Osprey Return to Stratford, Connecticut!



So, another rumor floating around is that there is an Osprey Nest behind the Fire Station on Main Street. The Fire Chief parks his Town-provided vehicle directly under the utility pole where the Osprey are nesting.  Interesting fact is that the Osprey pairs have returned to this same site year after year adding to their nest.  They lay their eggs in April and the incubation period is about a month long.  The first flight of young osprey takes place about sixty days after hatching.  So, right now, they would still be in the nest, and would remain there for about two months.  So, that would put them into July or August.

Well, what I have heard is that because the Osprey were dropping nesting materials on to the vehicle, a contractor was hired (the taxpayers paid about $4,000) to remove the nest. The nest was rebuilt by the Osprey.

I wonder if the powers that be who hired the contractor know that disturbing the Ospreys is prohibited under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and the Connecticut General Statutes Section 26-92.

Curious question: Why didn’t the Fire Chief just park his car elsewhere?



5 Responses to “Osprey Return to Stratford, Connecticut!”

  1. Seriously? $4,000 to chase birds? AYFKM?

  2. 2 jezebel0691

    Imagine how much the fine will be! More taxpayer dollars?

  3. I think the town attorney is working on an eviction notice for the osprey. Cha-ching!

  4. 4 jezebel0691

    NBC was there and did a story on it – YESTERDAY. Apparently someone did get permission. The claim is that an Osprey dropped a bass into the air conditioning unit causing damage. So, where is the work order for repair to the unit?

    It’s amusing that this gets posted here, gets shared on Facebook and blows up, and the Town jumps to damage control and gets NBC-CT to do a story by Monday?

    We hear that McGrath and Gottfried will continue to make the newbie firefighters wash their vehicles.

  5. Stopped by with the kids to see the trucks the other day. Someone said the Chiefs windshield got busted. Checked it out on the way out and found he is driving a Ford Explorer INTERCEPTOR. What a kick-ass upgrade for $15k. Info on line said with transmission adjustments it can do 130. The PD doesn’t even all drive these. Nice ride Chief! Guess every second counts when responding from home in Stamford. Wish I could apply for that job I’d put a custom paint job on that bad boy. Fastest chief on the Gold Coast. They didn’t need that tower ladder to get those kids down, the chief could have flown by and picked them up.

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