Goodnight, Irene!


Once again, as citizens, we would like to express our deepest thanks to Public Works, The Stratford Fire Department, The Stratford Emergency Medical Service and the Stratford Police Department for their courage and help during Hurricane Irene. They stood with Lordship residents when no one knew how bad it could be and refused to leave us no matter who or what came. They did so even though their own homes and families were in the same jeopardy as everyone else’s. This is called “sacrifice” and “dedication”. There is no more you can ask of these public servants. Despite the occasional criticism you will find here of politicians and their appointed administrators, it remains that we have the finest and bravest Emergency Services personnel and Public Works employees. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


47 Responses to “Goodnight, Irene!”

  1. 1 1george1

    I appreciate and respect Emergency Services and Public employees.

    However, I can not relate to the passion and apparent unconditional
    love Jezebel has for Police, Fire, EMS?

    There is NO ONE and I mean NO ONE who is a BIGGER SUPPORTER
    of these people than Jezebel!

    I go outta my way to blame the politicians and those likely skimming
    the cream among the Town Committees, and I slap at those who are
    taking advantage of given abuses, which Jezebel selectively nails if
    they are part of the Miron crew or in the last few months among the
    Harkins abusers.

    People like Doctors, Nurses, EMS, Health Care providers have a
    special heart and deserve praise, who embrace the idealism of the
    Hippocratic oath, saving and improving lives.
    Jezebel is justifiable proud of medical certifications.

    People like Police, Fire, & Military have exceptional courage and
    they deserve praise for willingness to put it all on the line to protect
    each other and the innocents and the values we hold dearly.
    Military’s job is to kill people & break things, within rules.
    Police & Fire protect lives and property.

    People like Teachers, ministers, priests, and rabbis teach the mind,
    spirit, and soul towards getting people to play nice. They too deserve

    Some people have administrative skills, while others innovate.

    I and others can argue about appropriate compensation continguent
    upon contribution and sustainability and fairness.

    It is NOT to be construed that I denigrate the conributions of the
    professionals and craftspeople.
    It is to be construed as paying PROPER VALUE & NOT CHEATING

    I can respect professionalism of some people, while questioning
    the code of silence.
    There are certain boundries NOT to be crossed.

  2. 2 jezebel282


    “There is NO ONE and I mean NO ONE who is a BIGGER SUPPORTER
    of these people than Jezebel!”

    There is a reason for that. These days our “leaders”, from the Town to the Federal level, are willing to say (and do) anything to make themselves look good. The reality is that it is the rank and file of our Town who are the ones who know what the right thing is and then they actually do it.

    Should we support them? Absolutely.

  3. 3 1george1

    To Jeze = Agreed supporting the professionals who put lives
    on the line and/or work for public interest.

    As in any group, there are some rank n file who are political
    appointees & even non political, who mimic too many politicos.
    Some politicos actually try to do good!

    What applies to some at Federal level is also true of state &
    local in various areas.

    There are legitimate political differences in priorities.
    Then there are those like Adolf Cheney.
    > 5 deferments for Vietnam
    > Caused millions of deaths
    > Where was Air cover 9/11 over NYC & DC
    > NO WMD
    > Bush – Cheney NEVER took responsibility
    > Rockefeller – Bush – Cheney – Schultz = BIG OIL + GAS
    like Russia + OPEC + ROYALS. 1998 Heat Oil 58-62 cents
    Gasoline $ 1, Diesel was 70-80 cents. BARREL = 10.58
    BARREL reached $ 147 JUNE 2008 , just before CRASH
    & $ 750BILLION TARP to those who could follow the money!
    > Done nothing for Vets
    > What is role on
    > Times his book to profit from 9/11 – 10 th anniversary=profit

    You may move this, but there are good & bad.
    I like & support many you like & support.
    I disagree with some of your & there positions.

    No one still has looked into Deaths!

  4. 4 jezebel282


    “You may move this, but there are good & bad.”

    To be honest, I’ve pretty much given up hope that you would stick to a topic and I am admittedly too lazy to move the (fairly) short posts of yours.

  5. Ahhhhh, I see, everyone was in Lordship while other parts of Town suffered? Sorry, this time Jez, I’m not singing the praises as loud as you. Agreed, there are hardworkers in the TOS, but…… I wondered where they were.

  6. 6 mikereynolds


    I think Lordship took the overwhelming brunt from the storm so if the majority of Public Works, Fire, and Police was down in Lordship, I don’t have a problem with that.

    I do have a problem with Public Works rushing right over to the Green to get the trees off the gazebo on Sunday. Was the gazebo that important that they HAD to get the trees off of it? You mean there wasn’t something more important for them to do? I find that hard to believe.

  7. Mike ~

    I agree ~ some parts of Lordship took a majority of the hit. Most of Lordship did not lose power.

    I am also appalled that the gazebo was dealt with before trees on wires, etc. I am always willing to give credit where credit is due and we do have some very dedicated and hardworking people. I won’t say that is 100% of our workforce.

    I also have a really big problem with the lack of communication on the part of the TOS and UI. Someone dropped the ball. UI apparently had no “spokesperson” to convey information. There was a water main break and a neighbor was walking around the neighborhood ~ kinda like the game telephone ~ telling people there was a call from Harkins’ office advising not to drink the water. Well, a phone call wasn’t working, since many were without phones! Another phone call, late that night, that advised that the water was fine to drink, use. Again, many didn’t get that message either.

    Irene wreaked havoc, but the “failure to [properly] communicate” on the part of the UI and TOS was appalling!

  8. 8 mikereynolds

    Based on what I heard on the scanner Public Works will not touch a tree that is involved with a power line. They are not trained or certified or whatever to deal with that. They were only allowed to remove a tree if it was not touching a power line. I can’t image there weren’t enough downed trees for them to concentrate on that they had to go to the gazebo first.

  9. 9 jezebel282


    “everyone was in Lordship while other parts of Town suffered?”

    Well, that just isn’t the case. There was more than adequate coverage in the rest of the Town. But those who manned Lordship did so because they would not abandon Stratford residents despite the obvious threat from Irene and being ordered out by the administration.

    Remember the tornado last year? Lordship took it all.

    As for UI….if you’re late with your electric bill, expect a phone call.

  10. 10 sudds

    OK, maybe I’m a little more biased because Irene effected my family a LOT more than most, but seriously people (and I address this to ALL of CT, not just the people on this website)… a few days without power will NOT kill you!!!

    For the love of God, suck it up… and shut the @#$% up already!!!!

  11. 11 mikereynolds

    I’m with you Sudds.

    Did anyone happen to see the front page of the CT Post on Monday with the picture of the woman from Fairfield with the sign on her lawn complaining that she’s been without power for 24 hours?

    No one in the world deserved a slap more than that woman.

  12. 12 nomoreyears

    Why can’t this blog focus on the real Irene? The BOE has lost 6 principals within the last 12 months. You don’t think that kind of turnover costs tax payers $$$. The blogs focus has always been on the mayor and council. Well, there is another dysfunctional political entity in town called the BOE which supports a tyrant for its leader. Who by the way doesn’t lead but threatens and bullies. Why?

  13. 13 1george1

    Electric, Gas, Water, Cable, Police, Fire, PW, EMS work in all kinds
    of weather. Measureable results?

    Lights on.
    Gas works
    Water runs
    Cable runs phones/inet/tv

    Police do the obvious stuff
    Fire suppressed
    EMS saves lives
    PW cuts trees, lawns, works on repairs..

    BoE Administration = no comment
    Town Administration = no comment

  14. 14 jezebel282


    I’ve posted BOE issues, but no one seems to comment.

  15. 15 rex525

    PCSperling-“Ahhhhh, I see, everyone was in Lordship while other parts of Town suffered?”

    From what I read on the internet the mayor ordered all of the Police, Fire, PW and EMS out of Lordship during the hurricane to higher ground. If that is true how could everyone have been in Lordship? Jez could you shed some light on this? Were town workers in Lordship or not? Does anyone know?

  16. 16 jezebel282


    “Jez could you shed some light on this?”

    The Fire, EMS & PD headquarters were fully staffed. In fact more EMS volunteers arrived during the storm than were needed.

    Nonetheless, the Harkins administration did order the evacuation of emergency personnel from Lordship at the height of the storm which would have left Lordship residents ummm…..high & dry & on their own. Thankfully, most refused the order to leave.

  17. 17 jezebel282


    “Who by the way doesn’t lead but threatens and bullies. Why?”

    See? Not a single comment.

  18. 18 ronmoreau


    Interesting letter in the Connecticut post.

    I have full confidence in our town’s ability to cope with the impact of last weekend’s storm and its aftermath. The emergency response of all personnel charged with protecting our community has been, and I’m sure will continue to be, exemplary. However, addressing the more destructive impact of the “other” Hurricane Irene — the one who shouts commands from 1000 East Broadway in a demeaning and bully-like fashion, and has caused irreparable damage to the morale of those entrusted with the care of our children and young adults, will require a herculean effort.

    The Board of Education continues to pretend that all is well despite the pervasive despair that has been vocalized by countless employees. Teachers are either retiring early or seeking work elsewhere. Superintendents in other towns are ecstatic about the prospects of hiring professionals from Stratford who have demonstrated competence.

    If only a handful of staff were disenchanted, there might be a rational explanation. But that is hardly the case. The disgust is rampant and is taking a dramatic toll on our teachers. I found particularly hurtful the comments by two recently retired teachers who said they could not in good conscience recommend the Stratford public schools to parents shopping for a town to take up residence.

    There is one conspicuous principle that the board and Superintendent Irene Cornish do not understand. There is a direct correlation between morale and performance. If teachers feel appreciated and an essential team player, they will respond accordingly in the classroom as they meet the demands of the children. However, a demoralized and distraught staff member who is struck with fear will struggle unnecessarily and lose self-confidence and self-respect.

    The board either accepts and condones the demeaning nature of the superintendent’s leadership style and its ramifications for teachers and kids or they simply choose to look the other way. In either instance — shame on them!

    The self-serving and morally compromised manner of politicians in Washington and Hartford is unfortunate — but politics on the local board should not be allowed to undermine our schools. When you marry central office incompetence with an ineffective board, you have the ingredients for wholesale dismantling of the public schools.

    Would anyone care to venture a guess as to the impact of a demoralized staff on the quality of the educational opportunity we afford our students? What a terrible consideration!

    After a quarter-century working with some of the most dedicated, competent and determined teachers, administrators and support staff, a mutuality of trust and respect was created. In this environment all things are possible and dare I say, probable. In today’s climate uncertainty and mistrust prevail.

    P.S. I just learned that 12 new administrators have been appointed this fall and dozens of staff have been “involuntarily” transferred. Just what the doctor ordered for poor morale! C’mon, board — get a grip!!!

    Ray O’Connell


  19. 19 nomoreyears


    So you report based on readership? The single greatest financial responsibility in this town is public education and you all think they’re doing a bang up job?

    Think how great Stratford’s school district could be under leadership that includes parents, students, and the very professionals who are in the trenches everyday in the way things are done.

    Teachers don’t respond because they fear reprisal and firing. Parents are powerless and most apathetic. Politicians are in it just for themselves. I hear some are looking to privatize. Taxpayers are angry and their anger is misdirected at teachers. The apathy is deafening.

    Facebook has over 300 reposts on the above editorial. There are even comments on the letter to the editor but the Post has them hidden for some reason. 300 reposts of Ray’s editorial is a start. Finally the word is getting out.

  20. 20 1george1

    I was never a fan of O’Connell.
    I became a fan of Cornish.
    I have become disenchanted related to BoE / Cornish.

    There appears to be merit on O’Connell claims.
    Even political loyalists will be correct / do the right thing.

    Yet, I 100 % know O’Connell & his BoE also built empires
    and circumvented certain financial issues.
    I was personally told, specifics.
    I have/had documentation.

    Please remember Burturla / Berchem hired by BOTH RTC
    & DTC surrogates on BOE + Town Council.

    There is also mischief done by subordinates.

    Can the Queen of England be responsible for everything
    done in the Empire / Common Wealth?
    > If I wrote President – the point would be degenerated

    Jeze – I sent you an email about the Police Electronic sign
    on Main Street, which stated: “Evacuation in progress.”

  21. 21 beamer42

    Say whatever you want about Ray O’Connell. No, he was not without scandal, but Irene Cornish is a one person wrecking crew. Hats off to Ron Moreau for sharing Ray O’Connell’s recent letter about how Cornish is viewed by the majority of Stratford’s teachers. Cornish and her administrator minions are having a very destructive impact on the Stratford Public School system. As a former principal of Stratford High School, O’Connell showed great restraint by not commenting on the management style of its current principal, Margaret Lasek. She manages Stratford High the same way Cornish manages the district, which is by using threatening and intimidating actions against teachers. Lasek demands that her assistant principals treat teachers poorly too. With Cornish’s backing and approval, Lasek and her assistants walk into classrooms each day and if any students are not paying attention,are playing with their cell phone or IPOD, or misbehaving, the teacher gets a written reprimand. Teachers have too many students who want to learn and do well academically, and cannot devote valuable class time to the small number of students who “choose to be Left Behind.” Lasek will blame a teacher if students decide to fight in their class. Teachers do not have the ability to control feuds between students which start outside school and spill over into the school house. Administrators are not held accountable or written up when students do poorly or decide to fight, why then are the teachers? Bottom line is that Cornish demands that principals and assistants run roughshod over the teachers and this is not good for the reasons pointed out in Ray O’Connell’s letter to the Connecticut Post. Sadly, Elaine Watson, the Assistant Superintendent is essentially a Cornish clone and possibly even worse for the district. The time has come for the Board of Eduction to have the guts to clean house and replace both the superintendent and her assistant now. Each day that they remain they have a more deleterious affect on Stratford’s school system, Finally, the Board should immediately remove Principal Margaret Lasek from Stratford High.

  22. 22 jezebel282


    “So you report based on readership? ”

    Not at all. I’ve posted many times about the BOE administration. I was merely pointing out that it did not generate much of a reaction. This blog is only interesting insofar as other opinions aside from mine are posted. I am only one voice among 50,000.

  23. 23 rex525

    Jez, speaking of generating reaction, the turn of this thread shows the problem with Stratford in a nutshell- “the Harkins administration did order the evacuation of emergency personnel from Lordship at the height of the storm which would have left Lordship residents high & dry & on their own”

    ………yet none of us on this blog seems to care that our friends and neighbors in Lordship were to be abandoned, or that the chief elected official of this town made such a ludicrous and dangerous decision? We are more concerned about taking this thread entirely off topic and discussing the merits of O’Connell vs Cornish? Everyone wonders why this town of ours is still so screwed up, this explains it. Very few of us are paying real attention or seem to hold John Harkins TRULY accountable because “he’s a nice guy”.

    How would this have been received had Jim Miron done the same thing? As much as I hate to say it, I don’t think Miron would have.

  24. 24 1george1

    I blogged and was published in CT POST about Irene & evacuation.

    Jeze checked around and confirmed the police sign stated “evacuation
    was in progress.” Thank you.

    That, plus police road blocks, and knowledge there had been voluntary
    evacuation caused my to accidently partially misrepresent Lordship and
    police in my “yousaidit.”

    Maybe you do not consider me a blogger, yet I have posted about
    Lordship, Airport, LBW, Shakespeare, Raymark, Finances and many
    issues that do not specifically benefit myself ot my district.

    I agree with the rest of Rex post.
    Neither Rex nor I have been accused of supporting the Mirons.
    However, I honestly try to praise or blame based on merit or lack of.
    Good job Rex – I know I will get Pedoto-ed for writing that.

  25. 25 1george1

    Star John Kovach saw police sign across from AVCO entrance.
    Jeze – Thank you.

  26. 26 jezebel282


    “the turn of this thread shows the problem with Stratford in a nutshell-”

    I’m afraid not. The problem in a nutshell is the way this Town is ruled by the RTC/DTC gangs along with their relatives and friends. The gene pool within those two gangs is very small and getting smaller. There are no objective rational decisions made in this Town. It is always a question of “sides” and “relations”.

    That is why you get the poor decisions (like the evacuation of Emergency Personnel and not residents) without any consequences.

  27. 27 rex525

    Jez- “I’m afraid not. The problem in a nutshell is the way this Town is ruled by the RTC/DTC gangs along with their relatives and friends”

    I do not believe these “gangs” could rule anything if everyone paid attention. To be honest, I no longer think these are two seperate gangs, just take one look at “Team Stratford”, our current finance director and our current town attorney…that should give everyone a clue (I’m actually suprised that the law firms of BJK and BMD haven’t merged to save on the overhead). However if everyone wants to blame these “groups” instead of our own inattentiveness, that will probably make us all feel better. I still don’t understand the lack of outrage at the current administration, I probably never will. Oh yeah I forgot, “John Harkins is a nice guy”, who cares if he can never make the right decision.

  28. 28 1george1

    Republican Town Committee REC
    1) Holds meetings at Country Club
    A) Private Property
    B) Exclusionary
    2) Changed by laws to reduce quorum definition
    A) Or is it spelled “buy laws?”

    Would you agree or disagree that SEED MONEY with exceptionally
    likely very strong RETURN ON INVESTMENT is GOOD DEBT?

    Could you name 5 Senators / Congress / Elected officials you trust
    to prudently create SEED MONEY for RETURN ON INVESTMENT,
    to BENEFIT the PUBLIC rather than themselves?

    I almost published without the caveat.

    Amazing how Country Club business people so consistently “fail with
    Public money,” while they succeed spectacularly turning $ 175,000
    a year salaries in Federal Legislature to multimillions, and seem to
    do pretty well locally too?

    It would almost be worth their while to bribe
    State Troopers
    Town Attorneys
    States Attorneys
    U S Justice
    State Judges
    Federal Judges

    Would it be more likely they would use PUBLIC MONEY or
    their OWN PRIVATE MONEY to bribe:
    Teachers – Education
    Local, state, federal workers

    to look the other way while
    BIG OIL & ALLIES trade $ 250 TRILLION in retail price of Oil,
    Gas, Coal, Energy since 1998.

    At the equivalent of $ 10 gallon heating oil / Natural Gas.
    How many winters will you survive in your home?

  29. 29 jezebel282


    “I do not believe these “gangs” could rule anything if everyone paid attention.”

    I agree completely. I hope, at least. that it is evident by the content of this blog.

  30. 30 rex525

    Jez- “I hope, at least that it is evident by the content of this blog”.

    It is certainly evident in your case Jez, if not for you- most of these issues would never have seen the light of day. My dismay is for some other “bloggers” who I had a great deal of respect for that seem to have drank the “Harkins is a nice guy” kool-aid. It seems everytime he or his administration bungle something (which is often) they get a pass. Is it party loyalty? I don’t know, but that is the kind on nonsense that got us to this point in the first place isn’t it? And thank you George, you were the first one to warn us that this was going to happen.

  31. 31 ronmoreau


    “I do not believe these “gangs” could rule anything if everyone paid attention.”

    Both political entities do “Rule” and there is nothing you or I can do about it.

  32. 32 1george1


    Thank you for the props to Jeze & I.
    On some things I wish I was wrong.

    Time to stop reading.
    I am a gonna vent & rant!

    I spoke to a long time and strong Harkins supporter today,
    who also supports people I like less than Harkins.

    The person also will discreetly acknowledge problems with
    many people Jeze & I find objectionable.

    For her/his own reasons the person has mixed emotions per
    Dick Burturla. My reply: “Burturla can’t look me in the eye.
    At least he has a sense of shame.”

    If anyone attended T C Meetings when R B was in the Bull Pen
    (lawyer area) he always kept his left hand over his eyes, blocking
    my gaze from his eyes, after I moved to the middle left of the front

    Balance moved to:

  33. 33 jezebel282


    “Both political entities do “Rule” and there is nothing you or I can do about it.”

    Actually there are two things we could do.

    1. Stop voting for people just because they are in the “D” or “R” row. It has never worked out well for voters in this Town. There are at least two internet media (The Patch and this site.) where a candidate can present his/her plan to a (finally) educated voter. Perhaps they can even answer questions or respond to voters within hours instead of weeks.
    2. Admit we make a huge mistake and call for the scrapping of the “strong” mayor form of government. This time we should only let 1 representative from each gang on the commission with the balance made of independent voters, town employees and business leaders. After all, the gang memberships don’t even show up as a percentage of Stratford’s population.

    As a wise man once told me, “You can’t cure “stupid””. Maybe we can try to be less stupid.

  34. 34 1george1

    I agree with Jeze, with a couple of adendums.

    1) anonymously post or with your name, various facts and
    factoids about stuff that goes on in Stratford.

    If you see something posted that is true or untrue, blog
    about it and where it can be verified or debunked.

    Anytime I go out, I have people come up to me to thank me
    for being on channel # 79 or writing letters to the editor that
    most want dumbed down.
    > I absolutely know some are
    A) “plants”
    B) “legits”
    > I have no intent on dumbing down or being less focused.
    People read
    People think
    People connect some of the dots
    Even if they don’t connect the dots, I have them thinking there
    are relationships between local + state + federal + international
    – Relationships does not necessarily mean or not mean conspiracy.
    > You are affected by:
    – oil / gas price
    – real estate market
    – stock market
    – interest rates
    – unemployment
    – foreclosures
    – food prices
    – technology changes
    – political personnel.

    Even Jeze no longer edits out relevant
    Even Jeze blogs about international, National, State, Area
    This blog was once Stratford only & mostly anti Miron and
    pro-police / fire
    Jeze & others still anti miron – but horizons widened.

    Other things to do:

    Write Letters to Editor

    Send TIPS to TV

    Call in to RADIO

    There is NO NEED to LIE or to be BIASED
    The TRUTH is DAMNING enough.

    HELP the COPS recover their MORAL COURAGE & BALLS
    to do their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY about their SELF INTEREST

    Do we really want CHENEY – BUSH Chinese Mercinaries replacing
    POLICE to keep LAW & ORDER in the USA.

    Someplace like KUWAIT or BAHRAIN uses COLUMBIAN Mercinaries
    for POLICE – Freapin COLUMBIANS??
    What’s next MEXICAN Warlords?
    Nigerian or Darfor Warlord’s?

    COPS have courage to go against drug dealers and gang bangers,
    but try to get them to arrest Lieberman or Bush or locals
    – they go ball less

  35. 35 ronmoreau


    “Actually there are two things we could do…..”

    I’m not sure I agree with you. Stratfords new form of government is in it’s infancy. This level of forum wasn’t available in the past.

    A Mayor is accountable. If you don’t like the way he does our business, as Mayor, you don’t support him. In the voting booth or in his buisness.

  36. 36 ronmoreau

    Time will tell if our second choice was a good one.

  37. 37 ronmoreau

    Forget the Town Council form of government. Most of them just do what they are told.

  38. 38 ronmoreau

    ..and most of them,constitutes a majority.

  39. 39 ronmoreau

    Majority “Rules”.

  40. 40 jezebel282


    “A Mayor is accountable.”

    To whom? To whom was Miron accountable? Harkins was willing to leave Lordship residents without any emergency personnel during an emergency. That was clearly a bad choice for Lordship residents. But for the courage of our EMS, FD, PD and PW, Lordship residents would have been left to essentially crossing their fingers or praying. Will anyone hold Harkins accountable? Or is the option to wait until 2013 and hope the DTC doesn’t nominate Miron again?

    I get a little nervous when someone wants to “nice guy” me to death. It’s bad enough that my taxes get raised with a smile.

    I see your “enter” key is broken again.

  41. 41 1george1

    Which do you prefer?
    Ron’s style of posting?
    My style of posting?
    At least we post.

    I tell the truth.
    As a former Town Councilor, and long time Stratford resident,
    Ron has legitimate perspectives.
    From what I have seen and with minimal personal dealings with
    Ron, he also tells the truth.
    We do have different perspectives and priorities.
    – Yet no one can match me on those. 😦

    I know of a situation where a gentleman had hired a lady to do
    a highly personal service for him, yet he found his wallet was on
    the front seat of his vehicle …..

    No harm … not foul?
    She was providing a service while picking his pocket.

    It kinda reminded me of your post:
    > I get a little nervous when someone wants to “nice guy” me to death.
    It’s bad enough that my taxes get raised with a smile.

    “A Mayor is accountable.” To whom?
    To whom was Miron accountable?

    Harkins was willing to leave Lordship residents
    without any emergency personnel during an emergency.
    That was clearly a bad choice for Lordship residents.
    > ABOVE is an OXYMORON – like

    But for the courage of our EMS, FD, PD and PW,
    > I never bad mouth their professionalism,
    except the unwillingness to open murder investigation
    to see if murders took place or natural deaths.

    Lordship residents would have been left to essentially
    crossing their fingers or praying.
    Will anyone hold Harkins accountable?
    I HAVE

    Or is the option to wait until 2013 and
    hope the DTC doesn’t nominate Miron again?

  42. 42 jezebel282


    “Ron’s style of posting?
    My style of posting?
    At least we post.”

    I am merely a simple practitioner of the English language. One of the advantages of writing well is the ability of the reader to understand the writing.

    Deciphering stream of consciousness writing is laborious and time consuming. There are not many readers of any kind that are willing to invest the effort.

    Nonetheless, I am pleased that you agree that in this Town there exists no real accountability of any kind.

  43. 43 1george1


  44. 44 beamer42

    It makes me sick to bring up Irene Cornish again, but she is one of the best examples of no real accountability in this town. Students’ CMT and CAPT scores have not gotten better during the time that she has been taking home an annual salary of $150K+. The BOE knows nothing and allows her to do just about whatever she wants with no questions asked. Cornish has allowed Principal Lasek at SHS to demoralize and harass the teachers to the point that most are considering opportunities in other districts. So now we have some idea as to why the district’s state test scores continue to be low. Cornish lies to the BOE and the teachers, ,Lasek lies to the parents and the teachers, and the teachers just keep doing their best despite the miserable work environment that Cornish and Lasek have been allowed to create. What I have said here is widely known throughout the town, yet the BOE does nothing. How can this be? Any other town would have asked both of them to leave a long time ago, but not Stratford….our BOE just sits back and accepts their mismanagement and incompetence as if there was nothing wrong. The BOE needs to terminate Cornish’s contract immediately and seek a suitable interim superintendent who is held accountable for their behavior and management effectiveness. SHS deserves better than Margaret Lasek and the BOE must seek her resignation immediately or risk further embarrassment and questions relating to her and the Cornish.

  45. 45 jezebel282


    “How can this be?”

    21 months left on her contract. That’s how.

  46. 46 beamer42


  47. 47 jezebel282

    I haven’t heard anything about anyone being sad about that departure. In fact, every BOE member I’ve spoken to seems to be elated. It may be the only time that both union and non-union employees agree.

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