October 13, District 2 and 5 Special Election



Sorry ladies and gentlemen, it’s been awhile for this Jezebel.  The busy-ness of work, family and life just takes precedence over Peyton Place’s — oops, Stratford’s — drama!

With that said, we have a Special Election coming up on Thursday, October 13.  This is for Districts 2 and 5 only, to fill the seats of Mark Dumas and Joe Gresko when they resigned their council seats.  We wish them both well.

In District 2, we have Scott Farrington-Posner (D) and Ron Tichy (R).  If I were in District 2, my vote would most certainly be with Scott.  He has gone over and above proving himself a worthy representative in the short time he has been a Zoning Commissioner.  I’m sure Ron is nice enough, but we certainly aren’t fond of some of the pals walking in support of him and with friends like that…  well!  Besides, Scott seems to be a very honest guy!  He’s not afraid stand up for what he believes in.

And, in District 5, we have Greg Cann (D) and John Dempsey (I).  Wait, wasn’t John Dempsey an (R)?  Very confusing!  So, he missed switching to a (D) to primary Greg Cann, so chose to run as an Independent?  And then, the (R)s put up a guy who backed out.  Oh well, if I were District 5, it would most certainly be an easy choice – Greg Cann all the way.

These should be easy choices.  John Dempsey spent enough time on the Town Council and had a “seat warmer” too!  If he couldn’t do any good for Stratford during those terms, then why would he be the smart choice now?

Let’s just hope the (R)s play nice in the sandbox and don’t try anything again with nasty mailers!


One Response to “October 13, District 2 and 5 Special Election”

  1. Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.

    In these so-called “small” elections, your vote will never count for as much as it will on this “off” election day. And let’s keep in mind that these two positions will have a large say in what your mortgage payment will be next year.

    Scott Farrington-Posner and Greg Cann are the obvious choices.

    But you can rest assured, John Harkins and Lou Decilio are doing everything they can to get their vote out. After all, how else can they dole out cars, special bonuses and consulting fees?

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