The Sandbox that is Stratford!



It’s been just about five months since Election Day 2015 and Stratford’s voters spoke loud and clear when they voted that November day.  They voted for change.  Well, we did get change, but not the change the voters expected.  The new Town Council, as a whole, not individually, seems to have already forgotten how to play nice in the sandbox.  There is a special meeting tonight, Thursday, March 31, 2016 and already the agenda has been modified a couple times and, who knows, it could change yet again. What we really need to tell this Town Council – as a whole – is to please stop crapping in our sandbox!  We’ve had more than enough crap needing to be unearthed by the Councils of Stratford Past.  Now, you the new Town Council all, together, have an opportunity to do something mind-blowing – WORK TOGETHER!  You all need to check your egos and party affiliations at the door, play nice and stop crapping in our sandbox!


One Response to “The Sandbox that is Stratford!”

  1. 1 Rockannand Fat chance Daponte will play nice. She has crapped on just about everyone except the very few left in the DTC who continue to follow her misguided actions.

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