things out there and experts from Yale University and Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo hope to find them all in 24 hours.

    Yale announced today that more than 20 experts in a variety of fields are ready to blitz the shore and forest of Stratford to identify as many different species as they can in a 24-hour survey.

    The occasion is the 2008 BioBlitz, presented by New Haven’s Yale Peabody Museum and Bridgeport’s Connecticut Beardsley Zoo. The event is set for May 30-31, will feature three demonstrations open to the public.

    Gregory Watkins-Colwell, senior museum assistant in Peabody’s Department of Vertebrate Zoology, said that this is the second-annual such collaboration in Stratford. “Biodiversity is declining around the world, but people don’t know what’s in their own back yard,” he said. “Our goal is to get people excited about what’s in Stratford before too much gets paved over.”

    He noted that Stratford has beaches, salt marshes, bogs, streams and forests, and is also located on the Housatonic River, so there are ample habitats to sample.

    The blitz starts on May 30, at Short Beach in Stratford with staff from the Peabody’s Division of Invertebrate Zoology surveying inter-tidal marine invertebrates from 5 to 6 p.m. The public will be invited to ask questions and see the beach through the eyes of a marine biologist.

    On Saturday, May 31, from 8 to 10 a.m., the public will be able to watch Connecticut Audubon Society associates banding local birds at Roosevelt Forest in Stratford. Licensed experts will be catching live birds in a special net, collecting data from them, and attaching ankle bands with numbers identifying each bird for bird migration studies. From 11 a.m. to noon on May 31, a Saturday, Larry Gall of Peabody’s Division of Entomology will guide a public walk through Roosevelt Forest looking for butterflies and other insects. Meet in the parking lot.

    Also on May 31, Beardsley Zoo’s Hanson Exploration Station will have hands-on education displays and activities from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as scientists identify the Stratford materials. The station is adjacent to the zoo parking lot at 1875 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport. Scientists are scheduled to stop identifying and start counting at 3 p.m. The total tally from the 2008 BioBlitz is expected to be announced between 3:15 and 3:30 p.m., Yale officials say.

  45. 45 jezebel282


    Maybe if you took a piece of wood from the theater and put it under your pilllow tonight…

  46. 46 jezebel282

    Why is the Council even listening to this…guy? “Just GIVE me the theater before I put a dime in. Trust me.”

    Parking garage? I wouldn’t trust Louie Burke if he was the valet at the garage.

    You read it in the Star (finally)

    Welcome Back, Burke
    Louis Burke, artistic director of Stratford Festival Theater Inc., made his second presentation, but again his ideals for reviving the theater hinged on putting the aging but prized building on the table as a negotiating tool.
    As stated before, he would refuse the town’s offer of $2.5 million and instead finance the theater’s renovations himself. He would like to see the town use that money to construct a garage at the train station, alleviating potential traffic problems at the theater. However, in order for Burke’s plan to work, he said the town would have to engage in a long-term lease with his company, something which again was met with a lot of resistance from the council.
    The town holds a restricted deed to the Shakespeare property, allowing the state to repossess the site if any part of the deed agreement is violated. Part of that agreement prohibits the town from selling the land to a private firm, which include Burke’s company.
    Coucil member Emma Brooks stated her apprehension with the lien Burke proposed putting on the theater.
    “That troubles me a little bit because if we relinquish the title of this property, something that I would never support, it seems like it comes back to that. Could you talk a little bit about that?” asked Brooks.
    Burke said in speaking with his financial advisors, they asked if it would be possible to purchase the theater. With the answer being no, the advisors asked him about striking up a lease.
    “You must also understand, we are spending a great deal on the property,” he said.
    Burke also said the success of the theater’s revival would depend on how many stages there were, ideally three. He said he has been in contact with actress Dame Judi Dench, who said she would be willing to give the Rose Theater, featured in the movie “Shakespeare in Love” to use on the property.
    Burke’s plan includes six shows a years, running between six and eight weeks. He also has been in talks with the University of Bridgeport to develop its drama program and using their venues.

  47. 47 freedomofspeach

    And yet, no one at the TC seems to ask him about the scam that he was running on Hollywood East/Area 51. Guess they missed all the web pages saying he was the developer. Guess bate and switch or downright fraud is a pre-requisite to be a vender to the town. Gavin what happened to this? What make you think this hack who took all that money many years ago, is going to magically make this work.

    What the hell is in the water that the politicos drink in your town?

    Enough with this trash. TC members if you have more than one brain cell, here’s the answer. Mr. Burke, the rent is $XX per year. We are going to issue you a license to operate the venue, not a lease. You need to post a surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit for the amount of $XXXXX. Once we receive that from a Connecticut based insurance company or bank, then we will listen to your dribble. Until then, please TC members, why are you continuing to inflict this horrible pain on the taxpayers of the Town of Stratford??

    Notice how you never see the cash? All you hear is oh this one is coming, this one will be at the opening, this one will be an investor.

    Cash talks (in any secured form, and I would check the watermarks) and BS walks. Make him run TC.

    There was a preliminary feasibility study done for the town and presented to the TC, I believe by Ernest and Young, 10 plus years ago. It basically said many millions to renovate, and a loss for many many years. I don’t know about you, I would trust a pencil pushing geek over Mr. Svengalli anytime. Guess they did not give you guys enough money.

  48. 48 freedomofspeach

    You know like Mr. Burke, I am in “talks” with a lot of people too. I just “talked” to the girl at Starbucks and she said that she would let me “talk” some more if I need more coffee. I can even “talk” to bankers when I pay my loans.

  49. 49 jezebel282


    You know, I was a little worried when I took the torch from Playwright that there wouldn’t but enough to post here.

    I guess I was wrong. It just doesn’t seem to be a problem in Stratford.

  50. 50 jezebel282

    Apparently, Allen Christopher has had no success getting Louie to take down the website claiming Louie’s ownership of the SAEP property.

    Maybe Louie really is a partner? Nothing would surprise me anymore in this town.


  51. 51 mikereynolds

    The website doesn’t come right out say they own Point Stratford and they are proceeding but the implication is there.

    How strange. Someone on the TC should ask Mr Burke about this.

  52. 52 freedomofspeach

    “Point Stratford, the new International Theater/Film Festival and Entertainment Resort Destination – will be modeled by Festival Enterprises on the proven profitability of six other successful Festival Theater complexes throughout the world.


    79-acre waterfront property just over an hour from New York City and within a three hour drive of 1/5 of the U.S. population. ”

    Point Stratford is the marketing name that the US Army used for the promotion of the site. When someone uses that name and says “will be modeled by Festival Enterprises” it pretty much implies Burke is invoved.

    Gavin said he would, but I dont think we ever heard back from him. Jez, do you remember?

  53. 53 1george1

    Good posts FREEDOM, MIKE, JEZE.

    I do not trust Lou Burke. nuff writen. Good night.

  54. 54 jezebel282


    Nope. Not a peep from Gavin. Allen Christopher said he would have his attorney contact Burke, but apparently Christopher needs a better attorney.

    OR Louie Burke is involved in some way and “Hollywood East/Area 51” is a front for Louie Burke and Fred Frasinelli. If that is the case, we can be looking at both properties lying dormant for generations.

  55. 55 1george1

    Lying yes

    Dormant, no!

    I don’t believe the AVCO BID and taking the AIRPORT off the
    Table for Executive Sesson discussion are unrelated to
    Long Beach West.

    The noise you hear each night is from Burturla’s home, as he
    is counting dollar signs, instead of sheep, who he bambozzled,
    in my opinion. Follow the money.

    Same cast since the 1990s.
    And I hear a certain B UTTER NUT house is OFF the Market.
    Hopefully, just due to a BAD MARKET? 😉

  56. 56 gforrester

    “Nope. Not a peep from Gavin. Allen Christopher said he would have his attorney contact Burke, but apparently Christopher needs a better attorney.

    OR Louie Burke is involved in some way and “Hollywood East/Area 51″ is a front for Louie Burke and Fred Frasinelli. If that is the case, we can be looking at both properties lying dormant for generations.”

    Sorry I haven’t posted lately but been a little busy with my 8 – 5 job + the town budget – gee talk about the need for immediate gratification lol. As I posted elsewhere Mr. Burke was challenged on the issue of having the website by the Council during his 2nd presentation- his group claimed they were not involved with area51 – and said would take down the site. Because they have not removed the content leads me to believe that they either didn’t make it a priority or didn’t tell the council the truth, which in either case is not a positive for their group. I’m not concerned that it’s up because that problem is between the Army – Area 51 and Burke as I am not taking any of the material on that site into consideration for the Shakespeare proposal.

    Now Jez because the letter from Mr. Christopher’s attorney was ignored doesn’t mean the man is not pursuing his legal option including a law suit to bring it down. He can’t call up the webmaster and have it shut down – what do you expect? Even if he was to file a law suit with the court system backed up it could take months for the case to come up. Now your accusing Mr. Christopher of lying to you – everyone has got to get a grip on this conspiracy theory stuff.

    It’s up to the Army to work out a contract with the successful bidder to include the clean up and there are no guarantees that will or will not happen so then who are you going to blame – oh that’s right – the council again lol.

    George since the Town Council is not the one making the agreement with area 51 there is no reason for us to go into executive session on the subject and in fact have not in some time. Airport yes to discuss any developments in a pending purchase – Long Beach yes if Fish and Wildlife ever comes up with a final proposal to submit – and Shakespeare yes when and if a final developer/consultant is selected to discuss terms of a contract.

  57. 57 freedomofspeach

    “It’s up to the Army to work out a contract with the successful bidder to include the clean up and there are no guarantees that will or will not happen so then who are you going to blame – oh that’s right – the council again lol.”

    Glad you’re not running again, you seem to be burning bridges.

    The town through the Town Council had full control over this for over 10 plus years, agreed to a contract with an unqualified developer (again no vetting, due diligence, or surety) never moved to get it done, through their malfeasance and some greed from past members did nothing to get a new developer when they were clearly in violation of the agreement, just let the old one continue trying to get money (and other connected people on maintenance contracts) and lost the ability to collect large amounts of money for its sale.

    Yes, I would blame the TC.

  58. 58 1george1

    Thank you for separating EXEC SESSION issue of AVCO area 51, from

    However, due to my writing limitations, I view the FOUR as a PACKAGE
    always believed are on a TIME TABLE and INTER RELATED.

    It was GAVIN who outed the MEMORANDUM of UNDERSTANDING between
    HOCKMAN or Hochman and Norm.

    I know GAVIN hates it when I give him credit. However a friend of mine
    picked up on it, from GAVIN’S (statement/question?) info and we got a
    copy of the MOU and had Attorneys and interested parties look it over.

    It was the NORM led North end Republicans and Laura Hoydic / friends
    who seem to want delays… Hmmm Where does Burturla live?
    Does BMD have Republicans within their firm?
    (Tom Cotter was in their firm, while transitioning from the State of CT.)
    (Cousin Fred is a Democrate CM) I like Fred a lot better than Tom. 😉

    This blog has a lot of friends of BEST.
    Expect to be double crossed.
    I heard JON was promised a R Town District seat and then was blocked
    or double crossed?

    With Joe Crudo replacing Paul Joy, I consider that a major step down.
    Joe isn’t a bad guy. But what I hear is that NORM pulls his strings and
    works ACTIVELY with Rich Burturla.

    Since NORM took his House off the Market and since Joe Crudo is the
    RTC Chair, it is curious / bothersome to me, that GAVIN is working more
    and more with the Republicans.
    It is not like GAVIN has much alternative?
    It is not like all of the Republicans are bad?
    With Crudo, Camillo, & Norm not on the Council, there is less DIRECT &
    OBVIOUS influence. But it is still there. But to what degree?

    In fact, Ben Proto was very conversant and active with Esq Anthony
    Avallone during the 630 Condo presentation to Zoning and the few
    special Meetings. Esq Avallone rents office space from….. B M D

    A couple people claim Esq Proto does legal work in Derby. They also
    claim B M D have influence there. In fact one of the B M D Attorneys
    is an ANSONIA Police LT in the DETECTIVE Division.

    What if Esq, Proto was getting indirect compensation from B M D and
    Esq Florek was getting direct compensation from Burturla / Miron?

    And since Esq. August represents Police / Fire in workers comp and since
    B M D represent SO MANY TOWNS & CITIES like
    more – you get the idea.

    And since the 3 were appointed to the C. R. C. outta 9 ….. 😉

    I am wondering what the NATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION and PBS will think
    of the FINAL DRAFT and the TOWN COUNCIL actions and inactions?


    What about the hibernating VOTERS of Stratford?
    And the candidates who are laying low?

    Careful what you wish for…

  59. 59 jezebel282

    Err…. Excuse me?

    “Special tax district status”?

    And that means what, exactly? No requirement to pay Stratford property taxes?

    You read it in the Post:

    “Marcus also testified that during a May 10 meeting Ed Natera was furious at Christopher for e-mails sent to Speaker of the House James Amann, D-Milford, and Stratford Mayor James R. Miron that Natera believed ruined the group’s efforts to secure special tax district status from the state’s General Assembly.”

  60. 60 1george1

    The night of the Democratic Town Committee Meeting Vote for Registrar
    and other candidates, I still had my radio tuned in to WICC, from the
    T-Berry show the night before, with Rich and the wife of the Bpt Police
    Captain. some thought it was great. I heard 20 minutes & was embarrassed!

    Amman was a guest interview.

    During the Q & A, Amman came out of the blue with the statement that
    Stratford’s area 51 is a Home Run.

    This is from a guy who represents the same Town as Berchem / Burturla
    has been domiciled, will run for Governor, and has been helping Stratford
    and Bridgeport get SHUT OUT of
    1) Economic Development
    2) ECS Fully funding (short $ 54,000,000 or 1/3rd of Town Debt)
    3) State Mandate Funding

  61. 61 sudds

    I’m not sure what they were looking for, but I know that in New Haven “Special Tax District Status” actually means that businesses in that area pay MORE in taxes… but they are also free to spend it themselves on developing the area.

  62. 62 jezebel282

    Actually, not a bad idea. It would be interesting to find out who would underwrite these bonds.

    “As part of the 2004 American Jobs Creation Act, which contains the “Brownfields Demonstration Program for Qualified Green Building and Sustainable Design Projects,” the U.S. Treasury provides tax-exempt bond designation for qualified projects that meet strict criteria, including developing LEED-certified buildings and providing employment for at least 1,500 people.
    These financing instruments are known as “Green Bonds.”

    For example:

    The Georgetown Special Taxing District applied for designation as a Green Building and Sustainable Design Project in November 2005.

    In January 2006 the Department of the Treasury informed the district that the project qualified for designation under Section 142 of the IRS Code. And in February 2006, the IRS issued notice PRESP-15672-05 allocating $72,225,000 in tax exempt private activity bonds.”

  63. 63 freedomofspeach

    A special tax district allows the the “district” to get financing for infrastructure by public bonding or in the private market. This is used in a lot of Brownfield developments to assist in the clean up costs. Most case the state approves the district, then the local town or city has some sort of review by their selectman, mayor, or TC.

    It basicly seperates the owner, now a district, from the town.

    The town was not getting a dime other than the property transfer tax, until the property is redeveloped, as the loss of value for the clean up exceeds the value of the property. The feds and state has set the clean up costs and that can be deducted from the assesed value. So they buy it for $10 million and the clean up costs are $50 million, then the assessed value to tax is -$40 million.

    Making this a special district is a good idea in the short run, not sure of long term issues.


  64. 64 jezebel282


    It sounds like a great way to raise the capital to clean up the site.

    The only part I’m nervous about is “then the local town or city has some sort of review by their selectman, mayor, or TC. “

  65. 65 1george1

    Perhaps there can be GRANT FUNDING?
    GRANTS are money which does not have to be repaid.

    During the presentation about Shakespeare Theater, which
    Esquires Burturla & LeClerc withheld 2 huge bound packs of
    information (est over 1,000 pages) until it was requested by
    Gavin or Kubic.

    They were being asked to make a decision without FACTS.

    The Town BONDED $ 2.5 Million for Shakespeare
    Now people are claiming the cost will be much higher.
    What if the real cost for repairs was $ 1,000,000
    Nice gift of $ 1,500,000 for the Developer & Attorneys?

    If it was not orchestrated, which happens, then Gavin deserves
    props. I think Gavin was not involved in orchestration?
    I have seen many times where the Council simply allowed things
    to happen. This time Gavin & Kubic jumped on due diligence.

  66. 66 freedomofspeach

    From the Bard 6/27/08

    According to the report, prepared by B L Systems Inc., and engineering firm the council hired almost a year ago to assess the cost, it’s going to cost anywhere from $1.5 million to $19.2 million. the lower options, from $1.5 to $3.6 million, would include exterior work only and holding the performances outside. The more expensive choices, from $6 million on up to $19.2 million would include interior work.

    After reviewing the options and their costs, some council members thought they’re going to have to go back and put the candidates they already weeded out. That may include Paige Newmark, Stratford Festival Theater LLC and others.

    Many were also mad that they were just now getting the report this late in the process.

    “I’m disappointed,” said Amy Wanamaker, D-6. “We’ve been talking about getting this report forever. I wanted to see it before we cut our list down to five. I thought that was inappropriate; now it looks like we might have to reconsider those people that weren’t shortlisted.”

    Councilman Gavin Forrester III, D-3, also was not happy with the report’s timing. The report, which came in two separate binders divided into two volumes, one for the theater and another for its administrative building known as the “white house,” is clearly going to make for some heavy reading if not decision making. He said if the mayor should have had the report to them at least two months ago. He said that if the council was going to maintain its standards that it has established for itself then all of the council needs to read the report.

    Local resident Louis Burke, who was pruned from the list because he said his attorney missed some key phone calls about financing from Town Attorney Richard Buturla, said he’s certain now he’ll be put back on the list.

    “We’re the only group that offered not to take the $2.5 million, telling them to put it towards a parking garage instead,” said Burke. His plan featured a ready-made replica of the “The Rose” theater, which was also the actual set piece from the movie “Shakespeare in Love.” Burke offered to bring the Rose Theater, which he now owns, over from England and install it on the theater’s grounds next to the Shakespeare Theater and make it operable.

    “I’m sure they will be calling me soon,” said Burke.

    What an arrogant as&*(^.

    OK so Burke, who could not pay his bills, may end up with this place. Great news, guess he will run it like the Avco site. Gee is his web page still up?

    Are you sure PT did not inbreed with some of these people? Carpetbaggers, cheats, and lawyers.

  67. 67 1george1

    Esq Burturla and Leclerc had these boxes of 20 + very large Binders, hidden
    under the table, where no one in the audience could see them.

    From what I could tell, they did not seem anxious to pass them out.

    When ever I have something in writing, I come early and place in where each
    councilor and attorney sits, with copies for the Mayor and clerk.

    GAVIN’S sent me an e-mail least week, while he was on vacation, when I questioned
    him about the Secretary of State giving a ruling on Burturla’s opinion on the Rights
    to Recall, Initiative, and Referendum?

    I would be very curious about Gavin perspective as to why these 20 – 30 VERY, VERY
    Thick Binders were NOT passed out in advance of the Discussion and the presentation by Barry Knott and client, which the Town Council questioned.

    Those questions were without the benefit of those Binders in ADVANCE to
    PREP the QUESTIONERS and/or at least before Esq. Knott’s presentation.

    I am one of the few bloggers who gives props to AMY, with whom Laura
    appears to be a friend. I would be curious IF LAURA, DAVE MOONEY, even
    AMY would Blog about this matter?

    I hope GAVIN takes note and lets loose with both barrels (figuretively)

  68. 68 jezebel282

    Everyone who thought Louie Burke would just disappear, raise your hand.

    No one?


  69. 69 jezebel282


    It doesn’t look like anyone is waiting before we start spending taxpayer money on this site.


  70. 70 freedomofspeach

    I thought the TC had to approve money spent on projects? When was this voted on?

    Hey Gavin, WTF?

  71. 71 1george1

    I believe the Town Council will have an opportunity to review the BID
    and approve it or deny it.

    I think that is similar to what happened with Shakespeare and AVCO.

    What is interesting is the timing.
    July 4th week is a vacation week, and many companies and watchdogs
    sometimes miss this type of stuff.

    Is this BID interended to be steered?
    When did or will Public notice be published in Newspaper?

    July 4th week 2001, is when the Cabrol town Council scheduled a special
    Meeting to raise the Town Attorney fees from $ 60 per hour to $ 125.

    TIPS, a Voccola couple, had proof the Board of Ed raise Berchem fees from
    $ 60 to $ 125 a couple years before, but NEVER had TC approval, catching the
    TC by surprize.

    TIPS turned tons of documentation over to Kevin Kelly and the FBI.
    Like magic, people who should have been interested and legal watchdogs
    did ZERO, except make the issue disappear! W T F ??

  72. 72 sudds

    Richard C. Levin, President
    Yale University
    PO BOX 208229
    New Haven, CT 06520-8229

    Email: presidents.office@yale.edu
    Telephone: (203) 432-2550
    Fax: (203) 432-7105

  73. 73 jezebel282


    Make the call already!

    You have standing. You are a resident. Certainly more standing than Louie Burke. And you already promised to vote for Best or Forrester or Sperling or anyone that will get you a parking permit.

  74. 74 jezebel282

    A Mid Summer’s Night Dream?

    Shakespeare could be upstaged
    Article Last Updated: 07/07/2008 12:50:40 AM EDT

    STRATFORD — In what could be an ironic twist right out of a Bard play, the long-shuttered Shakespeare theater’s curtains may finally rise next spring with few of his classic plays in the lineup.

    The Town Council appears to be leaning heavily toward awarding the contract to revive and operate the theater to a Rhode Island producer who says he has never seen a Shakespearean production.
    Never? What high school did this guy go to?

    William J. Hanney, owner and operator of Theatre by the Sea in Wakefield, R.I., whose revival plan would include producing musicals, contemporary productions and concerts, told the council during a recent presentation on his proposal that he doesn’t believe Shakespeare would sell in the 21st century.
    I hear Amy Winehouse is scheduled first.
    But Hanney said that to appeal to Shakespeare fans he would plan at least one or two Bard productions a year, and more “if that’s what the marketplace demands.”

    A consensus of council leaders indicates that Hanney is the favorite to be chosen as the new operator of the Elm Street showcase, which closed in 1989.

    The council is likely to select a new developer for the theater when it meets at 8 p.m. next Monday in Town Hall.

    A motion to award the contract to Hanney made at a recent council meeting was tabled amid a dramatic protest both outside Town Hall and in the Council Chambers by a group of Shakespeare loyalists dressed in colorful Bard attire.

    Led by Arts Commissioner Ed Goodrich, dressed as Julius Caesar, complete with white toga, headdress and sandals, the group marched into the meeting carrying placards that read: “To Be or Not To Be?” and “Lack of Planning Will Kill Shakespeare Again.”
    I can’t imagine why no one took Ed seriously. Maybe he should have used the flat sheet instead of the contour?

    Goodrich said his group of followers will be back to stage an even larger protest at the next council meeting. Don’t forget the keg this time, Ed!

    “This is all wrong for Stratford and for the Shakespeare Theatre, and it won’t work,” Goodrich said.

    “We have a classic, historic theater that is world-renowned and they want to ruin it by turning it into a typical regional theater,” he said. “I also don’t think they can renovate it for as little as the $2.5 million they have been saying it will take.”

    Council leaders said their main concern is reopening the theater after several failed attempts over the past two decades.

    “This plan doesn’t mean we’re not going to have Shakespeare shows at the theater at all,” said Councilman Mike Julian, R-1, whose district includes the theater. “We will include a clause in the contract requiring at least one or two Shakespeare shows a year in the beginning, and hopefully, more as time goes on,” he said.

    Julian said he had hoped another finalist for theater developer, Frank Tobin Enterprises of Los Angeles, which would have relied heavily on both Shakespeare and other “classical theater,” could have provided that component.

    But Tobin, strongly supported by Goodrich and his allies, has advised the council and Hanney that he has withdrawn his proposal. Maybe after he saw Ed Goodrich in the paper? Or heard how well the SAEP sale is going?

    Still, Town Council Chairman Michael Henrick, R-10, and Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, say Hanney’s plan makes the most sense. They said Hanney’s successful revival of “Theatre by the Sea,” which had been closed for four years, proves he knows how to reopen a once-thriving theater and make it successful again.

    Both Julian and O’Neal have visited the Rhode Island theater and attended shows there, and said they were impressed by its professionalism and packed houses.

    “The productions were of a very high quality and the audience loved the shows,” Julian said. Hanney said despite his skepticism about Shakespeare, he has reached out to another finalist, British Shakespearean director and producer Paige Newmark, of Oxford, England.

    “We had a good discussion and I think he may be interested,” Hanney said. “He said he wants to think about it and will get back to me soon. But if that doesn’t work out I will find someone with experience to put on Shakespeare.”

    Newmark said he’s willing to talk with well-known local director Louis Burke, who made the final five among the developer candidates, but has been eliminated. Oh no! Not Louie Burke! Are you crazy, Newmark?

    Burke, who failed in a previous effort to reopen the theater, believes he was unfairly passed over, despite having what believes is the “best business and artistic plan” to revive the theater.

    “We have worked for so many years to try and get this theater reopened, and so far spent over $6.5 million to do so. Are there any others who have put their money where their mouths are?” Burke states in a recent letter to the Connecticut Post. “The previous [council] chairman asked me to show them the money! When I try to do so, I am ignored. Why?” Because there is none, Louie. You have no bank account, investors, capital, or plan other than a proposed lease that gives you the ability to bilk more investors. How that SAEP deal going, by the way? Your website claiming that you are the developer is still up, Louie.

    Burke contends that town officials have repeatedly ignored his efforts to prove that he has the millions in financing needed to make his theater redevelopment proposal a reality.

    “To the surprise of many, I am still here, as I have done nothing wrong, merely determined to make this project work,” Burke wrote. “At least give us a chance to do so.” That’s half right, Louie. You’ve done nothing.

    Henrick and Julian said while Burke was seriously considered he is no longer on the short list to become the theater operator.

    Meanwhile, Henrick and Julian also said they don’t believe a recent consultant’s report by BL Cos. that indicated it could cost between $6.8 and $19 million to renovate the theater for reopening. And why not?

    “I don’t believe that either or I wouldn’t be involved to the point I have already invested $12,000 to bring my plan forward,” Hanney said. “It’s just time to move ahead and get it done,” he said. “People just want to see this theater up and running again, and that’s what I plan to make happen.” Wow! 12 Large, huh? That won’t even cover the lawn mowing.

    One more time: SHOW US THE MONEY!

  75. 75 1george1

    Burke claimed his group spent $ 6,500,000 on the Shakespeare Theater?

    I wonder how much of that was spent by the unpaid contractor for work
    that was done, before they were stiffed? Like $ 6, 499,999?


    I believe the Shakespeare Theater could support Shakespeare Plays for about
    2 months per year.
    1) Maybe late October and into November
    2) Maybe April

    There are scads of HS, Jr. HS, and colleges capable of filling morning and
    afternoon matinees during the week and even weekends.
    + This Theater is conducive to having 30 – 50 school buses of 30 kids per
    show to come to see the classical Shakespearean plays.
    + Private Schools with upscale curiculum would get parental support.
    + Suburban upscale HS & Jr. HS would get parental support.
    + Urban HS & Jr. HS would get State and BoE support to supplement the
    parental support.
    + All colleges have an element of Theatrical classes and English classes,
    with Shakespeare being the icon of English Literature, comparable to the
    Bibles and Torah (no disrespect to religions).

    I suspect there could be more than enough Tri-State and New England
    interest from adults to fill at Friday and Saturday night performances.

    If there were 2 week runs per play, Stratford could host 4 Shakespearean
    plays per year, with perhaps 18 shows per week.

    Ed Goodrich and friends are correct about the Market value of the name
    Shakespeare, which has about 100 plays, more sonnets / other literature,
    and over 1,000 characters. The brand can be more valuable than Disney or
    the Beatles.

    It just takes intelligent and deep pocket Marketing.

    And there is a huge value in the limited number of Shakespearean Theaters.
    Especialy which look much like the original GLOBE at Avon.


    I believe a 10 month season of Broadway road shows, concerts, and other
    popular and contemporary events can be the best way to use the Theater.

    I believe it would be easier to generate more ticket sales, with the more
    contemporary entertainment than purely Shakespeare.

    Companies like GE, Wal-mart, or Subway could host meetings for 1,500 of
    their employees, stock holders, franchisees, or V. I. P.s.

    It is also a natural resource for hosting a CABLE or DISH TV Station and
    AM/FM Radio Station.


    Tobin was not the only pro Shakespeare proponent.

    Hanney may or may not be Stratford’s final answer.
    Gavin and friends are doing diligence on the Burturla Binders.

    Who knows the true cost of Renovations?
    However, once proper seed money is wisely spent, it should be a
    fertile opportunity for excellent R. O. I.

    And if Green Acres (Hanney) / Area 51 does develope a media center,
    wouldn’t the Shakespeare Theater be a natural accessory for staging?

    It has the acoustics.
    It has the seating and capacity.
    It has the Brand and Name, with untapped (undertapped) Value.
    Geographically Travel it has access to 100,000,000 potential visitors.
    (could not handle the potential)
    It has the base, from which Web Cast / Broad Cast and all sort of Revenue
    producing vehicles can be launched.

    And Norm, Burturla and friends have managed to mess up a wet dream…

  76. 76 1george1

    A few years ago the Barnum Festival was set up a little differently.

    Attendance to the events in different Towns, were under the umbrella of the
    Barnum Festival.

    At that time, only the MARTI GRAS and ROSE BOWL / PARADE / FESTIVAL had
    higher attendance in the USA than the Barnum Festival.

    Just up I – 95, New Haven’s Festival of Arts and Ideas has grown.

    Milford and Norwalk have Oyster Festivals and a variety of events.

    What if there was a Regional late Spring – all Summer combination:
    1 – Barnum Festival & surrounding Towns, include Shakespeare & Milford
    2 – Arts & Ideas
    3 – Oyster Festivals

    What if there were Tours including the Shakespeare, Polka Dot, N H Yale /
    Shubert, Walligford Oakdale, Stamford Palace, Hartford Bushnell, etc?

    No, I guess there just is no market for quality live entertainment …
    so close to the gold coast and NYC / Boston / Hartford / N. E.

  77. 77 jezebel282


    I still think a nice office building with a decent restaurant on the ground floor…..maybe a live band to keep the “entertainment” clause.

    “Now appearing! The Bards!”

  78. 78 1george1

    In the present economy, most restaurants are in trouble.

    The graying of the baby boomers impacted the bar business.

    However, certain markets, properly packaged, presented, produced, and
    priced will work at local and regional levels.

    However the Shakespeare Brand and Name have world wide appeal in a
    Wide world market.

    Over the centuries, shakespeare plays have been presented in whole or in part.

    They were kept in former format (often an update of an ancient work) or they
    were made relatively current to play to contemporary audiences in every part
    of the English speaking world (about 30 % of humanity)

    The plots are proven and time tested.
    The subplots are proven and time tested.
    Whole stories have been created from single lines
    or phrases.
    The characters are proven and time tested, with
    very valuable Branding and name recognition.

    Actors, like politicians, are usually talking heads.

    The right person, witht he right package, can make this work like a Disney
    Empire. Some “Mickey Mouse” operation?

  79. 79 jezebel282


    “Over the centuries, shakespeare plays have been presented in whole or in part.”

    Likewise, over the centuries, rib eye and lobster have been successfully presented. Sometimes accompanied by a nice Pommard or Nuits St. George.

  80. 80 1george1


    I do not drink wine and had to google to identify your retort which suspiciouly
    looks like an insult? Nuits = NUTS // St. George = GEORGE

    Tip o me hat to ya!
    Ya got me.

    The bottom line is that if I had the resources of a GE or TV Station or
    multi-national, despite the small size of Stratford Shakespeare Theater,

    I believe it has significant value due to:
    Limited similar locations in the world
    Brand Name
    Name Recogniztion
    Possitive identification with a huge audience
    Wealth of Characters
    Wealth of Scripts: Plots, Subplots, and potential from quotes
    Spin off potential
    Revenue sources from exceptionally diverse universe, including games.

    What Stratford has done is turned an OIL GUSHER into a mud bath.
    And the mud is for very limited species, with low revenue options.

  81. 81 jezebel282


    “Tip o me hat to ya!
    Ya got me.”

    It’s not always about you, George. I’m just partial to an aged Burgundy.

    Call me crazy, but I would enjoy a rib eye and lobster on the river more than a Shakespeare play. And if they ever clean up the SAEP, maybe some local scallops or mussels too.

  82. 82 1george1

    Pardon me for thinking ya might be teasing me with “NUTS GEORGE”

    I just spoke to Rich Weizel, who happens to be doing a story about Rell
    signing clean up of (close) Raymark into law.

    Rich was able to confirm that a former Bard lady reporter is Mayor Miron’s
    new receptionists, which I hinted at yesterday.

    Rich also appreciated my mentioning his Mr. Potter moment when offered
    a (pt) gig with the former Mayor.

    Recognizing that the bloggers detest everything Miron, the Mr. Potter moment
    has to get at least an attaboy?

  83. 83 1george1

    Rich turned down a job offer from Mayor Miron.
    Freudian slip: some wish he is a former Mayor?

    Also Jeze wants AVCO cleaned up, and the story is about Raymark cleanup.
    At least somethin is supposed to get cleaned up?

    Maybe the commuters could contact Save Stratford to find out how someone
    can actually get somethin done in this town?
    If the Law turns into actual clean up?

  84. 84 jezebel282


    “Recognizing that the bloggers detest everything Miron, the Mr. Potter moment
    has to get at least an attaboy?”

    I dunno…sounds a bit derivative to me.

    jezebel282 on June 26, 2008 said: Edit Link

    Every time I think about this I am reminded of the movie “It’s a wonderful life”. George Bailey (the poor honest guy) walks into Mr. Potter’s (let’s say he looks like Jim Miron) office. Potter makes George the best offer he’s ever had. They begin to shake hands and suddenly poor George Bailey realizes something HAS to be wrong with this deal.

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