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As we sit down to write out our checks for property tax bills/use fees or wait for the impending letters from our mortgage companies notifying us of our increased monthly payments due to a shortfall in escrow accounts (property taxes) and swelter in midsummer heat (Global warming? What global warming?) it might be time to reflect a bit.

As many of our readers know, politically Stratford is divided into three voting blocks; Democrats, Independents and Republicans. For many residents, going into a voting booth for a local election simply means filling in the circle next to a “D” or “R”. Independent candidates are rarely given more than a protest vote. Although it is our hope that Stratford is a unique example, candidates who are actual Democrats or Republicans never appear on the ballot. What we have to choose from are approved candidates from either the Republican or Democratic Town Committees. Neither have anything to do with Republican or Democratic positions. Mostly what they do is whatever the Town Committee boss wants them to do. This is how we get 34% increases in Sewer Use Fees, raises for department heads, new cars to take home for chiefs, deputy chiefs and directors as well as whatever anti-union privatizing opportunity comes along.

Let’s be honest here. The only reason Harkins is mayor is because he wasn’t Miron. It is not as if he had positions on anything or a plan to improve the Town. While we can be angry at tax/fee increases, selling off of assets, raises for cronies or contract violations that will cost us dearly we can’t be disappointed. After all, we never demanded a vision or plan from Harkins. And Harkins certainly never offered one beyond “I’m not Miron”.

So while we debate theaters, user fees, wasted tax dollars, enormous bond amounts let us remember that our lack of interest and scrutiny of the people we chose to elect put us here.

(Note to George: No. You can’t post letters from Nader, CIA connections or Exxon agendas without being moved somewhere else)


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  1. 1 jezebel282

    Imagine, if you will, a duly elected representative of the people saying something like, “I think it’s ok to take $95 out of every taxpayer’s purse simply because I can.” That’s pretty much how the vote on the increased sewer use fee went. The increase had nothing to do with any sort of increased costs or operating expense.

    Nothing illustrates the lack of scrutiny or interest of voters better than this example.

  2. 2 1george1

    JEZE – I don’t need outside links or reference, as long as you
    plagarized my 2005 + 2009 PLATFORMS and Letters to the Editor
    relative to STRATFORD ISSUES. 😉

    I’m flatterred – or is that flatulence? (ough)

    Instead of JEZE taking cues from the NY TIMES or FOX (Portia?),
    JEZE has absorbed my posting and read my rants ….

    JEZE you do write better than I can write.
    JEZE you find the greatest graphics …..

    Teasing aside, the reason JEZE & I get along as well as we do
    (kinda like Felix & Oscar (me)) is we believe in serving people
    and protecting the inocent & helpless.

    JEZE …. I really, really, really enjoyed posting this & teasing you.

  3. 3 1george1

    There are a lot of readers of this blog who believe in things
    that JEZE & I believe about the decency of people & workers
    in this town & USA.

    I get to PLAY the FOOL with the JACK in the BOX POSTURINGS.
    Many people learn that FOOLS RAVINGS can have TRUTHS that
    most people would dismiss …

  4. 4 sudds

    “Imagine, if you will, a duly elected representative of the people saying something like, “I think it’s ok to take $95 out of every taxpayer’s purse simply because I can.” That’s pretty much how the vote on the increased sewer use fee went. The increase had nothing to do with any sort of increased costs or operating expense. ”

    Oh come on Jez… you KNOW it’s worse than that!

    The increase in our sewer taxes was nothing more than our town “leaders” (and I use the term loosely, since they collectively seem about as bright as a 2 watt bulb) thinking that we are dumb enough to not realize that this was nothing more than a tax increase!!!

    Although, by doing it this way they’ve doubly-scr*wed most of us since we can’t deduct our sewer fees on our federal income tax returns (like we can with our taxes).

  5. 5 sudds

    “Nothing illustrates the lack of scrutiny or interest of voters better than this example.”


    1) this is true


    2) it’s what our town “leaders” were banking upon when they passed this increase.

  6. 6 1george1

    Beautiful baby.

  7. 7 jezebel282


    “we are dumb enough to not realize that this was nothing more than a tax increase!!!”
    Umm….we are that dumb.

    We elected this mayor and we elected an RTC controlled Council….twice. The real question is only the matter of degree. How much dumber can we get before we start questioning these people and electing Independents?

  8. 8 1george1

    There are differences between independents & INDEPENDENTS.

  9. 9 rex525

    Well they have to fund the OVER INFLATED TOWN ATTORNEY budget somehow, don’t they? It horrifies me that the public could care less about that.

  10. 10 1george1

    All it takes it to build networks of 10 outraged people
    who must recruit 10 outraged people (100)
    who must recruit 10 outraged people (1000)
    who must recruit 10 outraged people (10000)
    who must recruit 10 outraged people (100000)
    who must recruit 10 outraged people (1000000)

    There are people known to NOT be SELL OUTS or FAUX independents

  11. 11 jezebel282



    This may well be the most inflated political patronage job in all of Connecticut. We are talking about a (usually) $1.3 million budget for the Town Attorney that is 300% more than the highest surrounding town in Fairfield or New Haven County. What makes it even nicer (for the Town Attorney) is that there is no public accounting of where the money went. In fact, the one person who decides how many hours may be billed to the Town is….wait for it…the Town Attorney.

    It is no coincidence that our current Town Attorney is the law partner of Kevin Kelly.

    And make no mistake, the last two mayors have made sure there are plenty of hours for the Town Attorney to bill. There seems to be no contract, regulation or agreement they wouldn’t violate.

  12. 12 1george1

    The graphic make this appropriate to place here:
    My deepest and sincerest sympathy, empathy, & condolences
    to the victims, families, and friends in the Colorado shooting.

  13. 13 sudds

    “We are talking about a (usually) $1.3 million budget for the Town Attorney that is 300% more than the highest surrounding town in Fairfield or New Haven County”

    But I thought our mayor was comparing our costs to ensure that we’re in-line with surrounding towns!!! Oh wait… is that only for when he is looking for an excuse to RAISE our taxes??? :LOL:

  14. 14 sudds

    “Beautiful baby.”

    thanks George!

  15. 15 sudds

    FYI town Republicans… you may want to start taking back your party…

    Events on July 26, 2012

    Town Committee Meeting
    Starts: 7:30 pm
    Ends: July 26, 2012 – 9:00 pm
    Location: Mill River Country Club
    Description: Monthly RTC Meeting
    Mill River Country Club
    4567 Main Street
    Stratford, CT 06614

    All registered Republicans are welcome to attend

  16. 16 1george1

    Sudds – Town Attorney FEES A L S O exist within HR for
    contract negotiations where they manage to THROW
    over $ 1.5 million O. T. to both POLICE & FIRE, mostly
    mismanagment …

    This CASCADES for 20 – 30 year retirements about 400 %
    above what they would get under DEFINED CONTRIBUTION
    instead of DEFINED BENEFIT

    Those are about 60 % to 110 % over Social Security.

  17. 17 1george1

    Sudds very nice new baby picture. Very cute!
    Obviously proud papa.

    Because soooo many politicians went to Yale,
    I refer to it as the University of perversity.
    – They are extreme competent & selfish,

    As opposed to stratford politicos who are ..

  18. 18 jezebel282


    “Town Attorney FEES A L S O exist within HR”
    That’s because our $98,000/year plus full benefits HR Director needs $300,000 worth of help in negotiating labor contracts that haven’t changed much in 30 years. (Tell me again what David Dunn does for $60,000 a year?)

    “retirements about 400 %
    above what they would get under DEFINED CONTRIBUTION
    instead of DEFINED BENEFIT”


    Pensions are modified in negotiations. Nowhere else.
    See first paragraph.

  19. 19 1george1

    NOW JEZE you are soooooooo close to connecting the DOTS!

  20. 20 jezebel282


    The dots don’t matter. Until voters start demanding changes from their candidates nothing will change.

  21. 21 1george1

    JEZE, you are expecting candidates PICKED by FLOREK,
    KELLY, & BURTURLA to respond to voters?


    They do what the State Committees tell them to do who get
    told by the National Committees, who get told what to do by
    Chambers Commerce, Big Oil, Fortune 5000, and the Military
    whose Rank are appointed politically & likely controlled by
    Britain & Norman nobility, & likely controlled by …

    Broadbridge Avenue has 2,500 signatures & 300 people out
    to try to stop cutting down the trees & turning the road into
    a race way. Bob David pretended to vote against it.

    Oronoque bussed 350 seniors to SHS BUDGET HEARING & Cabrol
    stained his pants. Instead of demanding roll back on taxes,
    VECSEY sold everyone in town out leading them into phase in.

    Savestratford has north of 3000 petition signatures and they’ve
    accomplished virtually nothing.

    Shakespeare only got movement because the 2014 sister cities
    thing is part of the phased in 4 yean plan, before the 2017 end
    of the Constitution for Grand Lodge 300 anniversary …

  22. 22 appalledandamused

    Interesting topic.

    Just to weigh in: not all elected officials follow the drumbeat of the party. They may be endorsed by the party, but to follow the party blindly is always a mistake, and you can’t claim that they all do that. Just saying….

    That said, I’ve seen it more on display with the current Republican party (nationally and locally) than with the Democratic party (which is weak and useless…in my opinion). There is always something these party ‘bosses’ use to keep their votes in line… Shakespeare Theater, perhaps?

    The problem lies in having something, anything, to hang over the heads of elected officials. With the town parties, it’s the inferred threat of losing official ‘endorsement’….as if that is a sure thing, or even helpful in the end.

    How about doing away with parties altogether in the town election process? Don’t they do that elsewhere in the state (I’m thinking Westport). Take the onus of party affiliation off the plate, and vote for people based on their record or stance on issues. The worst part of Stratford is the Country Club Republican Town Party and the toothless Democratic party.

  23. 23 jezebel282


    One the whole, a very good post. I’ll save my comments about the RNC v. DNC for another topic.

    “not all elected officials follow the drumbeat of the party.:
    The evidence is to the contrary with this current council. The statements made publicly by a few council members indicate a willingness, perhaps even eagerness, to believe anything they are told by the mayor’s staff.
    We can exclude Stephanie Philips since the entire RTC membership on the council locked her out of budget discussions.

    Even Matt Catalano appears to play along to get along. With the exception of the Theater, which seems to be the only item on his agenda, he has yet to cast an opposing vote.

    The DTC is, well, just a casualty scene that hasn’t been cleaned up yet. They put the noose around their own neck when they nominated Miron the first time. Miron threw the rope around the tree limb for them. He tied their hands behind their back when they nominated him for mayor and state senate. They just recently kicked the chair out from under themselves when the elected Buturla as Party Chair. They are currently just twisting slowly in the wind.

    “How about doing away with parties altogether in the town election process”
    I LOVE this idea!

  24. 24 1george1


    1) Mandated Town Attorney as employees with REFERENDUM
    SET Compensation & Benefits review-able 10 years.

    2) Make D & R PARTIES pay & repay REGISTRAR compensation

    3) Specificly reorganized BUDGET INFORMATION for increased
    TRANSPARENCY to include:
    * Benefits Cost Break downs: Town / Employee / Tax Payer
    * Overtime by Departments
    * Attorney settlements
    * Attorneys cost per top 25 most expensive over 25 years

    I believe Esq. Burturla & Town Committees set up PUBLIC
    Esq. Burturla OPINED, Stratford’s Town Charter was NOT

    allowing for grandfathered PUBLIC INITIATIVE REFERENDUMS
    and other things under one, but not the OTHER.

    We can thank Charter Revision # 1 & # 2, kinda like going the
    bathroom # 1 & # 2?

  25. 25 1george1

    JEZE – CHECK your MAIL BOX for PDF on Town Attorney opinion
    on TERM LIMITS, with special interest on mention of the

    You can PRINT the PDF.
    You can SCAN the PDF, as a non PDF.
    You can POST the Town Attorney opinion.


  26. 26 1george1

    The Shakespeare 5 phase plan should be finished by 2013.
    Shakespeare sister cities is supposed to happen 2014.

    OSNA multiple year President Ann Jackson is ex-wife of
    JACKSON, KELLY, & Bishop.

    savestratford # 2 Erin Holroyd’s ex-Husband is also ex-Husband
    of Kevin Kelly’s wife of KELLY, JACKSON, & Bishop.

    Certain members of RAC & OSNA own property around FERRY
    CREEK which could be valuable if HOTELS & CONDOS with DOCKS
    are built from Fagin’s/Riverview to the base of Housatonic Avenue
    with the 2003 / 2005 E.P.A. S.R.I. for adding SLIPS to the Marina
    and putting HOTEL behind UMBERTI’S & Office Building where
    Bishop, Jackson, & Kelly had there offices.

    I have 1988 Stratford Bard stories & Letters to the Editors where
    3rd District Councilor Dick Miron was quoted “STRATFORD needs
    a GRAND PLAN.” Same Town Council where BURTURLA was CHAIR
    and the MINI BUDGET was created, causing the 1991 Stratford


    through misappropriations = NO STATUTE of LIMITATIONS

    R.I.C.O. has CIVIL & CRIMINAL options.

    If a Stamford or Hartford or out of State Law Firm was to somehow
    PROVE very large CT LAW FIRMS were involved in CRIMINAL ACTS,
    then once those FIRMS were incarcerated and/or disbarred, just
    imagine how many BOARD of ED, MUNICIPALS, HOUSING, PARKING,
    and JUICY CLIENTS like INSURANCE, REALESTATE, & others could
    be TAKEN OVER.

    the HEADS, which wears the CROWNS.

    IMMUNITY and PROTECTIONS under the LAW are getting SCRUTINIZED,
    and HIGH PROFILE MOVIES like BATMAN, DIE HARD, and other
    SERIES are making it CLEAR we have a CORRUPT SYSTEM.
    See 60 Minute & INSIDE JOB Documentary – ACADEMY AWARD .

  27. 27 jezebel282


    If ever we ran short of dots to connect, you are the first person we would turn to.

    However, unless and until voters start paying attention to what the Council and mayor does the only way a resident can reduce his property taxes is to move. Almost anywhere would do.

  28. 28 1george1

    and MANY PARTY people know what their TAXES & FEES tell
    them. Many know at least parts of the puzzle and don’t have
    the connections or experience to connect the dots.
    Many have moved.
    Many want to move.

    Very many are afraid.

    What choices do they have when voting?
    The Democrats ran 1/2 a slate for Town Council with no support.
    They didn’t even know enough to have their own people count
    votes to verify the counts.

    Their only Lawyer candidate basically dropped out.
    A couple candidates ran partial campaigns. Few walked or met
    in a timely fashion.
    One moved outta state, not just out of town within 1 year or
    maybe 6 months.

    The parties scare off or bribe whoever challenges them.

    What choices do they have at the polls?
    Where will they get funding?

    I spent $ 500 & had 55 signs I painted over.

    Miron & Harkins had over $ 100,000 & 1200 signs.
    Dom claimed to have had $ 30-40,000 & 1000 signs.

    I put out my signs the night before the election, late.
    Before noon, everyplace I had signs, they had signs.
    The election night I picked up 27 signs from the 55 I had
    put into public areas, as they were there to catch people
    at Interstate & state highway choke points, especially
    exit / entrance 32. each place for 95, 15, 113 broadbridge
    Nichols, Main, Barnum..

    Feed back was they had police PW, FIRE, TOWN, ED, &
    PARTY workers wandering around town, radioing back
    where ever – I had signs. I found hilarious!! 😉

    I never had a chance to win.

    I was hoping for 100 votes. M wildest hopes were a couple
    hundred votes. If somehow I got 1,000 votes it might
    have given them pause to at least think abot stuff they do.
    They are embolden & callous.

    100 % of the police department owe their jobs to the
    Florek / Burturla crew & allies.

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “The Democrats ran 1/2 a slate for Town Council with no support.”
    LOL! Of course they had no support. As a Town Committee they are laughable. They even elected Miron’s chief enabler, Buturla, as Chairman. I’ll bet they still sit around and wonder why nobody votes for their candidates.

    “Miron & Harkins had over $ 100,000 & 1200 signs.”
    At least Harkins paid his printing bill.

    “Feed back was they had police PW, FIRE, TOWN, ED,”
    I seriously doubt that.

    “I never had a chance to win.”
    Go figure.

    Again, the basic problem is that voters don’t pay attention.

  30. 30 stfdprofessor1

    “At least Harkins paid his printing bill”

    With all the money thats being skimmed through the town attorneys office one might think that they paid his printing bill (at least). All one needs to do is look at the list of campaign doners in the past election and it tells a chilling tale. BTW is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Bishop, Jackson & Kelly not only sponsered the fireworks but are also a sponser of the Brakettes? Guess when you skim millions it’s a good idea to spend some on PR for the idle masses.

  31. 31 1george1

    Professor –
    One of the ways the command economy of the 1950s worked,
    was that it overpaid government contractors who could over
    pay subcontractors. This helped the local Business class who
    provided diverse products & services.

    Kevin Kelly has gone to the BRAKETTES for YEARS.

    Little known factoid is Stratford High School’s BOB BAIRD who
    runs the BRAKETTE is JOHN FLOREK’S Brother-in-Law.
    – BOB BAIRD is a GREAT PERSON & a lot of FUN. He & his family
    pour tons of TIME & MONEY into the BRAKETTES.
    – FLOREK is QUIET. He seems decent if he weren’t a LAWYER &
    if he hasn’t been DEEPLY INVOLVED in the REGRESSION ….

    Tim Bishop is highly personable. He claims not to take MONEY
    personally as TOWN ATTORNEY, which is a smart move.
    > They have at least 3 young Lawyers & Kelly who can & do bill
    the Town.
    > It’s good business & publicity for them to “give back” to the
    and I’ll bet they take out at least a FULL PAGE AD for the ELLEN
    > It ‘s likely BURTURLA & BERCHEM will take FULL PAGE AD to help

    Attorneys OVER BILL the PUBLIC & give back to the COMMUNITY
    with other JOLLY (Roger) FELLOWS & building connections.

    That’s CAPITALISM.

    TOM MALLOY could have spent $ 25,000 to be TOWN COUNCIL
    CHAIR, and could have made ZERO MONEY during his time on
    the COUNCIL.
    However, the BUSINESS CONTACTS he made in D.C., HARTFORD,
    & in the immediate area should be of LIFE LONG BENEFIT to his

    That’s CAPITALISM.

    I can disagree with their politics and where our money is wasted
    on their ALLIES which will can be & like has been used against us


    O.T. AND buying PEOPLE in EDUCATION & MUNICIPAL … its the
    way TAMMANY HALL has always worked.

    However what happened wen the TEA KETTLE is HEATED &
    there’s NO WAY to reslease the PRESSURE because the system
    is rigged & people realize they’ve been cheated?

    It happened to me in SOUTHPORT USPS & I traced it to the
    highest levels in D.C. as a completely vertical operation with
    mutual protections …. It may not happen in my lifetime …
    however I climbed to the mountain top & I’ve seen the promised
    land ….

    The DEVIL took Christ to the Mountain Top, but was refused.

    I suspect human devils took Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the
    Mountaintop & offered him everything before them .. & they
    were refused.

    Similar human devils placed siyphus impediments on me & knew
    it wasn’t worth offerig me anything and were glad to use me
    as a PAWN.

    I pity those who are ignorant….
    Yet I placed an immutable curse on those who harm innocents.
    Let G-D JUDGE them, if there is a G-D ….

    Not my J O B

  32. I grew up in stfd and I watched family members serve in political positions in stfd. That was about 30 years ago. Same shit going on now. it does not matter – dem or repub – for some reason, stfd just cant get it together. Milford is very much politically divided, but they at least allowed ECD to bring in business. Town hall has shunned the ECD for two mayoral terms now. Stfd does not have the space that Milford has had for retail and business development. Yet “whatever IDIOT in charge” we have now, is apparently not looking forward and making retailers and contractors want to come into stfd.

    BTW – Shakespeare Fest was really, really nice. did Harkins give out the key? For the weekend I mean….
    Yeah, just asking.

    Avco anyone?


    Message when anyone in this town actually makes things happen.

  33. 33 jezebel282


    “Message when anyone in this town actually makes things happen.”

    We feel your pain. Sadly, nothing will change unless the structure changes first. As long as the Republican and Democratic Town Committees control the nomination process, we will continue with the same old Committee candidates forever.

    One solution would be open primaries. You wanna be a candidate? Sign here, please. That one change would eliminate the need for anointment by a Committee. We might even get a real Republican, Democrat or (gasp!) Independent on the ballot. It would also loosen the grip of the Committee chairmen. In theory, elected representatives would be beholden to their constituents instead of their committee. We might even have the luxury of quite a few qualified candidates for each position. And George, of course.

    I learned that my neighbor is moving out of state. The “For Sale” sign on his lawn gave it away. He’s had enough. His last tax (and sewer use fee) bill was literally the last straw for him. It saddened me deeply when he said “This Town will never change.” So off this young couple with two children go to where property taxes are 1/4 of what they are here, sewer use is included and cars are not taxed at all.

  34. 34 1george1

    AVCO – I spoke to Pete S a couple weeks ago.
    He is caretaker of AVCO. They expected an agreement by Aug 1.
    They expect a contract by 2013.

    Diane Toolan & Bruce Allessie both could have done their job,
    in Economic Development if they were allowed to do so.
    Both Neil Sherman or myself of many others – same way.

    Separately from several sources I heard it’s negotiated NOT BID,
    and many contend it’s a CT company to DEVELOP AVCO &
    much of BRIDGEPORT’S 744 ACRES. (Maybe airport, pleasure
    beach, long beach west, & lordship?)

    – Developer Sal Dinardo is Dem State Chair Nancy DiNardo’s bro.
    – CT POST reported they’re cousins to WILLINGER (& BUCCI)
    which helped drag out 3 BIDS on AVCO.

    or have their own Business, when working areas of expertise or in
    places they once controlled or influenced decisions.

    Army Underscretary William Birney retired last year.
    Dodd is out.
    Lieberman will soon be out.

    Florek’s partner O’Neil & one of Berchem’s merged Westport partner
    Ira Bloom are ex ARMY LAWYERS.
    Ex Army Lawyer Barry Steinberg represented Willinger & Bucci,
    & Team Stratford (Norm) Montiposilly co to Feehan Council.

    Senior EPA, DEEP, DOT, FAA, Health, & other Fed / State low
    level people in 1987 have 25 + years in where they can retire
    & maybe they might have contact which can benefit them?

    Burturla was Town Council Chair 1987 – 1989 after his father
    retired in 1985. ALL highest Police pensions were hired later
    in his father years & many Fire pensions occured after Dick
    Miron & Tony Ross were Town Councilors … Coincidence?

    Every police officer hired since 1985 has connections to the
    late Ray Voccola & Burturla & the Town Committees who hire
    Florek-O’Neil; Berchem-Burturla; Kelly, Bishop, Jackson; & deal
    with Willinger & Bucci & Merly family.

    However, Burturla, Mirons, Mossman, Vedock, Imbro, Kelly,
    Bishop, T Moore, Malloy, DeCilio, Harkins, Aldridge & others
    have TAG NAMES as human chess pieces, like myself, which
    indicates they were manipulated into place to committ acts of
    their own volition. Same as a large number of Justice people.

    So far, the Name BERCHEM doesn’t fit the GAME ….

    Bottom line: Everything is on a time table & controlled by the
    chess masters of the World Stage.

  35. 35 1george1

    We might even have the luxury of quite a few qualified
    candidates for each position. And George, of course.

    Given the choice between

    Who is the most likely to do an honest job, competently?

    Name anyone in town who is qualified? A N Y O N E.

    It appears they are setting the Table for Gavin to be next.
    > Great volunteer with EMS.
    But where is he related to the HARKINS EMS transition?
    > His first 60 months as Town Councilor, 64 % increase
    > As a Mason, it gets him insiders blessing.
    > BoE BUDGET makes him look superb.
    > ALL of the PRINCE’S MEN …. hide behind the BLUE WALL.

  36. 36 jezebel282


    “Given the choice between

    Really? That’s the choice? That’s like asking which you would prefer: Alzheimer’s, Lung Cancer or ALS?

    “It appears they are setting the Table for Gavin to be next.”
    You think? Why in the world would he want to be mayor? Has he confided some secret ambition to you?

    “Everything is on a time table & controlled by the
    chess masters of the World Stage.”
    Uh oh…here we go.

  37. 37 1george1

    I’m categorized as a deabilitating disease?
    Thanks alot!

    You put me in the same category as

    A doornob could do more for the people of Stratford than
    these people who appear to be intentionally messing with
    everything and anyone …..

    Do you believe either Miron or Harkins cares about you
    and your families?

    Do you thing any of the Department rank, Attorneys, Council,
    Education, Planning, or Zoning care about anything other
    than what they can steal & steer.

    Note the word “rank.”

    There are many good workers & even among the management,
    and even people who’ve been elected or are insiders… however
    how many actually expose the truths or stay inside Blue Walls?

    Is there anyone in Town who O P E N L Y & P U B L I C L Y
    exposes INEQUITIES like I do & have done?

    Jezebel – If you can’t Identify the problem
    how do you solve the problem?

    Jezebel – I dare you to write that all of Stratford’s problems
    are exclusively related to T O W N Democratic & Republican
    PARTIES and that there are Z E R O influences from

    State Grants
    Fed Grants
    Funds/Decisons per RAYMARK / AVCO / SIKORSKY / AIRPORT
    Route 113 + I – 95

    Are you going to pretend State Troopers & State Prosecutors
    know nothing about illegal activities in Straford including the

    Are you going to pretend Federal FBI / DEA & US Attorneys
    know nothing about illegal activities in Straford including the

    Are you going to pretend DOD doesn’t have HANDS ON &
    EYES on the PLANT that BUILDS AIR FORCE ONE and the
    largest Air Force (Air Cavalry) in the World, before Drones
    became more cost effective?

    Are you going to pretend the RTC & DTC haven’t tried to
    cover all of the bases to be able to maximize stealing as
    much as they can for themselves at your expense & mine.

    The only difference between these people & HITLER is that
    HITLER wasn’t a hypocrite. They are ALL MONSTERS who
    are Cannibals, Ghouls, & Vampires per what they do to the
    unsuspecting people …..

    Get your hear outta your BUTT!
    ALL of YOU …. It may already be too late.

  38. 38 jezebel282


    “You put me in the same category as

    No…you did that. Remember?

    “I dare you to write that all of Stratford’s problems
    are exclusively related to T O W N Democratic & Republican
    PARTIES and that there are Z E R O influences from”

    I accept. See:

  39. 39 1george1

    Even you post about national situations, like when you
    Chris & Portia go at it. I guess you conceed the debate.

  40. 40 jezebel282

    “I guess you conceed the debate.”

    Debate? What debate?

  41. 41 1george1

    You conceeded again!

  42. 42 jezebel282

    “You conceeded again!”

    OK. Umm..what did I concede?

  43. 43 1george1

    Nah ,, Nah did so …

  44. 45 1george1

    If these were your only choices in a mandatory vote
    Please pick one of the four.
    Then add your own Candidates!

    1 – Obama
    2 – Romney
    3 – Nader
    4 – None of the Above

    (some may choose Ron Paul)

    Stratford Mayor
    1 – Jim Miron
    2 – John Harkins
    3 – Mulligan
    4 – None of the above

  45. 46 1george1

    My deepest & sincerest condolences to Karla & Ron Massey
    for the passing of DOC GUNTHER.

    My further condolences to Doc’s extensive family & friends.

    I didn’t know Doc well.
    I respect outspoken & passionate people.

  46. 47 1george1

    My condolences to the family of Doc Gunther on his passing.

    Sunday I posted condolences on 5 places in this BLOG SITE.
    JEZE deleted 4 of 5 places.

    Doc doesn’t deserve mention in various places affected by his
    years in Stratford politics & his family doesn’t deserve consideration? Disgraceful.

    I found this one string was left alone, after I checked the others.

    God rest his soul.

  47. 48 jezebel282

    I guess it was 4, wasn’t it?

    Once is enough. Cutting and pasting the same post over and over on multiple threads does not constitute a “tribute”.

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